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Jana is now taking questions from fans. If you want to ask her a question, fill in the form below. Questions will be selected at random for Jana to answer. Please read the answers below before asking a question, to avoid duplicates. Please keep your questions brief. If she answers your questions it will be posted on this page (below).

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from Linda

Hi Jana
I read in one of your answers that to keep healthy while you are on tour you walk alot. Do people recognize you or do you go looking different so no one knows who you are.

Jana's answer:

Hi Linda. Well, I try to keep healthy. I eat well and still have a treat every day. However, I fell backstage and twisted my ankle so I havenít been able to run for a couple months and gained 5 lbs. I canít stay 100 lbs. unless I work out. I do still walk a lotÖjust slowerÖand I canít run. So, thatís that. It hasnít kept me from enjoying life to itís fullest out here. ? As far as people recognizing me, well, sometimes they do. I donít look a lot different, but I think people might think I do. The stage and exciting lighting and fancy clothes can make a person look different, I think. I donít wear as much make up or have my hair done as much, but, I look the same unless Iím working out and have a ponytail. Then I look scary. ? Iím not trying to be incognito. Iím not famous, so I donít need to.

from Barbara in Philadelphia

Hi Jana,
I read the article that was done on you from "Country Stars Central" that was posted on Stevie's website. Besides being a loyal Stevie fan I am also a huge country music fan especially "Little Big Town" for me today's country is today's rock. I love what country music stands for and how they are not shy to speak about God in their music and its more about the music and the lyrics. Anyway I wish you good luck and I hope to see your videos on CMT and GAC real soon and I will spread the word to all of my fellow country music lovers.

Jana's answer:

Hi Barbara. Thank you for taking time to read the ďCountry Stars CentralĒ interview. Oh, I love ĎLittle Big Towní too! Rascal Flatts is my favorite. I love the values in the lyrics, the stories, the integrity of the songwriting. Itís not just talking about feeling in love, itís setting up a story about love, heartbreak, etc. Itís crafted and special in country music. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your luck. I hope so much to see my video(s) or CMT too. I will need everybody possible to spread the word as the music industry has changed so much and itís harder than ever to sell music. Find my music for sale very soon on CDbaby and iTunes. Love you for your encouragement and support.

from Linda in El Paso

Hi Jana I am wondering do people who see the bus Stevie's band travels in during tours know that it belongs to the band????

Jana's answer:

Hi Linda. I donít know if they know and sometimes I wonder how anyone knows where to go to find any of us. It always surprises me. Maybe they stand there for hours and just guess. We have no marking outside the buses. And, many are for crew, a couple for the band. You just never know who is in what bus. I just know that the stars arenít in any of the buses ever.

from Spence in London, UK

Hey Jana,
I'm still on such a high after the first and last Fleetwood Mac shows at London Wembley Arena. The whole band were so solid, and it was great to see you three ladies looking and sounding absolutely great too. I have to say that the performance of 'Silver Springs' on the last night blew everyone away - I was lucky enough to be at the stage in front of Stevie's mike on both October 30th and November 6th, and Stevie was absolutely on fire that last night! Wow!!! Please pass on my sincere thanks and compliments to her for an outstanding performance - I've posted a review on the Nicks Fix for the November 6th show as a tribute too.

Anyway, to my question - what did you get up to on your 3 days off in London from 4th - 6th November? Did you get a chance to be a complete tourist?
Take care sweetheart!

Jana's answer:

Hi Spence. Iím on a high from the whole yearÖa natural, music and travel high, that is. Yes, the band is solid, the energy is great, the band is tight. Thank you for complimenting us ladies. Iíll tell the girls you said so. Oh man, ďSilver SpringsĒ blows me away all the time. Sometimes itís hard to finish singing my parts as I am moved by Stevieís singing when sheís going for it at the end. I have to say that we had some super stars in the audience that night. We all get energized and the last show is always a great one to see. We know how much weíll miss it and that feeling is translated into the music. Thatís my opinion anyway.

On my days off I was a complete touristÖin London and in every city. In London, I went to London Tower, the London Eye, I took a train to Paris to see more stuff there, I went to church at St. Paulís Cathedral, I at Yo Sushi ?, fun, I went to Trafalgar Square, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, shopped, the London Bridge, Tate Museum, and even more than that. Since I had been here before, Iíve seen a lot more, Windsor Castle, Stonehenge, and the list goes on. Itís pretty clearÖJana loves London! :)

from Michelle in Melbourne, Australia

I am 12 years old and maybe I am the biggest Stevie Nicks fan in Australia. I saw the concert on 2 december in Melbourne and that was the first time I got to see Stevie in person. I really like Fleetwood Mac but I LOVE Stevie. I was looking at you there and a couple of times you looked at me and smiled. You are so pretty Jana. I went and read some of your questions and answers and I like how you talk about being a Christian. You are a good person I can tell that. Now for my question. You and Sharon and Lori have a wonderful job singing with Stevie Nicks, but you stand up there and dance for hours. Do you get tired? Can they just give you a chair because people can still sing good while sitting.

Jana's answer:

Hi Michelle. Thatís awesome that youíre so young and know your place as a fan. :) Oh my gosh, Iím so glad I spotted you and smiled. I love doing that. When I was at Rascal Flatts in concert, I wouldíve loved if any of them smiled at me. I know what itís like to be a fan and how special that energy feels from stage. Thank you for your compliments.

Oh, what a cute question. Well, we sit for 2 songs and we have a couple off when Stevie and Lindsey play, and when the guys do a couple songs, so, itís not so bad. Yes, we could sing while sitting, but, itís just nicer to stand, I think, for the audience and the look of the band. Plus, my clothes are too tight to sit. Hahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Itís either my feet hurt from standing or my gut hurts from sitting in those tight clothes. Howís that for honesty! I hope youíre all laughing.

from Andrea in Bavaria / Germany

Hi Jana!
First of all, your voice ist great!
My Question: Is Sharon singing on your solo CD?
I canīt wait to hear it. I hope Iīll get it here in Germany.
Best wishes!

Jana's answer:

Hi Andrea. Thank you so much! Yes, Sharon sings on some of the songs on my solo CD. How could I not ask her?!!!! Sheís awesome and our blend is so great. You can get it in Germany due to the fact, so far, that itís only being released on CDbaby and iTunes. Itís easily downloaded. Today, for me in Australia, it is Monday, December 7, 2009 and I believe it should be for sale to download by the time these questions are posted. I hope to sell hard copy CDís in 2010. Thank you for asking. :)

from Cindie in Ardmore

Hi Jana,
I saw FM in June 2009 in New Orleans and dressed like the fool that I am in my best Stevie garb. I'm short and have long blonde hair. In a nutshell,, loads of people thought I was Stevie, to the point of screaming her name a and racing toward me. They scared me!!!! How do you all deal with crazy, excited fans??

Jana's answer:

Hi Cindie. Well, itís nice that you look like Stevie. Who wouldnít want that? Sheís beautiful, angelic, sweet, and her skin is so soft. Seriously, I think Stevie has the softest hands Iíve ever felt. Iím not famous so I donít have to deal with crazy fans too much. I love energy as long as theyíre not too forceful. That energy is what keeps the music business alive so concerts can continue around the world. The stars have personal security and we all have security too. Itís not too bad. I think the Fleetwood Mac/Stevie Nicks fans are awesome!

from Hanna in Filipstad, Sweden

JUST WANTED TO THANK YOU SOOO VERY MUCH FOR ANSWERING MY QUESTION!!!! And just wanted to remind you that we have actually chatted on myspace :) Like a year ago I asked you there if Fleetwood Mac would come to Sweden and you didn't know, but they did!
I really want Stevie to hear my music so if there's any chance you can show her, I'll appreciate more than soooooooooo much!!!!!
I'm your friend there :)
/Hanna, again :)

Jana's answer:

Hi Hanna. Sorry we never know where weíre touring until the last minute. Iím happy to answer your questions. Iím happy to chat on myspace or facebook now when I have time. I go to facebook more often latey. Iím due to add a lot to my journal page on www.myspace.com/janaandersonmusic, right?! My dear, we all want Stevie to hear our music. There are legal reasons she canít listen to music sometimes. I donít even bother her with my music, truth be told. I have never even asked her if she listened to my CD. Itís just not possible when sheís so busy. She has a lot on her plate and so I would appreciate if you stop asking because being that I love helping people, it just makes me feel bad to always have to tell you no over and over. Does that make sense? Iím not Stevieís personal assistant and am not able to take care of business for her. I work for her and she is a good friend and boss and we have had some beautiful, personal moments at her house and at dinner. However, itís not appropriate for me to be a Ďgo toí person for business. I say this with love. Now if I donít go to her and ask her for help with my own career, you know Iím being sincere. God bless you and your dreams.

from George in Toronto

Jana, how have you found the pace of the Unleashed Tour so far, ie, North America, &, Europe. Also are you looking forward to heading "down-under". Thanks for all your great performances so far.

Jana's answer:

Hi George. Iím already down under. I donít get questions immediately as fans write them. I apologize if some answers are out of date. The pace is quick. Time usually flies by. We have a show every other day with some being two in a row. I get enough rest and pace myself. But, I do admit that my love for photography and my intense desire to explore and experience all life has to offer has me seeing every city with love and admiration as much as possible. So, I make sure Iím in top performance and that always comes first. But, I also keep my personal pace quick along with our show days because life is so much fun and God created such a beautiful planet for us to play. ďYouíre welcomeĒ for your performance compliment.

from Michael in Atlanta

So Jana, who decides the song set for the concerts? Does the whole band sit down and discuss? Would they ever consider doing Frozen Love? What a story that could be to share with the audience.

Jana's answer:

Hi Michael. I don't know how songs are determined for sure. I have nothing to do with that. I can't ask for my favorite song to be performed or anything like that. That's why it's funny when the crowd yells out songs or I get written requests. I have very little power here. Actually, none. My power is in my ability make them shine to the best of my ability. I would only guess that they all sit down and discuss it. Yes, every song has a powerful story given their history, right? :)

from Dave in State College, PA

Hi Jana!
How's your running program coming along these days and can us fans expect to see you in the New York City Marathon this year?

Jana's answer:

Hi Dave. My running program came to a screeching halt on this tour. With the little amount of time to see the world on this tour, I have spent every moment exploring, going to museums, eating, going to castles, monuments, landmarks, and everything that inspires the artist in me. I won't be doing any marathons any time soon. However, I think I won the "I saw the most stuff on tour" marathon this year. :)

from Glenna in Guilford Ct.

Hi Jana,Who was the back-up singer that was pregnant during a Fleetwood Mac concert,on the Say you will tour,2003. And if possible could you give the babys first name.
I am very sentimental when it comes to babys,Thank You!

Jana's answer:

Hi Glenna. Mindy Stein was the name of the backup singer I replaced. I can't remember her son's names right now. I haven't seen them in years since I live so far from Los Angeles. She has two gorgeous boys now. I know she's a fantastic mother with a ton of love for them to feel safe. I think you can do the "Ask Mindy" a question here on nicksfix.com.

from ZJenn in Phoenix

Hey Jana! Hope all is well touring with Fleetwood Mac. Someone may have already asked this, but I didn't see it...Just curious if your solo album was coming out anytime soon after the tour...After seeing you and Sharon perform in Thousand Oaks a few months ago, I've been eagerly awaiting the album! Give the band my best wishes over there!

Jana's answer:

Hi Jenn. I love that you're asking about my solo CD and didn't forget me. I can't decide on the photos for the insert. Everyone has different opinons. I will post it my myspace and facebook when it is released. Become one of my facebook friends if we haven't already. Sorry if I've forgotten. Thank you so much for taking time to come to my solo show in Thousand Oaks. You were such a doll. I think I'll do another show there in early 2010. I will give the band your best and tell Sharon hello since you met her too.

from Summer in Boston

Hi Jana!!! Hope your having a blast over there touring!! I have never been to Europe and was wondering what is a great resturant in Paris. I teach during the day and nurse at night and at school they had a raffle for dinner anywhere in the world so they pay for your flight and a few days stay so whats the best fanciest place there ever ? Im excited to win something and more excited for Paris I can't wait I wan't wait... Thank you so much Summer ;0)

Jana's answer:

Hi Summer. I am having the time of my life on this particular tour!!! Yee haw! I would say the Jules Verne restaurant in the Eiffel Tower. I think it's of the most expensive there and that chef is famous. I couldn't get in but if you make reservations, that you cannot cancel by the way, several months in advance, you'll have the time of your life. You're welcome.

from Paul in Newry, Ireland

Hi Jana,
Had a ball on Saturday Night in Dublin, Lindsey signed my Model 1 for me. I was amazed. I was right at the front below Lindsey in a green T-Shirt Loving every minute of the show. I kept waving over at you I thought you looked sexy and amazing. Thanks for a great night. My question for you is Did you enjoy the Dublin Gigs & Ireland???
Best Wished

Jana's answer:

Hi Paul. I'm so glad you had such a special time at the show. Dublin had one of the loudest, most excited crowds of the tour. Yeah, baby! Oh, thanks for the compliments too. I remember the waving. Thank you. That stuff makes me smile. I can sometimes wave back if it doesn't distract from the attention to the stars. But in my head I'm always waving back and my smile indicates that sentiment. :) I LOVED the Dublin gigs and I love Ireland, the people, the city, the country, the music, the shops, the art I bought on the street...all of it. What a great place to live!

from Mandy in Myrtle Beach, SC

Hey Jana,
I just want to say first of all you ladies do a great job backing up the band, you all have beautiful voices. I have two questions, one is how did you get a job with Stevie on her solo tours and Fleetwood Mac? My last question is i was just curious but on your days off when you are on the road do you and Stevie and the other girls hang out and get to do fun things together or is it all work?

Jana's answer:

Hi Mandy. Thank you for complimenting the ladies in the background. I got this job because someone I toured with with Don Henley was in Fleetwood Mac where I stand and she got pregnant. When she was at around 7 months pregnant, I was offered the job and came in in the middle of the tour. Next, Stevie needs to rest her voice so I never see her on off days. Being a lead singer is a huge responsibility. I notice her fans turn on her if she won't talk to them or sign autographs. For anyone reading this, celebrities may care a lot about their fans but are just to tired and saving their voices/talents for a 16,000 seat show. I think that's more important than a meet and greet or people outside the hotel rooms and that is my personal opinion when we work so much. So, no I don't see Stevie but we have a very sweet friendship. I hang out with Sharon all the time. We see the world together and do many day tours and see as many sites as we can fit in in every city in every country, in every continent we visit. It's sooooooo awesome! Sharon and I have the same taste and energy for this kind of thing and we get along really well. However, we take our work very seriously and it's hectic. When we're tired, we blow off any fun to rest for the show. I've gotten great at pacing myself and my job is #1 to me.

from Hanna in Filipstad, Sweden

Hi Jana! First of all, thanks for having such a beautiful voice!!! And now, Can you ask Stevie if she and the mac wil come to sweden again??? I really need an answer! And thank Stevie sooo much for holding my hand after GYOW at the Sweden concert! I have been touched by an angel and will never, ever forget it!
Hanna, 16 years old, in Sweden. A huge Stevie fan! When you see Stevie, tell her that she got a huge fan in the Swedish forrest wanting to see her soon again!

Jana's answer:

Hi Hanna. Thank you for saying I have a beautiful voice. Well, having 3 grandparents originally from Sweden, I sure hope we go back. I loved it so much, Stockholm is now one of my favorite cities. I had heard it was special, but to experience it was dreamy. I can tell you that I don't get my schedule until only a couple months before we actually leave much of the time. I would be the last person to know where we travel. I really need an answer too. hahaha!! I'm so glad you felt Stevie's magic. I get to do that before many of the shows with all the stars. It's a great feeling so I understand. I will tell her you love her.

from Steve in Beacon Falls, Connecticut

Hi Jana,
Thanks for answering my quiestion was wondering how the European Tour is going with Fleetwood Mac? and also do you know if there is any plans for a new cd from FM or will they tour next summer in the united states? looking forward to the shows on the next tour or stevie solo tour. Do you know if there there Unleashed Rumours Box will be released soon? was curious about that if you know. looking forward to seeing you more on the up coming tours ahead. Thanks for answering my queistion.
Peace and Love,

Jana's answer:

Hi Steve. The tour is a 10 in my book. We have full arenas, happy faced promotors, and we're having a blast! I have no idea about their recording or travel plans for any tours. I don't even know. I just make myself available if it comes up. :) I know nothing about the business side of Fleetwood Mac or Stevie Nicks or any releases of anything. I would be annoying if, as a backup singer, was bothering the production team for all those answers. So, I just kick back and pray for more fun. :)

from SNOOP in Seattle

What is the hardest thing you have to deal with on a daily basis while touring, and how do you cope with it?

Jana's answer:

Hi Snoop. The hardest thing is the packing and unpacking. The second hardest thing is when we constantly travel on different airlines with different checked luggage and carry on rules internationally. How can a person only have one 44 lb. bag for 5 weeks. That's cookoo!!! It's a royal pain in the arse! I cope with it by eating chocolate and pizza at the airport. Hee hee! That's all the bellyaching I will do. Good question. Now I got that out of my system.

from Scott in New York City

Hello! Thank you very much for taking the time to answer these questions! As a performing artist myself, I find it incredibly difficult to maintain and lead a healthy lifestyle while on tour. My question is therefore, how do you and the rest manage to keep yourselves in good health, shape, etc. , whilst on tour? I find it nearly impossible and it's while you're on tour performing when you especially want to look your best, feel your best, etc., which is why this is an especially important issue of mine. I generally exercise and train 5 to 6 days a week and eat an incredibly healthy diet but this is nearly impossible to stick to on tour! I feel absolutely horrible if I miss even one day of training as I take it that serious and I just don't know what to do while on tour or in that situation! I actually thought about loading up an entire bus worth of training equipment, cardiovascular equipment, free weights, etc., but that might prove to be a bit much! I am assuming the same holds true for yourself? What's your secrets? Suggestions?

Jana's answer:

Hi Scott. You're welcome. Yes, it's VERY hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle on the road. Airports have nearly no healthy food options. I keep wondering when some rich person will have a health chain restaurant at airports all over the world where we don't have to eat bread products and sweets to fill our bellies. How can we be in 2009 and still have only junk food almost entirely while traveling? So, to answer your question, I work out or I walk for hours a day seeing the sites in all the cities where we tour. I have to do one or the other if I want to fit in my stage clothes and want to feel healthy and not have that 'puffy' feeling. I suggest going to the health club every day you can, or, walk around the cities instead of taking cabs. Get comfy shoes so you have no excuses. Also, I travel with a hot pot...like a teapot for heating water. I make oatmeal in my room every morning for breakfast. I have paper bowls, plastic spoons, and I take the bananas and fruit from our dressing rooms after every show. I like two different kinds of health bars. You just have to keep trying them until you find one you love that doesn't taste like horse food. :) Then that can be a good snack. I eat fish for dinner a lot and don't eat 5 helpings of bread at all the dinners out. That's soooo hard, but, I know I'll feel better if I only have one piece or none. I only eat bread or sweets if they are REALLY worth it. And believe me, I will. I just don't go mediocre on things that make me gain weight. Lastly, drink a lot of water. That will help with your weight and your skin and you'll feel full. Oh yeah, I drink calorie free drinks. I travel with tiny packets of Crystal Light and add them to my water bottles. It'll keep you drinking more. There are many flavors. Sometimes we don't even need to eat, we just want a flavor...so I eat everything I want except in moderation.

from Mandy in Myrtle Beach, SC

Hi Jana,
I am a huge fan of Stevie and the band! I was wondering how much time do you guys rehearse before you go out on tour? After you get the word you are going out on tour, do you have a set location where all of you meet and rehearse or do you have to rehearse on your own? Does Stevie rehearse with you guys everytime or does she just attend a few rehearsals? Also, I love the moon pendent necklace that Stevie wears and i was wondering where i might get one? I am a professional Shag dancer and past National Champion. If you don't know what that is, it is like Swing dancing. I travel all over the country competing. I wanted to have one as a good luck charm to wear when i am out competing and of course all the time.Even though I have been a fan since i was little and i am now 33, I have only been able to see you guys once in concert and that was this past summer in Norfolk, VA.I hope you guys continue to tour and maybe i will get to come to another show, i hope! I know you are busy and thank you for answer questions.

Jana's answer:

Hi Mandy. We rehearsed for about 7 weeks before going on the road this time. The show was very different so it was a longer amount of time than if we already had the show up and running. Once it's up and running, if we have a break, we only need a few days to rehearse. We do some rehearsing on our own. That just makes good sense to be prepared. Everyone is there for most rehearsals. However, we also have just vocal rehearsals with a CD player or guitarist before full band rehearsals. Stevie gives out the moon necklaces. They are all hand made, so, I don't know of any place to buy one. Congratulations on your Shag dancing. I love swing dancing and music! I think a good luck charm can be made into one with the right spirit behind it. Maybe you can have your own made or make up your own good luck charm that others copy from you. Just an idea.

from Britt in Columbus, OH

Hi Jana! I was privileged to view Stevie and the Love Tour in Detroit, MI in June. 1derful show! My question for you is this... With your familiarity of Stevie's lyrical talent, do you ever see some practical wisdom in the song(s)? Can you relate to it in a personal way?

Jana's answer:

Hi Britt. Thank you. I definitely see practical wisdom in Stevie's lyrics. I relate to them on many songs. Listen to "Silver Springs." That's an attention grabber for sure.

from Candy and Stevie in Charleston SC

Hey Jana, I know you probably don't know what Stevie does in her spare time, just wondering if she watches All My Children?
My sister in "Babe Chandler " on that show. I was just curious, anyway thanks for your time

Jana's answer:

Hi Candy and Stevie. I have no idea what Stevie watches on tv. I do know she is really smart and seems to know a lot about current events. That always blows my mind. Say hi to your famous sister. :)

from Bobby in Tulsa

How do you keep your voice from sounding ruff & craking?

Jana's answer:

Hi Bobby. We warm up for about half an hour before all the shows. We have a whole set of vocal exercises. It's not fun. I'd rather sing songs. But, just like a runner trains for a race, the voice is a muscle that needs to be worked out and kept in shape. I would rather do boring exercises and keep my voice in shape. Also, I don't get drunk...never been drunk. I'm sure hard alcohol and smoke, along with not sleeping are the worst things for a voice. I always rest when my body tells me to rest. I drink plenty of water. And I don't yell at sporting events, even though I love my Minnesota teams! :)

from Mike in Pittsburgh

Jana -
Thanks for taking our questions. You're a sweetheart. I just am a little worried because you mentioned that your busses dont have "security lines". In this crazy age we live in, I just wanted to say is this kind of disclosure wise? Thanks.

Jana's answer:

Hi Mike. Hey, I didn't work hard enough to be called a sweetheart. :) I don't remember what you're talking about with 'security lines.' I just don't know what that means. I apologize. I CAN tell you we are WELL looked after, there is always security of some sort around us all over the place. I never meant to say we weren't being safe. We are. Thanks for your concern.

from Ivana in Blansko, Czech Republic

Hi Jana, tell me please something about your Czech name-Jana. Thanks.

Jana's answer:

Hi Ivana. My name isn't intentionally Czech. My parents made it up. They combined their first names to create it. It sounds like Jayna. I like knowing my name has places where it's popular. The U.S. isn't one of them. :) And, nobody says it correctly.

from Angela in Boston, MA

Hi Jana, I listened to your solo music on your website and itís amazing. Also I love the One Way Road video. Is it hard to stay focused on your own music when you are touring with Fleetwood Mac? Do you plan a solo tour once the Fleetwood Mac tour is over? (I hope so)

Jana's answer:

† Hi Angela.† Thank you for taking time to listen to my music and watch my video.† It's not hard to stay focused on my solo career.†I am thinking and planning for it all the time. Mental preparation and setting things up is also very important.††I just don't have the time to†play the music right now or put together†my own shows as we travel or have shows every day or every other day with Fleetwood Mac.† I will have plenty of time for my solo career very soon.† But this European tour, in particular, is my favorite tour of my career so far.† I'm just grateful to have both†my solo career and a touring career with Fleetwood Mac.† I don't have a solo tour planned...yet!† I dream of it. † But, I have to finish the inserts for my CD so I can start selling it, and then I can get to the live performance aspect.† Thanks for asking.

from Jenifer in Salt Lake City, UT

Do you have your own band for your new music.

Jana's answer:

† Hi Jennifer.† I have a band in Los Angeles where I do some solo career shows.† I will get more of my own shows together once my CD is for sale.

from Glen in Los Angeles

No question, just a couple of observations.† Jana, you are blessed with talent and a successful career.† My sense is that you you've worked hard, and deserve the rewards associated with both.† From the content of your website, I also detect a strong love of family and a beautiful gratitude for all that life offers, with all of its ups and downs. That makes you a winner.† Above all, you seem to have dreams.† Hold on to them, just as if they were the microphone into which you project your lovely voice in your performance with Fleetwood Mac! I caught the concert on Palladia (great stuff on Palladia).† You girls are striking and hip, and really compliment the band.† I enjoyed it so much (to my surprise) that I was compelled to search you out - like a dork - and offer these sentiments. Good luck to you with your music.†

Jana's answer:

† Hi Glen.† Wow, wow, wow.† Thank you so much for such kind and supportive words!† Yes, I have worked hard.† I do work hard.† I love working hard and I feel good about receiving things when I've worked hard for them.† No matter the outcome, I still believe what I was taught when I was a tiny girl.† Do your best and be proud of that best effort.† My love for my parents cannot be measured.† They're like soul mates for me.† I love all of my family.† And living in gratitude is the ONLY way to be happy.† Those who complain all the time seem to be sad inside.† Those who are grateful, have a humility knowing I/we were not born deserving anything and to me, everything good that happens is a beautiful surprise, not an expectation.† I really believe this.† Thank you for your compliments on all us girls.† I will tell them you said so.† I like the 'striking and hip' comment.† If you're a dork, then I'm a dork.† I like dorkville.† Hey, you hold on to your dreams too.† They're not just for the arts...they are for all dreamers and all kinds of dreams.† Good luck to you too.

from Jamie Stevens

I got your e-mail address from the BMI database and it says you are one of the publishers of the song "Moon" written by Jana Anderson and Thomas Mann. I am an independent artist from Germany who has been selling and distributing his music and CD's through the internet since the late 90's. I plan to record a new album for approx. Summer 2008 and I would like to re-record this song. The CD will be pressed here in Germany and royalties will be processed by the German GEMA (which is our equivalent to BMI/ASCAP and The Harry Fox agency, as it also deals with mechanical licenses).

I would like to print the lyrics in the booklet of my CD. And would like to know if you can give me permission for this? Another question I have is regarding music platforms such as iTunes, Napster, Rhapsody, etc. I would also like to offer this album as a digital album. Somehow no one has been able to tell me yet where royalties have to be paid to. The German GEMA says they can only license legal downloads for the German iTunes Store, not for any of the international stores. They said the American Harry Fox Agency would be responsible for this. However, the Harry Fox Agency only gives out licenses to US residents and said I should contact the German GEMA. Many people have told me that the labels themselves have to get in touch with the music publishers. In the case of "Moon" this would be you. Do you have any information about this? I know this is only a very small independent project. However, I would be so grateful if you allowed me to record the song for my album as it is very special to me and I would like to share this beautiful song with my fans (which consists of a small but very loyal fanbase).

In advance, thank you very much for your help. Sorry for the rather long e-mail.
Kind regards,
Jamie Stevens

Jana's answer:

Hi Jamie. I'm so sorry to say I don't have any information for you about this right now. I've been busy and this would take some time to research, I believe. I did write the song "Moon" with a man named Thomas Mann. Sheena Easton actually recorded it for Japan and it had a lot of praise from her fans. It wasn't released in the US, but I'm very proud of the song and hope to re-record it for myself one day. It's my favorite song that I've ever recorded and nobody's heard it and it won't be on my upcoming CD either. My dream is to have it in a Disney movie one day. I need to check into some things with the business side. Thank you for such a great compliment and thinking enough of the song to want to record it.

from Morgan in Columbus, OH

Hey Jana! I was at the Detroit show on June 9th. My step dad and I took a little road trip to the show, and it was amazing! We had lawn seats,and we had a really great time.I'm only 16, but that was the best concert I've ever been to!Thanks for the memories!

Jana's answer:

Hi Morgan. Wow, what a great time for you to share with your stepfather. I'm really happy for you and that it turned out to be such a wonderful memory. I bet you'll remember it when you're 70 and still smile. I know I will.

from Caitlin in Leominster, Ma.

Hi Jana, Thanks for answering my question. I think thatís really cool that you celebrate your parents every day. I do too. I always hug and kiss my parents and tell them I love them. I'm not very good at writing poems. So I just tell them I love them. Itís a little harder for me because my parents are divorced. 10 years this year. So since I was 7 and I am 17 now. Itís still hard. They talk bad about each other but i try to ignore it and love them as much as I can.

About ear monitors; do you Just hear yourself or do you hear everything? I have always wondered. So you guys do the whole bus thing like Stevie did during the Street Angel tour. Are there separate buses? Like one for you guys, one for Stevie, and one for the guys? Seems like good bonding time...hehe

Thanks for answering these questions :)

Jana's answer:

Hi Caitlin. You're welcome. I'm sorry that you still hold pain from the divorce. It has nothing to do with you. You didn't do anything to deserve the divorce or create their unhappiness with each other. Maybe you can let go of that and know that their pain doesn't have to be your burden. Sometimes it's actually better, when no reasonable solution can be made, that parents divorce so that they can find another road to happiness. We're supposed to be happy people so that our cup is full so we can give to others. When we're so unhappy, it takes a lot out of us, and we have very little to give the world because we're just trying to stay afloat. Maybe you could tell your parents to stop fighting in front of you. I admire that you're staying positive and loving them. Well, the ear monitors are good because we have a monitor mixer on the side of the stage that can give us more or less of ourselves or of any individual musical instrument or singer on the stage. We set it up ahead of time at rehearsals and just tweek little things from venue to venue. They all have different acoustics. And outdoors is a lot different for me than indoors. I try to keep my needs to a minimum for the sound engineer during the shows since there are many things for him to do. You can't hear each other talk with them in. You can only hear each other through the microphones unless you take one or both ear monitors out. We have our own overall volume control on our battery packs which hangs down my back. There are a few different buses. Stevie isn't on any of them. It's a good life and it is a good bonding experience. We're a pretty close band and it's a nice home away from home.

from Cassie in San Diego, CA

I'm shocked to read that you have to take a bus to each concert! Are you serious??? Why can't you fly? Does Stevie take the bus, too?
Thank you for answering!

Jana's answer:

Hi Cassie. From the tone of your question, I think you're assuming it's a typical bus like a Greyhound. Our buses are decked out and lavish and don't have security lines. :) We have at least 8 beds with individual tv's and dvd players, a bathroom, flat screen tv's and DVD players in two separate living rooms, and a kitchen. It's not too painful, although sleep on a bus isn't dreamy. We don't live on them. We live in hotels. But it's a very nice way to get to the next hotel and I appreciate the luxury. Isn't it what you have instead of what you 'haven't? Stevie does not take the bus, but her whereabouts are not for me to disclose.

from Alexis in Michigan

Hi Jana! I would like to thank you for the wonderful memories that you, Lori, Sharon, and Stevie gave me on the March 24th show in Las Vegas and the June 9th show in Michigan. They were two of the best nights of my life, and I'll remember them forever!

As for my question, is there a particular place that you've visited while on tour that really sticks out in your mind as a favorite? You're very lucky to be able to travel to so many great places! Thank you very much!

Jana's answer:

Hi Alexis. You are more than welcome. It was my pleasure. One of my favorite places was in Melbourne when I watched the penguins come out of the ocean in the dark in the sand on the beach. I had to use night vision goggles and we had to be very still and wore special suits over our clothes. I am so very grateful for these many experiences due to touring!

from Shane in Mount Airy, NC

Hi Jana, I just want to say thanks for actually taking the time to do this for fans.....It really means the world to some of us. My question is, who is Stevie Nicks favorite singer? Who is your favorite singer? If you could only pick one......Who would it be? I am sure both of you guys love several different singers but I am wondering who is your all time favorite??? Thanks again, Shane

Jana's answer:

Hi Shane. I've always liked your name. I'm happy to answer questions as long as I have time to do it. I'm happy to make you and the other fans feel involved. I don't know who Stevie's favorite singer is, although she says many times on stage that Tom Petty is her favorite rock star. Maybe it's him. I won't choose Stevie since you already know I love her voice. My favorite singer today is Eva Cassidy, God rest her soul. My favorite singer changes from time to time.

from Britt in Columbus, OH

I'm a native Minnesotan myself (Lonsdale, MN).. My question for you is about stage presence.. How have you seen Stevie evolve over the years? I ask that because I LOVE the persona Stevie "becomes" Rhiannon, and "becomes" Gold Dust Woman... What is your take on this?

Jana's answer:

Hi Britt. Welcome, fellow Minnesotan, you betchya! I haven't observed how Stevie "evolved." I think she just "is." She's unique and special and she has the ability to give herself completely to the songs she's singing. Since she wrote so many, she knows the emotional place they came from and can tap into that for such a powerful performance. That's my take on it.

from Carl in Canfield

Jana, you and the back up ladies performed a superb job, as usual, at the Youngstown, Ohio gig. You looked and sounded marvelous, as did Stevie.

I don't know if you noticed, but I was the guy in the 4th row with the equalizer T-Shirt. I saw the other members of the band talking about the shirt and I hope you noticed also, so you have some idea of who I am as I have been at MANY Stevie concerts before. I'll admit, I'm a true fan of Stevie to the utmost, however, I was a little disappointed I wasn't permitted to come down front from my seat for the edge walk, so that I could shake hands with one of my most favorite singers. The security was extremely tight. Could you elaborate why in THIS venue it was that way, and not so in many other venues on her tour?
Let's face it, Youngstown is a market which is as freindly as you can get. So why the strong arm tactics? I WILL say, the security guys were MOST friendly and reserved, but, candidly, just a little over the top.

Sorry this is so wordy, you must get this all the time.

If you have the time to answer only one question on line (you can just email the answers to the other questions to me personally if you don't feel it relevant to this website), WHY doesn't Stevie include 'I Can't Wait' in her playlist? It was such a big hit for her, and SUCH a favorite of mine. AND why no encore song?

Thanks SO much for your time.
ALL of you were SPLENDID!

Jana's answer:

Hi Carl. Thank you for such kind words. I do remember your t shirt. I have no idea why the security was more strict than usual. I never know anything about that sort of thing. I just come in and do my job and leave. I'm only informed of what my personal responsibilities are and so Stevie or any of us never really know from venue to venue why things change. As far as the song choice, there are many opinions all over the world. She has a lot of fans with different favorites. I think she does a good job of choosing the songs that make most people happy. I'm sorry yours wasn't included. And, we do two encores unless there's a curfew or other reason beyond our control. Thanks for supporting her so much.

from Morgan in Columbus, OH

Hey Jana! I was at the Detroit show on June 9th. My step dad and I took a little road trip to the show, and it was amazing! We had lawn seats,and we had a really great time. I'm only 16, but that was the best concert I've ever been to!Thanks for the memories!

Jana's answer:

Hi Morgan. Wow, what a great time for you to share with your stepfather. I'm really happy for you and that it turned out to be such a wonderful memory. I bet you'll remember it when you're 70 and still smile. I know I will.

from Kevin in Philadelphia

Hey Jana,
I saw the Camden NJ show and it was incredible! I've seen Stevie at least 10 times and I have never been disappointed. You have a beautiful voice and soul. Anyway, I'm not sure if you know the answer to this question but I thought I would ask anyway. Was Stevie asked to participate in the Live Earth concerts? I would have loved to have seen all of you again that day and she could have taught some of the younger talent how to "Rock and Roll!"

Jana's answer:

Hi Kevin. Thank you for your compliments. I have no idea if Stevie was asked to be at the Live Earth concerts. I only know what shows actually happen and nothing that "could possibly" happen. I agree that some of the younger singers could really benefit from watching Stevie rock!

from Troy in Tuscumbia, AL.

HI,I'am a huge fan of Stevie and of the band for doing a great job to making the shows GREAT. I have followed Stevie's tours to shows afew cities every tour solo and a couple of FWM years ago. I read about you meeting people,VIP passes,People meeting Stevie and so on. I have never got close enough for a handshake. How do these people get to meet the band or Stevie after shows? I've been to every solo tour ever and such a big fan, How does one go about meeting the band?Thanks,Ya'll were awesome this tour...

Jana's answer:

Hi Troy. Thank you. I think, although I've never really asked, that the way you get into the "Meet and Greet" backstage is dependant upon the tickets you buy. The band isn't asked to meet fans. We always just hook up with our personal guests. I really don't know the concrete answer for you. Sorry. Thanks for coming to so many shows.

from Pam in Coopersville, MICH

Hi Jana!!
My best friend and I managed to get to the stage during the "edge walk." (Detroit) We both commented on all of your outfits, so stylish!! Where do you get your clothes, do you have a stylist?

Jana's answer:

Hi Pam. What a nice thing to say! The background singers don't have stylists, but all three of us love fashion and clothes. Many of our outfits are handmade by a professional who is amazing. We pick out the material ourselves and tell her what we want. Sharon introduced Lori and me to her. I rely on Sharon to give me thumbs up or thumbs down since she's been in the camp for a long time. It's pretty funny when it's thumbs down. I bought a baggy-ish, yet, beautiful top, with a 70's retro look. The look on Sharon's face was hilarious. Needless to say, we laughed for about an hour before I changed my top and went on stage for the show.

from Rhiannon in Sydney

When will you guys be coming back to Australia????
† I miss you guys so much and would love to see you all again!
† Lots and lots of love!!
† Rhiannon

Jana's answer:

Hi Rhiannon.† Oh, if only I could say February 2008 I would be the happiest person.† But, we have no plans so far to return to Australia.† I know Stevie and all of us find Australia and New Zealand to be amazing and we all love touring there.† I hope to see you again.

from Sandra in Aliso Viejo, CA

Hi Janna,
I attended your recent show at the Verizon in Irvine, CA (Jack's 2nd Show). You and the girls were very excited to see a gentleman in the audience in a white baseball hat that was sitting all the way to the left of the stage approx 5th row (only a few rows below us) You were all so happy to see him and I have been so curious, ever since, to find out who it was.† Also I was so disappointed that you guys had to cut out about 4 songs - was it because of the curfew? You all sounded awesome - the band so tight. The audience clearly wanted more.† When you perform in CA do the other members of Fleetwood Mac ever attend the concert?

Jana's answer:

Hi Sandra.† Boy oh boy, I didn't know I would be watched.† I only assume Stevie is watched closely.† The other girls didn't know that gentleman.† Only I knew him.† There was a blog written that he was assumed to be my boyfriend.† He definitely was/is not.† He's just a friend.† However, I can't reveal who he is, I can say that he's a little bit famous and a really good person who loves his family.† As far as the shortened set, I know it was a bummer, but we have a curfew sometimes and there's a hefty fine if we go beyond it.† It's not Stevie's choice.† It's beyond her control.† Thanks for the compliments of the band.† Sometimes we may see other Fleetwood Mac members.† Most of the time they're busy or out of town.

from Stephanie in Tallahassee, Florida

First, just wanted to say thanks for sharing your talent with us all and for taking the time to answer these questions. Was just wondering, after completing a show with Stevie or Fleetwood Mac.... do you feel a sense of sorta sadness that the excitement is over with like we fans do? Or, is it more a sense of relief? I know I always look forward to a concert for so long, that by the time it is over with, it is like coming down off of an adrenaline rush and is sometimes depressing. :( Just wondering if you guys experience the same thing. Take care and best wishes.

Jana's answer:

Hi Stephanie.† You're welcome.† Yes, after the tour is done, there's always a let down for me.† The excitement and energy and business is fun and feels good to work hard.† When I get home, I feel like I'm missing a piece of me for awhile.† It takes at least a couple weeks to readjust to "real life."† There's a relief in catching up on mail, my life, †and of course, seeing my loved ones.† That's the best!† Most of the singers and musicians I talk to feel the same way for a short period of time too.† You're not alone.† Best wishes to you too.

from Valerie Mayle in Clarksburg, WV

Jana thanks for Rockin in Youngstown Ohio 7/3. I finaly got to be in the presence of Stevie and you. The concert totaly blew me away. My question is Do you have a date set for when you will be releasing your New cd??
Thanks for your Time with the fans and keep Rockin!

Jana's answer:

Hi Valerie.† Thanks for your kind words.† And thank you so much for asking about my solo CD.† There's no release date yet, but there's a good buzz in certain circles about it.† I'm very excited about 2008.† I'm happy to respond to the questions as long as I have time to do it.† I'll always to my best.

from Adam in Las Vegas

Hi† Jana†† Do† you† know† if† stevie† will† be† coming back† to† las† vegas† in† the† coming† months?††
†best† wishes† to† you†...be† well†
† Adam

Jana's answer:

Hi Adam.† I've heard of no plans to return to Las Vegas any time soon.† Best to you too.

from Tammy in San Jacinto

I was wondering if Stevie is doing much beter after her fall. Give her my best.† 1 fan thanks.

Jana's answer:

Hi Tammy.† Thanks for asking about Stevie.† She's doing just fine, thank God.† There wasn't any lasting damage to my knowledge.† She's a total trooper and kept the rest of the shows going like nothing ever happened.†

from David in Long Island

Hey Jana! What's up? I was just wondering what your fondest memory of the Crystal Visions tour was?

† I saw you guys at Jones Beach. I was knee deep in that awful water but it was totally worth it!!

† You waved and smiled at me when I took your picture and I waved back. When I was like directly in front of you guys. Do you remember? It totally made my day! I went running up to my friends bragging afterwards haha!

Jana's answer:

Hi David, I couldn't believe the fans in the water up to their/your knees.† It must have been freezing.† Thanks for staying.†That was very rock and roll of you to brave the elements.† My fondest memory of the Crystal Visions tour was hanging out more often with the band and laughing a lot after the shows at the hotels.† I'm living in the moment more now than ever before and it feels good.

from Terri in Phoenix

Where can I get the single "Beautiful Child" at or what album of Stevie's is it on?

Jana's answer:

Hi Terri,
The song Beautiful Child is on the Fleetwood Mac album TUSK.

from Mandy in London England

Hi Jana. I recently flew over from England to see 3 of the 4 Stevie shows in Las Vegas. Just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for taking the time to chat and have pictures taken with me and my friends who had also travelled from Australia and Canada to see the shows. You mentioned that you loved England and would love to go back, is there any chance that maybe Stevie would perform here in the UK again? We would LOVE to have you here.
Much love
Mandy x

Jana's answer:

Hi Mandy. Youíre welcome. It was nice meeting you. Iím glad you had such a good memory, especially after the long trip to get to the US. Yes, I love England and am so anxious to get back to London. Thereís always a chance weíll be back, but I havenít heard of it at this point.

from Jon Sausser in San Francisco

I know you are busy with your own music but i was just wondering if you and Sharon spent any time outside of work together? I hope that thatís not too personal to ask?

Jana's answer:

Hi Jon. That question isnít too personal. Yes, Sharon and I spend time together when weíre not working. I live in another state, but when Iím near her city, we always get together. We love a fancy dinner and chatting. Sheís one of my best friends, on and off the tour.

from Stephanie Bloom in Santa Clarita, Ca.

Hi Jana! Love your work. Now here's my question, well I guess more of a comment. I am a little bit confused by your response to Steve in Syracuse question. He asked if any of the concerts in Australia were taped for DVD. Your response was that there was no taping for a DVD. I am confused by that because it was stated not only the Nicksfix but on other sites that Stevie's concert with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra was going to be put on DVD. In the fan reviews also, all of the fans at that show clearly state they were taping for the DVD and that Stevie had to actually "re-do" several songs for the DVD because of some kind of technical problems or something. Please explain, or am I crazy!

Jana's answer:

Hi Stephanie. Thank you. I can see why youíd be confused. Some of these questions are posted long after I answer them, just for future reference. There was no DVD taped at the shows in Australia, so that remains my answer. Stevie made a DVD from her lifetime of videos and her solo career and there was no DVD taped in Australia, only some live tracks for ďCDĒ with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra. In other words, you will not see any of the live shows from our Australia tour on the DVD. So, youíre a little crazy, but probably no more than me. Hee hee!

from Brad in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Hey Jana, I was up in the first row for the Detroit show on 6/9. I will see you in 1st row again in London, On on 6/25. Anyways, you have been a great asset to Stevie/Fleetwood Mac. You have a beautiful voice and of course are easy on the eyes ;-)

Jana's answer:

Hi Brad. How great that you were in the front row twice. Thanks for the great energy. And thank you for the compliments. It humbles me and I appreciate the kind words.

from Caitlin in Leominster, Ma.

Hi Jana, I went to the show at the Tweeter Center on June 17th. The three of you sounded great! As well as Stevie! She blew the roof off! Was it hard for you guys to perform on Fathers day? Where any of your fathers backstage with you guys? I also was wondering what do you guys do after a show when you go backstage?

Jana's answer:

Hi Caitlin. Thank you. It wasnít hard to perform on Fatherís Day for me. I have the best relationships with my mom and dad. They are the nicest people I will ever know and they had visited me in Chicago the week before Fatherís Day, so we celebrated my dad there. We also celebrated Motherís and Fatherís Days with my family before I left in April for rehearsals. I wrote my mother and father poems and sent them from the road. I celebrate them and tell them I love them every day. None of our fatherís were backstage on Fatherís Day.

When I go backstage after the show I have to put away my in ear monitors, change clothes and put away all the personal things that it takes to get ready for the show. Weíre sometimes preparing for a long bus ride and we like to get going as quickly as possible.

from Sharon in Philadelphia

Hi Jana,
Was at the concert in NJ last night - you guys are great - How many shows do you do a week and do you sleep on the bus??

Jana's answer:

Hi Sharon. Thank you. We typically perform shows every other day. One time we did 5 out of 6 days and that was too difficult with all the traveling.

Sometimes I sleep a little on the bus, but itís bus sleep, not real sleep. Iíve slept as much as 4 straight hours on a 7 hour bus ride. Sometimes I canít sleep at all and some days I get into the hotel at 8:00a.m., sleep 4 hours and then have to repack and get ready for the soundcheck and show. As tired as I should be, the excitement of the show and my natural energy keep me fired up!

from Alan Tobin in Queens NY

Thank you Jana for putting up with me bugging you at the Jones Beach concert. I will treasure the set list you told the woman to give me at the end of the concert. I took many great pictures of you, Lori and and Sharon if you ever want them they are yours! I wish you nothing but the best in your career! Love, Alan Tobin

Jana's answer:

Hi Alan. Youíre welcome. Iím happy to have helped you. If you, or anyone who has photos, could find a way to send them to Stevieís website, I would love to have them. What the fans may not realize is that we donít have anyone taking pictures of us unless we have a personal guest with a camera. I have almost no photos of me on stage with Stevie or Fleetwood Mac. Iíll let the website designer, John, know to look for them so he can send them to me. Thank you for the kind offer. Thank you for your support in my career.

from Joe Kukulski in Grand Rapids

JANA!!!!!!-Seen you guys last Saturday in Michigan.You seem to have gotten a big laugh out of Stevie swallowing a bug during one of the songs.She said that she changed some lyrics cause of the distraction of bug in the pipes.Do you remember what she said that was so hillarious?Also,when is your country cd coming out?Thanks,Joe.

Jana's answer:

Hi Joe. I wasnít really laughing at her swallowing the bug. I was laughing at her admitting to the audience that she made up some lyrics at the end of the song.

Iím not sure when my country/rock CD will be released. It always takes longer than you think it will. Thatís the nature of the music business. I will post it proudly on my website when I have a release date. Thank you for asking about it.

from Tracy Berrange in Southampton UK

Dear Jana,
I have just seen the Las Vegas show on the 20th March. Thank you all so much for an amazing night.
Now my question, I was lucky enough to have really good seats very close to Lori, Sharon and yourself. What I could not believe was how beautiful you were. Your publicity photos etc do not do you justice. So my question, do you have any health and beauty secrets for the rest of us?

Jana's answer:

Hi Tracy. Youíre welcome. Wow, what a sweet compliment! Thank you so much! I have a common sense approach to looking my best. I strongly believe that beauty comes from the inside out. Keep your life as peaceful and happy as possible because I think a smile and kind eyes make someone look more beautiful, younger and healthier. I try to get 8 hours of sleep. I eat everything in moderationÖall my veggies, fruits, meats, fish, starches, and a little dessert. I work out 3-4 times for 40 minutes every week. But I canít do it without a tv or my iPod. That is key for me. Working out without entertainment makes every minute feel like an hour for me. I drink a good amount of water. I would say that some of my beauty secrets are good nylons ? when I dress up, sunscreen in and under my make up for many years (I like Oil of Olay SPF 30 moisturizer), gently exfoliating my face once a week with a warm wash cloth (thatíll save you thousands in products), I rotate shampoo and conditioner brands every day and often wash my hair twice in a row to get all the products out, and I love the frederic Fekkai instant detangler conditioner and the Pantene Pro-V Restore and Renew conditioner, tweezing my eyebrows in an arch, and I use pink rollers in my hair for an hour after drying my hair to get the feathered look. I self bleach my teeth for about 3 hours every 3-4 months at home with Nite-White, which you can only get from a dentist. One thing that has stuck with me is that swelling can contribute to wrinkles and loose skin. Dr. Perricone talks about that. He sells products at Sephora and all over the world. So, I try my best not to go up and down in my weight. Being around cigarette smoke is HORRIBLE for my skin and health. I just realized I could go on and on because I have spent a lot of time learning about products and health and love sharing what Iíve learned by trial and error with any willing listener. So, hereís a lot of my personal information and I hope you found it helpful. I donít consider myself an expert, but I care.

from Glenna MacDonald in Guilford, Connecticut

Jana, I can`t wait to see you and Jewel, my niece Christine was just singing Who will save your soul. My question is this, Do you love Stevieís dog that she is holding in this weeks photo, or do you have one of your own. Whenever I saw that photo all I wanted to do was reach threw the screen and pet it is so cute. Do you have or love dogs?

Jana's answer:

Hi Glenna. I donít know which dog youíre talking about. But, I love Stevieís dog. I do not have a dog of my own. I wanted to be a vet when I grew up and when I was very little I would position all the little puppies all over my chest and lie on the ground and play with animals on the farm all of the time. I love animals.

from Scott M. in Livingston, MT

Who did Stevie sing the duo with that had the verse " people out there turning music into gold" ? It's driving me nuts can't get the song out of my head. Thanks.

Jana's answer:

Hi Scott
The artist is John Stewart. The album is ďBombs away dream babyĒ release in 1979 and the song is titled ďGoldĒ.

from Holly in Auckland NZ

I saw you in Auckland. You sang Beautifully and looked gorgeous! I got to go up the front and I was like WOW! Thanks for the special night, Holly

Jana's answer:

Hi Holly. It seems Iíve heard from you before a few times. :) Youíre welcome for the special night. Iím glad you were able to be so close and feel the power.

from Michelle C. in Stockton, CA

hello Jana! firstly, I want to thank you for being so sweet & humble to my son who met you at a Vegas show last may. I had tickets but was unable to attend due to my being hospitalized for major depression; it was a very dark time for me way too sad!!!! my son showed me the pix of you & him; you made him soooooo happy!! God bless you. so, here is my question. How did you become to be Stevieís greatest back- up singer? I adore you in many ways however, I admire your humility & for taking the time to talk with your fans. Please do not lose that gift; it is so lovely. Oxox

Jana's answer:

Hi Michelle. Youíre more than welcome, but Iím truly humbled by the opportunities I have been given in this life. Iím happy your son had a great time and that we were able to get some photos together.

Iím sorry you have had depression. Please know that youíre not alone. Life can be so challenging sometimes and everyone knows pain. I sincerely hope youíre out of your depression and that you have found a way to calm your restless soul and find faith that you can get through the painful times.

from Patricia in Aiken

Hi Jana. I was curious, does Stevie ever discuss what the meanings of her songs are? Thanks!

Jana's answer:

Hi Patricia. Stevie doesnít usually talk about the meanings of her songs in rehearsals. But, sometimes she talks about them on stage when she introduces the songs.

from Lucy in Sydney, Australia

Hi Jana... I'd just like to say that that I saw at 6 of the 7 Gold Dust shows in Australia and I thought you guys were AMAZING! :-) Anyway, my question is: Because you travel so much when you are on tour with Stevie... Do you suffer from jetlag? I imagine that you must, but how do you manage to stay so awake through all the concerts?!!!
Much love,
13 year old Lucy

Jana's answer:

Hi Lucy. Thank you so much. And thanks for supporting live music and coming to so many shows.

Yes, I get jet lag. But, Iím able to sleep on airplanes, so that helps a lot. When we have long flights, we usually have a day off or more to recover. Short flights arenít too difficult or exhausting. And Iím always so excited to get on stage that I have no problem staying awake. Love back, young Lucy.

from Maylea in Esperance

Dear Jana, My name is Maylea, I live in Esperance, WA. I love your singing, you are sooo cool. I absolutely love Stevie as well and it is my dream to meet her one day. Do you know how I can ever get there? I don't have a clue! Also, Do you know how old Stevie's youngest fan is?
Thanks heaps, Maylea

Jana's answer:

Hi Maylea. Thank you so much. As far as meeting Stevie, itís not easy to do that. Stevie is a sweet woman, but thereís a reason that itís hard to meet her. Sheís so successful that sheís in high demand all the time. Iíve seen how hard she works. Just know that sheís so sweet to people, famous or not, and that it is nearly impossible for anyone to meet her because of her schedule.

Also, I donít know the age of her youngest fan. Iíve seen kids in the front row that look like theyíre around 9 years old several times. And a couple times I saw a really little kid on his dadís shoulders at a Fleetwood Mac concert.
from Lauren in San Francisco

Hi Jana, I am a back-up singer for a band in my area...we do a lot of Fleetwood Mac! What was your first big gig singing back-up and how did it come about?

Jana's answer:

Hi Lauren. I was in a band for a few years that backed up many stars, including, Michael Bolton, Celine Dion, Smokey Robinson, Eddie Money, Huey Lewis, and many others. Then I was in a Kenny G./Peabo Bryson video. But, my first big gig touring was with Karyn White. I toured Japan with her and did ďThe Tonight ShowĒ, and several other tv variety shows. My singer friend, Lisa Keith, who also had a song on the charts, recommended me to audition for her at Flyte Tyme studios in Minnesota. Karyn White was married to Terry Lewis at that time.

from Vicki-marie Thomson in Napier, New Zealand

You are a great back up singer. During the concert in New Plymouth in New Zealand did you think the people that jumped into the pond were crazy like Stevie said?? Loved the concert guys thanks can't wait to see the next concert hope you loved our country Aotearoa(New Zealand). Did you have time to go do the tourist thing if so where did you go??
Love and best wishes to all.

Jana's answer:

Hi Vicki-marie. Thank you for your sweet words.

Well, in New Plymouth the whole band was stunned, including Stevie. We did nothing but laugh in delight. I donít think those people were literally crazy, but if they got sick from the bird droppings in the pond, it would be a little crazy to take that risk. But, when youíre in the moment, sometimes you just have to go for it. I think those people have probably had an impulsive, yet very fun life.

I loved New Zealand very much!!! I did walk around a lot. I went to the botanical garden, shopped, watched people play with a giant chess set on the sidewalk, and took many photos. It was great fun!

from Jude Gutierrez in Kansas City, MO

Hi there, Jude... and I would like to know who else you have recorded with.

Jana's answer:

Hi Jude. Iíve recorded with many unknown artists on their CDís, besides some that have been on the charts. The most famous are Fleetwood Mac, Don Henley, Elisa Fiorillo, Jasmine Guy from ďA Different WorldĒ tv show, The Time, Prince, Stacy Earl, TC Ellis, Luis Munoz, and my own jazz CD titled ďAt Last.Ē

from Michshelley in Stockton, CA.

Jana, you have are greatest back up singer Stevie has ever worked with! Do you plan to continue working with Stevie and do you have any idea if Stevie plans to make a new album/cd? Because if you plan to tour again, I look soooo forward to seeing you once more. God bless you and may Christ keep you safe, love, michshelley

Jana's answer:

Hi Michshelley. Thank you for those words. Thatís a pretty hard compliment to live up to and Iím so humbled by it. I will work with Stevie as long as I am able and as long as she wants me. I love singing for her. I donít know about Stevieís recording plans. I know sheís on the road with Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers right now. I look forward to having you in the audience and God bless you too.

from Ricky in Indianapolis

Hi Jana. I want to know how do you sing and dance at the same time? I've tried jumping, running and singing at the same time and my voice sounds shaky then I tried to do w/ vibrato too it. It sounded worse. As I listen to superstars like Beyonce' and Usher when they dance it doesn't sound shaky.

Jana's answer:

Hi Ricky. I think it just takes practice to do both. For full on choreography, those people have pre-recorded vocals of themselves, so donít let it fool you. Nobody can do that kind of dancing while singing and sound perfect. Plus, some of the most famous so called ďliveĒ DVDís are overdubbed with new vocals in the recording studios. Thereís no shame if theyíre really talented, because we all want it to sound right if weíre going to play it over and over on our tvís. With practice, Iíve found a way to do some choreography while singing, but the hard stuff is for the breakdowns or guitar solos, or times when there isnít any singing. Then you may be out of breath, but you can still finish the song.

from Cody Show in Hopwood

What kind of music do you listen to.

Jana's answer:

Hi Cody. I listen to all kinds of music. It keeps my soul fresh and never bored. I love jazz, country, rock, funk, gospel, soul, popÖall of it. As long as they are real singers and players with great songs and not just an ďimageĒ, I will listen.

from Roger in Pataskala, Ohio

Remeber me. I was the Captain (Pilot) that flew Fleetwood Mac on tour for two years. Can we do it again?

Jana's answer:

Hi Roger, sweet Roger. Iíll never forget YOU!!! The gentleman of all time. I want to do it again at least as much as you. I bet we will. What a great time of my life! I miss you.

from Erin in Santa Fe, NM

Hi Jana--Just wanted to let you know you are welcome in New Mexico for your birthday any time! One of my good friends has a birthday close to yours--on Aug. 8. I miss you and Stevie! Love, Erin in Santa Fe, NM

Jana's answer:

Hi Erin. Thank you, Erin. I also found out today that you are flying into LA for my show tomorrow, July 30, 2006. Thank you for the honor. My birthday is August 2nd, so youíre almost at my second birthday in a row. :) For the fans who didnít know this, at Stevieís Albuquerque show on August 2, 2005, Stevie surprised me in the middle of the show by her, the band, and the whole arena singing ďHappy BirthdayĒ to me. It was amazing and so special! Itís a moment I will always cherish. Stevie is so thoughtful!

from Leah in Cheyenne

Thank you for participating in this forum to answer questions from the fans. My 6 year old daughter and I are huge fans. I hope that Stevie will continue to tour so my daughter and I can go to a concert together when she gets older.

My daughter has always enjoyed singing in the church choir and has recently taken an interest in the guitar. When did your musical interests begin? Do you have any suggestions on how to teach a 6 year old how to play the guitar and more importantly how to make it fun?

Jana's answer:

Hi Leah. Youíre welcome.

My musical interests began the moment I heard music. Iíve sung from my earliest memories. The career part began when I was 17 and the month I graduated from high school.

I would suggest you get her a patient, quality guitar teacher. Although, at six, her fingers may be too small to create some chords. But, she can still grow and learn how to read music and still have fun playing the guitar. The way to make music fun is to inspire her to play by getting her music she loves and the music that excites her. Let her create her own dreams by listening to a variety of music. Thatís my suggestion. Maybe you could buy a live concert on DVD of her favorite musicians and singers.

from Peggy in Erie, PA

Hi Jana,
I have seen you with Stevie at several shows over the past couple of years and I love hearing you and Sharon together on backup to Stevie. I read that you will be releasing your own solo album soon and I canít wait to hear it. Will Stevie, Sharon or anyone else in Stevieís band be appearing on it with you? When will it be available in stores? You go Jana!

Jana's answer:

Hi Peggy. Thanks for coming to so many shows. I love singing with Sharon. Sheís one of my best friends and best singers. Iím so close to finishing the first stage of my CD. Waddy played on one song. And Sharon has sung on three songs so far. They sound phenomenal! Sharon also sang with me at my first original, full band show Sunday, July 30, 2006. I donít know when the CD will be available. Itís best to just check my website at janaanderson.com. Thank you so much for the support!

from Crystal in Santa Barbara

Hi, Jana!
Did you study voice, or did it just come naturally? I know you grew up singing in church. (I love your voice and can't wait to hear your upcoming CD!)

Jana's answer:

Hi Crystal. I did not study voice, but I was in approximately 37 choirs until I graduated from high school and many of those teachers taught me how to breathe and use my voice correctly. A lot of it is instinct as well. In other words, if I canít hit a note, I donít. I donít scream. Whispering is bad for your voice. And I sleep as much as possible. Thatís the natural, common sense lesson in keeping your voice healthy.

Iím nearly done with the first 12 songs of my new, country/rock CD. Iím actually typing this from a recording studio in Los Angeles where Iím listening to the final mixes. Iím so excited! Thanks for the sweet words.

from Valerie Mayle in Clarksburg, WV

Hello Jana, I got to see you sing on the live in boston DVD what an awsome job you did the whole set of dvd"s and cd Rocked what a bang up job! I did read that you do write songs and have put a cd of your own out. How much would you say working with alot of different talented artist has helped you in your own persuit of your personal music career, And Has Stevie been supportive by that I mean does she give you pointers with your writing ect..??? Thank You so Much for taking the time to answer our questions and it would be great if you do put out some music to have them here at the nicks fix give us a link so we can check it out. God Bless!

Jana's answer:

Hi Valerie. Thank you for buying the DVD and CD of Fleetwood Mac. I was less than two weeks into meeting them and singing with them at that time. It was so much fun!

Yes, I do write songs all of the time. The CD I released wasnít of my original songs. It was a jazz, standards CD I used to sell on my website. But, now Iíve recorded a country/rock CD and the information about that will soon be on my website as the jazz information has recently been removed.

I would say that my influences with Don Henley, Stevie Nicks, Fleetwood Mac, and Prince were huge influences. Iíve learned a lot from all of these amazing, living legends who seem to get younger and cooler as the years go by. That is also inspiring to me. Theyíve influenced me musically having sung their songs with them over and over and hearing the best rehearsal after rehearsal and show after show. So far, I have never asked one star for a favor in pursuing my solo career dreams.

Stevie hasnít given me pointers on writing songs, but I know she would if I asked. Weíre usually too busy rehearsing for the show when weíre together. But her songs are inspiring and I learn to craft them better by being around such great talent.

Thereís already a link to my website. I definitely donít want to push my CD inappropriately on Stevieís website, but there have been several inquiries from how a lot of people find things out through the grapevine and are interested in what Iím recording. You can find me. :)

Note from John: Jana's website is www.janaanderson.com

from T in the UK

Hi Jana, its great fun getting to hear your answers to these questions. Thanks for taking the time to answer. I'm an 18 year old from the UK, don't suppose you need a roadie do you? ;) I'll make you coffee lol....

Jana's answer:

Hi T. Youíre welcome. I do need a roadie and an assistant but itís not quite time for that right now. Iím doing all my work by myself, including the cappuccino...my favorite after dinner drink. Thanks for the offer...maybe another time. :)

from Michael in Southfield, MI

Hi Jana!Since you're one of the newer members of "Stevie's Girl Band", how does it feel singing live on stage with such a rock icon? And what is your favorite song that you like to sing with her??

Jana's answer:

Hi Michael. I love singing on stage with Stevie. Sometimes Iím on stage and actually realize in the middle of the show what a rock icon she really is and it makes me smile. My favorite songs change, but right now I like ďRhiannon.Ē

from Synthia in Chicago

Dear Jana...
Are you a fan of The Supremes? Do you have a favorite Supreme? As a woman who knows what it is like to be a background singer, does that give you a greater appreciation for the talents of Mary Wilson and Florence Ballard (of The Supremes), or background singers in general? Of course, I am a big fan of Stevie (ever since I was 5 or so), but I love The Supremes, too! Thank you for taking time to answer our questions.

Jana's answer:

Hi Synthia. I am a fan of the Supremes and sing their music often. I sang backgound vocals for Mary Wilson for a DVD.

Youíre welcome.

from Chris in Rochester, NY

Hi Jana!
I wanted to share with you and Stevie fans what impact all of you have on us. I decided to live "clean and sober" and knowing Stevie went through it helps. Also, your words give strength as well-please keep writing to us. Thank You, Chris

Jana's answer:

Hi Chris. Keep on the clean and sober path. It will serve you well. Take care.

from Taylor in Eagle, Idaho

Do you plan to have any kids?

Jana's answer:

Hi Taylor. I have no plans for children at this point.

from Kevin in Philadelphia

Hi Jana,
Since you have your own career to think about in addition to being one of Stevie's phenominal backup singers, I was wondering how you handle scheduling conflicts between your career and your role as one of Stevie's backup singers? I assume you will be joining Stevie for the Australian leg of The Gold Dust Tour this February? If so, how much notice did you receive that the tour would be visiting Australia? What happens if you already have something really important to your own career scheduled? How do you decide what to do? As always, thank you for taking the time to answer our questions.

Jana's answer:

Hi Kevin. I handle the conflicts by always showing up for Stevie. :) Iím very open and honest to everyone that hires me. Every one of them know that I will do whatever it takes to provide a suitable sub for any other bands. Iím blessed to know they really support my touring career. Theyíre excited for me and I can only work with bands that feel that way. This is the kind of honesty that builds trust and lifelong working relationships.

Youíre welcome. Iím happy to answer the questions.

from Nicole in Philadelphia

How do you become a backup singer for a celebrity? How do you get to them?

Jana's answer:

Hi Nicole. You canít ďget toĒ a celebrity. They find you through years of hard work and networking, or, you are recommended by a friend to auditon for their tours. Sometimes youíre discovered singing in a public place. I was found by singing publicly in bars or other shows where influential people attend. Itís best for me when I donít try to shove my way in a door, but rather, do my best, work hard, be reliable, and keep my appearance as healthy as possible before I get to places where I am seen or heard. When youíre always ready, your chances are best.

from Tammy Olea in Sunset Beach, CA

Hi Jana
I read that you do vocal warm up excercises with Sharon before each show. I was wondering what kind of warm ups you two do. Also, I too am Christian and it is exciting to hear you share your beliefs with others. You never know who may read these messages and hear the right thing at just the right time.
You Rock!

Jana's answer:

Hi Tammy. We do arpeggiated geeís, guhís, ohís, laís, etc. We use different exercises and go up and down the scale with a pre-recorded exercise on our computers.

Letís keep a positive attitude and recognize the gifts in our lives instead of what we donít receive. Nobody promised us a rose garden. But, we can create our own with good soil and good seeds.

from Shane Arrington in Mount Airy

Hey Jana, Just wanted to ask you how you keep your excitement down while singing on stage live? Especially with such a ROCK LEDGEND like the beautiful Stephanie Lynn Nicks. I feel like if I were to be on stage in front of millions like you guys are all the time I wouldnít be able to control myself, I would be overwhelmed with excitement!

Jana's answer:

Hi Shane. I donít keep my excitement down. I channel it into my performance. That makes the performance inspirational and real. We donít use backing tracks, itís all live. And the excitement keeps it alive and soulful.

from Sue Irving in Lawrence, MA

I saw you and Stevie and Sharon on the Today Show on 9/28/05. I just wanted to tell you that you guys looked and sounded fabulous. I loved your harmonies in Landslide. Does Stevie have any plans on touring again this year, especially coming to the Boston, Massachusetts area? I saw you guys in May at the Tweeter Center and I find myself in need of a Stevie fix. Thanks again.

Jana's answer:

Hi Sue. Thank you. I love singing on Landslide with Stevie and Sharon. I donít know of any plans for another solo tour with Stevie at this point.

from Laura in Huntington, IN

Hi Jana. Thanks for answering questions for the fans, we really appreciate it. I am also a singer and I was wondering if you could give me any advice on what to drink before/during a show to keep the throat in top form and keep it from getting sore. You are so fortunate to sing with Stevie!

Jana's answer:

Hi Laura. Youíre welcome. Tea or water wonít help you at all if youíre not breathing properly or pushing to notes beyond your range when you sing. So, stay within your limits and do it with soul and fire.

But, I really only drink water or hot tea when I sing. I like ginger tea, lemon tea, and peppermint tea. Donít use throat sprays if your throat is sore. It will trick your voice into thinking itís okay and healthy, and that sets you up for oversinging throughout your illness and you could damage your vocal cords. Rest is the best thing for any singer.

from Kellie G. in Toronto, ON. Canada

I recently watched a program on television that showed bands that do a certain "thing" before a show, such as a group prayer. My question is: What, if anything does Stevie and her band do before they go on stage? Thanks for answering my question!

Jana's answer:

Hi Kellie. Before every show, we all gather in her dressing room and hang out for about 10 minutes. Itís fun to get together before we do the show.

Youíre welcome.

from Jeff in Clarksburg, WV

Just a brief comment. I love the answer you gave to Linda in Geneva, OH. We are Stevie's fans, sure, but we're your fans by extension as well. You aren't "just" back-up singers. We love you guys! A few months ago you answered a question I had about you, and you were so self-deprecating that it saddened me that you didn't seem to see how special you are in your own right. Stevie sees it, or you wouldn't be singing with her. Jana, we love you and Sharon and all the other folks who help Stevie, and we just want you to know that. Much love to you.

Jana's answer:

Hi Jeff. Wow! What a thoughtful paragraph. Thank you so very much!

from Peace Monger in

Jana... girrrrl... you are like a walking "love fest"... always shining the light of love and positivity...

Jana's answer:

Hey Peace Monger. Hereís some more light your way! :)

from Steve in Los Angeles

Thank you for taking questions us. I think it's really thoughtful of you to do so. My question, Waddy Wachtel has written exquisite music for Linda Ronstadt (and gloriously sung by her): "Maybe I'm Right," "I Go to Pieces" and "Damage." Is there a possibility that Stevie might cover any of these songs? "I Go to Pieces" would be a great song in her set. By the by, you and Lori were GREAT with Stevie at Universal in LA in July 2005. I had a BALL!!!!

Jana's answer:

Hi Steve. Youíre welcome. I donít know what songs Stevie will record. And yes, Waddy is a very talented person and itís an honor to work with him too.

Also, it was Sharon and I at Universal in LA. We had a ball too!

from Kevin P. in Plantation, FL

Hi Jana. I just wanted to tell you that You sound AMAZING singing Beautiful Child w/Stevie, My question is, are ever nervous before going on stage? Take care!

Jana's answer:

Hi Kevin. Thank you so much. Iím never really nervous before going on stage, only excited!

from Niki

Thank you for responding to my question, I really appreciate your taking the time to converse with us in this forum. I want to let you know that when I saw you in Las Vegas you sounded and looked amazing. It was so cool to see everyone enjoying themselves so much - the interaction between the members of the band is apparent - we can really feel the LOVE. We all hope to see you again very soon!

Jana's answer:

Hi Niki. Thank you so much for such nice words. I hope to see you soon too.

from Tim Rigney in Syracuse, NY

Jana -
Hi, don't know if you remember, I had asked a question awhile back about performing "Beautiful Child" on "Live in Boston." Since you seem to enjoy answering these, I thought of another question to ASK you! :) So, I wanted to ask if there are any specific Christmas carols which you especially enjoy singing? Also, "since I have you on the phone" so to speak, are there any books you've recently read? Or any specific kind of book which you enjoy reading? Thanks!

Jana's answer:

Hi Tim. I like ďHave Yourself A Merry Little ChristmasĒ and ďO Holy Night.Ē

I havenít read any books in awhile.

The Holidays mean celebrating in a Christian way first, and then enjoying giving presents. Okay, I enjoy getting some too. ;)

from Eliza in Paris

Hello Jana, do you really pronouce your name Jayna?...thats soo pretty and im glad you told us. I would have never know. Anyways, I was wondering, since now that you guys aren't touring, do you get to see Stevie and the ohers often? What do you like to do while not on tour? Thanks for answering our questions. I hope you answer mine! love and peace :-)

Jana's answer:

Hi Eliza. Yes, I pronounce it Jayna. Thank you.

I only see Stevie when we rehearse or do shows. I just saw her June 1st for a private party in Las Vegas. Those one night shows come up here and there throughout the year. I see Sharon a lot. Sheís my buddy.

When Iím not touring with Stevie, I do other shows. Most recently, Sharon and I did 4 tv shows with Jewel. And I sing in about 4 other bands that play corporate parties all over the country and all over the world. I also spend time with my family and enjoy life. I like to work hard and play hard.

Love and peace to you, too.

from Nell in Glasgow

Hi Jana...Scottish fans over here were wondering if Stevie might come to the UK on her way back from Australia...do you know of her touring plans...many thanks we love the music.

Jana's answer:

Hi Nell. There are no UK plans, but I sure hope to go back one day. You live in a wonderful part of the world.

from Linda Conley in Geneva, Ohio

Hi Jana, In answer to your wondering if anyone knows your name is pronunced Jayna I learned of this when I looked you up on the web a few days ago. I also want to tell you I don't have a computer so I use the public library here in Geneva. I want to thank you for the time and thoughtfulness you have put in this Ask Jana stuff. You have given me one more reason to get my exercise and walk to the library almost everyday. I love reading your thoughts. I hope you have a very nice Christmas my prayers will be with you.

Jana's answer:

Hi Linda. Thanks for remembering how to pronounce my name.

Iím so happy youíre so appreciative. I want everyone to know that I care and will spend as much time as I can to answer the questions.

God bless you!

from David Coffin in Muncie

Hi Jana: I like that name it just rings out. My Question is who name you Jana? It's a lovely name,and I love your singing... its great, and I can hear you in the back ground. I havent been to your webb site dont know how to get there... need a link, well much love, David

Jana's answer:

Hi David. Thank you so much for your sweet compliments. Iím sitting here with my parents right now and I read them your question and it made them smile. They named me. This is not a stage name. My website is janaanderson.com.

Take care.

from Sabrina in Orange County, CA

Hi! Does a backup singer have to love the music/artist they are singing/singing with?

Jana's answer:

Hi Sabrina. I would say that it certainly makes life a lot more fun if you love the music you are performing. I love all the tours Iíve done. However, I have been paid well to sing about products in other countries that are so dorky. But, the trip was fun and people I traveled with were nice. And it was only one show. I personally couldnít be involved in a show for more than one time that I didnít love.

from Sam Nemeth in San Antonio

Any plans on any new music being worked on?

Jana's answer:

Hi Sam. Iím not sure if youíre asking me if Iím working on any new music or if Stevie is working on any new music. I donít know what Stevie is working on. However, Iím finishing up a rock/country CD of my own this summer.

from Camellia in Jessup, MD

Me again, how do you get permission to do/cover someone else's song, as you did with your jazz album. Even if the artist is dead or alive?

Jana's answer:

Hi Camellia. I had to buy the rights to record and sell those songs. Itís not too expensive. I paid for them online.

from Clare Jenkins in the United Kingdom

Hello Jana, I saw you guys in Las Vegas at Ceasars last year. It was an amazing show!!. Have you any plans to tour the UK this year?

Jana's answer:

Hi Clare. Thank you. Unfortunately, there are no plans to tour the UK at this point.

from Melissa Woolfe in Melbourne

Hi Jana my name is Mel and im from Melbourne. I was woundering what you have to do to become a wedding singer or how to get a job in singing , singing is my ultimate passion and my dream i have been told that singing is a well paid job and really fun more then anything I want to get out there and use what I've got but I just dont know were to start. I am also a sister in Christ too. I could really use your advice. yours sincerley, mel woolfe.

Jana's answer:

Hi Mel. I love that youíre not asking me how to become a star. Thatís not a journey to enjoy. Doing what you love is a journey to enjoy. What you should do is look in the local paper for people looking for singers for their bands. Go and audition as many times as you can until you find the perfect fit. Good luck!

from Steve in Syracuse, NY

Hey Jana. Happy New Year from Syracuse, NY. Just a quick question. I know Stevie is on tour in Australia, and I heard rumors of one of the shows being recorded for a DVD. Is there any truth to that???? I hope so I missed her in concert this past summer. Also, is there any plans for any concerts in the states in 2006? If so can I make a request that ya'all come to either buffalo or syracuse??? Hope you have a healthy New Year

Jana's answer:

Hi Steve. There was no DVD taped to my knowledge. And there are no solo tours for the summer of 2006. However, Stevie is joining Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers on a few songs for the next few weeks in the states.

See you next time.

from Linda Conley in Geneva, Oh

Hi Jana, I noticed that you do alot of this Ask stuff. More so then the others. Is there any special reason you are so active in these questions??? I am surprised that you receive and answer so much of the things I send you. Your feelings are becoming very important to me. I feel as if I know you. I think maybe you don't get alot of mail and I think it is good because it makes you think of the mail you get and maybe get to feeling a closeness to us.

Jana's answer:

Hi Linda. I think I answer more questions in part, because I type very fast. Itís easy to just flow out the answers. I answer these questions because I know what it means to the fans.

I currently have hundreds of letters from people I know in my personal email box. I have a very full life and I find balance between everything. Iím not looking for a closeness to anyone, I simply want people to feel heard in a world where many people arenít heard.

from Camellia in Jessup, MD

Hello Jana,
Can you recommend a few publications to help someone with auditioning to be a background singer. I am having the hardest time trying to find auditions for my daughter. Or are there any specific way of knowing of auditions? As well is there a pay scale, just some appx. numbers that she can work with? Thanx

Jana's answer:

Hi again, Camellia. Go ahead and look in your local paper for bands looking for singers. Then audition as much as she can. The pay scale can be anything from free to several thousand dollars.

Money questions are my most asked questions. Since youíre self-employed as a singer most of the time, the pay scale is whatever you make for yourself. Best to you both. Itís nice you care so much about your daughter and that youíre involved with her life.

from Stephanie in Minneapolis

Stevie nicks was the first concert I went to before Journey, I remember being so excited. My name is Stephanie and I wondered if her real nme was Stephanie too. I always admired her hair. I would luv to meet her somday, as well as my son. I Guess I just wondered if you are happy.

Jana's answer:

Hi Stephanie. Yes, Stevieís given name is also Stephanie.

Yes, Iím happy and grateful for this life.

from Michelle Brady in Seattle

Greetings Jana-
Thank you for taking the time to correspond with the fans. Your kindness and honesty are greatly appreciated. Now on to the questions...

Have you ever covered any of Stevie's songs? If so, which song? If not, and you had the opportunity to do this, which song would you choose and why?

I was also curious to know if any of the current female singer/songwriters remind you of Stevie by either their vocal styling, their songwriting or their energy and presence?
Warm regards,
Michelle B.

Jana's answer:

Hi Michelle. Youíre welcome.

Good questions. I have never covered any of Stevieís songs. If I did, I would probably choose ďHas Anyone Even Written Anything For You.Ē I would choose this song because it touches my heart and it emotionally builds so beautifully.

I havenít studied any current female singers. I would say that Stevie is one of a kind. Her sound and her artist flare for writing in such a unique way are truly her own.

Thanks for the interesting questions.

from Tim in Brisbane

Hi Jana, Hope you are well - I cannot wait to see you guys in February [Feb 2006]... it is going to be awesome... my question is, what is your guiltiest pleasure musically??? I confess to a bit of Abba, just wondering what music you love that you may not own in front of friends... LOL. we all have one, I guess...

Jana's answer:

Hi Tim. I will get you laughing right off the bat. I donít really have to hide the music I love because my reputation isnít of being the ďcoolestĒ chick on the block. If you asked anyone I went to high school with, they would tell you that Iíve never been swayed in any way by peer pressure. So, in my true form, I would say the music I enjoy, but probably doesnít make me cool, is big band, swing music and some ďspecialĒ disco songs from the 70ís. Oh, one more that will make you laugh even harder. I like ďAfternoon Delight.Ē I liked it even more in the movie, ďAnchorman.Ē

from Eric Oestreich in New Haven

What Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Acoustic/Electric Guitar & Amp Does Stevie Nicks Own?

Jana's answer:

Hi Eric. I apologize, but I have no idea.

from Summer in Boston MASS

Hey there Jana!!! nice Job over the summer 2005 TISL tour you guys were great!! During the most difficult time of my life I went and followed you guys around during that tour. It was great Just wanted to make sure you all know how healing your voices are. You Stevie Sharon Lori I often wonder if you guys know that you are saving lives out here. Do you as an artist know that you are doing this and how attached people get and how healing you truely are? That is an amazing thing. Thank you so much. Wanted to know what were the plans for the show over seas. Will you guys be doing a show here in AMERICA after you are done? If not I will feel slighted hehe Love Summer Rock On....

Jana's answer:

Hi Summer. Thank you for your sweet words and compliments. Wow, Iím so happy that the music we create on stage can bring you so much joy! Iím happy youíre healing. That is the best reason to play and sing music. The best to you for a bright future. Your name calls for that. ;)

from Jim in Benfleet, U.K.

Hi Jana,
Thanks for taking the time to answer all these questions. I'd like to ask a quick question. Do you still plan to release a new CD via your website next year as planned? (How did you make time to record it while being on the road with Stevie all the time?). Your jazz cd is still a favourite to play!!!

Jana's answer:

Hi Jim. Thank you for playing my jazz CD.

I record when Iím not touring. Iím nearly done with a CD that came up this year. That music is not on my website. Itís rock/country in style and that project was a very good surprise to come my way. I plan on releasing it next year, if not sooner. Thanks for asking.

from Christina in Modesto, CA

Hi Jana,
This is so great that you take the time to answer us fans. I just wanted you to know that I respect you and everyone who sings with Stevie. I noticed that you always look at Stevie like your there with her in the moment and I get that to me it has helped me sing better also to give that look of understanding just what that song means dose this make since? anyhow thank you so much for bringing your voice to Stevieís and making me a better well.. singer.

Jana's answer:

Hi Chrissy. I appreciate your comments. Iím blessed to sing with Stevie and bring the best of whatever I can to her music. I love watching Stevie sing. Sheís a powerhouse! I also watch her to not only be in the moment, but to watch her entrances and exits of phrases and words so I match her. Thatís part of my job.

Good luck with your singing.

from Brian Mekoliavitch in Lincoln Park

Hello Jana I am a 14 year old boy named Brian I have loved Fleetwood Mac and Stevie nicks since I was like 3 and I have never stopped listening to them and I know your busy and other things like that but I will tell u this my biggest dream is to meat Stevie I have always wanted to meat her she seems like such a nice person and a lovely lady and I hope u will tell her that and one more thing if u ever come to Detroit u and Stevie should stop by u would be welcome with open arms and its funny my little brother who is 4 and he is autistic I donít know if I spelled that right but anyways yes he is and I got him singing along to edge of seventeen and its so funny and cute lol but I hope you reply to me and I love u all

Jana's answer:

Hi Brian. Stevie is a very sweet person. Sheís very compassionate and loving. Iím so happy you enjoy their music, and itís awesome that you and your little brother can share the music together. Music passes through all age groups, races, religions, and physical challenges and heals our souls, doesnít it?!

The best to you always.

from Matt in Elmwood Park

Hi Jana,
Iím going on a long shot here. I asked you a question a long time ago, and you were awesome for answering it, thank you. but I had another one, its kinda silly and thought the fans might get a kick out of it. i was looking through my Boston dvd case, and I noticed in one of the pictures by Stevieís leg there was a stuffed penguin?? whatís the deal. thanks again and keep on rocking!

Jana's answer:

Hi Matt. I am only guessing, but I think it was probably a stuffed animal that the fans threw on stage during the show.

I will keep on rocking! What else would I do? Hee hee!

from Mickey Maxwell in Memphis, TN

Jana, thank you and Sharon and Lori so much for participating in this. I just read your opinions on the music industry with social issues, and let me just say YOU READ MY MIND!!! Not only on the social issues, but your take on current "producers" and "vocal aerobics" floored me because I talk about that stuff all the time as a vocalist myself. I was born too late!! How I miss the days when people really had to sing. Now you just have to be 20 years old and have a tight body. Who cares how you sound, right?? WRONG!!! At least for me.

Anyway, I saw you in your hometown of Minneapolis a few weeks ago with Stevie and the band. It was a GREAT show.

Now for the question...

Out of all the shows on the Stevie/Henley tour and the Gold Dust Tour...which show has "stood out" to you and why? Take care, and I hope to see y'all again before the tour ends!!

Jana's answer:

Hi Mickey. I would have to say Albuquerque stood out because it was my birthday and Stevie, the band, and the arena all sang Happy Birthday to me. That blew my mind!

from Kevin Moyer in Reading PA

Hi, Jana
My name is Kevin Moyer, I am in the Army receiving medical care at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. I was with the USO soldiers that met you after the show at the Nissan Pavilion on July 10th. My daughter and I really enjoyed talking to you and Carlos after the show. Not that you would remember me, with all the people that you must meet, but I am 6'3" and had my left arm bandaged and my daughter took a picture of us. If you would like a copy I could email it to you. I would like to say how much my daughter and I really enjoyed the show and then meeting you, Stevie and Carlos after the show. You have a beautiful voice and are a really sweet person. The soldiers and their families really enjoyed the show and are still talking about how everyone had a great time. I don't think you realize how much joy you and Stevie had brought to the soldiers that met you from Walter Reed. It shows how just a few people with so much care and kindness can really make a difference to so many people. We all thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Jana's answer:

Hi Kevin. I enjoyed speaking with you too. I remember it clearly and enjoyed you and your daughter. Iím so impressed and humbled by you and the other soldiers. Words will never express my gratitude for your service to America. It became so much more personal to me that night and you all changed my life forever. I still cry sometimes remembering that night. You were all so kind, so brave, and when you look into a soldierís eyes, you see something you never forget. You touched my heart and soul and I send you and the other gentlemen and women my love.

from Holly Steedman in Wanganui NZ

How do u become a famous singer because i love singing but i have no idea for how people can hear me.

Jana's answer:

Hi Holly. First of all, itís good to have a goal of becoming a good, sincere singer. To want to be famous alone is to just want adoration, which feels like love. Refer to a long answer I had on this a long time ago. If you read through the other answers, I explain ways to be heard as a singer.

from brett vollus in collaroy, sydney ,australia

i'm psyched! when are stevie and you guys coming to australia to perform with the melbourne symphony!!!!!! i need to know so as i can bid for the dates off as i am a flight attendant with qantas airways and don't want to be out of the country for the tour! australia loves stevie! last years mac tour of oz was awesome! love and light! brett vollus

Jana's answer:

Hi Brett. Weíll be performing in February and part of March. I donít have the exact dates at this point. Love and light to you too!

from Lisa Marie Walker in Ramona, Ca

The show in chula vista tonight was wonderful!! you and sharon sounded truley amazing, the songs sounded beautiful, im sure stevie feels happy to have you. ive seen stevie 6 times now and i thought friday the 13 in vegas was the best one yet but no they just keep getting better each time and i can see that you guys really put everything youve got into it. I have to say i just loved seeing Stevie sing "rock 'n roll" It was the absolute cutest thing ive seen and she looked like she was having a great time!! i know i was! I just saw Robert Plant 2 days ago here in san Diego and i just gotta say, your band plays Zeppelin better than Roberts new band does. Any way , my question is, do you know if Stevie will be back in the studio soon? Im waiting for a new album?? and if so do you think you might be working on it with her?? i know im greedy, cant get enough Stevie!! her voice was perfect tonight and she seems to be getting prettier everytime i see her!!! Thanks to all of you guys once again for such an awsome night!!

Jana's answer:

Hi Lisa Marie. Thank you for your compliments. Iím happy to be a part of Stevieís band.

I havenít heard if Stevie is in the studio or not. And I donít have any idea if I would be a part of it. Sharon has sung on all her solo CDís and sheís her right hand girl and sounds so great on Stevieís recordings.

I would agree that Stevie keeps getting better in every way!

from Richard in Swindon, England. UK

Hi Jana, I've been a big Mac and Stevie fan since 1989 when I was 16. It always felt very lonely for me as I never knew anybody my age who knew the music and people used to mickey take!!

I always felt like I was a tiny part of something so large, and awe inspiring it would overwhelm me. The shows in the late 80s were so big and glossy and slick. Yet somehow as the music carries on and wev'e all been on this incredible journey together. The advent of the internet really opened my eyes to the fact there are real fans out there!! - not just the people you see on concert video and somehow the 'family' keep on adopting people in to it! The feeling is so more informal and sensitive now. I do not really have a question, I would just like to thank you especially, and Sharon, Lori and Stevie for doing this - helping us to feel so much more connected and closer to the thing that we have loved for so long. I would never write to ask Stevie a question, for me thats just too freaky for me to deal with that she might actually reply!!!, but your previous responses to the fans have been so warm and heartfelt, it's like your'e a kind of sister to us all.

I hope you understand what I've been trying to say, but Ive never had an opportunity to be really open with someone about how it alll makes me feel!!!!
Thank You all so much!!
Richard, Swindon, England.

Jana's answer:

Hi Richard. Iím glad you decided to speak your peace about how much this means to you and that it makes you feel good. I believe we are here to be kind.

from Mary in Birmingham

Hi Jana! I saw yall in Vegas this past saterday, and I think you were all fabulous. I know something similar has been asked, but when you were in vegas or other big cities do you all and stevie go out into the casinos or other public places or are there just to many fans around to do that type of stuff while on tour? thanks... I think your wonderful and hope you all tour again soon! <3 mary

Jana's answer:

Hi Mary. Sometimes we go out, but most of the time we go to the buses and travel. Thank you and maybe weíll see you in Australia in February 2006.

from Aaron Caudill in St. Louis, MO.

What are Stevie's relationship with Ann/Nancy Wilson? I think they are the best! Thank You!

Jana's answer:

Hi Aaron. I have no idea what their relationship is like. I like them too.

from Castilo Montoya in Albuquerque

Dear Jana, thank you for taking the time to answer our questions. It means a lot. I saw you on August 2nd at the Albuquerque show. Thought it was great and your vocals were amazing. Oh, by the way, Happy Birthday. I thought it was a nice touch that Stevie and the audience sang you Happy Birthday. I'm sure it brought a tear to your eyes. What went through your mind as everyone was singing and wishing you a Happy Birthday?

Jana's answer:

Hi Castilo. Youíre welcome. Iím happy to answer these questions. Thank you for listening to the vocals.

It was amazing to hear Stevie and everyone sing Happy Birthday. It was a surprise to me and it did bring a couple tears to my eyes. What went through my mind is that I canít believe this is happening to me. I was just full of gratitude and overwhelmed with joy by that gesture.

from Amber Dodds in Lima, OH

Hey Jana. Thanks for answering my previous question! So now I'm gonna try my luck and see if I get another one answered...

I was wondering what exactly happens if a background singer gets sick, or any other member of the band for that matter. I know if the lead singer is ill, they can postpone the show or cancel it altogether, but do the others just have to rough it out if they're sick? This may seem like an odd question, but I'm just curious to know. And also, has their ever been a time when you or Sharon had to go onstage not feeling your best?
Thanks for all the wonderful answers. I can tell you are a genuinely kind person.
Peace, Love & Rock 'N Roll, Amber

Jana's answer:

Hi Amber. Youíre welcome. We do the show even when weíre a little under the weather. And thank you for your kind words.


Jana's answer:

from Adam Klimchock in Derry, PA

Hi Jana!
Thanks for taking time to answer this question. Firstly, I saw you w/ Stevie at Pittsburgh on 6-11-05. You were all awsome! Anyway, since this was your first 'Stevie' tour, what was it like working with the others and touring?
Thanks again!
Adam K

Jana's answer:

Hi Adam. Iím happy to answer these questions. Thank you for your compliment.

I absolutely loved touring with Stevie and enjoy the band members very much! Theyíre friendly people and we laugh a lot! The band is so talented and it was an honor for me.

from Richard in Hartford, CT

Dear Jana,
I am a singer songwriter, unknown. I know the value of music and words and how they reach people. Thank you so much for doing this. Well, I was fired on the spot yesterday after working for a organization since 1998. It was a total surprise and I am beside myself. I listen to Stevie all the time, but in times of trouble, she always seems to be there for me...strangley I will hear her on the radio at really weird times or I just play her. Thankyou for supporting her because it is the music that gets so many people through the diffcult times. Years ago, Ginney Kamano sent me an encouraging note about her x-husband and stuff and said to me keep on dreamin, which hangs on my studio wall. When I look at it I feel, ok so the smallest gestures creates the greatest uplifts for people and they really never know how much it means. What happened to her, do you know? Anyway, if possible, tell Stevie I am so sorry about her fathers passing and I am here for her too. Even though we probably will never meet, we are somehow connected spiritualy. My dream has always been to have tea with her. Silly I know. Not in a stalker way. I believe we are all here in this world for whatever reason and those that choose to be kind and do good are the angels of the living. You are too. I know this is long and I really don't have any questions, but want you to know...I love you all and wish great peace and blessings for everyone. I am going to send this to you, Sharon, Lori and Stevie...I am sorry for being so impersonal. Thanks...Richard

Jana's answer:

Hi Richard. Iím happy to do this and youíre welcome. Iím sorry about your job ending but new opportunities always pop up when you least expect them and losing one job makes room for where youíre supposed to be. I, too, need music to keep me going, as most of us do. Itís healing and soothing and so many songwriters are gifted and speak to us when we need it most. The smallest gestures are so meaningful. We all need little reminders that someone cares.

from Melissa Conklin in Seattle, Washington

Hi, Jana
first off i think u r great. I saw u in the syw tour in 04' in seattle ( white river amphitheater) haha i wasnt able to see stevie this summer she didnt make it up this way. That is ok mabey next year. So my question is are u a sports fan. Like do u have a favorite sport or team u like. Like I am a hugh fan of the Seattle Mariners ! haha go figure haha! well any way thank you and hope to see you and stevie up in the northwest soon!! =)

Jana's answer:

Hi Melissa. Thank you. I would say Iím a sports fan sometimes. I like playing more than I like watching sports. I grew up playing A LOT of sports. My parents are saints for supporting all of these activities. But I do like watching the Minnesota teams I grew up supporting.

from Linda Conley in Geneva, Ohio

Hi Jana this is in answer to a question asked of Lori. Someone said all of you should smile more in pictures. I think all of you are very good in pictures smiling or not. I went to a museam in Geneva Ohio and was told that woman didn't smile in pictures back in the 17 and 18 hundreds because it was against the law and they could be punished if caught smiling in pictures. I thought of this when I read that mail. If either of you at times don't feel like smiling then that is ok and very normal I love all of you...

Jana's answer:

Hi Linda. Thanks for thinking through this. We just choose whatever photos turn out the best in our opinions, whether weíre smiling or not. Itís always nice to hear that you accept us either way.

from Stu Arnold in Fort Worth

Jana, A quick question... was the name of yourhigh school "Midway"? I went to school with a Jana Anderson and fell out of touch. Just wondering...

Jana's answer:

Hi Stu. I donít know anyone named Stu. Thatís a different Jana Anderson. I bet her name isnít pronounced like Jayna, like my name. I wonder if anyone knows thatís the pronunciation of my name. Hmmmm.

from Eddie Castillo in Ennis, Texas

Hi Jana,
First of all... you are such a great addition to Stevie's band... ant that says alot..because Stevie has been known for having excellent band members... but, my question is regaurding the song "CIRCLE DANCE" ... I heard Stevie do it solo & with Don Henley... has she mentioned possibly recording the song in the studio... Stevie really wrapped herself around that song... and made it her own... she sung it "beautifully"... and I think it would really sound great on a Solo record..or Fleetwood Mac record... (and YES... I said record.. haha)

Jana's answer:

Hi Eddie. Thank you.

I havenít heard any rumors of Stevie and Don recording ďCircle Dance.Ē I know it was so beautiful and they sound so great together. Stevie has the ability to wrap herself around any song she sings.

from Raven Morgaine-Anderson in Kent, CT

Hi Jana thank you for answering my previous question, hopefully this one will get to you as well, i just want to know if you know how Stevie is holding up after the loss of her dad my mom is dieing of bone cancer at the same time and my heart just breaks for her cuz i know a tiny little bit of what Stevie is going through, i know thats more personal then you usualy answer and i understand, and if you could just mention to her if/when you speak that im praying for her and chris and barbara and lori and jessie every day a special candle is lit on my alter to the Virgin every night without fail for everyone touched by his loss, GOD BLESS YOU ALL love and light Raven

Jana's answer:

Hi Raven. Youíre welcome.

Thank you for your sweetness and compassion for Stevie at the loss of her sweet father, Jess. I know she appreciates that love as she was very close to him.

I would like to send you love and support for the challenges in your own life. I wish peace for your mom.

from Sarah in New Jersey

Dear Jana,
I'm 14 years old and have been a Stevie fan since, well, I would say since I was born! I really love how you add to her band so well, and I adore your voice! It was so great to see you at the Say You Will shows and on this recent tour, thanks so much for the great music! Now for my questions: First, I heard rumors of you releasing a solo album? Are these rumors true? I really hope so, because I know that the fans would absolutely love that! My second question is, can you still practice your spiritual beliefs on the road, and if so, how? I am a Christian, and would love to be in the music business when I am older, since I have been playing the violin and guitar forever. I want to keep practicing my faith, and when I read that you were a Christian, I thought you would have answers! I really respect that! Once again, thank you for the great music and thanks for answering all these questions!
Love and peace,

Jana's answer:

Hi Sarah. Thank you for your kind words and for making me feel appreciated in Stevieís band.

I already released a solo CD. Although I sing rock, pop, and R & B music most of the time, I have a love for jazz music so I made a jazz standards CD titled, ďAt Last.Ē Iím also in the process of recording another solo CD in the style of a mixture of styles. I call it the style of ďfunktry.Ē Thatís a word I made up spring of 2005. Itíll be a little country/folk and a little bit funky. But it will definitely be mainstream and melodic. You can go to my website to order my jazz CD if youíre interested.

To answer your second question, you can always practice your beliefs no matter where you are. Spirituality is something that lives in you wherever you go. You donít need a building to practice your beliefs when youíre traveling. I download several Christian Bible studies and worship services and listen to them at my convenience on a weekly basis. One of my favorite services is at www.timeofgrace.org.

I wish you all the best with your music and dreams!

from Dana Kay Henderson

Hi Jana! I really admire all the thought and honesty, (not to mention time) that you have put into your answers. It is refreshing to see your commitment to truth, even if it may not be exactly what someone wants to hear. I know you have said quite a few times that this is to bring Stevie's fans closer to her, but in the process you have made more of your own than you realize, without taking anything away from her. I have a feeling that Stevie would agree, and that this forum has given us the opportunity to feel closer to you both. Thank you for your warmth and understanding...I know she is proud to have you in the family. One of the reasons that I am such a big fan of Stevie's, besides her beautiful lyrics, is her compassion and ability to see love and beauty in so many things. I see it in you too. Love and light,
(LOL...not exactly a question, but needed to say it)

Jana's answer:

Hi Dana. Thank you for accepting my views and appreciating the time I spend answering these questions. I donít expect people to agree with me. I humbly answer these questions to the best of my ability.

Itís very sweet to hear you tell me that I have fans too. Iím not trying to do anything but support Stevie, but if Iíve been able to make people feel heard, inspire them to think, or make them feel appreciated for supporting Stevie, then I feel good knowing I made the right choice to answer these questions.

The way you worded everything shows that youíre a caring person. Thank you for taking time to spread more positivity. Love and light to you too!

from Dave in Boston MA

How much do studio singers get paid? What's the standard rate?

Jana's answer:

Hi Dave. I answered this in previous questions. There is no ďstandardĒ rate.

from Alex Sparrow in Groningen

Hi Jana, Thank you for answering these questions! I would love to see all of you live once, so will you ever come to Holland? I really hope so! And do you know if the 'gold dust tour' will come out on dvd?
I wish you all the good wishes!

Jana's answer:

Hi Groningen. Youíre welcome. I would love to come to Holland but have heard nothing of going there at this time. I also havenít heard any information about the gold Dust Tour coming out on DVD.

I wish you the best too.

from Tess in Connecticut

Dear Jana,
I don't have a question right now, I just wanted to say something. You have said that the fans writing you here on the Nicksfix are not your fans, but Stevie's. Well, I just wanted to say that I have a LOT of respect for ALL of you background singers, and I am not only a fan of Stevie's, but also a fan of all her background singers. Stevie has beautiful songs, and you and all the other background singers add even MORE beauty to them. I, for one, am a fan of EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU.

Thank you so much for answering these questions!
Much love,
Tess (age 14)

Jana's answer:

Hi Tess. I answered this earlier, but I will be more gracious from now on about accepting that I may also have some fans. I apologize. I certainly didnít mean to disrespect anyone. I am humbled by all of the kind words. Thank you very much!!! Iím happy to answer these questions of ďourĒ fans. ;)

from Rhiannon in Sydney

Hey JANA, i really admire you, being a Christian myself.. that and WOW STEVIE NICKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hehe, well my question is, do you know if any of the "TWO VOICES"(with Stevie and Don)or "Gold Dust" shows were recorded? because i am in Australia and would have loved to come but i was (still am)Playing "TESS" in "Tess of the d'Urbervilles" and couldnt make it over. really appreciate your time!! Love Always, Rhi

Jana's answer:

Hi Rhiannon. Congratulations on your career. I donít know what was recorded. I apologize.

from Suzanne in Bel Air, MD

Hi Jana,
I think you and Sharon are simply the best. I love your singing and it's so exciting to watch everyone contributing to Stevie's show. My quetsion is do the singers have any pre concert or post-concert rituals like listening to music or eating or anything that you do for luck or celebration afterwards? Thank you!

Jana's answer:

Hi Suzanne. Sharon and I have rituals which consist of the same vocal warm ups every day together in our dressing room. I like it mellow the last 2-3 hours before the show so I can save my energy and voice for Stevie.

I have never had a luck charm. I donít like the idea of relying on a ďthingĒ to do my job well.

The closest thing I come to a ritual is that I take my sweet time getting ready so Iím not frantic before I go on stage.

After the show I usually eat a little something, drink orange juice, and laugh with the band.

from Blair in Woodbridge, VA

Hi Jana, it's Blair (the gymnast) and I can't wait to see you again! I was wondering what's your favorite song to sing on this last tour?

Jana's answer:

Hi Blair, my giggling dinner buddy. You are an Olympic star. I saw your video. :) My favorite song this tour changes from week to week but right now Iíd say ďFall From Grace.Ē I love that song, the musical energy, and itís lyrical content. Love to you, sweet girl.

from Jeremy in Philadelphia

I am aspiring to be a back up singer. I have already made one move and moved out of the city in which I lived and moved to the east coast I now reside in Philadelphia I am a profesional and have a carrer but, I want to do my passion... I have been sining since I was a child now I am 25 yr old and I want to attack my passion I love to sing I went to college to make something of myself and be successfull. Ultimatly I believe that a person is successful if they are doing something they love.. Help me to go in the right direction and I need to know the best way to approch this task like who to talk to where to go and even what to say.....

Jana's answer:

Hi Jeremy. I can recommend a book to help you. ďEverything You Need To Know About The Music BusinessĒ by Donald Passman is a good place to start. As for my career, I just kept singing anywhere and everywhere in nightclubs, in many bands, and doing a lot of cheap session work when I started. Eventually I was ďheard.Ē I donít believe you can force a path. Just keep meeting local musicians, working hard, and enjoying life and music. I wish the best of luck to you!

from Chelsea Gamble in Columbus, OH

Do you think Stevie should slow down and take a deep breath before she starts something new? And How did Stevie's last birthday go....Did you guys do anything special?

Jana's answer:

Hi Chelsea. I canít speak for Stevieís endurance. She was energetic through the last show. We rehearsed on Stevieís birthday and we all surrounded her with love and music. It was a fun day.

from Linda Conley in Geneva, Ohio

Hi Jana. You answered these questions are read by someone else first then sent to you. You said you don't answer creepy questions. Why would you be sent creepy questions must not be to careful whoever checks this stuff first...

Jana's answer:

Hi Linda. I havenít had any creepy questions since I wrote that on the website. :) Believe me, this website is run by the best and we have a good system.

from Libna in Odessa, TX

How much do singers get paid?

Jana's answer:

Hi Libna. Singers are paid differently in different situations. There are many different kinds of employment for singers so the price is never the same.

from Jamie Lynn Tobin in Rochester Hills, MI

Dear Jana,
I was lucky enough to see you twice in Michigan. You were great! You are a great singer and very beautiful! Thank you for bringing the flowers I gave Stevie back stage. (You took them off your stool when you played in Grand Rapids, MI!):) I think you are terrific and I am so glad that you are singing with Stevie. I just bought your CD and I love it!! You are a voice of an angel! Grand Rapids, MI is my home tome and I wondered what you enjoyed about it while visiting? I wish you great sucess and thank you for answering all these questions! All the best to you always!:)

Jana's answer:

Hi Jamie. Thank you for showering me with kindness. And I especially appreciate you buying my CD. That means the world to me. Iím very happy to be singing with Stevie. I like the people of Grand Rapids. Theyíre friendly and real, which reminds me of home. Iím happy to answer the questions and wish you great success in your life as well.

from Amanda in Milford, Maine

Hi Jana- what happens to the gifts that Stevie & Sharon, Lori & yourself get from fans at shows? I'm sure you get lots of great stuff! I know Stevie donates alot to charities, but do you guys keep anything for yourselves (you should, you deserve it!!). P.S.- you are all vert beautiful & talented! Love & light to you all!

Jana's answer:

Hi Amanda. I can only speak for myself, but I read the cards that have my name on them and I appreciate them. Anything that is handed to us for Stevie during ďEdgeĒ are sent backstage to her. Thank you for your kind words. Love and light to you too.

from Angela in Livingston

Hi Jana! Thank you for being so nice and signing my painting in AC.I still can't believe it happened. I found a better pic of you on your website so now I can make a better one. Somehow I'll find a way to get it to you.By the way you and Sharon sang unbelievable both nights & I'll never forget it!

Jana's answer:

Hi Angela. Youíre welcome. Iím happy to create great memories for people. Thank you for your kind compliments. I wish you the best of luck with your art. Congratulations on your talents!

from Stephanie in Greenville, SC

What has Sharon Celani taught you? She is an awesome singer! She's so gorgeous, too!

Jana's answer:

Hi Stephanie. Sharon taught me all of my harmonies. Then I went home and memorized them. We switch off in the songs between high or low harmonies instead of one of us singing high or low the entire night. Sheís a very kind teacher and we enjoy the process together. She has a great laugh and a stunning smile, so one of my favorite things in life is making her laugh. This makes learning fun. And I canít leave out that she continues to teach me about clothes and so many travel tips. Sheís a positive person, patient, and loving, and these qualities are a great influence to be around. :) Yes, sheís an awesome singer and a beautiful person inside and out.

from Linda Conley in Geneva Ohio

Hi Jana This is a reply to one of the questions you answered. You say you love to see the fans after concerts but felt strange cause they are not your fans. I never saw you or heard you sing but I am a fan of yours. You know sometimes backup singers are liked very much and do have fans. I will always love Stevie but she is nothing without her backup singers......I am not talking about the Fleetwood Mac singers Lindsey etc. Fleetwood Mac is nothing without her... Fleetwood Mac needs her and Stevie needs you and Lori and Sharon. Don't put yourself down for people loving you...

Jana's answer:

Hi Linda. Thanks for reminding me to be more gracious. I guess Iím just humbled by attention. I apologize and I thank you so very much.

from Niki in Laguna Beach

Hi Jana! :) I am curous how much time in advance you arrive at a venue prior to the performance, what do you do prior to the performance, what kinds of foods/drinks are usually available or requested, and when the performance is over how long until you leave a venue? :)

Jana's answer:

Hi Niki. We arrive at different times and leave at different times. There are different reasons why we are there for longer or shorter periods of time. When the performance is over, that time also varies depending on if Stevie has a meet and greet, or, if we have guests to see. We have every kind of food and drink. We have a large dinner 2-3 hours before every show and our dressing rooms are also stocked with whatever we need. Iím so grateful for this luxury! Thank you, Stevie!

from John L. in Southern Pines, NC

I want to thank you for doing such a wonderful job each time ive seen you. Three times with Fleetwood Mac and Saturday in Charlotte. Your like a big bundle of love and beauty.

I saw a woman walk in with a painting and didnt get a real good look at it then I seen it get handed to you with all the gifts from Stevie's fans. What was it? What does she do with all the things she gets?

Comment on earlier answer you gave. I also enjoyed Almost Famous. Seems like when its on movie channel I get sucked in and start watching it again. Thanks again.

Jana's answer:

Hi John. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I donít know what painting youíre talking about. Iím sorry. Weíve had so many shows that itís hard to remember specific events sometimes. I donít know what Stevie does with her gifts.

from Linda Conley in Geneva Ohio

Miss Ghost song is my question from what I read in a question to you. Is Miss Ghost a Stevie song??? I never heard of it and I didn't see it mentioned in her song and lyrics section...

Jana's answer:

Hi Linda. ďMiss GhostĒ is a Don Henley song from his CD titled ďInside Job.Ē

from Barb in Endicott

Hi Jana:
Loved you in the Live From Boston DVD - how beautiful your voice is and I especially loved to hear you on Beautiful Child with Stevie - you sing like an angel!
Jana, I was wondering, do you and the others have time to look at the Nicks Fix to see all of the wonderful reviews of all of Stevie's shows that are posted? In all of the years that I have been on the Nicks Fix, I don't think I have ever read one negative one! A testament to Stevie and you and the band! I hope someday to see Stevie and you and Sharon and everyone at a show...my dream! John does such a phenomenal job in keeping us updated with Stevie and the band, doesn't he? (Thank you John!) Thank you Jana for your beautiful voice and for taking the time to answer our questions. How gracious of you!

Jana's answer:

Hi Barb. Thank you. I read many of the reviews. Iíd read them all if I had the time. Stevie is a force of nature, thatís foresure, and she is a gift to us all. Sheís also very consistent so itís no surprise that the reviews are all so great. Iíve heard her sing for thousands of hours and she sings with her heart, sheís in tune, and her unmistakable uniqueness makes her a true star.

John is doing a fantastic job on the website! Heís also such a good person!!! I appreciate him as much as all of you.

from rachelle

How can i get noticed as a singer in Arizona

Jana's answer:

Hi Rachelle. You could begin by singing around your city locally.

from Bridget in Zurich

Hi Jana,
First and foremost- thanks for the two beautiful concerts I have never seen Stevie tour solo (as I m a kiwi temporarily located in Zurich) so it is a little hard to get to the US, but the two FM concerts that I saw, were honesty, exceptionally thought provoking/moving experiences. I also want to thank you for the time and care that you obviously take in answering people questions I agree with you, education and an open mind really are the keys to success. Now for my question: I read with much interest your comments on aid to third world countries. Here I should add that I m a medicinal chemists currently involved in the synthesis of TB vaccines. My concern is the state of all people of all nations, and more importantly of the whole planet. Resources are being consumed at an alarming rate, pollution is evident, and many people are living their lives as if there is no tomorrow and this is a result of a first world lifestyle and countries striving to achieve a first world lifestyle. This may be a little too political, so maybe you'll never get to read, or answer this question, but are you aware and what are your thoughts about the fact that it is us in the first world who need to seriously look at the way we live our lives with regard to the consumption of resources and pollution; and have you ever read the book called Collapse by Jared Diamond which is a real eye opener on these issues, and I would say is a must read for everybody. Thanks for your time and for the beauty of music. Take care.

Jana's answer:

Hi Bridget. Thank you for your comments and recommendations. Iím not asking to be political or religious in any of these answers, for those of you concerned. Iím answering questions honestly and with great care and it is surprising to me that I have ANY political answers. Being a singer, Iím not the first person people have ever come to and asked such heavy political questions about Africa, the music business, or about Christianity. ;) Iíve thought about these issues often all along, but this is the first forum where Iíve ACCIDENTALLY written on these subjects. When I agreed to answer these questions, I sincerely believed people would only ask about Stevie and the tour. But Iíll keep answering until it seems like I shouldnít.

As far as our consumption of resources and our carelessness with pollution, it all comes down to money and discipline. If someone, a company, or the government is benefiting monetarily from something that is negative to our health, it will continue. MONEY CONTROLS MOST DECISIONS. I give cigarettes as my biggest example. Being in a smokey bar if you are a non-smoker is equivalent to smoking 4 cigarettes in a two hour time frame. If the cigarette companies have gotten by with this and their profit for so long with itís proven health crisis, even for nonsmokers, whatís to stop the world from wasting and polluting in other areas that donít have surgeon general warnings posted on them? Even the warning of death, by law, will not stop it if it is profiting greatly. I worked with a woman who has never even tried a cigarette, and the health insurance companies wouldnít give her insurance because she had the lungs of a smoker. She worked in a bar.

If it was proven that we would all get cancer and die within a week from the pollution created by consumption, the government would shut these places down immediately the way they were able to shut down all air travel during the week of 9-11. It seems as though there are so many issues, that the people in charge of making the decisions only have enough time, care, finances, or help to handle the emergency issues, much like a heart attack victim in the emergency room moving to the front of the line over someone who needs stitches or has bronchitis. I have no idea how to handle it except that it starts with our individual lives.

As horrible and frustrating as the gas prices are, what would happen to the air quality if we all drove hybrid cars? What if SUVís, buses, semiís and every vehicle and airplane had some sort of healthier fuel option? Iím way out of my realm, but these are the things I think about. Maybe the financial responsibility will move us into another healthier world with less pollution. The profits the oil tycoons are gaining are beyond unethical. And there is nothing we can do about it because most of us need vehicles to get to work. Is there someone, some leader with enough power to put a ceiling on the cost of fuel? These high gas prices are putting airlines and many businesses that rely on fuel to go into so much debt, that itís seriously adding to their need to file for bankruptcy. And what will your food cost at the grocery store, your clothes, and everything else that is moved to your cities with these high gas prices?

I think we all need to recycle whenever possible. I also think we need to waste less. Shortsightedness is dangerous to our air quality, our safety, and our health. If you believe IT CAN HAPPEN TO YOU, your families, and your childrenís children, then maybe making it personal will make it real. And if it becomes real in your heart, change will begin at home, and the domino effect will change the world for the better for all generations to come.

from Jordan in Los Angeles

Recently Stevie and Sharon reached out to younger fans with the Dreams collaboration with DD. FIERCE!! Would YOU be open to working on projects with DJs and remixers for recording club music? Do you like club music?

Jana's answer:

Hi Jordan. I love the ďDreamsĒ remix. I love good club music and would be open to recording on any good project, including working with DJís and remixers.

from Patty Markle in Dallas

Jana ~ thanks for taking the time to answer these questions. I am really taken back by your honest and thoughtful responses to so many questions. I know this isn't a polite question, but would you mind telling us how old you are? You look so beautiful and youthful and you answered a question about music you listened to when you were younger and you listed bands that I loved in the 70's. You also seem so wise beyond your years. I also wanted to tell you that you have a beautiful voice and listening to you during this Gold Dust tour really made me realize just how stunning your voice is. I adore Sharon and while Lori will always be my sentimental favorite to back up Stevie, you have a special place in my heart and I wanted you to know that. Take care Jana and I hope to see you for many more years and tours to come.

Jana's answer:

Hi Patty. Youíre welcome. I think Iíll keep people guessing who donít know my age. :) Itís not a huge secret, but itís fun to try to put off telling people. Thank you for your compliments. I will be here as long as possible.

from Tina Leahy in Fountain Valley

Jana- Thank you for your response to Tracey's question - to have the strength to speak truthfully but yet with compassion reflects great integrity - I admire you for doing that because it does everyone good! I have seen you several times with Fleetwood Mac and with Stevie and will be seeing you again Sunday night at Arrowhead Pond train Ca. - you and your light are a gift to us all!! You represent Stevie and yourself with great honor. God Speed Ė

Jana's answer:

Hi Tina. Wow! Thank you for such warm comments. I can only speak from my heart and mind from my life experience, and Iím happy it means something special to you. I will continue to support Stevie to the best of my ability. Thank you for coming to the shows. People like you make the concerts a great time for the band.

from Cherie in Nashua

Dear Jana; Hello thankyou for taking our questions. I do not have a question more of a story I would like to share with you. You were right when you responded to the last fan that "Life is a Gift". In September 2003 i realized that Stevie's word's inspired me more than ever and made me realize that my life was a gift from my mother. On September 22 my mother was rushed to the hospital. My mother suffered what is medically termed "Alcohol verices". During this time i had tickets for the "Say You Will" tour in Boston Ma. I wasn't going to go to the show but inside i knew my mother would have wanted me to go because she knew i really liked Stevie Nicks very much and i had been at the hospital for days on end. So I did go not realizing it would be life changing for me. Stevie sang a song that deeply moved me called "GoodBye Baby". It was overwhelming. I did visit with my mother who was then in a "Hepatic Colma" before the show but i later had to return. I had come to the realization that even though i never said it i had to say goodbye to my mother, i had to let her go. The words, "Don't take me to the tower and take my child from me It was I who was the hour glass and the sand of time like shattering glass went past me like a tunnel to the sea." My mother who had been an alcoholic my entire life was waiting for me to say goodbye and that it was ok to leave because i will see her once again in another lifetime. Sadly on October 9, 2003 she did pass on. My message is for Stevie and all the girls as well as for the stevie fans. I know there are others whose lives Stevie has touched and no matter what helps us through difficult times in our lives whether it be music or other means. We are the keeper of our "Hour Glass" (life) and whatever we decide to do with it whether how beautiful or ugly life gets as long as you remember to "JUST BE INSPIRED".........

Jana's answer:

Hi Cherie. Iím sorry you have had to go through so much. Stevieís lyrics and music are healing. I cried during that song at a Fleetwood Mac concert before I knew I was going to be in their band. I understand how much that music can touch the heart.

from Bob Goodman in Los Angeles

Hi Jana-

I just had to respond to your message to Tracey from Newberry, FL:

I agreed with most of what you said. At the same time, some of what you said about poverty in Africa is misinformed. I would like to encourage you to read, "The End of Poverty" by Dr. Jeffrey Sachs. Dr. Sachs is Director of the Earth Institute at Columbia University and Special Advisor to the UN Secretary General on the UN's Millenium Project (the goal of which is to eliminate extreme poverty by 2015).

Seeing the end of extreme poverty is one of my personal priorities. For this to occur, I believe it is essential that we understand its causes accurately and apply solutions that truly work. I also think it is important that we not blame impoverished people (out of our own ignorance) for circumstances that are truly beyond their control. This does no one any good. I also believe it is critically important that we educate the American people (and the developed world in general) about poverty and its causes. Lifting the 1 billion people currently caught in extreme poverty out of it will benefit us all. After all, there really is no "them" only "us." Thank you and God bless,

Jana's answer:

Hi Bob. Thank you for your comments and caring so much about the world. I humbly reply that I donít believe me or anyone else is blaming impoverished people for circumstances beyond their control. Being born into poverty is not a choice. Nobodyís goal is to do worse than the previous generation. I have great compassion for the situation and have given a lot of money and done benefits since I was a child to current day to help the worldís poverty and hunger. My father started a foundation helping less fortunate people when I was a very little girl, so I grew up influenced by these acts of love and care.

My quote is, ďAn ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.Ē Iím not a politician. I answer these questions to the best of my ability. I believe you have some education and good ideas and I wish you GREAT success in your efforts to educating people on ending poverty. Thank you for caring so much.

from Carly Pryor in LaGrange, GA

Hey Jana,
My name is Carly and I met you in Vegas VERY briefly (friend of John's). I just wanted to write and tell you how awesome your response the "world issues" question was. I have always felt that way about musicians and our culture, and it is nice that you are in a position to express those strong positive (not negative) opinions to the public.

You are a great performer, adorable on stage and off...you "little ball of love." :) Keep on keeping on! Sincerely, Carly P.

Jana's answer:

Hi Carly. Iím so happy you liked my answer. That answer means a lot to me. Thank you for your compliments. I will keep rolling the ball of love along. People like you make that very easy. :)

from Jennifer in Dixmont, Maine

Hi, Jana
Just wondering who inspired you to be a singer, when you were growing up? You have a beautiful voice!

Jana's answer:

Hi Jennifer. I didnít dream of being a singer when I was growing up. I was far too shy to sing publicly, although I did it quite a bit in church and school because I was too shy to say no when I was asked to sing. I was asked to sing professionally when I was 17 and I never stopped. Thank you!

from Lukeyo Hallevichs in London

Dear Jana,
You answered one of my questions a few months ago, and I thank you for doing this for so long. I hope my question doesn't sound a bit rude, but I'm 16, and even I at this age in the UK have about 5 friends and 3 family who would really like to see Stevie in the UK. I have just heard an interview saying she's going to Australia next year which is great, but I can't help but feel a bit frustrated. You all came over here with Fleetwood Mac and we all enjoyed it so much we've been dying to see you all again! I promise you there are a LOT of people who will come and see her, so please please PLEASE can you ask her to consider it at least? It would be a dream come true for me, and so many others I know. Thank you. I am coming over to see the show in Concord next week, and can't wait - I want everyone I know to be able to feel as excited. You are all wonderful, I never get tired of the music, and thank you for doing all you do!
Take care,

Jana's answer:

Hi Lukeyo. I would love to go back to the UK and it would be a dream come true for me as well. We can only take it one tour and one country at a time. Letís keep our fingers crossed that we will return.

from Pierre Emil Lyons in Rocky Mount NC

Hi Jana, My name is Pierre I'm a singer I'm writing you bwecause I wanna know How do i go by becoming a back ground singer cause I mean I once had a record contrat with def jam soul when I was in the 10 grade but my mother wouldn't sign the contract for me but now I'm 20 i can sign myself but i wanna start off little then work my way to the top so please tell how do i go by doing that. Please write me back please thank you for your time

Jana's answer:

Hi Pierre. I would look in your local papers for auditions. Call them and schedule a time to audition. Be prepared with the songs they already know by buying them online or at the CD stores and learn them very well. Write down all the background vocal parts and memorize them. Donít be discouraged if youíre not chosen immediately. Sometimes it takes awhile to find the band where you are musically compatible.

from Bryson Tyler in Walterboro, South Carolina

Hi Jana,
I really do appreciate you taking the time for these questions. I just turned 20 yrs old and I've spent my whole life wishing and hoping to get discovered but no such luck yet. I don't necessarily want to be a lead singer, but I'm not half bad at singing, you know(haha)and I'd LOVE to just even be a back up singer, just as long as I could make a living doing what I love to do. I think you're great as well as Sharon, you chics rock! So any advice for me on what I could do to maybe get my voice out there some more? Maybe mention me to Stevie?! (haha, just kidding...well, sort of). Keep on rockin! Love ya!

Jana's answer:

Hi Bryson. Check out my answer to Pierre. Your question was sent with his and I would give you the same answer.

You are welcome for these answers. And thank you for your kind words. Good luck in your career.

from Heather in Charleston, SC

Hi Jana, thanks for taking questions. What is life like on the road for you in terms of practical life. With your job, do you have to think about everyday things such as making sure the rent/mortgage, insurance, utilities etc. will be paid while you're not there etc. (nothing personal but just how does having a job where you travel as much as you do affect those things that people who have the 9-5 office jobs are actually around to do), and also, I appreciate your openness and sincerity about your faith. I pray and know he will bless you for being the witness that you are. Good luck on this summer's tour.

Jana's answer:

Hi Heather. Youíre welcome. I pay my bills from the road. And yes, I have to keep up with them, especially when Iím gone for several months. I have people get my mail and tell me what I owe. As far as everything else, nothing much changes. My entire life is transported to the road.

Iím so appreciative of your final comments. That was very warm and sweet.

from Heatherr in Gloucester

Heeeeyy Jana. Stevie looks wonderful from the pictures I've seen from Vegas. How did she loose all that weight? And you also look as beautiful as ever.

Jana's answer:

Hi Heatherr. Stevie is eating well and I think sheís exercising too. I donít know much about it but she looks fantastic! And thank you for the nice compliment.

from Kevin in Philadelphia

Hey Jana, Just wanted to congratulate all of you on an amazing show in Philly on June 3rd. Both You and Sharon really complement Stevie so well. Your vocals on Rhiannon were absolutely amazing as they were throughout the rest of the show as well. I was wondering if you could tell us what Stevie is doing these days to keep in shape. She looks incredible. She is such a beautiful woman on the inside and the outside! Is it diet and exercise? What are Stevie's spiritual beliefs? Maybe, that has something to do with the wonderful aura that emanates from her. Whatever Stevie is doing it is working wonders for her. Also, does Stevie ever entertain the notion of releasing a live album? Stevie is such a wonder live performer and she keeps getting better each time around. It would be wonderful to be able to relive the experience of one of her shows on a live CD. Finally, have any of you had a chance to experience Philadelphia? the history? the culture? and most importantly the food!? Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions Jana! You, Sharon and Lori are wonderful Ambassador's for Stevie. Enjoy the rest of the tour. I look forward to seeing the show at the Borgata in Atlantic City on June 30th.

Jana's answer:

Hi Kevin. Thank you so much! It feels good to know you were listening so well. I love singing on ďRhiannnon.Ē

As far as Stevie, I donít know exactly what sheís doing to look so great. I know sheís changed her eating habits. Iíve seen her eating well and I believe sheís working out too. I would agree that she looks incredible. She is so beautiful and has such beautiful, soft skin as well as being in shape.

I donít know what Stevieís spiritual beliefs are.

I donít know if sheíll ever release a live album. If you think it would be better for you to relive the experience from a live album, can you imagine how happy I would be? :) This is a dreamy experience. Iíve heard nothing of her doing that. But her voice is the best Iíve ever heard it.

I have experienced Philly and loved it every time.

from Daniel Blais in Calgary, Alberta

Thank you so much for doing this Jana! You guys were amazing in Vegas. I was lucky enough to see you on opening and closing nights and it was an incredible experience! My question is regarding a rumour about Stevie swinging by Calgary some time in August to play a date. Any truth to this rumour? I remember you commenting that you spent some time in Banff and Lake Louise when you guys last played here. Beautiful country out there, isn't it? The air is so fresh and clean!

Thanks Jana! You're doing an awesome job keeping us psychotic (an I mean that in a good way!) fans in touch with our queen!

Jana's answer:

Hi Daniel. Youíre welcome. Iím happy to do it. And thanks for coming to Vegas. Iíve heard no rumors of going to Calgary. I would love to visit that beautiful part of the world again!

from Michael in Boston

You guys were awesome tonight in Philly! I loved the Bonnie Raitt song, any chance of it staying in the set list post Don?

Jana's answer:

Hi Michael. Iím glad you liked the show in Philly! And we have continued to do ďCircle DanceĒ by Bonnie Raitt. Bonnie even called Stevie the other day and was happy she was singing it.

from Kat

Hi Jana, Lori keeps us posted about darling Jessica & Stevie's family, and Cory Buckingham spoke about the Fleetwood Mac wives & young children visiting on tour. Since Stevie is touring with Don & you've known him so long, I thought you would be able to share with us about whether he had family, maybe a wife and/or children, that join him sometimes. It must get so lonely being on the road all the time for him, too. I noticed that he's touring back to back with Stevie, the Eagles, and by himself this year. Thanks.

Jana's answer:

Hi Kat. Don is such a busy singer/musician. Heís so successful in every situation and itís an honor to sing for/with him. He has a beautiful wife and three children but Iím not involved in his personal life so I have no idea when heís able to be with them.

from Ryan in Norton, Virginia

Dear Jana,
I was wondering if the moods of the players/singers affects the performance of a song? Or if the mood of the song affects the band? For example when I'm angry I usually listen to "The Chain."

Jana's answer:

Hi Ryan. I think the moods of the band and the songs all affect each other. I would say the style of the song dictates the mood of the song more than anything. Thatís how we all bring it to life. But when I sing on ďChainĒ, Iím not feeling personal anger. Iím simply understanding where it comes from and crawling inside the soul of the music as it happens.

from Tracy Lendyok in Scottsdale

Hi Jana,
I thought you were breathtakingly beautiful in the Las Vegas shows!! Where did you find your dress for the May 11th show? It was so pretty!! Thanks for answering these questions!!

Jana's answer:

Hi Tracy. Thank you for such a big compliment. I donít remember what I wore on the May 11th show. Iím so sorry. But one of my dresses I had made and I think that must be what youíre asking about. You can always go to a fabric store, buy the fabric you love, and have one made for yourself that looks similar.

from Kirsten Lawson in Penn State/ outside Philly

Hey Jana... I dont know if this will actually get to you, but I was at the Pittsburgh show, my friend and I were standing the whole time, dancing and singing, what an awesome show!! Anyway, during EO17, when Stevie was shaking hands, I probably looked so stupid, but I was trying to signal to you becauise a girl in a wheel chair was like rollin down the front row trying to get Stevie's attention to say hi, and I have no idea what you could have possibly done, but well, thats what I was trying to say!! hahaha, anyway, hmm a question, do you have a favorite store to shop in? I think I remember you saying that you didnt really like personal questions, maybe I made that up, but ok then about Stevie, do you guys ever get to hang out with her? I know sharon pretty much was with her for the long haul, but are the three of you all close? Thanks for doing this, you and sharon do such an awesome job and put on such a great show... the dance moves are flippin sweet! (Have you seen napoleon dynamite???!!) Ok this question is far too long, so I doubt I'll get through to you, but I mean you can have someone email me back or you don't even have to!!! THANKS A BUNCH!!!!!!!!!!
love, Kirsten

Jana's answer:

Hi Kirsten. That was nice of you to care about the girl in the wheelchair. I donít remember the situation at all, but youíd never look stupid for trying to help someone.

My favorite stores are different for different reasons. I like wearing Sisley tops and sweaters and they sell them at different stores. I like Stuart Weitzman boots and they sell them at different stores. My favorite shoes are my Field Gear shoes for the daytime. Theyíre furry slip on shoes. And my favorite hand soap is at Walmart. I could go on and on but Iím more about my favorite brands, which are sometimes cheap and sometimes expensive, and not about a specific store.

Sharon and I are very close. And I adore Stevie but sheís so busy I donít get to see her too much except during rehearsals. But when we recently rehearsed in Stevieís room, we laughed and had so much fun together!

Thanks for noticing our subtle dance moves. The words you used made me smile.

from Jenni in Danbury

Hi Jana! I finally saw you in concert with Stevie and Don in Jones Beach. I think you were great!
How is the tour going so far, anything happen yet that's amusing?

Jana's answer:

Hi Jenni. Thank you. There are always amusing things happening. I think one of the most amusing things was seeing Stevie and Don dance together at the show. I loved that.

from Jackie in Lock Haven, Pa

Hi Jana! First off, thank you for doing this. It's really interesting to read your answers. I recently saw Stevie in Hershey (6/13)and I have a question, but I'm not sure if you can answer it. I was one of the lucky few who got to shake Stevie's hand at the end of Edge of Seventeen. I was going to write Stevie a short letter, but didn't expect our seats to be as good as they were, so I didn't write it. I did see a few notes given to Stevie and one in particular she handed to you and you placed it on your chair. What happens to these letters? Does Stevie read them? I know for security reasons maybe someone has to look at them first? What does she do with all the flowers? I assume she donates the stuffed animals to a charity. Thank you again for answering! You guys really put on a wonderful show :)

Jana's answer:

Hi Jackie. Youíre welcome. Stevie probably gets all the letters, gifts and flowers. Sheís very personable and loves her fans. That letter was taken off my chair before I left the stage. I see the stuffed animals around our scene here and there. Iím happy you enjoyed Stevieís show!

from Kelly S in Madisonville, TN

Hi Jana. I was fortunate enough to get to see you guys in Atlanta on June 16. I have tried my hardest to think of a question to pose to you but with no luck. So I will at least leave some comments. I was so stoked to see both you and Sharon backing Stevie up on this tour. You guys' harmomies are amazing. I also wanted to thank you for being so up front with your faith and love for the Lord. It is a breath of fresh air for sure these days. Thanks to all you guys for making music worth listening to...

Jana's answer:

Hi Kelly. Thank you for listening to our harmonies and for saying those nice words. I appreciate the welcome Iíve gotten as a Christian on this website. It was so unexpected and I was just being me and as subtle as possible. And I want to also thank you for making us feel like weíre bringing energy and life to Stevieís music. Iím so happy youíre enjoying it.

from Jenny P in Germantown,MD

Hi Jana!
Thanks so much for answering for Ms. Nicks and for all yours and Stevie's fans. I just have a comment,because I saw the update about Deep Dish doing a remake of "Dreams". I'm from Washington,DC ,the hometown also of Deep Dish. We went to grade school with them,and are very proud to call them our own! So please if you can,let Stevie know how excited and proud we are that Ali and Souroush teamed up with her! How incredible!! I wish you many many blessings,and thanks so much again for what you're doing,singing,answering fans,and sharing your thoughts on your faith. It's very inspiring!
Much love to you,

Jana's answer:

Hi Jenny. Youíre welcome. I will let Stevie know how happy and proud you are of your hometown guys. Many blessings to you too. I think the best we can do is try to be a good example and be an inspiration to others. I wish you a wonderful life. Love to you too.

from Sue Irving in Lawrence, MA

I saw the show in Mansfield, Massachusetts and thought it was absolutely fabulous. Stevie and the whole band looked like you guys were having a really great time and you sounded fantastic. I have two questions: During Beauty and the Beast I saw a third singer standing next to you. Who was that? Also, since you guys didn't get to play Rock 'n Roll Star, I assume the Town of Mansfield shut you guys down, even though you were only 10 minutes over? Again, thanks for answering our questions and for putting on such a great show. I hope you guys come back to the Boston area again on the Gold Dust Tour!!

Jana's answer:

Hi Sue. We really are having a great time. We enjoy our time on and off stage. On ďBeauty and The BeastĒ, the third singer was the bassist, Al Ortiz. Since Lori isnít with us, we needed to have the third harmony part on that song and Al is a great singer and is doing a great job. And as far as the second encore, yes, we were overtime and couldnít do it. You are so welcome for my answers. I love Boston and will go there as many times as possible.

from Amanda King-Mulholland in Milford, Maine

Hi Jana- I was at the Tweeter center in Mansfield, MA. for the 6/8 show a few weeks ago. It was an amazing and inspirational performance!! I gave a (black, purple gold & teal) quilted totebag with all the zodiac signs (I'm an astrologer)to Stevie on the stage when she did "Edge of 17." Unfortunatley, I had to pass it to the security guard who was standing right on her back. Anyway, I loaded it with gifts for you all (lead crystal figurines & ty bears) and threw a few extras in for Lori as well. Just wondering if you actually got the gifts!! If so, I hope you enjoyed them!!Love & light to you,

Jana's answer:

Hi Amanda. I think Stevie gets all her gifts and they are always appreciated by her. I donít always see them but I know she gets them and theyíre not thrown away. I didnít see those gifts but unless they have our names specifically written on them, I wonít see them. I enjoy that youíre so generous and I gratefully accept your sentiment. Love and light to you too.

from Ken Menominee in Milwaukee

Hi Jana, Reading your answers and seeing all the time you spend answering questions, I just want to say thank you. You seem like such a sweetheart! Looking forward to seeing you in Milwaukee July 4th. My question is do you have any pets?

Jana's answer:

Hi Ken. You are so welcome. Iím looking forward to our Milwaukee show. I had friends and family there last year so I have great memories there. I do not have any pets and have never had any pets. Iím waiting until I have a big yard and a lot of time to devote to them. I would love to have a horse and several acres of land some day. I used to ride my friends horses every weekend when I was a teenager. And I grew up playing with a lot of animals on my relatives farms when I was a kid.

from Melissa in Chicago

Hi, Jana! I saw Stevie and Don in Chicago and was wondering if there will be a live albumn. The duets were fantastic and it'd be nice to be able to hear them again and again on CD! Thanks!

Jana's answer:

Hi Melissa. I have heard nothing about them recording anything so far. I would be the first to buy their CD if it did happen. I love their voices together!

from Brett in Charlotte, NC

Hi Jana, I just want to say you are amazing! I love your cd, "At Last". Do you plan on making a new album after your tour? Here is another question that I was wondering, if you dont mind answering two. If Mindy Stein comes back, will you by any chance be the opening act on Stevie's next tour? I would love to see you perform. Thanks a lot, Brett

Jana's answer:

Hi Brett. Thank you for your sweet words. And thank you for complimenting my CD. I never take that for granted. I am planning on releasing my pop CD sometime in 2006. The music is already recorded and I only have a couple more songs to add. If Mindy comes back I have no idea what would happen. I would love to sing with her AND Sharon. Weíre all very good friends. In fact, Sharon and I spent a few hours with Mindy the night before we left for this tour. It was a great time.

It would be an honor to be Stevieís opening act and I perform all the time as a lead singer/dancer when Iím not touring with Stevie or Fleetwood Mac. You came up with an idea that has probably never crossed anyoneís mind, even mine. Thanks for the support.

from Katelyn Stewart in Fraser, Michigan

Hey, OK I am 15 years old and I love stevie Nicks !!!!!! I have went to like all of her concerts that she played to two of the concerts that she played at dte. I noticed that you and stevie and the rest of the band was great However I don't mean to complain but both times I have went there seems to be to people who then bring all their friends back without tickets and then they stand in front of you and block your view and I mean concerts are supposed to be fun and to get people to dance but sometimes it can get a little hard to see and even when I go to get tickets at the exact time they go on sale the best seats are already in row 11 or something like that , and seeing Stevie Nicks or fleetwood mac and the rest of the band up - close is my ultimate dream !!!!!!!!!! Is their any way I mean I know you are a celebrity and a great singer so you probably do not know about tickets but is their any way to get better ones I always try and try but I never can no matter what the price !!!!! I just love Stevie Nicks , fleetwood mac , and also you and Sharon and that is like my dream to meet or at least get a great seat or just one where I can see. So if there is any way you know please help, sorry to bother yo

Jana's answer:

Hi Katelyn. I donít know of a better way to get good tickets. Youíre doing the best you can and even as someone in the band, I couldnít get better tickets than you are with buying them immediately after they go on sale. What I can tell you is that there is only one song where people are allowed to be in front of the front row. During ďEdge of SeventeenĒ fans are allowed to get close to the stage and Stevie but are escorted away from the stage when the song is through. Keep in mind that Stevieís magic and voice fill the room no matter where your seats are. The video screens make all the seats good. So, try to remember that itís not always how close you are to the stage, but how close you are to the music. None of us get everything we want no matter how hard we try or how much money we spend. For example, I may have the best seat in the house to see Stevie, but I still have cigarette smoke blowing in my face occasionally, which makes it difficult to sing when I canít breathe easily. Letís just do our best and enjoy the gifts weíve been given. Life is gift.

from Tracey in Newberry, FL

Hey Jana,
I just wanted to say very cool response about "religion" and the whole cramming it down people's throat - when you walk it you don't have to and from your responses you are letting your light shine, thanx. As for my question do you think that the music industry should be more proactive in positive social issues, I know stevie is as far as benefits and things of that nature but getting into the frightening times our youth are facing like teen pregnancy, drugs, violence and not just the horrible crimes that make national papers in schools type stuff? It is just so scary the world kids face and as the "older" generation of musicians do you see a trend of this negative culture influencing the music industry? And if so is the "art" and talent being comprimised? Thanx for your time.

Jana's answer:

Hi Tracey. Thank you for understanding my other responses. That was very kind of you.

Your question is deep and I have only my personal opinions to share. And I have a lot of them on this subject. I have a passion for this subject and I admit that it may be too negative in comparison to my other answers. I apologize ahead of time.

The music industry is what it is. Money is the motivating factor. The music that does well can ONLY do well if there are people who want to buy it. And when society chooses to support negative, violent, offensive music because the beat feels good, that is what perpetuates creating more angry music. Isnít it ironic that the music industry does benefits for Aids in Africa, yet there is so much pornography, violence, and anger in so many American videos? What used to be an R rated movie when I was a kid is now common, prime time tv. Our negative culture is supported by whatever makes money and makes ratings on tv. What makes news these days is disgusting to me. Airtime is filled with car chases, murders, rapes, and abductions.

As far as the art and talent being compromisedÖyes, it is SO compromised that it upsets me. People these days call themselves producers simply by lifting a track that was already a hit and rapping over it. And there is so much oversinging that you can barely find a melody in some musical styles. The sincerity has been replaced by the trend of trying to impress people with vocal aerobics. And for those who canít sing or play instruments, technology has fixed that too. So, not only do we NOT have very many positive role models for the children, we donít even have very many artists, and I use that term loosely, that have the talent to perform live. Weíre left with what?

What I believe is that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. I think it is beautiful that so many super stars devoted their time and energy to the benefit for the thousands of suffering African children, the Aids that has infested their nation, and the starvation that is appalling. That kind of care in the music industry happens occasionally. But I think educating Africans how to prevent some of these problems would literally do a world of good. You can either keep giving a country some food, some medicine, some money, OR, you can give them the ďseedsĒ, the education, to create their own neverending garden. And I mean this figuratively and literally. And isnít being able to take care of your own life with responsibility and being self sufficient a wonderful feeling? It may take decades, but educating people on prevention is my solution.

The way to prevent our children from doing drugs and getting pregnant starts at home with parents as examples and informers. We need to prevent violence by teaching the children how to handle pain and hurt. Weíve all been offended before. Life is unfair sometimes. But educating children on ways to handle anger will turn them into adults that donít consider violence an option.

from Jessica in Sarver, PA

Hey Jana,
How are you? Have you started rehearsing for the Stevie/Don Henley tour yet. I hope all goes well. I am 15 and am greatly influenced by Stevie and the Wilson sisters of Heart. My dad and Kelly my singing coach like Creedence Clearwater Revival and my mom likes Eva Cassidy and a new group called Antigone Rising. So i am (I guess) getting well rounded musically. BUT Steive is AMAZING!! What bands did you listen to as a teenager?

Thanks for taking questions! wishing you peace and love.

Jana's answer:

Hi Jessica. Iím glad youíre getting a wide range of talent in your youth. That is important in developing your voice and soul. I love all the people you mentioned. Eva Cassidy is one of my favorite singers of all time. The bands I listened to as a teenager were Journey, Aerosmith, Boston, Ambrosia, Prince and The Revolution, The Time, The Gogoís, Pink Flloyd, REO Speedwagon, and many others.

I wish you and Kelly a lot of fun and success with your singing. I wish you peace and love too.

from Jason in Los Angeles

Will the newly recorded Dance mix of Dreams (played at the "dreams" show in Vegas) be available for download on this site or for retail sale? also, who is the DJ that mixed it?

Jana's answer:

Hi Jason. I apologize but Iím unable to answer any of your questions as I donít have the information you need.

Message from John: The Dreams remix is on the new Deep Dish CD, George Is On. You can order it online from Amazon.

from Michelle Tyler in Oak Park, CA

All the big Rock legends seem to have a "tribute band" paying homage to their music. Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood mac are no exception. Since "Imitation is said to be the Most Sincere Form of Flattery"...how do you feel about tribute bands? Do you know how Stevie feels about tributes to her? Have you seen any of the bands that are out there doing tributes to Stevie?

Jana's answer:

Hi Michelle. I think tribute bands are great. Itís a lot of work to imitate great talent. I donít know how Stevie feels about tribute bands. I have never seen any Stevie Nicks tribute bands.

from Betsy Malenfant in NH

Hi Jana,
I just want to tell you that I absolutely love the song "Miss Ghost." I didn't realize that you sang on that song!

Jana's answer:

Hi Betsy. You are the first person to ever say that to me. Thank you so much!

from Steven & Kristina in Tacoma, WA & Stockton, CA

Hi Jana! We met you at the Saturday show in Vegas (along with the whole rest of the band and Mick too!) We just wanted to say thank you, you were the absloute kindest, sweetest little "ball of love" we met! Our pictures turned out great with you. We were 2 of the many Stevie's you probably met! Your voice and personality are beautiful! Thank you, and we'll see you again soon!!

Jana's answer:

Hi Steven and Kristina. It was my pleasure spending time with you. Thank you for your kind words.

from Jim K in Cranford, NJ

Jana : Thanks for taking my previous question. Now for another. Which Rock & Roll Movies (i.e. THE LAST WALTZ, SPINAL TAP) are your favourites? Thanks Again !

Jana's answer:

Hi Jim. I thought ďSpinal TapĒ was hilarious but, I loved ďAlmost FamousĒ!!!!!!!!

from AM

I am astudent who needs help on singers and what education and salary?

Jana's answer:

Hi AM. You need very little education to be a singer if you consider the amazing voices of child stars. However, most of us need some guidance and direction from teachers and professionals. Your salary can be anywhere from singing for free to several thousand dollars per day. You canít plan on making a specific salary if you become a singer. This is not a 9-5 job and it has no retirement benefits. You simply become a singer because itís a part of your soul.

from Shawn in Terre Haute

Good Afternoon! I was wondering when and if Stevie is planning to release a new cd? She has been so busy with Fleetwood Mac and touring has she had time to write any new material? Thanks for time!

Jana's answer:

Hi Shawn. I donít know what Stevieís plans are but I believe she is always writing her poetry and writing in her journals. I would love if she released another CD.

from Susan Costello in Stockton, Ca

Hi Jana,
I was fortunate to see you in Concord show for FM And I thought you did a wonderful job. My Question is do you like meeting with the fans after the show?

Jana's answer:

Hi Susan. Thank you for the compliment. I like meeting the fans after the show. I always feel a little funny because theyíre not my fans, but just like with the nicksfix website, Iím happy they can feel closer to Stevie since theyíre such big fans of hers and sometimes spend so much money to come to a show. It probably makes the experience a little more complete for the fans.

from Hannah in Nor-Cal

What is it like to be Stevie's youngest back-up singer?

Jana's answer:

Hi Hannah. Itís nice to be the youngest anything anywhere. :)

from Steven Daniel in Stockton Ca

Hey Jana~
I just wanted to say thank you, I met you in Vegas on the night of the 14th, and your were so nice, I jsut wanted to say thank you!!! It meant a lot to me...

Stevie Daniel ~(')~

Jana's answer:

Hi Stevie. You are more than welcome. Thanks for coming to the show.

from Michele in Los Angeles

Hi Jana,
I saw Fleetwood Mac perform 2 nights at the Chumash casino. The stage was so small that there was sound equipment positioned where you usually stand. The audience could barely see your head and Sharon picked you up during the introductions, to bring you into view. You guys were really laughing? Was that a crazy night for you, playing such a small venue after the big arenas?

Jana's answer:

Hi Michele. Thanks for coming to both shows. I was completely hidden. I was actually wearing sweats. Ha ha!

Sharon and I have a special friendship and laugh a lot. We laughed so hard after she did that spontaneously that we still laugh about it nearly a year later. It was a crazy night but I like the variety of places to play. And since I lived in Santa Barbara for 10 years, it felt like home to me.

from Synthia Powers

There is no need to respond to this one... I just want to remark on how professional you are! You have an excellent attitude, which I'm sure makes it very easy to work with you. You are poised for success! If/When you do your own album, I'll be sure to check it out! Peace out, and keep on singing your precious heart out! (Thanks for answering my questions!).

Jana's answer:

Hi Synthia. I have to respond because your comments mean a lot to me. Thank you for reading into my heart in my answers. I have a solo jazz standards CD and I will release my solo pop CD in 2006. I accept my fate and the many blessings with much gratitude. I sincerely thank you for your encouragement.

from Mara in Hagerstown

Dear Jana,
Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions! I saw that you write music and I am wondering what is your process like? Do you write lyrics first or music first? Are the type that writes whenever the lyric (or whatever) stirkes you or do you sit down whenever you have time?

Jana's answer:

Hi Mara. I write when Iím inspired. I donít force it. But a script, extreme joy or pain, or a few beautiful chords inspire me quickly. I typically write the lyrics and melodies simultaneously. Then I take it to a talented keyboardist or guitarist to put down the chords and they usually have a recording studio and the experience necessary to produce the song. I also have some ideas that I add to the production and I sing and create all of my own background and lead vocals. Itís a blast and my dream is to write and sing music for movie soundtracks. Sometimes I just write phrases on scratch paper and use them later for lyrics in songs.

from Angela

Hi Jana, I just got the VIP package for 6/4/05 at PNC. I'll be in the first ten rows. I have a picture that I painted for Stevie, it symbolizes most of the songs you guys sing. Do you think anyone would pick it up and look at it if I rolled it up & threw it on stage. I have good aim I won't hit anybody with it and I won't do it while anybodies singing.I don't want Stevie to get mad. But anyway God gave all of you a gift and you, Lori, Sharon, & especially Stevie took that gift and continually give it to the world. How does it feel to make everyone you perform for happy.

Jana's answer:

Hi Angela. It feels great to know that this music makes people happy. And Iím happy to be a part of this experience. I know how much it means to create something for Stevie and know that she may receive it. Itís dangerous to throw things on stage during the show because she may trip over it and itís not worth the risk. At the end of ďEdge of SeventeenĒ you can come up to the stage and thatís when she collects as many things as possible.

from Raven in Kent, CT

Hi Jana i think youre just wonderfull, beautifull and talented . Stevie is lucky to have such GREAT singers as you Lori and Sharon to sing with, i guess my question is at the end of the day after all the hard work, when you get to relax what if anything do you do to unwind from the excitement of a live show? ps. thanks for answering all these questions so graciously

Jana's answer:

Hi Raven. Thank you for such sweet compliments. Iím lucky to sing with Stevie, Sharon, and Lori and appreciate it very much. Sometimes we hang out in Stevieís dressing room and laugh. Sometimes I just go to my hotel room and watch tv until I fall asleep. Iím happy to answer your questions.

from Jane in Whiteville

How much do singers get paid?

Jana's answer:

Hi Jane. Singers get paid anywhere from $50.00 in bars to several thousand dollars per gig. Every band pays a different fee. And recording sessions pay another fee. I would like to say that for some reason bar and restaurant owners have paid band member the same amount of money for about 30 years. Food costs more, drinks cost more, but musicians never get a raise. :( Some of the best undiscovered talent is in bars and worth the $5.00-25.00 cover charge and I would like to see those musicians and singers paid more money and get more publicity.

from Dotty in Blackpool Lancs

Hi Jana
Kewl you want to come back to UK I also hope Stevie and you guys come as I long to hear you all never had privilidge and been a long time fan too.You guys are my inspiration wanna thank you for all you mean to so many pass my love on to Stevie too please..

Whats your all time fav Stevie Album? I aodre Street Angel even tho it wasnt one of everyones fav its been inspirational to me in hard times..
Thanx for answering questions.. Luv you from UK.

Jana's answer:

Hi Dotty. I couldnít choose my favorite Stevie CD. Theyíre all so incredible and I pick favorite songs from each of them. Love to you too. And Iíll pass on your love to Stevie.

from Yvonne in Jacksonville, FL

What is your most embarassing moment on stage?

Jana's answer:

Hi Yvonee. I answered that in an earlier question. Check it out. :)

from Gary Brunton in Columbus

I just have a comment. Hi Jana. I just want you to know that I think you are a wonderful, giving person for answering all these questions. I really think that you do Stevie justice with your honesty and warmth. She is lucky to have you . Infact, you remind me of her. I really think you have a good soul. I wish you all the best. Peace and best wishes. Gary

Jana's answer:

Hi Gary. Your comment filled my eyes with tears and I could feel your sweet sincerity. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. This was certainly not expected and itís well received. Peace and love to you.

from Jeremy Gloff in Tampa

I'm kinda a music dork, and the technical side of things interests me. YOu have spoken frequently in your answers about Sharon and you making alterations in your parts for the songs. It would seem to me, that the backup parts are set in stone, like on the CD versions. When I was the tour it seemed the songs stayed pretty faithfull to the album versions. Can you give me an example or two of some changes you guys made in your parts during this tour? Like what song, and why you had to make the change? I am a songwriter myself, so this kind of stuff is interesting to me ;)

Jana's answer:

Hi Jeremy. I happen to be at rehearsal sitting with Sharon and so weíll answer this together. We try to stay true to exactly whatís on the CD. In ďEdge of SeventeenĒ we added a couple extra harmonies after the bridge. Stevie made up the oohís we do after the bridge a long time ago and itís a 3 part harmony that we do in concert. On ďLandslideĒ we added harmonies for this tour. Here is an inside scoop. When Stevie recorded ďLandslideĒ she had many harmonies on the original recording but when they mixed it they took them out. We basically add whatever Stevie wants.

from Zach in Las Vegas

DO you ever get tired of people asking you about Stevie Nicks?

Jana's answer:

Hi Zach. I donít get tired of the questions. Iím here to support Stevie whether Iím paid for it or not. She worked hard for people to notice and appreciate her talent and her heart. This is a freebee that makes me feel like someone cares about making you feel more connected to Stevie. And itís an opportunity for me to pass on peace and positivity.

from Susan in Red Bluff

Can you help me in locating any information on the white dress that mrs stevie nicks wore for bella donna. Its for my bosses up coming wedding. Thank you so much.

Jana's answer:

Hi Susan. I have no information on the dress. I apologize.

from Linda in Geneva Ohio

Hi, I wonder how do you get these questions. Are they read first by someone else or do they come directly to all of you.

Jana's answer:

Hi Linda. These questions are read by someone else first. I have no idea if I get all of them or if theyíre randomly selected. I also donít answer creepy questions.

from Jeremy Gloff in Tampa, Florida

I have followed Stevie since the early 80s. After reading the last couple of in-depth answers you have given, I appreciate the insight you have given us on the entertainment industry. I have self-released 14 albums in 12 years, and I'm nowhere near being famous. But I feel fulfilled because I know I am creating art and staying true to it. I wait tables for my money, and release music for my soul. Enough about me...I jsut really wanted to thank you for giving us a glimpse from the inside. But since I have to come up with a question, my question for you is, if you were a Sex and The City character, which one would you be?

Jana's answer:

Hi Jeremy. Congratulations on following your dreams and the work youíve put into your music. We all feel the release of sharing music with each other. It changes people in an instant. It creates memories. Itís necessary in society. Can anyone imagine a day without music whether itís in a restaurant, a doctorís office, a hotel, an airplane, television, movies, commercials, etc.? It is so life changing that if you shut your eyes and imagine everything you see for a week with no melody or rhythm, I believe life would seem lonely and unfinished. Those without hearing feel music and rhythm. We all add what we can and if it makes us happy and doesnít insult or hurt anyone in the process (meaning I strongly dislike profane music or music with prejudice of skin color), then keep making your CDís.

And I would be Carrie in ďSex and The City.Ē I have the whole collection of every season and itís one of my all time favorite shows. I once watched 6 episodes in one day. :)

from Jeff in Clarksburg, WV

Hi Jana,
Thanks for answering everyone's questions about Stevie...but I want to know more about YOU! Who is your favorite author, and which of his/her works do you like? What TV shows do you watch? What was the last movie you saw in a theater? Thanks very much, and best wishes to you!

Jana's answer:

Hi Jeff. Youíre welcome but I donít see Nicks Fix as a way to get to know ME. I will answer your questions but with great humility as I think my job is to make you feel closer to Stevie. I want to support her. ButÖhere are your answers.

I canít really answer who my favorite author is right now. I apologize.

The TV shows I watch and love (even in repeat episodes) are:

LOST (Although, with rehearsals Iíve missed some episodes. But itís currently my favorite show!!!)
Sex and The City
I Love Lucy
Curb Your Enthusiasm
Everybody Loves Raymond
Two and a Half Men

The last movie I saw was in Vegas. I went to ďKingdom of Heaven.Ē

Best wishes to you too.

from Tina in Roswell, Ga

Hi Jana,
I'm looking forward to the concert in Atlanta this summer. If you would like to attend a church service while your here, I would love to invite you to my church (Mt. Pisgah Methodist). Have a great summer!

Jana's answer:

Hi Tina. Thank you for your sweet offer. I will write down the church name and if I can make it, I will. This kind of reaching out is what life should be about. Thank you.

from Chris McLeod in Locust Grove, GA.

Since you will be touring with Stevie and Don Henley this summer, I have a question. Will you be singing backup for Don Henley in his set as well?

Jana's answer:

Hi Chris. I will find out this week what songs I will be singing on with Stevie and Don. Although, I toured with Don Henley on and off for 7 years and am also singing background vocals with/for Don on his last CD. The song is titled, ďMiss Ghost.Ē Iíve been friends with him for 12 years and have wonderful musical experiences with him.

from Holly in NZ

Hey Jana,
What do you do in your spare time?
Thanks, Love Holly

Jana's answer:

Hi again, Holly. I write and record music and watch movies when I have time off. My time off from touring with Stevie is touring with other bands so it seems as though Iím always rehearsing songs or choreography with one band or another. I love it!

from Dee in Landing, NJ

Hi Jana,
What's would we find in your CD player right now?

Jana's answer:

Hi Dee. I have an iPod so I donít ever have to have one CD in any CD player any more. But, as of today, I will be listening and learning songs from Don Henley and Stevie Nicks recordings while preparing for the upcoming tour. :)

from Pam

Jana, I'm sitting in my office here in Michigan with some jet lag after going to the concert in Vegas Tuesday...what a show!!!!! Did you like the venue? (We were the two roudy women in the rear orchestra, we never sat down!!)

Jana's answer:

Hi Pam. I loved the venue and your enthusiasm is wonderful.

from Barbra McGuire in Middletown, Ohio

Thank You for answering my other question, it was totally thrilling for me. I also asked Lori this, but i am in a band also and im afraid of getting nervous, do you get very nervous onstage or beforehand?if so, what do you do to calm your nerves?

Jana's answer:

Hi Barbra. I think everyone gets nervous at different times. Here is the single most important thing for not being nervous. Be prepared with your performance. If you are confident with your memorization you will do your best.

from Shanay in Connecticut

: Dear Jana, I am 13, and a big Mac/Stevie fan! Thank you so much for doing this it is an honor to have contact with you! OK my question... have you ever sang background to "Storms"? I looove that song! :D Much love to you and yours, Shanay

Jana's answer:

Hi Shanay. Youíre more than welcome for this contact. I have not sung on ďStormsĒ so far. Much love back to you and yours.

from Eileen in California

Hi Jana, You and Sharon are amazing together! I loved the Say You Will concerts, but I am unable to attend the Las Vegas shows! I am so disappointed!! Will any of these shows be filmed, and made available on DVD, like the "Live in Boston" concert was? Thanks for answering our questions.

Jana's answer:

Hi Eileen. Thank you for complimenting us. I havenít heard if anything is being taped. I'm far down on the information chain, so to speak, about the inside scoop. Iím happy to answer your questions whenever possible.

from Taleisha

Who is your best singer name?

Jana's answer:

Hi Taleisha. I think youíre wondering who my favorite singer is and my answer is different for different musical styles. I love Stevie for rock. I love Ella for jazz. I love Prince for funk. I love India for soul. I like sincerity in styles.

from Maria in Albuquerque

Hi Jana, If you hadn't been a singer, what profession would you have gone into?

Jana's answer:

Hi Maria. If I werenít a singer, I believe I wouldíve been a music teacher like my older sister and brother.

from Yvette in Hollywood, South Carolina

Hi Jana! I was wondering if you could somehow, someway, someday, drag yourself and the beautiful lady Nicks to the east coast in South Carolina? Will you be singing with her on her summer tour with Don Henley? Thank you!

Jana's answer:

Hi Yvette. Itís sweet of you to want Stevieís tour in South Carolina. Iím sure the people booking the venues have good reasons for choosing where Stevie performs. I would love to come to South Carolina. I will be singing with Stevie throughout her/their tour.

from Stuart in Cardiff, great britain

Hi Jana, do you think any artists around today - be they male or female have been influenced by Stevie in any way over the years?

Jana's answer:

Hi Stuart. I think many artists have been influenced by Stevie from her vocal style and unique fashion. There are very few women who have written AND sung their own hits and stayed in the limelight since the 1970ís. Itís very impressive!

from Clay in Tulsa

Hi Jana! You have mentioned your Christianity several times. Do you got to church while on the road? Also, do you take the opportunity to share your christianity with the others in the band? If so, how do they respond? Just curious :-)

Jana's answer:

Hi Clay. I think I mentioned my faith in two answers and only two words. One was using the word ďChristianityĒ and the other was the word ďblessed.Ē But Iím glad youíre curious and I admire how closely you read the answers to pick those needles out of a haystack. I go to church on the road whenever possible. But I download Bible studies religiously. Hee hee. There is one person who openly talks about God with me on the road and since he brings it up, heís thrilled that thereís someone else thatís similar.

I believe the way to achieve peace is by example.

Sometimes those most willing to give their opinions are the least willing to listen to others opinions.

And many Christians have pushed people away from Christianity by cramming God down peopleís throats or being judgmental when others disagree with their ideals. This is why I donít take any opportunities to share my faith with others in the band without a strong invitation from them first. Religion, or, lack thereof, is a highly personal thing. I do not judge others for being different.

from Sean in Saint Louis

Dear Jana,
As someone with dreams (some say delusions but whatever!) of one day becoming a professional singer, I just want to know is it better to earn you licks as a background singer a la you and Sheryl Crow or should we try to position ourselves at all times as the star? I saw you on the most recent FM tour btw and I think you are fabulous and totally in keeping w/ the whole FM/Stevie family that has developed over time. Kudos dear, Kudos! Love to you...

Jana's answer:

Hi Sean. Thank you for your supportive words with the FM/Stevie family. Itís wonderful being here.

This will probably be the longest answer Iíll ever give, but Iím not entirely certain exactly what youíre asking. But how I interpret your question actually answers your question and many other questionsÖ so itís all good.

Iíve never asked a star if they only positioned themselves as the star. I think youíre asking if seeing yourself as a background singer will lessen your chances of being the star. The whole idea that you become what you dream is not always accurate. But I know many stars that are breathtakingly insecure because of how they achieved success mixed with their intense fear of losing it and it imprisons their souls because they become slaves to fame. And I know plenty of singers who are not famous that still see themselves as stars. Delusions of grandeur are dangerous because some people think they canít be happy if the so-called attention interpreted as love isnít given to them constantly. Do not mistake attention or compliments as love. Becoming a star only magnifies who you truly are inside. Ask yourself first WHY you want to sing. Working hard to be great at something is such a great goal. If you become great, you will always be great. If you become a star, you may not always be a star. What example do you want to set? Most stars rise and fall. Being a kind person is far more important than being famous. I donít think you can self will stardom. Itís like self willing winning the lottery.

And if youíre asking if you learn more about vocal technique by being a background singer or a star (I interpret as lead singer), I would say both. I sing lead in many circumstances and background vocals in many circumstances and love it all. There is a discipline singing background vocals and blending that is unlike any other kind of singing. You have to be willing to give, bend and listen very hard. As a lead singer you have freedom all the time to do what you want without thinking very much about blending with others, but in lead singing you have a lot of pressure to carry the song, bring it to life, sound interesting, sing in tune, remember the words and inspire crowds. Both kinds of singing will make you grow and I take pride in doing both with true joy and love, not to mention humility.

Practice lead and background vocals with your favorite CDís and you will have the education to be ready to do both. With all of that said, I wish you the very best at reaching your dreams and a lot of fun on your journey.
And kudos to you for asking such a wonderful question to answer. Love to you too.

from Joel in Athens, GA

Hi Jana! My cousin and I are flying in from Georgia for the Vegas show on May 11th, and we're so excited! How soon will you guys start rehearsing? Also, any idea of what the set list may feature? We'd love to hear "Gypsy"!!!

Jana's answer:

Hi Joel. Thanks for making the long journey to the show. Iím not sure if I can reveal when we rehearse. Sorry. I donít have the set list. I love ďGypsyĒ too.

from Carrie Whitney-Pickett in Waterford, CT

Hi Jana, thanks so much for connecting with the fans like this, we all love it! Your voice and style is a great addition to the Mac and Stevie family. I was wondering, when you're on tour, do you ever spend much time with band members on days off? Also, is it difficult to balance family life while on the road? Thanks so much!

Jana's answer:

Hi Carrie. Youíre welcome. Sometime I spend time with band members. Itís fun to be a tourist with the band members. Sharon and I have so much fun together and laugh a lot! I donít have children so it works out fine balancing my personal life.

from Grayson in Greensboro, North Carolina

Hey Jana! First of all i would like to say i saw you two times on the SYW your, and you did a great job both times! I cant wait to see you in Vegas, ill be there on the 10th ( OPENING NIGHT!) I was just wondering if you had any updates on the concert ( set list, costumes, set, band, etc...) And you may or may not be able to answer this question, but i was wondering if you guys ( the band and Stevie) were planing any kind of public apperance event, like in Ceasers ( or Vegas in general) i would LOVE to meet you guys in person, any kind of information would help. Thanks! - I'll cya in vegas! :)

Jana's answer:

Hi Grayson. I donít know the set list, I will be wearing black, and the band is awesome! So far, I have not heard of any public appearances. Enjoy the show!

from Susan in Philadelphia, PA

Hello Jane,
Thank you for responding to the Nicks Fix Q&A! Has Lori Nicks been practicing with you and Sharon for the Vegas tour? Enquiring minds want to know! Thank you Jana!

Jana's answer:

Hi Susan. Youíre welcome. I think you should email Lori. I respectfully try to answer questions that are correct for me to answer.

from Sarah J. in Roselle Park, NJ

Dear Jana,
This isn't really a question, more of a "Thank You." You've answered so many of our questions so quickly and gracefully. Thank You verrry much for caring so much about the fans!!

Jana's answer:

Hi Sarah. Youíre more than welcome. I think it makes people feel a little closer to Stevie, and thatís the point. I donít see anyone as my fans, but theyíve been very gracious in their questions so far. Thank you.

from John in Southern Pines

I want to say you done such a great job with Fleetwood Mac on their tour and hope to see you if Stevie does some solo outside of Vegas. I seen FM 4 times in a year here in the Carolinas. There was an accident after their Greensboro show(not sure if you had came yet) that was terrible. I was wondering if Stevie and rest of the band know something like that happens and do they do anything like call the family. That was just something that was on my mind off and on since that day. Thanks for taking time out and hope to see you soon.

Jana's answer:

Hi John. Thank you. I didnít hear about an accident. I donít know if anyone else heard either. But if youíre wondering if Stevie, Mick, John, and Lindsey are compassionate people, they are. I know they have done many things throughout their lives to show how much they care about people.

from Lacey in Regina, SK

Hi Jana,
My sister & I were fortunate enough to see FM in concert last July in Calgary, AB, Canada! Fabulous concert! I especially enjoyed your backing vocals on Beautiful Child. I have two questions for you: do you play any musical instruments (besides singing) and if you could pick a Stevie/FM song to sing that is currently not included in her/their setlist, what would it be? Thank you for answering questions! :)

Jana's answer:

Hi Lacey. Thank you. I love ďBeautiful Child.Ē I play piano and flute. I need to find out whatís on the list before I can choose what song I would want included. :) Iím happy to answer your questions.

from Leigh in Dalton, GA

Hi Jana!
I am a songwriter and would love to know what advice you would give to someone who wanted to get their music heard by wonderful singers like stevie and yourself. Thanks alot and I cannot wait to see you again with Stevie!

Jana's answer:

Hi Leigh. I donít know how to get your music heard other than to make a CD and sell it. Many people in the music business are careful about listening to other peopleís music for fear of being sued later for copyright infringement.

from Sidney in Black River, WI

Hi Jana! I love your voice! You did an excellent job on the tour. Here's my question: from what you observed, were all of the band members getting along? Was there any bickering, or was it mostly a happy family?
Thanks for doing this!

Jana's answer:

Hi Sidney. Thank you. Thank you again. It was mostly a happy family. Iím proud to say I didnít bicker at all. Life is good with them.

from Shane in Vancouver BC Canada

Thanks for taking the time to do this. I was wondering if there was one show or one city you played on the Say You Will Tour that was special to you and if so why?

Jana's answer:

Hi Shane. Youíre welcome. There are so many so maybe Iíll answer it different as the questions continue. Tonight Iíll say touring Banff, Lake Louise, and the Columbia Icefields was one highlight on an off day. The shows are always fun but the Toronto arena has fantastic sound and I loved that!

from Markus Coughlinopolis in Hotlanta

How on earth do you manage to look so HOT all the time?! You sing like a godess too, by the way. Yummy!!!

Jana's answer:

Hi Markus. I manage to look hot by wearing winter clothes in 95 degree heat. Hey, I think I know you, or DO I? ? The word on the street is that you have a lot of talent and are extremely goofy.

from Steve in West Hollywood

Thanks for taking these questions. I used to live in Minneapolis years ago (around Lake of the Isles) and love the city, except for the wicked cold winters (though I love Christmas there, except for the cold). What were some of your favorite things to do back there and how often do you get back?

Jana's answer:

Hi Steve. I love the Lake of the Isles. I live in Minnesota. My favorite things to do in Minnesota are a secret. Everyone talks about the bad weather. Iím going to let everyone think itís too bad to live here. ;) Okay, one thing I love is the Omni Theatre/Science MuseumÖand water sportsÖand shopping.

from Liam Karr in Seattle

Stevie has such a unique singing style - lots of vibratto and interesting phrasing - does that make it more challenging to sing back up?

Jana's answer:

Hi Liam. I follow Sharonís lead since Sharon sang on Stevieís CDís. I learn the parts like they are on the CD. And then keep an open mind for changes. Being a good listener is a good quality to have as a backup singer.

from Tim in Brisbane Australia

Hi Jana,
Can you tell us something about the pre-show ambience, it is so exciting from the audience perspective - like something magical is about to happen - what do you feel backstage as you walk up on stage? Thanks heaps,

Jana's answer:

Hi Tim. Itís exciting from my perspective too. What I feel as I walk up to the stage is ďMan, this is fun!Ē

from Harry C. Polos in San Francisco

Hi Jana,
It's a pleasure to see another gorgeous blonde with a voice of an angel on stage with Stevie! If you could choose a song out of Stevie's enormous catalog to sing as a duet with her, what would it be and why? You are a doll for being so wonderfully responsive to all of us fans of yours!!!

Jana's answer:

Hi Harry. Thank you. Iím too new to hear myself singing a duet with Stevie since Sharon sang on all her CDís. If I was honored with such an opportunity, it would probably have to be a brand new song. Iím happy to be responsive to Stevieís fans.

from Mike in LA

When Stevie first went solo she did a terrific version of "Angel," one of my favorites. Right in the middle of the song the music stopped and she sang a capela while the audience kept the beat. Stevie obviously had a blast; she even told us how much she loves to sing "Angel" because it made her feel like a saloon girl. So how come we never hear "Angel" anymore? (I'll be at the Vegas show on the 11th of May. Wish her a happy birthday for me.)

Jana's answer:

Hi Mike. I will give her your birthday wishes. I donít know how Stevie chooses her songs.

from Jennifer in Garland, TX

Will will Stevie release a new CD?

Jana's answer:

Hi Jennifer. I donít know if Stevie will release a new CD.

from Chelsea Gamble in Columbus, OH

What is one thing that blows you away about Stevie?

Jana's answer:

Hi Chelsea. The thing that blows me away most about Stevie is her love for her family. Itís a wonderful thing to see.

from Ellen in Noordwijk

Dear Jana,we also will be at the first two Vegas shows, all the way from Amsterdam you know how Stevie fans are they travel the world for her. But here is the question we all want to know! Will there be 3 backup singers in Las Vegas? And again, thank you for taking our questions it means a lot!

Jana's answer:

Hi Ellen. Thanks for flying so far to see Stevie. I apologize for all of you who want inside information on the shows. I simply donít have it as of today. I wish I could answer your questions.

from Nell in Glasgow, UK

Hi Jana...do you think Stevie will ever comre over to the UK soon...we just love her music isn't she a poet.
love Nell

Jana's answer:

Hi Nell. Yes, Stevie is a beautiful poet. I donít know any of her future touring plans. Sorry. I would love to go back to the UK.

from Blair in Woodbridge, VA

Hi Jana, I was lucky enough to meet you last summer in NJ before a Fleetwood Mac, which was very cool. I'm so excited you're singing with Stevie in Vegas because I'll be at the Sat. night show! YAY! Anyway,I was wondering when you started singing and if you ever studied singing in school? Basically, how did you get started?

Jana's answer:

Hi Blair. I remember meeting the adorable and very talented gymnast. Congratulations! I started singing solos in church. I sang in about 38 choirs during my school years. Then I sang at restaurants and bars at 17 and I got started simply by going for it with hard work and a lot of passion.

from Chris M. in Locust Grove, GA

Jana, I would like to know if you listen or like Tori Amos? I love her (of course not as much as Stevie!). I know you dont like to answer much personal about Stevie, but does she listen to Tori?

-PS : you are very hot, any room for a male background Stevie on this tour?

Jana's answer:

Hi Chris. I donít have any Tori Amos CDís, but I think sheís very talented! I have no idea what music Stevie listens to. Sorry.

from Cara in Jacksonville, Florida

Hi Jana! You have sung background for such a diverse group of singers. My question is, which artist did you enjoy working with most and why? Thanks!

Jana's answer:

Hi Cara. I enjoyed all of them for different reasons. I simply couldnít choose who I like the most. Iím the kind of person who loves many different musical styles and artists. But Iím VERY happy where I am right now.

from Steve & Mary Ellen in Syracuse, NY

Hello, me and my friend from work were just reading about the Don Henley/Stevie Nicks tour. Where can we find information about the tour. We always said we wanted to see those two go out on tour together. We are desperate and need to know the info.!!!!! thanks.

Jana's answer:

Hi Steve & MaryEllen. I donít know where to find information about the tour as of today. I donít have it. Sorry.

from Nelly in Head in the clouds, USA

Hi Jana,i think you're awesome.I was just wondering what it must be like to spend so much time on and off stage with those really good looking handsome and wonderful back-up musicians, especially that tall English drink of water. Thank you.

Jana's answer:

Hi Nelly. I think youíre awesome too. I love my t-shirt from Sydney. Iím very lucky to be in a band with such good looking and talented musicians. Itís amazing to be around people who are so talented, yet so humble. :)

from Bobby in Dover, Delaware

When you are preparing for a show, or even a studio recording, what do you do if you and Stevie and/or other back-up performers disagree about the way something should be done? I mean if you have a suggestion that controdicts another person's suggestion, do you mention it or keep it inside? I think people in any job in any field may be able to relate to this situation in their own interactions with their bosses or co-workers.

Jana's answer:

Hi Bobby. I havenít recorded with Stevie. And Iím hired to do the job that makes Stevie happy. Sheís kind to me. I believe it is correct to save my opinions for music I write.

from Chris Holt in Rochester, NY

Hi Jana! Wouldnt it be cool if you wrote and recorded a song with Stevie? Maybe even "open" for her--c'mon now, great "dreams" do come true!!

Jana's answer:

Hi Chris. It would be a dream to write or record with Stevie but I appreciate my position with her very much.

from Tim Rigney in Syracuse, NY

Jana - Thank You for doing this! My question is, What's it like performing "Beautiful Child" with Stevie? I feel that it's a VERY moving, beautiful song and in "Live in Boston" it seemed that you very much appreciate that as you sing it. THANK YOU! :)

Jana's answer:

Hi Tim. Youíre welcome. Performing ďBeautiful ChildĒ is sweet. She sings it beautifully and the background vocals are fun to sing.

from Alan Tobin in Queens, NY

Hi Jana!
What venues did you enjoy performing in the most? I thought the Atlantic City concert was one of the best shows I have seen.

Jana's answer:

Hi Alan. I enjoyed Atlantic City very much. I would say that one of the best arenaís Iíve ever seen or heard is in Toronto. The sound is fantastic!

from Stephanie Busch in Cincinnati

Hi Jana, I'm so glad you are doing this Q&A! I have always enjoyed singing, and would love to be a back-up singer. How does one go about "breaking into" this business? Do singers actually hold auditions for backup singers, or is it mainly getting in by knowing people in the business? (Of course, my dream job would be singing backup for Stevie, but I doubt I could compete with you and the other wonderful gals!)

Jana's answer:

Hi Stephanie. The way to go about breaking into the music business is to start with a band or in a recording studio. Thereís no magic way to get work unless youíre related to someone in the music business. Thereís a lot of pride that goes along with working hard and going for it on your own.

from Tristyn in Shelbyville, TX

Hi Jana? I was wondering, why didn't you start the 'Say You Will' in the middle? I was at the Bossier City show in the very 1st half and would have loved to see you there! Thank you for answering these quuestions!

Jana's answer:

Hi Trystin. I started in the middle of the tour because Mindy Stein was their backup singer. She was pregnant and needed someone to sing for her when she was getting ready to have her baby.

from Lewis Abbott in England

Are you recording with stevie on her next album, if so when will that be?

Jana's answer:

Hi Lewis. I have no idea about Stevieís future recording plans.

from Synthia Powers

I am very excited for you, and the wonderful opportunity for you to work with Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac! This will provide a great springboard to what I hope is a long, successful and fulfilling carrer for you. My question is this... what do you pack in your 'backstage bag' to which you referred in an earlier post? Do you ever carry any 'good luck charms' on the road with you? If so, what are they? Also, how would you describe your vocal style.

Jana's answer:

Hi Synthia. In my backstage bag I donít have anything exciting except an occasional snack. But it has make-up for retouching my face on songs where Iím off stage. I have tissue and a bottle of water. Iíve never had any good luck charms. Iím not superstitious. My vocal style is whatever style Iím asked to sing. I would characterize myself as a pop singer with rock, funk, gospel, and R&B influences.

from Amber Dodds in Lima, OH

Hi Jana. Thanks for doing this Q&A. I applaud you for doing such a great job during the SYW tour, coming in during the middle and all. It was like you had been there right from the beginning. If you had to pick one song by any artist that you felt described you, or your lookout on life, what would you choose and why?
And last, what inspires you?

Jana's answer:

Hi Amber. Thank you. Is there a song titled, ďFlying By The Seat Of My Pants?Ē Just kidding. My original music best describes me but it hasnít been released to the public. If I had to choose a pop song, I would say ďSurvivorĒ by Destinyís Child. Itís not my favorite song in the whole world, but I feel the lyricsÖspecifically the bridges. They are brilliant! These bridges answer your other questions.

from Marissa in Pittsburgh

Hi Jana! You were fantastic on this tour! I was wondering how you first began singing and whether you had any interesting "warm up" tricks? Your voice always seems so fresh yet well rehearsed!

Jana's answer:

Hi Marissa. Thank you. I first began singing in church with my family. And my warm ups arenít really tricks. I do the typical vocal warm ups, thanks to Sharonís good discipline. I stretch my throat with a yawning exercise to help it relax. The best tips I can give vocally are to sleep a lot, drink a lot of water, and choose relationships with people that are peaceful.

from Lukeyo Hallevichs in London

Dear Jana,
Coming from (near) London it always feels kind of special when Fleetwood Mac come here, because they tour the US so much. I was wondering if you have a favourite city that stands out and that you look forward to on tour, like London maybe? (!!!)
Thanks for doing this, you rock!

Jana's answer:

Hi Lukeyo. You are absolutely correct. London was my favorite city. I wore London out and went to everything everywhere at every opportunity. But almost all of Europe and Australia are breathtaking too. I have to say that living in the US is a privilege and I love touring the United States.

from Adria in New Jersey

What is one of your most special memories that you have had performing with Stevie?

Jana's answer:

Hi Adria. The most special memories with Stevie are getting to sing on stage with her powerful voice.

from Mariel in Clearwater Beach

When you left for the SYW tour, what personal items (photos, books, CDs) did you make sure to pack?

Jana's answer:

Hi Mariel. I have a picture of my husband in my wallet. And all the information or entertainment I need is on my laptop.

from Velvet in New York

I notice the back up singers seem to have alot of fun singing "Sara". Was it cool to be able to sing that song with Stevie after so many years of not doing it live?

Jana's answer:

Hi Velvet. Yes, it was fun singing ďSara.Ē Itís a beautiful song and Stevieís amazing performance and emotion on it have brought me to tears by the end of the song.

from Ashley McFaul in LaPorte, Pa

Hey Jana, thanks for doing this for the fans. From being on this tour, what have you learned (musically or morally)?

Jana's answer:

Hi Ashley. Youíre welcome. I have learned a more in depth approach to production, rhythm, and vocals from touring with Fleetwood Mac. Iím from a conservative background so I learned my morals at an early age from the examples of my family and my Christianity.

from Jack in Chicago

Hi Jana, I'd like to know how it feels to have all of these strange people asking you questions that seem somewhat intimate. How do you handle that? Seems like you pop on stage to sing with Stevie Nicks and suddenly people want to know about broken hearts and what Stevie eats for dinner...

Jana's answer:

Hi Jack. It feels like people just want to feel more connected to Stevie by asking me questions and Iím happy to do that. I handle the personal questions with giving as much information as I feel comfortable giving. But your observation is admired.

from Barbra McGuire in Middletown, Ohio

Jana.. You were in a band called the Sugar Divas? Why that name? It sounds like you came along way from pop to rock and roll was that a huge adjustment?

Jana's answer:

Hi Barbra. That band and itís name feels like a distant memory. The truth is that when Iím not touring, I sing different styles from week to week and that keeps my voice in good shape and ready for whatever music is given to me to sing.

from Caitlin in Leominster, Ma

Hi Jana, Its an honor to talk to you! I love your music....you have such a pretty voice. Anyway my questions(s) is did you share a dressing room w/ Sharon? Does Stevie looks AS great as she does even when her make-up is off? Do you like Stevie's style in clothes???? I know I do....lol Does it take you long to remember Stevie songs??? Do you have any pets and if so what are their names???

Jana's answer:

Hi Caitlin. Itís an honor to respond. :) Thank you for your kind words. Yes, I share a dressing room with Sharon and we love to laugh together. Yes, Stevie looks angelic up close with or without makeup. I love Stevieís style in clothes and see her as someone who has influenced the world with both music and fashion. I donít know how long is long when you ask ďhow longĒ it takes to remember Stevieís songs. I have no pets and never have, which is funny considering I wanted to be a vet when I was a child.

from Alison in Walnutport, Pennsylvania

Hi Jana! I am 11 years old and I'm a Stevie and Mac fan! Some adults find that interesting. On the Live In Boston DVD I love both Sharon and your backround vocals on Stand Back. Where Stevie says" Well you could be standing in..." And when you guys answer "Stand Back" It's just so cool! My question is: What are some of your favorite songs doing back-up on that Lindsey sings? And do you know if Stevie is doing another solo album after her Las Vegas shows? Thank-you SO very much. Oh yeah and I LOVE your outfit on the Live In Boston DVD!!!!!!!!!!

Jana's answer:

Hi Alison. Itís wonderful that your musical taste is so mature. Congratulations! I love singing on ďStand Back.Ē Thanks for noticing those background vocals. My favorite Lindsey song to sing on is ďGo Your Own Way.Ē I donít know what Stevieís future plans are. And thanks for liking my Live In Boston DVD outfit. It took awhile to decide what to wear, so Iím glad you like it.

from Nikki in San Francisco

Hi Jana,
I went to several shows on the SYW tour and enjoyed them all. You didn't disappoint on backing vocals. I especially enjoyed the soft "I fell into love" that you and Sharon did during Beautiful Child. Nuances like that add so much to the overall experience of a song.

On to my question. Do the members of the band visit any unofficial Fleetwood Mac fan sites? And what about you? Do you ever check out The Penguin, for instance, or read any posts on The Ledge?
Thanks for your time,

Jana's answer:

Hi Nikki. Thank you. That line on ďBeautiful ChildĒ is fun to sing because itís so sweet. Thanks for noticing.

I donít know what any band members visit on line.

from Matt in Elmwood Park New Jersey

Hi Jana,
Just wanted to thank you for taking the time to do this. My question is... what was it like coming into an already in progress concert tour? And was there alot of extra rehearsal coming into it? Thanks.

Jana's answer:

Hi Matt. Youíre welcome. It was exciting to come into this concert tour. They are the best!

And there wasnít a lot of rehearsal time for me because they were in the middle of the tour. I was taught the parts by Mindy Stein and Sharon Celani over a 2 day period. I went home and did my homework. And then I had only one 3 hour rehearsal with the band. The next night was an Arena.

from Nina L. Grigoreas in Canterbury, CT

Hi, Jana! How difficult was it for you to adjust to taking over Mindy Stein's spot on the "Say You Will" tour? (By the way, I think you did a fabulous job, and you have an excellent voice!)

Jana's answer:

Hi Nina. Mindy Stein and I have sung together for many years. We know how to blend with each other and knowing how to do that with many singers is part of a background singers job. Sharon is a wonderful singer and blending with her was easy and fun. And, of course, it was an honor to get to vocally blend with Stevie and Lindsey.

Thank you for your nice words.

from Gary in Long Beach

On the Say You Will tour Stevie now only wears her trademark boots for only a few songs. I know it is a silly question, but I was wondering why? Also what type of shoes is she wearing the rest of the time? Also, any funny stories from the tour?

Jana's answer:

Hi Gary. I have no information about Stevieís wardrobe on stage. Iím too busy getting myself prepared for each show. I can tell you that off stage she always looks pretty and has pretty clothes.

I told a couple funny stories in some other answers. Check them out. :)

from Kenneth Guest in San Antonio, Texas

Hello, Jana. It's an honor to have you answer these questions. Will you be singing with Stevie for her Las Vegas shows ? What is your favorite song of hers to perform live?

Jana's answer:

Hi Kenneth. Youíre welcome. I will be singing for Stevie in Las Vegas. I told about my favorite songs in previous answers. Check them out. :)

from Erin Geddie in Santa Fe, NM

Hi Jana--
It was a pleasure seeing and listening to you on the "Say You Will" tour! What were your most memorable moments from the tour? What were your favorite songs to sing?

Jana's answer:

Hi Erin. Thank you. My most memorable moments from the tour were the fun audiences, the fantastic music, and the beautiful places we visited. My favorite song is explained in an earlier answer. Check it out. :)

from Jamie Lynn Tobin in Rochester Hills

Dear Jana,
Could you please tell us about your experience working with Prince? I know that Stevie has worked with him in the past and have you guys swapped your experiences with him?

Jana's answer:

Hi Jamie. My experience with Prince was wonderful, exciting, and positive. Stevie and I have never discussed him.

from Carolyn Sandifer in Marshall

Hi Jana,
How did you get the job to tour with Fleetwood Mac, and take Mindy's place? I love your voice. You and Sharon really sound good together.

Jana's answer:

Hi Carolyn. Thank you for your kind words. I answered this question earlier. Check it out. :)

from Steve in Phoenix

How did you land the great gig of touring with the mighty Mac? Thanks.

Jana's answer:

Hi Steve. I answered this question a couple times in earlier questions. Check it out. :)

from Michael McDonald in Lakewood N,J.

Hi Jana,
I was lucky to have seen you three times for the Fleetwood Mac Tour all in Jersey, Holmdel, Camden and Altantic City (6 times in total) for the SYW tour. My question is which of The mac songs did you enjoy singing? Both Stevie's and Lidnsey's? Also if Stevie goes out on the road again will you be going with her?

Jana's answer:

Hi Michael. I enjoyed all of the songs for different reasons. They chose songs that would be both enjoyable for the band and the audience. I will be on the road with Stevie as long as she wants me.

from Nathan Ballew in Spartanburg, SC

Dear Jana,
I saw Fleetwood Mac in Charlotte, NC and it was AWESOME!! You were great!! I LOVE the Boston DVD!!! What was the most exciting part about the tour and about being with Fleetwood Mac? What do you enjoy most about singing backup for Stevie? Also will you be going on tour with Stevie this summer? Thank You for answering these questions. You're GREAT!!! Love,

Jana's answer:

Hi Nathan. Thank you. The most exciting part about being on tour with Fleetwood Mac and Stevie is the great music. Singing backups for Stevie is fun because she arranged such creative and fun backup vocals on her recordings. I will be with Stevie as long as she wants me to sing for her.

from Whitney in Miami, Florida

Of all the Stevie Nicks songs that you have not yet sang with Stevie Nicks, which song would you most like to? Have you ever sang back up to "I Can't Wait?"

Jana's answer:

Hi Whitney. I am most excited to sing ďEdge Of Seventeen.Ē That will be new for me because this is my first solo tour of Stevieís. I have not sung on ďI Canít Wait.Ē

from Dennis in Phoenix, Arizona

What was the funniest, off stage moment you witnessed on the Say you will tour?

Jana's answer:

Hi Dennis. The funniest off stage moment was when I surprised everyone in Fleetwood Mac with a red wig I bought in Melbourne. I wore it to dinner and on stage for one show.

from Jim Kurdyla in Cranford, NJ

Jana: Since you released a CD of Jazz Music, what is your opinion of Diana Krall, Miles Davis, Stephane Grapelli ?

Jana's answer:

Hi Jim. I love Diana and Miles very much and have listened to them a lot. I donít know Stephane Grapelli.

from Alison in Harwichport

Hi Jana, Can you share with us what Stevie's favorite beauty products are. Thanks.

Jana's answer:

Hi Alison. Iím sorry, but I donít know anything about her beauty products. But whatever sheís using works beautifully. Sheís angelic up close.

from Jessica in Kettering Ohio

Hi Jana!
Thanks for doing this! It's so much fun, getting to see what your answers are. So how did you get involved with Fleetwood Mac? I would be very honored to get to sing with Stevie!

Jana's answer:

Hi Jessica. Youíre welcome. I am honored to sing with Stevie. I explained how I became involved in an earlier answer. Check it out. :)[see below]

from Shona in Australia

What has been the best experience for you - working with Stevie or Fleetwood Mac?

Jana's answer:

Hi Shona. I couldnít choose between the two. They are both so great!

from Annd in South Dakota

What was it like being asked to go on tour with Fleetwood Mac???

Jana's answer:

Hi Annd. It was an honor and very exciting!

from Jaime in Denver

What genre of music do you prefer to sing the most? Jazz, rock?

Jana's answer:

Hi Jaime. Pop/rock/funk music is fun because itís predictable, layered with creative production, and fun to dance to. But jazz is the heart of creativity and freedom. I need them both to be satisfied musically.

from Sarah J. in Roselle Park, NJ

Dear Jana,
Thank you so much for doing this with the fans!!! My question is: Did you ever wish your life wasn't on the road, rocking and rolling? Do you ever wish you'd done something else? What are your other passions?

Jana's answer:

Hi Sarah. Youíre welcome. Iím very happy with my chosen career and love going on the road. I miss it if too much times goes by without traveling. My other passions are songwriting, sports, cooking, and spending time with my husband and family.

from David in Minneapolis

Jana, A fellow Minnesotan here. I had a chance to see Fleetwood Mac 35 times on the Say You Will tour, both at indoor and outdoor venues. Do you prefer to play indoor or outdoor shows? and why. Thank You.

Jana's answer:

Hi David. I prefer whatever venue has the best sound. Iím not too picky and am just grateful for both indoor and outdoor shows.

from Scott in San Diego

Hey Jana. As a gay fan, I really appreciate that both you and Stevie are strong, larger than life, and limitlessy talented women. Okay...in the best sense of the word, " divas." You rock!!!!! I was curious what both you and Stevie think of your gay and lesbian fans, everywhere?

Jana's answer:

Hi Scott. Thank you for your kind words. I canít speak for Stevie about any of her opinions. But my opinion is that I donít think of fans as gay or lesbian. I just think of them as people who love to have fun listening to music.

from Seth Eviston in Indianapolis

Hi Jana! Thanks for doing this! I'd like to tell you that I really enjoyed the "Say You Will" Tour show here in Indy a couple of years ago, and am looking VERY forward to seeing you with Stevie in Vegas on May 14. My question for you is two-fold: were you a big Stevie/FM fan before starting to sing backup with her? & who were your music influences growing up?

Jana's answer:

Hi Seth. Youíre welcome. Iíve always been a big Stevie fan. My musical influences were everything from the Glenn Miller swing band to Ambrosia to Fleetwood Mac to Whitney Houston to Gospel music. Mixing the styles created my own unique style and opened my soul to learning a lot.

from Richard Santillan in Blackfoot

Will you be performing with Stevie in Vegas? I hope so. I'll be there on the 11th. Any new songs that she will be singing? If you can give that out. Thanks so much

Jana's answer:

Hi Richard. I will be performing with Stevie in Las Vegas. I donít know her set list yet. Sorry.

from Tristian Lindsey in Newport News

Who was more inspiration as a child growing up? Much love and Thanks!

Jana's answer:

Hi Tristian. My inspirations were my family members. They are all musical.

from Scott Smith in Fayetteville, NC

Hi Jana, I just want say I enjoyed seeing and hearing you on stage during the last Fleetwood Mac Tour. Your voice is as beautiful as you are. Do you have any plans for working with Stevie in the future?

Jana's answer:

Hi Scott. Thank you. Thank you again. I will work with Stevie as long as she wants me to sing for her.

from Jim G. in Benfleet, England, UK.

Hi Jana,
I've seen that you've recorded a CD and that you were selling it via your website. I've tried to access your website and order the CD but have been unable to, is there anyway that I can buy the CD other than going through your website? If not how can I get to buy it? Also, are you going to do any more solo recordings?

Jana's answer:

Hi Jim. I would tell you first to keep trying to access my website in order to buy my jazz CD. This is the best way to buy the CD. Yes, I have many pop, original, solo recordings and will release them when the time is right.

from Christine in Orlando

Wow, this keeps getting better! I'm so excited you're now participating. What do you do when you're not performing? Also, what is your favorite Stevie song to perform and why? How did Stevie "discover" you?

Jana's answer:

Hi Christine. When Iím not performing with Stevie, I still sing and travel a lot. Mindy Stein and Sharon Celani were the angels that were responsible for Stevie discovering me.

from Christopher Guthrie in Phoenix, AZ

What is your favorite Stevie Nicks song and 2nd Question what is a typial routine for u before u go on stage and perform?

Jana's answer:

Hi Christopher. It's so difficult to choose a favorite song because Stevie is such a great songwriter and her incredible vocal style brings them to life. If I have to choose one, I would say "Silver Springs." I feel her fire every time she sings it!

My typical routine in this order before a performance with Stevie is; soundcheck with Stevie, dinner wherever we're playing, fix my make-up and hair, vocal warmups with Sharon, pick out my clothes and get dressed, pack my little bag for backstage, and then the walk to the stage. My early routine on show days is typically to rest and save my energy and voice for the show.

from Steve Heckelman in Beacon Falls, Connecticut

Hi Jana,
I was at The Live in Boston Show on Sept.23rd the first night of the taping enjoyed the shows very much got to shake hands with Lindsey and Stevie that night it was awesome you have a beautiful voice hope to see you on upcoming tours.Will you be singing back up for up coming Stevie's solo tour this spring in Las Vegas? and if you are will there be a full tour this summer around the united states?

Jana's answer:

Hi Steve. That's great that you were at the live DVD taping and were able to shake hands with Lindsey and Stevie. It was a great night!

Thank you for your sweet compliments. I will be singing with Stevie in Las Vegas. I don't have the details for the summer tour.

from Jessica in Texas

I was just wondering how you got so lucky as to be a back ground singer on the last Mac tour. You did an amazing job and hope to see you on future tours. Thanks for taking questions.

Jana's answer:

Hi Jessica. I am blessed with this opportunity and am grateful. Thank you for your kind words.

I was called by Mindy Stein, Stevie's wonderful background singer for several years. Mindy and I toured together for years as background singers with Don Henley. When she was pregnant and needed someone to sing for her, she recommended me.

from Tony in Terre Haute, IN

As you know we all love Stevie so much. But I think that you also deserve alot of credit. What type of recognition do you get from the recording industry? For instance do you get a gold record also if the cd goes gold? Do other artist listen to Stevie and say wow that Jana is fantastic lets get her for our next record or do you have to audition for other artist?

Jana's answer:

Hi Tony. Iím too new to have earned any credit. Iím just grateful to be here with such lovely people.

from Jim Hillis in Arlington, MA

Dear Jana ~
You are so beautiful and have such style with your singing and stage presence. Wow.
Anyway, my question is...have you ever had your heart broken? If you had...do you release the pain/sorrow when you sing? I guess maybe you know why I'm asking this question. Thank you sharing your talent with the world.

Jana's answer:

Hi Jim. Thank you for your kind words. Yes, my heart has been broken. And I release my pain and joy when I sing. Without life experience, I believe there can be little honesty in singing.

from Amber in Oakland

Hello - Thank you so much for your work on the recent tour, I enjoyed it immensely.
We're you very familiar with Stevie's body of work when you accepted your backup singer positon? If so, what were some of your favorite songs? Which songs do you find most challenging to sing?

Jana's answer:

Hi Amber. Thank you. Yes, I was familiar with Stevieís music. All songs are challenging in a good way. They require so many different techniques, range, and dynamics. Itís second nature after theyíre rehearsed.

from Holly in New York

Hi Jana,
I think your a great back up singer. What is your fav song to sing with Stevie? Thanks for your time,
With Love, Holly

Jana's answer:

Hi Holly. Thank you. I love ďSilver Springs.Ē

from Ramon Fontanes in San Juan, PR

Dear Jana,
I've been a Stevie fan since forever. I live in Puerto Rico and I have traveled to the States for every tour since Bella Donna. I will be traveling to Las Vegas next month to see the Dreams show Stevie will be doing. I read that Stevie will be performing songs that has never been done live. Do you know any specifics about this show?

Jana's answer:

Hi Ramon. I donít know any specifics about the show. Sorry.

from Derick in Grand Rapids, MI

You and Sharon looked phenomenal during the Say You Will Tour!
(1)Did you pick your own wardrobe/clothes for the tour?
(2)Who designed the clothes?
(3)Will you attend the Vegas shows?
(4)If so, will you have a say in the wardrobe? I hope to see some over-the-top threads! It is Vegas after all!

Jana's answer:

Hi Derick. Thank you. Sharon has exquisite and classy taste in clothes. I do my best to follow her lead.

from Marissa in New Jersey

In the past, you've sang backing vocals for Don Henley. In a recent radio interview, he confirmed that he will be touring this summer with Stevie. We know you will be singing backing vocals with Sharon in Vegas but will you be backing Stevie this summer as well? If so, will you also back Don? Looking forward to Vegas!

Jana's answer:

Hi Marissa. I have no new information. I guess weíll all have to go to pollstar.com for details. Iím looking forward to Vegas too!

from Katie Janecek in Sioux City, IA

Hi Jana,
I'm 20 years old and currently in college, but I seem to fit the best in music. I love finding and singing harmonies and learning songs by ear to play on the piano and guitar. I think being a backup singer would be the best job there is! You get to totally be part of that world without having the major pressures of stardom. Do you have any advice for an aspiring backup singer?

Jana's answer:

Hi Katie. My advice would be to work with kind people. There are many people with talent and finding those that are kind will make your career fun. I wish you the best of luck!

from Marissa in NJ

Hi, Jana! Thanks for taking the time to field some questions from us. You came to Fleetwood Mac in the middle of a world tour and no doubt had to learn a great deal in a short amount of time. Were the backing vocals you sang on tour already arranged or do you arrange your own? If you do arrange your own, how do you go about doing so? Thanks again!

Jana's answer:

Hi again. The background vocals were already arranged. Mindy Stein and Sharon Celani graciously taught them to me and then I did my homework.

from Larry Simpson in San Diego

Hi Jana, Thanks for taking our questions. Where did you first meet Stevie?

Jana's answer:

Hi Larry. I first met Stevie at one of her concerts when I was singing background vocals with Don Henley.

from Janine Howard in Portland, OR

Dear Jana did you ever think that you would be working with such a great singer? You are one of the greatest back up singers in the world! How are things going in your life are you ever going to have your own solo album? And If Stevie does another solo album and tour will you sing and tour with Stevie?

Jana's answer:

Hi Janine. Thank you for your kind words. You can read about me on the singers page. I take my career one day at a time and life is great!

from Kim J. in Reynoldsburg, Ohio

Hello Jana,
First of all, thank you for taking the time to do this. It means so much to all of us !! In all your travels w/ the Say You Will tour you must have a treasure trove of memories, could you please tell us the funniest thing that happened on stage, or off, during this tour ? Thanks again,

Jana's answer:

Hi Kim. Youíre welcome. The funniest thing that happened was on stage when I forgot to take my backstage pass off and it was dangling over my show clothes. I noticed it after the first song began but there were no lights on me so I turned it around so it dangled down my back.

from Chris McLeod in Locust Grove, GA.

Were you a Stevie or Fleetwood Mac fan before singing backup? If so what were your favorite songs, and had you seen them live before?

Jana's answer:

Hi Chris. Yes, Iíve always been a fan! I had seen them in concert before I sang background vocals for them.

from Brian in Waco, Texas

Hi Jana, What is the most memorable experience you have to share about Stevie Nicks? from Kellie in Toronto

Hi Jana! Thank you so much for taking part in this Q&A.
My question is: what is the most memorable moment you had with Stevie? Thanks again for answering the fans questions!

Jana's answer:

Hi Brian. Hi Kellie. Since you had the same question, I will answer them together. The honor of singing background vocals on stage is my most memorable experience with Stevie.

from Dan in South Boston

Hello Jana, What was your Say You Will "opening night" like? Were you scared? Any flubs? Lindsay and John seem intimidating (work-wise), true?

Jana's answer:

Hi Dan. Opening night was fun. And Lindsey and John are very nice people.

from Allison Goldsmith in Columbus, OH

Dear Jana,
Do you enjoy working with Stevie? I'm sure she is fun to work with. Stevie is my favorite singer and I listen to her all the time. She is like my best friend. Take care and best wishes.

Jana's answer:

Hi Allison. I love working with Stevie!

from Brett Vollus in Collaroy Sydney Australia

Hey Jana. Did you enjoy the Australian leg of the Mac tour? What is your favourite memory of Australia?

Jana's answer:

Hi Brett. I loved Australia and on our days off I thoroughly enjoyed every city. My favorite memory was the day I hand fed the kangaroos and held a koala.

from Sean Tatum in Webster, MA

Dear Jana,
Thank you so much for participating. Do you consider your career with Stevie Nicks the peak of your career? Or can we expect much more great things from you in the future? Thank you!

Jana's answer:

Hi Sean. Youíre welcome. I enjoy the moment Iím in. And singing with Stevie is a wonderful time in my life and career!

from Donna in Birmingham

What is Stevie really like as a person, not a super star?

Jana's answer:

Hi Donna. Stevie is sweet.

from Trace Remington in Mcminnvlle, Oregon

Hi Jana, so nice to have you here with all the fans! What other artists do you enjoy listening to? Thanks so much!

Jana's answer:

Hi Trace. It's nice to be here, thank you. I enjoy a wide range of artists and love variety. I currently listen to India Arie, Eva Cassidy, Chet Baker, and Earth, Wind, & Fire. It changes from month to month.

from Jennifer Tini in Philadelphia, PA

Hi Jana!!! I am so excited that you are going to go to Vegas with Stevie! I'm graduating from college the weekend of the show, but I will be fIying out during the week from Philadelphia to see Wednesday's show! If Stevie is taking any suggestions for songs to sing please tell her we would LOVE to hear "Wild Heart" and "Nightbird"... these are two of my favorites, as well as many other fans'! What are some of your favorites to sing on stage?? Thank you! Can't wait to see you!!

Jana's answer:

Hi Jennifer. Congratulations on your graduation!

I will pass on your song suggestions to Stevie. My favorite songs to sing on stage with Stevie are, "Silver Springs", "Stand Back", "Rhiannon", "Edge of Seventeen", and "Gold Dust Woman".

We're happy you'll be there for the first show of the tour.

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