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• Tell me a little about your history, like where you grew up, how you got into performing / singing.
[ I ] was born into singing in the church where my father was a Lutheran pastor. My mother played piano for all of us. I'm the youngest of 3 children and my sister Kim and brother Lon sang, played piano, and also played instruments. My father sang in church all the time so I was brought up with music.
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Just Jana

Even so, I was painfully shy about singing and I had to be talked into it by my siblings. I fell in love with singing and performance when, in high school, I was cast as the comic relief role of Ado Annie in the musical "Oklahoma."

My interest in music continued after high school. In Minneapolis I was “discovered” by Prince, where I recorded for him on several projects over 5 years. I ended up on 2 CD's of his, "Graffiti Bridge", and sang lead on the song "MPLS" on the CD titled "1-800-New-Funk."

I continued singing for many stars, including Don Henley, Celine Dion, Peabo Bryson, The Time, Michael Bolton, Jewel, and Sheena Easton, to name a few. Sheena Easton also recorded a song called "Moon" which I co-wrote.

Outside of Fleetwood Mac, I spend my personal time writing songs. I just finished recording a country/rock crossover CD.

• How did you first meet Stevie?
[ I ] first met Stevie when I was on tour singing background vocals for Don Henley. Stevie and Don would occasionally play shows together and we ended up at her house for an after party one night. That's when we were introduced.

[ Stevie &  Jana Backstage ]
Backstage with Stevie on the 2003 Fleetwood Mac tour
• Confirm what tour(s) and recording(s) with Stevie and/or Fleetwood Mac you were on.
[ T ]'ve been singing with Stevie and Fleetwood Mac since September 4, 2003 as part of the Fleetwood Mac world tour. The recording I'm on is the 2004 release DVD of Fleetwood Mac live on the “Say You Will” tour. There were also two TV shows with the songs “Peacekeeper”, which was on the American Music Awards, and “Second Hand News” which was on Dick Clark's New Year's Eve show.

• What song do you like performing with Stevie the most and why?
[ M ]y favorite songs to perform with Stevie are Stand Back because the song is so exciting and her energy when she sings it is always so intense and passionate. I love singing on Rhiannon so much! The songwriting is so great on this song and the background vocal harmonies are so beautiful, especially the chord change at the end of the chorus. I'm realizing that I could write an endless list of my favorite songs to sing. Only when I sit down and analyze why I like working for Stevie and Fleetwood Mac do I realize how great it is to get to sing with her/them night after night. I could go on and on but I'll end with Goodbye Baby ”. It's such a delicate and heartfelt ballad and the harmonies are lush and sweet to sing.

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