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Fleetwood Mac 2009 - FAN REVIEWS

10/25/09 O2 Arena Dublin, Ireland

I'm back in Rome (my hometown) from my special journey in Dublin! I have involved my husband, an hard rock guitar player, to come with me to see for the very first time this MIGHTY band. Sunday evening have been one of the most beautiful night in my life: the show was great, the O2 was full of excited people and the band was just PERFECT! Mick was powerfull, John was always present with his great playing, Lindsey was just GREAT so great to get the attention of my hubby, Stevie...she's my inspiration...was so fascinating as always. Lindsey said they were not promoting any new CD...YET! so let's hope for a very near future to see this MIGHTY band again. A dream has come true. Thank you!

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