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Fleetwood Mac 2009 - FAN REVIEWS

10/22/09 Glasgow SECC Glasgow, UK

What a show!!!

Died and gone to Heaven

Having arrived early, the seat I got in block JJ wasn't bad. I got speaking to a guy from Aberdeen called Alan. After shooting the breeze about all things Fleetwood and Stevie.
He had heard that the band like to have a few folks standing in front of the stage. As the arena started to fill. As the house lights dimmed, we made our move.. right at the front about few feet from Stevie's Mic stand. Awesome. The band start to arrive on stage,

The magic starts. Monday Morning...Followed by The Chain. We all know that this it John's time to shine, and he doesn't disappoint. So far the band is grooving well. I am so close to the stage its just unreal. The memories Newcastle 6 years ago have been eclipsed.

The Chain ends, a roar of applause, Stevie welcomes us all and heads of to Dreams. Once again a masterpiece, the band still playing tight.

Wow "I know I'm not Wrong", the crowd seem supprised, I don't think they expected that. Singing along with the Bam Bam, Damab.

From Begining to end, it was just amazing... I got to play Lindsey's Guitar on the end to Go your own Way. How cool it that.

Silver Springs was missing from the encore... a true shame. I think the SECC timing rule kicked in and they didn't have time To all that are going to a show this time round, prepare to the amazed and awestruck.


I went to see Fleetwood Mac in Glasgow last night. I've been a long standing fan of both the band & Stevie but hadn't saw either live. Let me say this I was blown away. Fleetwood Mac were brilliant. But Stevie was absolutely incredible. She was magnificent and that voice was just flawless. It might sound too gushing but I was entranced by her. For a 40 year old to be so mesmerised like a child. I'm not too proud to admit that when she sung 'Landslide' with Lyndsey on accoustic guitar I cried. What a beautiful person with a beautiful voice you are. Thank you Stevie thank you so much just for being great. You are unique.


OMG I have loved this band for over 30 years and seen them for the 3rd time in my life last night in Glasgow....they were amazing....sooooo much energy and Stevie looked awesome...she is such an inspiration!! After all these years together they still obviously love what they are doing and the chemistry between them all is just awesome.It was very touching to hear Stevie speaking about the baby owl Skye at Turnberry Castle she was obviously really touched by the experience.
I also loved how they sang Storms...had to dig out my Tusk album this morning!!! The whole night rocked....cant put into words how great these people are!!!

George and Jackie F. from Melrose, Scotland
What a fantastic show, we saw you twice in on the previous tour (at Newcastle and Glasgow) Absolutely and couldn't wait for the gig to come around. We were not dissappointed!!. Absolutely brilliant.

One question, Stevie, are you considering a solo tour of the UK (Newcastle or Edinburgh or both, would be good!!!).

Hope you have a happy and productive 2010 and we would really love to see you in the UK very soon.

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