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Fleetwood Mac 2009 - FAN REVIEWS

10/19/09 O2 Arena Berlin, Germany

Martina from Stuttgart
I arrived on monday morning by plane from the south of Germany in Berlin to see Fleetwood Mac on stage. I waited for this for years. Last time the show was cancelled.
What a great sound, location and band. I saw lots of shows of different musicians the last years. But you are the best. The mac is back. Stevie your voice is still great. Hope to see you maybe on a solo tour in Europe?

Michael from Berlin, Germany from Stuttgart
The Mac in Berlin…WOW…Mick called Stevie the first lady of the Band…that was so kind.
It was a really good show ~ a party. 1977 I was a teenie … now I´m in my 40ies. Thank you all for bringing me back all the memories and making me happy and also a little bitter sweet. A don´t care about the critics in the Berlin Newspapers … they wrote a lot and say nothing. I was there and it was much more than a good show. At least – Thank you Stevie for being a part of my life.

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