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Fleetwood Mac 2009 - FAN REVIEWS

10/14/09 Sportpalais Antwerp, Belgium

Kelly C.

I'll be straight up, I'm 26 and have been dreaming and praying to see Fleetwood Mac and Stevie in concert for well over a decade. I had pretty high standards, I must admit.

There are hardly any words that would do the concert any justice, it was beyond a dream. I loved the little talks in between, it made us feel like we were invited into a mesmerizing world. During Rhiannon there seemed to be a mic problem (Stevie's mic would go quiet a few times), and I could tell that a few people around me looked surprised, as if they didn't expect it all to be live. I was sick when I attended the concert (just a bronchitis), nothing could have kept me home. And I am so glad I went, that I was blessed to get tickets. Every note, every word, it seemed like everyone, especially Stevie and Lindsey, was having fun. I even think that at quite a few points you could have heard a pin drop in the audience, that is how captivating it all was.

I hope with all my heart that Stevie will also do a solo tour that covers a country close to Belgium, and of course Belgium (and Holland) welcomes her and Fleetwood Mac for many more concerts.

I felt honored to be in the same area, but during the concert, I felt completely included in the fun.

Yes, you can hear that their voices aren't the same at say 1975, but voices matured, the emotions even sound in them. I couldn't even detect a minor mistake.

To people who've not seen this concert: If you can get your hands on tickets, DO IT! You will completely NOT regret it, I've been to my share of concerts, and quite frankly, this one beats everything.

Thank you for coming to Belgium, and I hope to see you again one day, Kelly Crabbé - a proud fan, who was able to cross of one of her live-long dreams and replaced it with the hope for a new concert :P

Ad van den Elshhout from Holland
Last night I saw the concert of Fleetwood Mac in the Sportpaleis in Belgium.
I went to the concert with my sister en my good friend Wim. We saw Fleetwood Mac 6 years ago in Oberhausen Germany. We live in Holland, but all this places are in our neighbourhood. It looked like they didn’t get any older! The concert was amazing. The sound was good, their voices sounded great en they played all my favourit songs.
There any many young bands who can learn about them! My favourits were Sara, Storms, Oh well, I’m so afraid, Big love and all the other great songs from Fleetwood Mac, Rumours and Tusk. I hope they come again later, so I can meet them another time. I have seem them several times over the last 30 years, since I fell in love during the video of go your own way in 1977. Fleetwood Mac, thank you for all your great music and thank you for still playing your music in europe.

René from Amsterdam, The Netherlands
We travelled from Amsterdam (the Netherlands) to Antwerp Belgium to see Fleetwood Mac in concert. The concert in the Netherlands was sold out within four hours!!
I became a fan of Stevie's music the first time I heard Stop draggin' my heart around. From that time Stevie's music became my soundtrack in life. We where so happy to see and hear Stevie perform her beautifull songs as Sara, Gypsy, Silver Springs and especially Stand Back with a great and groovy beat. The band was very energetic and looked as if they had a great time. Stevie's voice was great and she looked so beautifull especially in her latest outfit a black dress and with a kind of silver shawl. The audience in the Sportpaleis was great and the people where very friendly to each other. We had a fantastic time and hopefully we will see Stevie in concert very soon again!

45 years young, 32 years of being a fan, 19 years since I last saw them, that’s what’s your faith of being a Belgian Fleetwood Mac fan ? But the intensity of seeing them doesn’t get any less of course, the contrary. A couple of months ago when they announced coming to my hometown Antwerp, Belgium, I was intensively happy, excited, I could feel the vibe already. I registered on the website to reserve tickets with my cell phone, and set my alarm clock ten minutes before the ticket sales started. 9 o’clock was there, I sent a text message and …. Nothing. Normally you immediately get a text message back saying you got the tickets but not now. So I started to call, had to wait till they announced dozens of other concerts and …. Nothing, no Fleetwood Mac in their list. OK, let’s try the website then ad book online and … website overloaded ? It was already 9.15 and so I tried my text messages again, and again and again and all of a sudden, bingo. Got a message back saying I got them, block 1, row 1, seats 1, 2, 3 and 4!!!!!! To be honest I thought it was a joke but it really was the ticket service’s number. You can’t believe how happy it made me.
October 14th, 19h. We headed towards the Sportpaleis. Normally we would leave much earlier but since it was all seated and numbered there was no need to. Seated concerts is something we’re not really used to here. We arrived at the venue around 7.45h and went to our seats. Shortly after a guy from the security came towards us and asked if we would like to stand on the front row of the stage because the band preferred that. Of course we would. Luckily some other people did the same. The concert started and I was so thrilled, almost emotional. We went from one hit into another, from one emotion into another, … too much for words but I’m sure you’ve all been there. My favorite will always stay “Sara”, but “I’m so afraid” and “Landslide” come pretty close after that. I could almost touch Stevie’s feet, Lindsey’s sweat literally dropped on me and I could hit on his guitar, John stood right in front of me and between the drums and cymbals I could see Mick’s moves the entire concert.
Did I mention we had a fantastic evening? After all these years I don’t understand how they keep it up and how they manage to stay in such good shape and keep on playing such amazing music. The Mac is still there, you rocked.

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