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Fleetwood Mac 2009 - FAN REVIEWS

11/06/09 London Wembley Arena London, UK

I saw Fleetwood Mac's first night in London on October 30th - it was a superb show and I was fortunate enough to be in the front row in front of Stevie's mike and experience close-up the band's brilliant craftsmanship and commitment to delivering a flawless performance - but last night, there was something incredible in the air. I was lucky enough to be front row by Stevie again. The band were obviously very pumped up after a 3-day break enjoying all the great things of London, and as soon as they came on stage they were ready to give something very special to the last night of their European tour. All four were full of smiles and looked physically strong and rested. 'Monday Morning' rocked, and 'The Chain' was as uplifting and menacing as it could have been - great stuff! 'Dreams' was up next, which I know is a real favourite for US audiences but less so in the UK, and Stevie's voice was totally strong and assured, but she wasn't taking any chances just yet.... However, from that moment on the whole band took everything to a new level.

'Gypsy', which is very special to UK audiences, showcased a Stevie Nicks who was definitely proving that 'unleashed' was no misnomer for this tour. She absolutely went for every note, and then some!! Before our eyes we suddenly realised we were witnessing the Stevie Nicks of old who threw open her throat and prepared her body for some amazing vocal gymnastics - this woman had fire in her belly and wanted to show all of us that she has still got the power to take an audience with her on a spellbinding journey to musical heaven. Every number after that saw more and more incredible high notes and variations on her own old safe vocal interpretations of the classics. We heard wails and gravelly vibratos in 'Rhiannon' that haven't been there for over 20 years, and she was really letting her body help her to reach up for that 'zen-like' performance. 'Sara' was sublime, very strong vocally, and by now Stevie was all smiles, confident in her performance, and knowing that she and the audience were sharing the amazing secret together, that tonight Stevie the superstar was absolutely back!!

As if things couldn't get any better, Lindsey had just blown us all away with 'Big Love' and Stevie came out of the shadows to do her intro to 'Landslide' - but there was something suddenly very different about her, and her eyes seemed full of tears. Then she let the cat out of the bag - "CHRISTINE MCVIE IS HERE WITH US TONITE" - the whole arena erupted! She then gave a very warm and heartfelt tribute to Chris and said that she wanted this to be a moment of joy and not sadness, but that she missed Chris every day, thought about her every day, and said that she was the most fun lady ever to be around. By the time she dedicated 'Landslide' to Chris, the audience were half in tears, as was Stevie herself, who then went on to deliver such a powerful performance of the song that Lindsey noticeably nodded his head vigorously afterwards in sheer admiration. The audience went wild!

We were treated to a stunningingly beautiful 'Storms', again with vocals that just soared, and 'Gold Dust Woman' was simply electric, replete with the wails of old and new lyrics at the end as Stevie practically spat the words into the mike 'crawl into the shadows baby!'. 'Stand Back' was immense, and Stevie began to crank things up even further with a SUPERB vocal and multiple twirls on the instrumental break. Rather than winding down for the end of the show, this lady was building herself up higher and higher - but what for?

'Go Your Own Way' saw Stevie rocking out and boogying like the days of old and putting a lot of effort into her vocals. The first encore came, 'World Turning', and Mick's band introduction tonite was markedly different to other shows. When he got to Stevie he looked her straight in the eye and said 'She puts up with me, John and Lindsey, and I know she feels outnumbered - but we love her so much. She is our poet and our lady, she is the huge talent that is STEVIE NICKS!'. Stevie punched the air as she turned to take her roaring applause from the crowd, obviously pleased by this tribute. They then went into a rollicking 'Don't Stop' and as the song ended we all held our breath to see if Mick would begin his farewell speech, or if there would be another song......

And then came the moment everything had been building to - the most amazing performance of 'Silver Springs' we could ever have hoped to witness. After 2 hours and 45 minutes, Stevie came out to leave us with an indelible memory and vocals which I think took everyone on stage and in the audience by surprise. By the time she was into the second chorus she suddenly ripped into such fierce and intense delivery and repeated 'never get away' until I thought she would have no voice left - but it kept coming and it absolutely AWED everyone!!! If ever there was a Fleetwood Mac show that needed to be captured on film, this was it. It had everything, and it had a quintessential Stevie Nicks performance in it that will have London talking for many days to come. Lindsey looked positively blown away as the last notes of 'Silver Springs' melted into the air

Stevie was obviously on another level last night, even after finishing 'Silver Springs' so dramatically, she stood behind Mick as he wished us farewell, and grinned and waved to the audience, and then like a young girl skipped off stage with Mick chasing her, giggling loudly. As we left the arena I overheard one woman comment to another: "I can't believe how amazing Stevie Nicks' voice is! She's absolutely incredible" - which just about sums it all up!

Kimberley B.
This was my first time going to a gig in an arena. I took my mum with me and unfortunately, our seats were as far away from the band as is possible without sitting outside. Also, they faced forward, at right angles to the stage so we had to twist and sit on one butt cheek all night. I wish I had taken my glasses to watch the screens. Anyway, the band came on and we were very excited. Lindsey’s guitar solos were amazing all the way through, John’s stonking bass lines on The Chain were felt all the way back to us, Mick’s drumming (and looks) earnt him a new admirer in my mum and Stevie was amazing. Her voice was powerful and heartfelt and most of the audience hung on every word (apart from the women directly in front of us who gossiped all through Stevie’s quieter moments until I had to ask them to please be quiet). Landslide, and the dedication of it to Christine, was a total highlight. I couldn't afford more than a key ring from the merch stall and we had to leave during the encore (mum had got stuck in seated position and needed to move to be unglued) so we missed the grand finale (gutting) but I am lucky to be able to say I have seen the band and their greatest hits no less! Overall, the night was a good experience, with a classic band and mesmerising singer, but it was weird to sit next to people not moving an inch until Go your own way was brought out (blame my punk rock roots for wanting movement). Anyone who has the chance should go see the band. I would jump at another chance (maybe not at Wembley though).

The concert was fantatsic, Stevie was simply fabulous, the chemistry between the band was great. Words can't express how great it was.

Cara and Dave
After many years of wanting to see Fleetwood Mac live, at last, 2009 was the year!!! Unleashed was a great name for this tour, they were unleashed and we were not let down!!! Incredible and amazing, the power and talent of all 4 of them was fantastic!! Stevie and Lindsay were great and worked with each other so well. We had seen their previous tours on DVD but nothing can compare to being there, singing along at the tops of our voices with 1000's of other fans. The atmosphere was electric!!! We were standing in our aisles. Unbelievable finale with 2 encores - to the dismay of some I think as they went after the first one but you could tell something even more special was coming!!!! Hope to get this one on DVD too and to be able to say ...... WE WERE THERE!!!!

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