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Fleetwood Mac 2009 - FAN REVIEWS

11/03/09 Birmingham NIA Birmingham, UK

I went see Fleetwood Mac last night at the NIA, Birmingham and what a show it was. The band, as always, were on top form, working their way through their extensive catalogue. Lindsey plays like a guy possessed by someone half his age - his energy is astonishing. Stevie looked stunning in her trademark black dress, shawls and top hat. Her voice was strong throughout most notably on 'Rihannon' , 'Gold Dust Woman' and 'Sara' which brought the house down. While this was a greatest hits tour, it was nice to see them add some tracks that haven't been performed before including the beautiful 'Storms'. One of the highlights of the whole show was 'I Know I'm Not Wrong' which they completely rocked out. The sold out audience were on their feet throughout the entire night as hit after hit came in fine form. The only down-side was that they had to miss 'Silver Springs' at the end as the show started late due to traffic chaos, but as always, the Birmingham audience gave them a tremendous reception. Fourty years on and the Mac are still showing bands how it should be done. Can't wait for next time guys!!

Colin, Lower Gornal, West Mids, England
I went to the NIA gig last night along with my wife Barbara & Daughter Kirsten, trying to get to a venue in Birmingham City Centre at rush hour is not ideal but I guess that is the same for everyone everywhere. It was our 1st visit to the arena, and we were impressed , although our seats were poor for 60 quid ; especially as I booked them on sale day but rubbish selection is my fault !
The gig was great and pretty much a full house and everyone was on fine form with a lot of banter from both Stevie & Lindsey on stage. I would give to special credit to Mick though, his drumming throughout was superb and the drum solo (without the “musical waistcoat” !!) was a highlight of the show. (and you cannot say that very often about drum solo !!). Also, I think just having the 3 girls; Brett & Neale as the only extra musicians on stage really added to the dynamic of the live band and made them a really tight unit. We were sitting by a few of the Prawn Sandwich & too posh to clap brigade who seemed determined to NOT enjoy themselves !! and on the way out there were a few grumbles from the uninformed about it being too loud but overall a truly memorable night……..just looking forward to seeing the comments from the Aussies & Kiwi’s now !! Enjoy !! Oh, and one for the completists !…NO cuddle at the end of Landslide.

What a dream come true!! Stevie and the rest of Fleetwood Mac were amazing. This was my first Fleetwood Mac concert and I really hope they tour again soon. Im a young Fleetwood Mac fan (23) and I was absolutely blown away, I have seen loads of live performances on DVD and so on but nothing could prepare me for how good they were going to be. The chemistry they have on stage is unbelieveable not many bands in my opinion have that kind of chemistry on stage and in the studio like Fleetwood Mac.

Roger and Katrina
We saw The Mac way back in 1988, but Lindsey was missing from that tour. We wanted to see them again with him on board....and what a fabulous show it was! The energy coming from the band was awesome from the very first song. Mick and John as ever the tight backbone of the band , Stevie with her beautiful and unique voice sounding as good as ever and Lindsey absolutely superb on guitar. His solo on 'I'm so afraid' was spine tingling. The whole show was brilliant and it really looked as though the band were having a great time to. We left feeling as though we had fulfilled a dream of seeing the mighty Fleetwood Mac at their absolute best, great stuff guys!! Thank you for all the fabulous music over the years.

Richard C.
Question: Why is it when you look forward to something for so long, is it over in a flash?
The Mac in Birmingham were just totally amazing. Slightly disappointed with the seats but 20 rows back isn't bad. How did those people get right to the front? Grrrrrrrrrr - I wanted to be there!!! Anyway on to the show. Miss Stevie Nicks, you are looking and sounding amazing.
>From the moment she walked out of the shadows to the last wave before leaving the stage, I don't think I took my eyes off of her for a second. Highlights included:
Storms - the absolute highlight of the show - a spellbinding performance. Gold Dust Women - truly magical, the 'shadow' chant at the end was just brilliant.
Stand Back - Loved it, especially the spinning in the middle. Gypsy - More spinning and a lovely rendition of a classic. Rhiannon - not my favourite song but I really liked the dramatic long sleeves billowing in the wind as Stevie sang the 'Rhiannons'. All-in-all an absolutely brilliant night. And an amazing concert. I would like to echo the other comments on here about a Stevie solo tour for the UK. Twenty years is too long. I think the positive reactions in the UK press and, certainly from the audience in Birmingham, show that you are a truly loved and respected performer and one that we would love to see perform here as a solo artist. Fingers crossed...

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