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Fleetwood Mac 2009 - FAN REVIEWS

05/31/09 San Diego Sports Arena San Diego, CA

Thank you so much for the most incredible concert you played in San Diego on May 31st. It was awesome!!!

Fleetwood Mac rocked San Diego. The stage was equally shared by 4+ great talents. Lindsey was excellent on guitar. When he plays it seems like many times it’s not just his fingers playing the guitar but his whole body and he didn't even show boat as much this time. John McVie was as cool as ever rocking steady. Right on. Stevie Nicks looking good and sounding wonderful held her notes and the crowd went wild. This is when you can really tell she can sing from way down inside her. Do you do breathing exercises? Whoo. Mick Fleetwood jammed taunting the crowd to not be shy. The crowd having a wonderful time responded in kind. There’s nothing like having fun with the Mac hooting and grooving to their music at their concerts. Thanks again to the Band for another awesome night. Not even the $20 general parking fee could bring this night down. I hope it was as fun for you too.

Shelee P.
The band was awesome...bad seats($80!) and the crowd was so lame that we sat with! Whats up with people not standing up at ROCK concert? We figured out places to go to dance and never sat in our seats! I never never never tire of seeing my Stevie! She is still going strong! Next time I will pay the big bucks again. I have been to maybe 7 of her concerts and can only hope they keep on going...and going..and going....

Zachary N.
This was my first Fleetwood Mac show. Although, I’ve seen several of their concert performances on DVD, nothing can compare to the excitement of seeing them live on stage. Stevie Nicks was amazing! I’ve seen her on her Crystal Visions Tour and I think that she seemed more at ease this time around. The chemistry between the four of them is amazing. Lindsey Buckingham is still an amazing guitarist! At 58, he can put guys ¼ of his age to shame with all of that talent!! Mick was amazing. His drum solo during “World Turing” was a real crowd pleaser and hyped everyone up for the final two songs! John McVie was cool as always. Highlights from the show: Sara, Tusk, I’m So Afraid, Storms, Don’t Stop and Silver Springs.

Thank you.

It was great to see my favorite band play my city! To think about all the times they've played San Diego over the years was astonishing. This is only the 2nd time I've seen them in San Diego. I don't think I could critique the show, since I love the band so much! Would you say they were in their 60's based on their kick ass show? Absolutely not, they continue to leave us all in a wonderous state of awe. All in all, it was a great show-so PLEASE keep adding more dates & touring. Your fans love ya :)

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