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Fleetwood Mac 2009 - FAN REVIEWS

05/30/09 MGM Grand Garden Arena Las Vegas, NV

The energy level from the band was fantastic to a nearly sold out show.Stevie and the boys were wonderful. Lindsey was both outstanding and electrifying in his guitar riffs. Bringing out "I am the storm" to perform was greatly appreciated. Thank you for fulfilling my silent requests,Landslide,Gold Dust woman and Silver Springs just to name a few.Two encores WOW,seemed like the good'ol days! The finale song was perfect for I never stop thinking about tomorrow.

Jim H.
I have wanted to see Fleetwood Mac for some time now well for about thirty years or more anyway. The wife and I finally made to their show in Vegas this last weekend. They were the best. if any thing they are getting better as time goes on. every thing was great. loved the old music and the newer. like I said it was great. the only thing I missed was Kristy. thanks so much for doing another tour. we are even thinking of seeing them again this week in salt lake. who knows.

Jerred R.
I live in Salt Lake City Utah, I got the tickets for the Vegas show when they first went on sell, then about a month later they added the Salt Lake show so of course I had to get tickets to that show too. Anyway I took my niece to the Vegas show she had never seen them before she had an amazing time, people around us kept sitting down, well not us we stood the whole time we had the time of our lives . And what can I say, the show was absolutely amazing from the opening “Monday morning” to the closing “silver springs”. Stevie’s Voice is amazing and Lindsey’s guitar playing was incredible. Johns bass playing you could feel through the whole arena. and then there is Mick one of the best drummers you will ever see. And he is still as crazy as ever. They played every hit “go your own way” , “The Chain” , “landslide” , “Dreams” , “Sara” , “Storms” , and “say that you love me” the way they split up the vocals sounded great. And like Mick said at the end of the concert “THE MAC IS BACK” I can’t wait for the salt lake show on June 3rd. I can’t wait to relive the experience again. If you get a chance don’t miss this show its amazing. You will not regret it. They play for almost three hours straight. I saw them on the Dance Tour in 97 and the Say You Will Tour in 2003, The Unleashed Tour has been best this far. WOW What a show. Thank you Fleetwood Mac for all of the great music all these years.
Keep on Rockin.

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