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Fleetwood Mac 2009 - FAN REVIEWS

05/28/09 Staples Center Los Angeles, CA

I was looking forward to this show for months & I was very happy. This was my 8th time seeing the Mac and they just keep getting better every time. It was such a sense of pride to look out over the near full arena and see the fans dancing and singing with the most familiar, big songs. You knew you were surrounded by people who loved the band too. The people in my section 119 row 9 told me i needed to move before the show began & asked to see my ticket. They said they had the whole row blocked off, they were "family of the band". I ended up staying in my 150.00 seat. Later, Lindsey announced that his family was here tonight-the people next to me started cheering! I was sitting next to his family-imagine that! Wow! The set design, curtain backdrop & lighting were brilliant-very visually engaging. Stevie's costumes were lovely. Lindsey was a bundle of intense energy-he rocked! I really missed not seeing Carlos Rios or Taku there, but Neal & Brett are great. Mick & John-you are the core-awesome. Thanks again!

Ronny M.
For those of you in LA ... the new LA LIVE area is fantastic. The show was at Staples where I've seen Cher, Babs and Fleetwood Mac before. I actually saw FM at the Hollywood Bowl back in 1979.

The cool thing about living in the 213 is that we don't have to go the freeways at all. The drive over and back was so easy and fast.

They were selling little tambourines!! I didn't bring mine but I played air tam a lot.

They opened with "Monday Morning" from the first FM album Stevie and Lindsey were on.

Linsdey was in top form. My husband Michael said he got chills during his guitar solo on "So Afraid" it was amazing. I cried my ass off during "Gypsy" and "Sara". ...

Sharon, Lori and Jana (Stevie's singers on her solo tours) sang back up. I call them Sharon and the Stevettes.

In the row in front of us to the right were these two tweaked out Paris wannabes that were going ape shit. One was flinging her hair around like crazy. Thank god she wasn't in front of me or I would have set that shit on fire and handed her a brochure for a nice Eva Gabor wig.

Stevie dedicated "Landslide" to her brother. She sang with w/o the girls on backup and the whole place sang the long "in the snoooooooooow" line. It was fantastic. The whole place was singing along. Michael turned to see me crying AGAIN!!!

Lindsey is just amazing. He had that place on it's feet so many times rocking his skinny little ass off.

"Gold Dust Woman" was just amazing.

"Stand Back" of course had the place on it's feet dancing. I was watching Sharon and the Stevettes copying their moves.

They did do "Say You Love Me" which is one of Christine McVie's songs. It was good but I miss Chris.

They had two encores and I starting screaming "SILVER SPRINGS" right when they took the stage for the second. The peeps behind us cracked up ... when the first notes for "Silver Springs" started I screamed "YEAH" and the whole place went nuts.

I've lost my voice needless to say.

Fred G.
OMG!! This concert was awesomely amazing. The music was so magically ethereal and the whole band was FANTASTIC!!!! After all these years, it's astonishing how awesome Fleetwood Mac still is. Lindsey really rocked tonight, especially on "I'm So Afraid", which was totally fantastic. Stevie, as always, was her magical, inspirational self and she really stood out on the amazing "Stand Back" and fantastically ethereal "Sara" (so glad it's back in the repertoire). When Stevie and Lindsey embraced it was almost surreal it was so beautiful. Loved the show. It was AWESOME!!!

I saw Fleetwood Mac at Staples Center in Los Angeles on May 28th. I am a Fleetwood Mac fan and always have been and always will be. I love all of them!! I miss Christine Mc Vie and when I saw them at the Honda Center in Anaheim a couple of years ago I missed her then too. My seats were great and the band was awesome, awesome, and awesome!!!! Stevie Nicks was enchanting as usual but something about Lindsey Buckingham that night kicked ass!!!! The entire band kicked ass!!!!!
I loved the show and I canít wait to see them again and again and again.

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