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Fleetwood Mac 2009 - FAN REVIEWS

05/24/09 Jobing.com Arena Phoenix, AZ

Tina R.
We live in Tucson so it was a 2.5 hour drive for us to go the concert. I can tell you by the second song I was already feeling more than compensated for the drive. We were fortunate to be able to see Lindsey's masterful fingers and sweat as he played his heart out. Stevie was amazing and her voice is timeless. May we all look that good at 60. Fleetwood did a wonderful drum solo and heartfelt sharing on his love for all his friends that make up the band. McVie gave a rock solid performance. After non stop performing and sweating Fleetwood Mac still managed to crank out two encores. I truly believe that not only did my husband and I walk away richer from the experience but so did the band. I honestly can not remember when I have left a concert feeling so appreciated and fulfilled.

Fina G.
WOW!!! So sorry it took so long to see them. They are great at what they do. Can't wait to see them again. If you have the chance to see them take it, it's worth the time & money, that I can assure you. I will remember this night forever.
Love Love Love Love Fleetwood Mac

Fantastic!! That is just one of the many words I can use to describe the Fleetwood Mac concert in Glendale AZ on May 24, 2009. This was my second time seeing FM (the first in 2003) and my eighth time seeing Stevie. I had front row seats and not long before the show started a gentleman came over and told everyone that the band liked it when we stood in front of the stage. I couldn’t believe it…I would get to stand in front of Stevie ALL night!! It was like a dream come true!! She was mesmerizing as always!! Her costumes were some of the most beautiful I have seen her wear. She had lots of crystals on the fringe and the wine colored dress she wore was a great color for her. She changed her shawls many times and she had some really cool fingerless gloves. The lights dimmed and in the shadows you could see Lindsey escorting Stevie out and then they took their places and Monday Morning kicked the night off…from that moment forward, the whole night became magical. She told her hometown crowd “Lets get this party started”!! The set list remained the same from what I had been seeing in other reviews. The band as a whole rocked the house, but it was the moments that Stevie had the spotlight that were truly shining. Her voice sounded great and she looked awesome. She inspires more every year with her beauty and grace. I hope I age that well! The highlight of the show for me was seeing Sara live for the very first time…She sang it beautifully. Another highlight was when she introduced Gypsy and recalled how she was asked to join Lindsey in a band…It was so cute how she recited the opening lyrics to Gypsy and the crowd went wild!! She wore her platform Reeboks instead of the boots but they looked just as great!! She wore a really cool diamond crescent moon pendant. Gold Dust Woman really rocked and her scream at the end was so long it was unbelievable. Sharon, Jana, and Lori looked lovely as always and John and Mick were wonderful too…Lindsey is a phenomenal guitarist, however there were times that he was over the top and his performance seemed forced. The band did 3 encores and it was a great ending with Silver Springs. After their bows Mick took Stevie’s hand and it was amazing how small she looked next to him!! As long as Stevie goes out on the road with FM or solo I will ALWAYS go to see her!! She is a mystical lady!! Thank you Stevie for yet another memory I will treasure forever.

Kathy and Tony
There are no words to express the fun, excitement you brought to me on our shared Birthday Stevie May 26th! (Happy Birthday) It had been 20 years since my husband and I had seen you at Compton Terrace in Tempe, and I actually met you for a brief second in time, another highlight of my life!..I cried, smiled, air drummed, sang, danced to the rhythm like I was a raging teenager once more and cannot wait to do it again!!!
The Landslide has come full circle and it is a pleasure to be with you in this moment and time of such energy!..Love you all so much for all your passion and love you share with the planet!!!
Do it again!!! Come back to Phoenix!!

Bobbilyann C.
Hello! I just wanted to submit my review of the show.

It was phenomenal! With out a doubt the greatest concert I've ever been to. I had been waiting to get to see Fleetwood Mac since February when I heard they were touring. I screamed/cheered so much I lost my voice, and it was worth it! When they performed Sara and Rhiannon, during both songs I think I may have had a religious experience I was so moved. Stevie looked absolutely stunning, and her voice was just beautiful. Lindsay was rockin' out on his guitar like mad. Mick Fleetwood did the best most entertaining drum solo I have ever had the privelage to hear. And John McVie was awesome. I can honestly say Fleetwod Mac sounds amazing live. I actually like the live version of Rhiannon better then the studio version, now that I got to hear/see it first hand. (still love the studio version though of course) It was great to get to see the interaction between the band memebers, and I loved that they announced everyone in the band and backup. I've been to concerts where they don't do that, so it was great. All in all, I would easily pay thousands of dollars to see Fleetwood Mac and feel absolutely justified in the purchase.

Susan from Scottsdale, AZ
Wow what a performance. This was a night to remember for all Valley of the Sun Fleetwood Mac fans...and the crowd was on their feet from Monday Morning to Silver Springs...We particularly appreciated Stevie mentioning this is her home town...and we of course we waiting for that. For most of us in the crowd we've been fans since our late teens and early 20's. And FM's music brings back terrific memories of where we were when we first heard these songs...Thanks for unleashing your favorite songs and taking the fun approach to this tour. You proved why your fans still have this adorning love for FM . All of you performed with such professionalism and passion and that hasn't hasn't diminished over the years. Yes we "are getting older too," but with age comes grace and beauty and that was so present. Stevie you are amazing. Yes it has been said many times...we only get better with age and that has never been more true. We hope that FM continues to perform and if there is a new cd to promote...you know we'll be there for the new songs as well as the favorites. Yes as Mick said at the end of the evening..."The MAC is back.!

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