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Fleetwood Mac 2009 - FAN REVIEWS

05/23/09 Honda Center Anaheim, CA

David S.
May I start by saying that one has not lived until he or she has gone to a Fleetwood Mac concert? I was the first person in the building and the first person at the merchandise counter. The venue was spectacular. Last night, the Mac was on fire. Stevie was smiling brightly; Lindsey’s solos were as passionate as ever. And Mick, drumming out a fervent solo during World Turning, showed us his wild side. As well, John, the “back-bone” of the group, was fantastic, especially on The Chain. The energy permeated the Honda Center. Stevie and Lindsey emitted passion. Sara was dreamy, I’m So Afraid was exciting, and Stand Back was killer. One major standout was Gold Dust Woman, though Stevie did not sing the extended ending. She stood with her back to us, draped in gold with the spotlight illuminating her. It was breathtaking as she embodied the spirit of the character she creates with each time she sings the song. But I have to say that I was disappointed with how (most of) the crowd on the floor (I was in the 16th row) sat down when Lindsey started Go Insane. I love that song, and I was glad to hear someone shout for everyone to stand up. Nevertheless, the night was amazing. And I would like to thank Stevie, Lindsey, John, and Mick for a magnificent night. And I can’t wait to seem them again.

Sandra L.
WOW - that's the sign I wanted to hold up at the end - we were extremely lucky and got to stand at Stevie's feet the entire concert and it was AMAZING! I have been reading the reviews and watching youtube of the past dates and knew what to expect. But this seemed really extra special. They were totally on fire, very happy looking with lots of interactions. Stevie and Lindsey, made lots of gestures to each other, sang to each other more than I've been seeing and hearing about, and smiled a lot too - genuinely seemed to really be enjoying each other. And they were at the top of their game - very impressive. The sound was fantastic and I was totally blown away. I met a great gay couple who bounced up and down the entire night non-stop - they were lots of fun. We bought VIP tix and found out at will call that we had row 13 - turns out that row 1-13 were allowed to approach the stage - when we saw our friends standing at Stevie's mike 20 minutes before show time - we said "they look fun - let's go up now and get a good spot". And there we stayed for the entire show - no security at the stage at all. In retrospect I wish that we had sat down for part of the show to take in the "whole picture" but it was so cool to see them up close, the true emotion coming through - when they teared up, etc. Stevie's face is flawless up close - her skin is very clear, absolutely no wrinkles very pretty. I keep hearing how everyone mentions her eyes half closed like she is tired. The local OC Register even mentioned in the review that she looked "wasted" (nice!). But it is very clear that she is happy and smiley and energized when you are up close. I think it might be the lighting that bothers her eyes or the eye make up she is still doing the same as in the Tusk video. It makes her look too sleepy. I don't know what they expect from her at 60, if she danced around like she did when she was young they'd make fun of her - at 60, it's just not going to go over well. Instead, she shows much class and dignity and concentrates on the power of her voice and the emotion and intensity she puts into her songs - much needed to make the impact we love. I also love that she takes a step back and really lets Lindsey shine - that's pretty neat. Lindsey was a maniac and really interacts with the crowd up front - we all loved him. I kept yelling " I love you Johnny - seriously, I'm not kidding" to get any reaction from John - but no luck!
Wow don't miss this - I'm thinking of driving to Staples on Thursday and getting a cheaper seat to take it all in again!!! Thank you guys for an amazing experience - we really love you!

Jimmy K from San Francisco
I went to the Anaheim Show on 5/23 with my daughter and was in complete awe at how good this legendary band still is. Hard to say better than ever without Christine, but they just may be. The energy they put out combined with how tight the band is and the quality of the sound is truly phenomenal.

I left that show being able to say only one thing "I HAVE TO see them again!!" so I went to Vegas the following week and saw them at the MGM - once again left that show and said to myself "I ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO see them again!!", so I decided to go to the New Orleans show. If the tour had continued I may have gone one or two more times. I'm still thinking about maybe going to London to see them one more time just in case this might be their last tour, although I hope and pray that it isn't.

Stevie is still to this day the most beautiful, stunningly gorgeous girl I have ever seen and her voice continues to have the so very unique combination of being tremendously powerful and at the same time very soothing. Buckingham is one of the greatest guitar players of all time, and I was completely swept away in his solos. McVie plays some of the cleanest bass you'll ever hear and Mick is just plain fun to watch and listen to.

Buckingham mentioned that there is no new studio record "yet", but that is something I will eagerly anticipate, as well as hopefully another tour - count me in for 5 or 6 more shows!!!

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