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Fleetwood Mac 2009 - FAN REVIEWS

05/21/09 HP Pavilion San Jose, CA

I bought tickets for the San Jose concert even though I live in Sacramento...and thank goodness since the Sacramento date was cancelled/postponed!

Boy, did the Mac ever 'wow' us in San Jose! It was very evident that Stevie was still feeling 'under the weather' but her voice was very strong. Lindsey carried the show with his energy. He even teared up when he was discussing their San Jose roots. I have seen FM and Stevie numerous times but I have to say this was the best ever. Maybe they added more to the San Jose concert since they had more friends and family there but they just sounded incredible. To hear Lindsey and Stevie doing harmonies with no instrumental backgrounds on 'Storms'....fantastic. Sure wish there would be a DVD released of this concert.

Last night finally arrived and my friend and I eagerly headed to San Jose, CA, for the show at the HP Pavilion! I had not seen Fleetwood Mac live since a Shoreline performance in 1997 when they were promoting The Dance. And once again, they did not disappoint, regardless of the absence of Christine McVie. It was special to see Lori Nicks with back-up-I never got to see her with Stevie and Sharon in the beginning, so I really felt like I had been able to fulfill some dreams since Bella Donna. I would not hesitate to spend the $90.00 for another ticket!

The band had been in Oakland the night before, and had heard very good things about that show through one of the DJ's on a local radio station. I am eager to read reviews from that show, and especially if anyone out there attended both shows-just comparisons if any, just out of curiousity and nothing more.

The band rocked on for about three solid hours, filling the show with songs I had been hoping I would see performed live someday since high school. Memories flooded my mind as "Silver Springs", "Storms", and "Gypsy" were performed. The band was having a great time-it was clear that they were all there to bring on a show and rock the house. The close-ups of Mick on the drums were entertaining and you could just tell, he is having the time of his life-and that he would move mountains to keep Fleetwood Mac alive-it is his life's passion. He talked quite a bit with us, introduced everyone on stage, and was just having a lot of fun.

Lindsay was superb, and very gracious. I still think he is one of the most underrated talents in the music biz. He and Stevie told little stories about being in the Nor Cal music scene back in the day, and even though HP Pavilion is huge, I couldn't help but feel we were on VH1 Story Tellers as it seemed really intimate. It was great to see that on this tour, they are all out to just perform and entertain, give some props to many songs that have been pushed aside for songs on an album they are promoting, and enjoy each other. They all seem, especially Stevie and Lindsay, to have come to good place in their lives and respect each other's space, their past, and are just in the here and now. It wasn't the Stevie show, it wasn't the Lindsay show...it was Fleetwood Mac. But man, those two part harmonies that Lindsay and Stevie do..I with they would toss in something from Buckingham-Nicks! It was amazing to see them again, and I will look forward to seeing them together again in the future!

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