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Fleetwood Mac 2009 - FAN REVIEWS

05/15/09 GM Place Vancouver, BC

Lisa E. from Nelson, BC Canada
My husband and I flew from Castlegar Friday to see the show at GM Place in Vancouver. We were really happy to have tickets in Row 12 from the stage. We were talking to a couple of guys next to us who were also pleased with the seats. We spotted Sara McLaughlan on the floor behind us. I think Stevie was involved in the Lilith Fair years ago. The show got started at about 8:25. When the first song began one of the security guys came and told us we could go and stand in the front row! He actually escorted us there!! So for the next 2-1/2 hours we stood in front of the front row, just a few feet from the stage and had a perfect view of Lindsey Buckingham. He is such a great guitar player! I saw him 2 years ago in Vancouver and realized more fully his wonderful talent. Stevie was beautiful as usual. She seemed a little more subdued than usual. I heard she wasnít feeling well and thatís why the Alberta shows were postponed. I saw her most recently in summer 2007 in California and have seen her in Seattle as well as at the Gorge amphitheatre in Washington state years ago. I knew every word to every song and thoroughly enjoyed the show. The last time I saw them was May 1990 and that was wonderful too, although Lindsey was not touring at that time. I was there about 10 years ago waiting outside GM Place when they cancelled the show at the last minute. I have loved them since I was 12 and got the Rumours album. All my family and friends know how I love their music and they are so happy for me that I had such a great time! Thank you Mick, John, Stevie, Lindsey and also Christine for such beautiful music all these years. You have inspired and comforted me my whole life.

Gaylene W. from Vancouver
The concert was amazing!
Stevie Nicks might've been sick but she showed up for her fans!
Was a true honor to see Fleetwood Mac in concert.
A dream come true.
Wild heart forever!
Take care.

What an amazing show and to think just days before I was almost in tears at the idea that the tickets I had been looking at for months may never walk with me through this venue.The other Canadian cities just days prior to this show were cancelled due to illness.But my mentor Miss Stevie Nicks and the Mac showed up in my beautiful city and blew Vancouver away. I really appreciated this show more so than the last one I saw in 2003(the say you will tour) for a few reasons.All of their classics were done with the exception of edge of seventeen which I was hoping for but then again I was so glad they were even there that it didnít matter, and they werenít doing mostly songs from a new CD.I was there with my best friend of 25 yrs and we had seen a lot of shows together but not Fleetwood Mac so this was special as we both always wanted to see Stevie together and now we have.My best friend had flown here as it was her birthday and I had bought her the ticket.There is nothing better or magical and memorable than being with one of the closest people in your life appreciating music by such legends, it will be a night well never forget.And as far as this tour goes I wish I could personally thank them from fans who adore them and respect them for continuing to get on that stage and for a couple of hours give us everything they still have.The music of Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac have gotten me through a lot of tough times and as I stood in awe of this woman as she was right there in front of my singing goldust woman looking as beautiful as ever tears flowed down my face as I know the struggles she had in her day as I had and we both came through the other side and came together in the love of music and poetry and friends and celebrated life. Thanks for that Stevie,
devoted fan Vancouver British Columbia Canada

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