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Fleetwood Mac 2009 - FAN REVIEWS

05/10/09 Pepsi Center Denver, CO

Fred P.
I became a Fleetwood Mac/Stevie Nicks fan after hearing Rhiannon when I was in the 6th grade. I remember being elected the DJ at a school dance and I alternated Rhiannon with every other song I played so I think that amounted to about 20 spins of the 45 for my schoolmates to listen to. I have attended so many shows by FM and SN that I have lost count and would have to count my ticket stubs but what I am getting at is I have never tired of Rhiannon and have NEVER been disappointed with a Mac show. It seems that they just keep getting better as the years pass. Tonight in Denver was no exception. I am proud to be part of the Denver community because we love our Fleetwood Mac and Stevie NIcks shows and the band never leaves the stage without knowing it! Tonight, front row center with some fun rambunctious Lindsey fans next to me we watched the band churn out hit after hit as if they had only begun playing them with no sign of boredom at all. The band looked and sounded fantastic. Love watching Micks facial expressions while he plays (one of the best drummers ever), John staying out of the spotlight but who can not take notice to his master bass playing, Lindsey had so much energy fueled by the crowd and his playing and singing never cease to amaze me and then we have Stevie who looked fantastic especially in the rusty/blood red dress she wore mid show and who sounds better than ever (I was also amazed at her voice on the new CD/DVD). My favorite 2 tunes of the evening are however not 2 of the heavy rotation hits. Lindseys "I Know I'm Not Wrong" had me close to tears of happiness as it is such a fantastic, feel good song and it had everyone dancing and smiling.
I knew Stevie had been performing the song "Storms" in other cities and I prayed I would hear it tonight. I have been through a rough time this past week with the ending of a 15 year relationship and the song although somewhat dark gives me strength and a strange sense that everything will be ok. The song had me in tears and it was the most wonderful surprise I have had in a long time as I did not know if it would be on Denver's set list. She sang it so beautifully and I hope others listened to the lyrics as I think it is one of her best songs. Maybe Stevie will dust off "Angel" for the next time out! It was grey, cold and rainy in Denver tonight but inside the Pepsi Center, Fleetwood Mac kept us all warm and fuzzy!!! Thanks again.

Ok, probably one of the best Fleetwood Mac concerts I've ever seen. Pepsi Center, May 10th. It's always fun to see Lindsay go to town with all of his guitar solos and there were many. His rendition of "Go Insane" was brilliant, back to the bluesy rock side of the song rather than his twisted without-the-band versions he's done in the past. "I'm So Afraid" also came across very fresh and updated.
Then there's Stevie. She never looked better, with the band or solo. That red dress you changed into was quite refreshing from the usual black that you pull off so well. Her vocal riff in "Gold Dust Woman" was by far the best, she can still belt out those screams! Though Christine didn't join the tour this time around, she is missed. But when Stevie takes over the lead vocals on such songs as "Say You Love Me" it becomes something very new. I like the way she and Lindsay turned it into a duet of sorts and it deffinatley worked and worked well.
Was kind of expecting Mick to do his body suit drum solo where he "plays himself." That didn't happen this time around, but he still beat out a fantastic solo in "World Turning." Didn't really hear much from John, but one of the best bass players in the biz doesn't need to say much when there's so much talent.
Overall, great show. Thanks for doing MY all time favorite, "Gypsy". By the way, all that love between Stevie and Lindsay was shown all night and was amplified on the big screens. Even though they are standing apart, the camara operators meshed their images together so well that you could see it in their eyes. Wasn't a split screen either, just great visual effects.

Joan B.
What can I say, I am still awestruck!!!!!! The entire concert was spectacular!!!! Stevie looked and sounded great!!!!!! Lindsey can play a mean guitar and his vocal range..WOW!! Mick and John were fantastic………..all the songs of Stevie have all been part of my life throughout the years. The Mac was truly Back last night in Denver, Colorado…….

Mother's Day. Denver Colorado. Fleetwood Mac. A show I have long been waiting to attend. Like so many of us fans, I also have been a fan for many years. This show was tremendous in every aspect. Upon arriving to the venue, I sensed energy that appeared to silently feed everyone who stood in line waiting for doors to open. Calmness seemed to surrender itself under a clouded sky. A sweet freshness loomed thee air from a forenight of rainfall. Spring in this city, at least for the moment, was clean. Refreshed. Long have I waited to be part of a Fleetwood Mac show and I knew the wait was nearing a climacteric shift.

We sat in the wrong seats and were kindly escorted to better seats! Yeah, I am smiling even now. The first thing I noticed upon entering the center, was Mick's drum kit. My eyes bugged and I had to grab the mini binoculars to really check his set out. Everything was so perfect last eve. The lights, sound, cameras, suspended wide screens, security, the band and the fans. There were not any mean people and the generations spanned from young to older. It was like one big rockin family. My appreciation deepened as I realized just what it truly takes to make a show so wonderful. Tons of hard work from many people.

From the opening flash of lights to the ending of the show's bows, air kisses and waves, this was a monumental period marking brilliance. Each member of FM, poured out everything they possibly could. Lindsey and Stevie looked like they were right where they were supposed to be. Mick, well....he is absolutely a superman! Wild, focused, funny and I gotta say this...nice shoes and knickers. Dare I add the hanging appendages were a bonus to see. John is such a strength to FM, and I was easily swept away by the solid rythm of his bass. Good Lord, Lindsey blew me away. Thanks be to the camera operators who brought his git and finger picking to the wide screens. Smokin, sizzlin, rippin and pickin like no other! Lindsey has no equal. One thing though, please don't cough on Stevie... cover your mouth! Hahahahaa! Oh and another thing I dug about Lindsey was when he did his birdlike strut across the stage! Rock on man. An added delight was to see the lovely ladies on background vocals. I do not think they could have blended more perfectly to meet and match Stevies vocals when they did. All the vocals Stevie has done over the years amazes me. What a voice/instrument that has stood strong. It was nice to hear the ladies add to her voice as it only enriched and embodied the sound. *best Guiness impersonation* BRILLIANT!* I enjoyed the additions - keyboards and guitar. Like so many reviews have included, Stevie looks good. I say beautiful. I really liked that absolutely gorgeous burgundy coloured dress!!!

So, for 152 minutes or better, I was in Fleetwood Mac heaven. The show went so fast though. Guess I lost my mind temporarily. What a fun way to lose one's mind. What was so good to hear came directly from Mick, "The Mac is back!" Welcome to the Mile High Club. WHEW! I for one am so happy that each member is still together in the neverending legacy that makes up a phenomenal band ~ Fleetwood Mac ~.

Highlights - Storms, Gold Dust Woman, World Turning and Mick initiating the crowd with his skins, sticks, wild shouts and those crazy eyes... that was soooo much fun! All the songs were great. I am a virgin no longer and can think of no better place to have had the pleasure of finally ending the dry spell. Thanks be to a gracious friend who surprised me with a ticket to Rock. WOW. Thank you Mick, John, Stevie & Lindsey for staying together. See you again.

signed a fan

Trish R.
What a magical night it was in Denver! Fleetwood Mac's performance was unforgettable! Lindsay is a guitar GOD!!! I have always felt he deserves more respect and I was so happy to see the Denver audience give him several standing ovations. Stevie's voice is still as strong as ever and the thing that has always made her my favorite female role model is that she can be THAT cool while leaving her clothes on. I have seen both Fleetwood Mac and Stevie in past shows but I agree that they are getting better with age. I am so glad I didn't miss this show. Old Fleetwood Mc fans never die they just Go Insane!!!

I saw Fleetwood Mac Sunday night at the Pepsi Center in Denver and I have to say, it was one of the best shows I've ever seen. They all look wonderful and sound great. They played for 2 1/2 hours and every minute was fantastic!

I went to both Chicago shows in March. They were fantastic! The May 10th show in Denver was incredible as well! The acoustics were better here. Nothing beats Red Rocks in Morrison, CO, but the Pepsi Center was better than the Rosemont. The set list was the same. Stevie twirl-count: 8 during Stand Back. Lindsey was amazing, and was a bit more "into it" in Chicago. Could be because his family was there. Same for Stevie, but in Denver. She has family who lives outside the city. I met them at Red Rocks at her last concert---really nice people!! Stevie and Lindsey seemed to be more connected at this show. Mick made a few comments after his drum solo (after World Turning) about the elevation. No doubt! Some people who live here year-round have trouble with the elevation. =) Every time I go to a show (been to over 40), I wish it would never end...or at least the band would do it again the next night. Thank you again for a phenomenal show!!

Dean L.
What to say! My husband surprised me back in February on Valentines Day with tickets to the Fleetwood Mac concert tucked inside a card. (Financial situations being what they are, we agreed to “Cards Only” this year; he cheated!) I swear, when I saw the tickets I stopped breathing..... I live in South Dakota and was devastated when I missed Stevie at the Sturgis Rally when she made a surprise appearance with Tom Petty and I was certain I would never get the opportunity to see her again. As a child I remember my mother doing housework with the Rumors album blaring from the record player and I would open the album and sit and look at all the amazing band photos inside thinking Stevie must be the most beautiful and enchanting woman alive.....And thus my love and appreciation for the band began and has since been passed to my 3 children including my 6 year old son who can sing every word in the car with mommy to Edge of Seventeen!
So Mothers Day 2009 at last is here....we rise and shine at 5 am, wake the kids and deliver them safely to Grama and we hit the road! 6 hour drive to Denver and it’s also my husband and mines 13th wedding anniversary and I cannot stop smiling!! We arrive in Denver and get ready to go. I’m so afraid we might get lost or be late that I make my sweetie drive to the Pepsi Center 4 hours before the show!! So, we park and find a nice little place to eat and drink and the place is playing nothing but Fleetwood Mac music and I swear this must be Heaven!! Time seems to go on forever and finally its time! We get our seats and I am awestruck by the whole experience, I swear to my husband “Im gona cry!” (He just laughs cause he knows I will....) And cry I do.....the moment I see her. Could she be more beautiful!? They sound AMAZING! Better than I ever dreamed, and that is what the night feels like, a magical dream where time absolutely stands still...The crowd is so alive and clearly as much in love with the band as I am, which I love. As expected, Landslide brings tears to my eyes and Gold Dust woman is positively breathtaking. Lindsey is unbelievable, I mean UNBELIEVABLE. John and Mick, likewise, simply perfect. The energy is amazing, the crowd, so diverse, is enthralled. And sweet Stevie, timeless and beautiful and just as sultry and magical as ever. And then Silver Springs....and on our anniversary, perfect. I told my husband it was the best day of my life, he said” The best day of mine was the day I married you...!” I smiled and kissed him and said “This was the best day of my life......” ha-ha! I don’t know what else to say...it was for me, a dream come true.....

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