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Fleetwood Mac 2009 - FAN REVIEWS

05/07/09 Qwest Center Omaha, NE

Charles W.
Fleetwood Mac continues to set the unbelievably high standards in concert that all others bands aspire to attain. No flashy pyrotechnics, no unnecessary visual distractions in a vain attempt to create more 'hype'. Just plain good music played very well, with the band and Ms. Nicks being the emphasis of the entertainment. This band does not grow older, it grows better. The visual effects crew were fantastic, adding just enough flair and enhansing effects perfect for the venue, without detracting from the music. The legend of Fleetwood Mac promises excellent music, and they delivered it in Omaha. PS... I still have the I-pod from Walter Reed delivered by Stevie Nicks...and Thanks!

Jill N.
I have to say as a long time Stevie Nicks & Fleetwood Mac fan, Thursday's show in Omaha, was more than I could have asked for~ They were on top of their game, showing us all why they have had the longevity that they have~ The nearly sold out crowd was on it's feet dancing & singing along all night, nearly drowning out Stevie on "Landslide" & the band as a whole on "Don't Stop"~

Stevie's voice was spot on, on every song & she gave us her Rock Star wails & Gypsy poses that she is known for~ The whole band seemed to be having the time of their lives really playing off the crowd~ & the crowd who was mostly made up of older Mac fans, tho i did see a few children there, ate up every minute of what The Mac had to offer~ Both Stevie & Lindsey chatted up the crowd w/ sweet stories of how they came to be there that night~

It was the time of my life~ I got to stand front row center in front of Stevie all night~ She was gorgeous, not showing that she will be turning 61 this month, except for a few less twirls than we are used to seeing~ Just watching her reminded me of why I have come to love this enchanting woman so much~ There is nothing like her & I doubt there ever will be~ She is a timeless beauty w/ a magical-ness to her that just makes her glow on stage~ Stevie seemed to really be into this show, she smiled alot & I would catch her eye, those are some beautiful eyes & she would be staring right into my eyes & it was just mesmerizing~ I have a mini silk screen of the back of the "Rumours" cover that I have had since I was 12 & I held it up before the encore & both Stevie & Lindsey pointed at it~ & before the band bows at the end I was lucky enough to be one of the like 4-5 that Stevie shook hands w/~ It was a nice good shake, at that point she was like a foot or 2 from me & I was so freaked & emotional, I almost burst into tears~

And now for Lindsey, my god was that man on fire & I can totally see how many have called this tour the "Lindsey Show"~ I have never in my life seen someone put so much effort into EVERY song~ At times I was wondering how he could keep going on & on & not miss a beat~ He poured out his heart to us & gave it all he had & even tho I have always loved him~ I now have a new found respect for the man~ He is truly a rock legend & one of the best guitar players I have ever had the pleasure of seeing in person~ My husband was wearing a Buckingham 1993 concert shirt & Lindsey kept looking at him aknowledging that he was here & a long time fan~

This show was truly the best I have ever seen~ Omaha came & The Mac conquered their hearts~

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