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Fleetwood Mac 2009 - FAN REVIEWS

05/05/09 Scottrade Center St. Louis, MO

Dan D.
The show tonight at Scottrade Center was nothing short of pure rock and roll genius. This is the third time I have seen Fleetwood Mac and this may have been their best performance. The first time I saw "The Mac" was at Busch Stadium and "Superjam" in the 70's and later at the Kiel Center which has now been replaced by the Scoottrade Center. There was a lot of energy in the show and the fans responded back with there own energy. It seemed like the band and the audience fed off one another. Lindsey's guiter work was amazing. Stevie sounded great as always as did the whole band. At first It sounded like the Scottrade Center would not be a great place for music but that quickly changed and everything sounded great. The vocals were crystal clear as were the instruments. I loved the simplicity of the stage and the wonderful use of color it really added to the show. There is only two things I wish would have happened. One is to have gotten Stevie's autograph on the litho print I got from her new cd/dvd and two bought the pre show meet and greet with Mick Fleetwood. He seems like quite a character as he demonstrated doing the show. If you're a fan and haven't gotten tickets yet,do so. You will be glad you did. I have seen a lot of concerts in my time and this one ranks right up there at the top.

Nicole S.
What a girls night out!! I have seen FWM 3 time in my life and I am only 31. Let me tell you this was the iceing on the cake. We were the three crazy chicks dancing on the floor. By the end of the show we were in row 5 !! Everyshow and Everytime I see FWM has been so magical. The songs are never the same and everytime you can just feel the energy in the air. Mandy Sarah and I LOVE you guys and are looking forward to the new music. I hope you enjoyed Tulsa cause everytime Stevie comes to Okla. the rain stops and the moon shines soooo bright!! Hope to see you soon, say you will.. Your sisters of the moon! xoxo

Stephanie W. from Scheller, IL
On Tuesday, May 5, the Scott Trade Center in St. Louis was blessed by the presence of the legendary group Fleetwood Mac. Despite the absence of singer/songwriter Christine McVie, the Mac worked together seamlessly to put on a terrific show.

The twenty-three song set began with Monday Morning, ended with Silver Springs, and highlighted some of the super-group's best songs from the past four decades.

Fleetwood Mac is known not only for their timeless music, but also for the tumultuous personal history that connects its members. The quiet confidence of bassist John McVie is a striking contrast to the manic energy that is drummer and group founder Mick Fleetwood. A constant draw for the group is front woman singer/songwriter Stevie Nicks. Her mystic appeal has enchanted fans for decades. However, the real star of Tuesday's performance was powerhouse Lindsey Buckingham on lead guitar and vocals. His driving force and immeasurable musical talent thrilled the audience, particularly those fortunate enough to be on the front row and experiencing firsthand the connection he makes with his fans.

According to the song Landslide, "time makes you bolder" and this certainly proved true in St. Louis. Age and experience have not hindered Fleetwood Mac's ability to put on a hard-hitting celebration of their music. Thanks to the band for a great evening!

Debbie B.
Thank you to Fleetwood Mac for the "Unleashed Tour!"Your right Stevie when you say,"Fleetwood Mac ,NEVER LEFT! " You rock on. The concert at ScottTrade Center was a "treat". The energy and love was in the air. On 5/5/09 Stevie Nicks,Lindsey,John,& Mick came in like a bunch of "White winged doves" to see me & St.Louis,MO. The last time we met was 5 yrs. ago at the "Say You Will Tour, right here too. The set of songs included about 23 of the hits we all know and enjoy hearing. Stevie and Fleetwood Mac just like a bottle of fine wine you age so so well. It is "magical,spectacular,timeless,beautiful,just like the sun is every morning we are alive and live in peace another day among the Peacekeepers and Angels. I am your sister of the Moon Stevie Nicks and we have a Destiny and that Rules. You all are Legends of our time. I knew that the first time I heard you all together! I am a musician,song writer,poet,etc.. and maybe a prophet from another time & universe if you believe there is such a thing. The sound,lighting, and acoustics were rockin and rolling! I can and will be here and with you in the Shadows of the stage forever and beyond. Sincerely yours,

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