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Fleetwood Mac 2009 - FAN REVIEWS

05/02/09 Toyota Center Houston, TX

Alberto P. from Laredo, TX
Dam, these rock band are just THE BEST ROCK GROUP EVER!!!I have been a fan of Stevie Nicks for like my whole life...the first concert I went to go see her I was like 14 years old...now 44....She just looked very relaxed, seem to be enjoying her fans, and looked great, young, energetic, and beautiful.....what is her secret...besides not going out during the day cus of the sun....And Lindsey..this man had all of the audience mesmorized....I was starring at some man that was sitting in front of me and he was like into it...very focus with a grim on his face when lindsay did his solo ......There was another lady like two rows down...she was crying, singing, dancing to Stevie Nicks songs. when she saw me dancing and singing all her songs, she went up to me and gave me high five....there were all ages of fans,,young ones,old ones, and mid age ones..it was packed....i drove 400 miles just to go see MY GODDESS, MS NICKS...who always makes me forget my worldly problems, my work, my teenage kids, my enemies, my faults, everything....my boss called me and ask me if i were not afraid of the swine flu, i told her, not when im going to see my therapist..Stevie....Stevie, dont u ever stop rocking girl....you have it, you have us, and you will always ROCK ON!!!

T. Dodd
I saw Fletwood Mac when they opened up the Toyata Center here in Houston in 2005 and that concert was great...but last night's concert (May 2nd) was absolutely amazing. Everyone looked and sounded fantastic. They are truly gifted artisits who simply grace us with their effervescent talent. Stevie, of course, was absolutely mesmerizing! I loved that they have added "Storms" to the playlist. It was, without a doubt, my favorite of the night. FM is one of those rare groups that just comes together, regardless of how long they have not been performing live, and puts on an unforgettable show. Once again, they have proven why they are one of the most beloved groups of all time. Fleetwood Mac is back!

Arlene L. and John B.
Well, I have to say how excited we were to actually go and see our beloved Stevie, Lindsey, Mick and John Mc Vie, along with Brett Tuggle and the girls, as it was a wonderful experience, as always! They brought the house down, yet again, to a packed Venue, as I didn't see any empty chairs at all! It's always a pleasure to see our Stevie, when she comes to town- and it was especially exciting this time, as I have a "Yahoo" group, that is dedicated to Stevie, called "Sisters of the Moon". We have approximately 64 members, and this time our group decided to have a "Group quilt" made for Stevie, that had everyone's picture on it, as well as our Member's list, and Group logo, which we did! I made special arrangements with the Venue's head of Security, the afternoon prior to the show, to come and drop off Stevie's quilt, along with a couple of Birthday cards for her, and a letter letting her know all about the quilt, and how to get ahold of me. We got to the venue, handed our large box to Security, and he took it directly to their Tour Manager, who went nuts over it, and said "How Cool is this"? and he handed it right to Stevie, according to our Security friend Mark! I even had where our seats where, which was right next to the stage, lower prom, and we swore that Stevie had waved at me, as she seemed to be looking our way! It's a show that we'll remember for many, many years as it was surely a magical evening for all of us! We LOVED Stevie's version of "Gold Dust Woman" that she did, and of course cried during "Sara" and "Storms" as that song always has a special meaning. And Stevie carried it off so beautifully! It's a night we will truly treasure.. and thank you SOOOOOOOOOO much Stevie, Lindsey, Mick and John and also the girls, Sharon, Lori and Jana!

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