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Fleetwood Mac 2009 - FAN REVIEWS

03/05/09 Allstate Arena Chicago, IL

Loved the show! Hope you bring it to Madison, WI or Alpine Valley, WI (this summer). I'd love to see the show again---WOW! My vote for next years Super Bowl Band!

My name is Kelly, and this is my review of the amazing show in Rosemont on Thursday, March 5. Thanks!

There are no words to describe how incredible this show was. I got my tickets shortly after they went on sale, and I counted every single day until the show. My anticipation did not go unrewarded. This show was absolutely incredible in every imaginable way. The house was full – if there were any empty seats, I certainly didn’t see them. Everyone was on their feet for most of the show, dancing, singing along, and having a great time. The set was amazing - a great blend of “staple” Fleetwood Mac songs as well as a mix of less heard but equally wonderful ones. Lindsey was excellent and full of boundless energy. Mick and John were fantastic too, keeping the floors vibrating for a good portion of the show! By far, the high point of my experience was the amazingly talented Ms. Stevie Nicks. She looked absolutely fantastic –– she always looks gorgeous, but she’s even more beautiful in person! And her voice was entirely perfect… I was completely fascinated by her the whole time. She is such a wonderful, powerful presence, and it was a gift to watch her perform! She brought out the famous top hat, and I was so excited to see that as well as the platform boots! She did her trademark twirl during “Stand Back,” and I’m so glad she did because no performance is complete without the twirl! “Storms” was a great addition to the set as well was “Sara,” a song I have always hoped to hear Stevie sing live. “Say You Love Me” was a great surprise, and I thought it sounded marvelous with Stevie singing most of it… And may I say that nobody can play the tambourine quite like Stevie – she’s the best! This show was breathtaking, surreal, and absolutely fantastic. Stevie, Lindsey, Mick, and John, thank you all so much for making this a night I will never, ever forget!!

We attended the Fleetwood Mac concert on Friday, March 6, 2009 at the Allstate Arena. I personally thought the concert was really good. I agree with reviews that Lindsay was fantastic on guitar but I disagree with some reviews that said Stevie didn't sing as well in the beginning and that she seemed to lack energy. I thought she sounded great from beginning to end. All one needs to do is check out the footage of her performance during the concert that fans have posted on Youtube to see how good she really was. One problem I thought with the concert though was that the sound of the guitars, drums, and other background music was actually set too loud and was drowning out some of the sound of the musicians singing. Plus, I have noticed that when Stevie is performing solo she tends to talk to her fans and interact with them a bit more than she does while performing with Fleetwood Mac. I've seen many Fleetwood Mac concerts and she always seems to take a step back and seems to make a conscience effort to try not to hog the spot light when she performs with them. It's nothing against Lindsay but, at times during this concert, I almost felt like I was at one of his solo performances and Stevie was just a guest since he really seemed to be the one to step forward and try to take center stage. And, as far as Stevie's energy level goes, most of her songs with FM lean more toward Ballads. So, I'm not sure what people expected out of her besides some great vocalization? Would they have been happy if during her rendition of Landslide or Dreams she were to grab Lindsay's guitar to smash it, kick over Mick's drums, and throw her mic stand at the audience?! I thought Stevie showed enough energy with the more rock orientated songs like Stand Back to put people half her age to shame! In conclusion, I felt it was a very good concert and that the ENTIRE band delivered great performances.

I was at the Fleetwood Mac concert last Thursday 3/5/09. Whoever was handling the soundboard for Stevie's first number , screwed up. Lindsay's guitar and microphone were turned up too loud, and Stevie's microphone not loud enough. Stevie being the great performer that she is... went on despite the screw up. Giving everything Stevie's voice has been through, were is the consideration here for her vocal cords?

The Chicago Tribune critic talked about Lindsay being the glue of Fleetwood Mac, well Stevie is the cement that bounds them.

I attend both shows in Chicago. They were fantastic!! "Storms" from the Tusk record—never performed before—was on the set list, and it was excellent. Mick’s drums added the “hauntingness” factor to Stevie’s magical words. For the Stevie Stand Back diehards, I counted 12 twirls on Thursday, and 9 on Friday.

If you’re debating whether or not to catch a show, SEE THIS ONE. (I have been to about 40 shows; been a fan since 1977). Lindsey is on fire, and phenomenal on the guitar. He had so much energy, and was amazing. Stevie looked gorgeous, and sounded incredible. Reviews will probably say she doesn’t hit the high notes, but it doesn’t matter; she sounded terrific. John of course is a silent genius in the band, but really adds to the music especially on "The Chain" and "Gold Dust Woman". I love watching Mick’s bug eyes, and he really gets the crowd going, especially during "World Turning". (Are you with me?! Don’t leave me in the cold!) Where’s his magical drum vest?? I thought that was totally cool, and sorry it wasn’t in the show.

Neal, Brett, Steve, and the backup singers, Sharon, Lori, and Jana, were a great addition to the band. If you’ve been to other shows (Lindsey solo, Stevie solo, other FM shows), you’ll recognize Neal and Brett as well as the singers. I think Brett’s real name is Brett-I-can-pick-up-any-instrument-and-play-it-perfectly-Tuggle.

The second night, Lindsey dedicated “Never Going Back Again” to his wife, Kristen, and three kids, Will, LeeLee, and Stella, who were attending that evening.

My only complaint was the merchandise. I realize most bands (or is it the management?) charge waaayyy too much for a teeshirt ($45-$50), and other items (jackets were $85!). Ok. Guess I’ve come to expect that these days. But, for you guys and gals out there who want a tee…beware of the sizing!! Several choices were sized pretty small. For the ladies…I’m a size 6 aka M, but let’s just say if you have something going for you on top as I do, these shirts won’t fit you, unless you go for the super-dooper-tight look. Try the white tee with the black/orange logo.

The Rosemont (Allstate) is probably a better venue for hockey and not rock ‘n’ roll, but despite the acoustics, the sound was excellent, and every band member seemed to be enjoying themselves…they played/sang their hearts out.

Thanks Mac for going back on tour!!

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