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Fleetwood Mac 2009 - FAN REVIEWS

03/26/09 Air Canada Centre Toronto, ON

Tim Magas
Best set list...EVER!!!I flew from Winnipeg to see the show in Ottawa and then onto Toronto.I "hoped and I prayed" to experience Sara live and after 17 times seeing Stevie my wish came true.Chills from head to toe!Then the surprise of the haunting Storms,not to mention Gypsy,Stand Back,Silver Springs,Landslide.It was sensory overload.I purposely avoided all reviews cause I wanted to be surprised by the set list.If you are still thinking about attending a date and can get tickets,do yourself the favour and go.If you love the MAC this is the one concert to see.The chemistry and history amongst this band is unparalleled and is palpable and powerful to experience.The songs stand the test of time and the band delivers one gem after the other;no gimmicks needed.I can't wait until May for Calgary and Edmonton.

This was my second show of the tour so far - also went to Detroit a few weeks back. The set list this tour is fantastic - to get to hear Storms is such a thrill and Stevie is doing a great job on it. She seems to have great confidence in her voice this tour which really shines thru. The band all seemed more relaxed and looked like they were having a good time last night - a month into the tour. There were lots of smiles and a lot more spontaneous dancing and gesturing by Stevie that was a welcome sight. She looks fantastic and the comments all around were about how she does not look her age. Kudos! Stevie and Lindsay were interacting well and seemed to be enjoying each other again. Stevie's voice sounds better than ever - I mean that. She is putting notes back in songs that she would previously just let fade out or "scream" thru - i.e. Gold Dust Woman ending. Silver Springs is sounding great too. Sara - always a welcome treat. I like the way Mick does his extended drum solo now instead of the previous drum vest thing. It fits better into the show. The place was sold out last night and it was great to see so many hard core Canadian fans there and some new ones too. As a fan since the Fleetwood Mac white album era, I really hope that the band decides to record this tour and put out another DVD as this would be a great way to capture the band sounding great, with a terrific set list of fav's and everyone looking fantastic. I think this one would sell better than the last one - the Say You Will Tour DVD. The band all seemed very appreciative of their audience which is a welcome change from contemporary artists today. My voice is hoarse today from singing every song - what a great way to spend the evening with my favourite band! If you don't have a ticket yet for this tour, go out and get one NOW!

Having seen Fleetwood Mac the previous week, from the 2nd row, I wondered if I could top it. The night before the show, I found 2 front row tickets, discounted. I went for it. I took my sister with me, and we were meeting a friend there. He has posted the best review of the entire night, including pictures and videos at http://concertaholics.com/ .....a must read for any Stevie Nicks fan.

I took a dozen long stem red roses with me, and had the opportunity to present them to Stevie after her final bow. It was absolutely the thrill of a lifetime for me! I was 7 years old when I traded my Barry Manilow double album live for my sister's copy of Rumours. lol .... Listening to Fleetwood Mac was my music comfort food......The concert was phenomenal, and being so close, you become part of the show. This differed from last week, in that there was no security up front at all.

Stevie's voice is strong and solid, and she really had a great show. They all did, Lindsey was still a god on the guitar - is, was and always will be. It was such a fun night, the set list is a dream, I loved all the tracks from the White Album and Rumours, the few obscure Tusk songs are a special treat for us die-hard fans, Storms is stunning.....I know I'm Not Wrong is FABULOUS, but especially live. Anytime "Oh Well" is added in the mix, it's always a bonus to hear. I thought they did 'World Turning' amazing, considering Christine wasn't there. (and who was missed!)

An unforgettable night.....I'll never forget it......

Carmen and Aaron
What a beautiful show by a magical band. Never have two hours and twenty minutes gone by so fast. We didnít think it was even possible to love Fleetwood Mac more than we already did. But after seeing both shows at the ACC, we do. Thank you Stevie, Lindsey, Mick, John, Brent, Neal, Sharon, Lori, Jana and crew. You guys are amazing. Your music keeps us dreaming. May the band play on forever.

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