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Fleetwood Mac 2009 - FAN REVIEWS

03/23/09 Scotiabank Place Ottawa, ON

Even way up in the nose-bleed section at Scotia Bank Place, the show was a blast! You work so hard to make sure the audience gets what they want. And for me, that was a happy flashback to my youth.

As then, listening to Fleetwood Mac makes life seem a little bit more bearable.

Thanks for that!!!

Stephen Chapchal
Monday night in Ottawa was a planned attendance that was fantastic! Wednesday night in Montreal was impulse and last minute, but it gave me a chance to really see how strong the band is together!! Honestly, the sets were the same, but the energy was pure and different. The evenings were both unique and responsive to those two audiences. I am so happy to see the band together today in 2009! I hope that more work will be done together and time will only mature the band despite the past. Frankly a boring past would probably not lead to such an intense present (and future). Keep up the intensity......and this is just the first month of touring!! God Bless you all.

Mike Booth Ottawa, ON
The concert in Ottawa on the 23rd was amazing and seemed personal, Lindsay Buckingham stole the crowd expressing his love to our appreciation of his perfected art of playing guitars and exceptional vocals. He spoke to everyone and performed flawlessly. Reaching down into the crowd and holding hands for at least 20 or 30 seconds even allowing the crowd to hit and strum the strings of his guitar. I'm sure the world will someday understand he is the best guitarist in the world. Mic was his usual self passing on praise to John in making him sound so good on the drums. And then there's Miss Stephanie Nicks with vocals like no other. she looked amazing for 35 yrs old and without a doubt made every woman envious of her. With perfectly timed clothing changes and movements across the stage as graceful as a white winged dove. I know I can say that she is truly loved by people that have never met her and the crowd let her know it. It was a timeless event throwing us back to the 70's in 2009.


I finally got to see Stevie March 23 in Ottawa at Scotiabank Place. I live in Pembroke, 1.5 hours outside Ottawa. I have never seen Fleetwood Mac before and have been a fan for over 10 years. I have been waiting for this once in a lifetime chance to see Stevie live. Although I can hope it won't be just once in my lifetime and welcome them back to Ottawa anytime! I was on the floor about 25 rows back. Stevie's voice was incredible. She honestly just gets better and better. She looked amazing. Lindsey was fantastic on the guitar. Although I couldn't see the greatest because everyone stands up on the floor, I got to walk up to the front on the last song which was "Silver Springs" and get a closer look and a photo. I am so happy she played Stand Back - what a voice! Loved the show! Come back again Stevie! We love you in Canada!

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