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Fleetwood Mac 2009 - FAN REVIEWS

03/21/09 Izod Center East Rutherford, NJ

Ally, NJ
fleetwood mac was AMAZING!!. I saw the at the izod center, with my dad, mom & little sister. This was the first time my sister could remember seeing them, she said it was amazing!! When i first got there, i started to cry. I couldnt belive i was with in less of 100 ft, of stevie nicks!!!!!. but it was happy tears. I havent seen them since 2003 & her since pnc bank arts center. But anyways....Stevie looked so pretty, like always, . And Lindsey, well i just dont know were he gets his energy from. John, just did his thing, good, usual. & Mick, oh my!! he's just crazy.Especially ,when he talks, he's funny.

I sat in the back with my dad. While my sister & mom got "quezzy". they went and talked to some guy in charge & THEY GOT FLOOR SEATS. i was so mad. ( and got over it, during lanslide<3)

But i was up in section 238, rockin out to every song. i knew almost every word, i impressed myslef. during storms i noticed people, started to talk, i felt so sorry for stevie, i think she noticed too. i dontknow how people could be so rude! & is such a pretty song too!!!!

My favorite was stand back, world tunring, rhiannon, & tusk. no i lied, i cant pick, they were all so amazing.

even though im fourteen, & have only been to several concerts of them, i will be going to as many concerts as they put on .... or can go too.

you guys are amazing & i love you's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jennifer From Piscataway, NJ
This show was AMAZING!!! I guess the last time i saw a show in an indoor arena was seeing Fleetwood Mac in philly back in 2003 for the Say You Will Tour. And this show was even better than the last time I saw them. There was SO much energie. Stevie sounded and looked great.. loved all the shawls and coustume changes... the boots everything and it was amazing to see her twirl ... the last show i saw her she didnt twirl really. And to see her twirl across the stage was just made me jump in my seat to see her twirl! The solo's by Lindsey and Mick were amazing. Just to see them still rocking thier hearts out and loving every minute of it! I cant wait to see them again! My ears are still ringing lol. Amazing show by all!

Richard B.
It was a real crowd-pleasing show on March 21 and the band played for about 2 1/2 hours with lots of energy, particularly on the part of Lindsey Buckingham. The songs were mostly what you'd expect and what the band's been playing on their most recent tours, with a few surprises -- like Storms, I Know I'm Not Wrong, and Oh Well -- thrown in. Personally I would liked it if the band added something from "Say You Will" -- it's disappointing they ignored the entire album. And while Buckingham had enormous energy, Nicks seemed a bit subdued -- certainly much more than she was on her solo tour last summer. I wonder if she still doesn't miss having Christine McVie in the band. But overall a very satisfying show -- the next day we're still playing all Fleetwood Mac CDs & DVDs at home, which is a sign you really liked a concert!

Barb & Vicki
I'm still coming off the high of last nights show. I took my daughter 27 to see them (her first time) she was blown away. The first time I saw them was in the late 70's, and I think they were even better. Probably because they were so open with their emotions of performing again. I can't believe they only started rehearsing Jan 5. Thats because they are a unit. I really want to thank them for doing the Rumours Tour, that's all they need to do. But I did miss Christine, hope she'll be back next time. To the woman that was sitting next to us and asked me how old is Stevie? I said mid 50's she said NO I'm 51 she's got to be younger. Well I'm 58 and I wish I looked as good as 60 year old Stevie. You look fabulous!!!!!

Fleetwood Mac sounded great and Stevie seemed much happier than the 1st Chicago show (she looked like she might have been under the weather in Chicago). I was able to get row N about 13 rows back from where Lindsay was standing (which was cool as watching a great guitarist from a closer range is worth making the trip). I decided to check out the show as I am in Stamford, Connecticut for two weeks until the 27th. Although on a business trip my weekends are mine and I still get the hotel covered and per diem for meals (meaning the ticket price, parking, and t-shirt and stuff are effectively free as long as I don't burn through 12 days worth of per diem, which ain't gonna happen). While that might seem to be gaming the system, you cannot imagine how much fun it isn't to do number crunching on thousand member companies.

It's a great thing that FM is still touring and maybe they will find new material along the way and do a new album.

I saw Fleetwood Mac at the Izod Center in NJ Saturday night. This was my seventh Mac/Nicks concert and WOW! The Mac put on a great show and Stevie once again proved that she is the shining light and talent that keeps us all coming back! Lindsey played a wicked guitar and Stevie's voice was angelic, she looked amazing! Mick was hilarious!!!

Daniel De Mello from Princeton, New Jersey
Mick Fleetwood’s final statement of the evening summed it up perfectly – “The Mac is Back!”

The gang (Mick, Lindsay, Stevie and John) delivered a fun, enjoyable performance to a packed venue. Interestingly enough, the band and its stage managers must be reading the current reviews. Several critics had mentioned that Lindsay and Stevie were keeping their distance and not interacting with one another. Well, tonight they proved everyone wrong. Lindsay and Stevie came out ho lding hands a couple times, and there was a point early in the show Lindsay resting his head against Stevie’s shoulder (maybe he was wiping the sweat off his forehead?). After three decades, Lindsay Buckingham showed the crowd he still has “spunk” – delivering high energy and a playful stage presence. The only setback was Lindsay seemed to overpower Stevie during many songs.

As for the reigning Queen of Rock & Roll, Miss Nicks continues to entrance us with her haunting poetry, sultry vocals and signature twirls. Even in 2009, we are still very much apart of her Magical Kingdom. Much love to Stevie and the Mac~

As for the Izod Center, I would never go back to see a show here. The camera crew was terrible. ; The employees directing people to their seats were rude and the sound quality was below average. While I would travel almost anywhere to enjoy a Fleetwood Mac or Stevie Nicks concert – the Izod Center will not be a future place I wil l attend.

Hello all the Stevie/Mac fans out there, it's Athena from NJ again!

My friend Anh and I saw the Mac on march 21st at the IZOD Center and they were absolutely wild! Mick was as crazy as ever as he beat those drums to a pulp, eyes wide and a constant grin on his face. John as usual was subdued but brilliant and he pounded out his bass sounds. Lindsey wild and ripping into his guitar while belting out those familiar words to the songs we all love. And last but certainly not the least was Stevie, "The First Lady of Fleetwood Mac" as Mick put it that night! She was radiant, sounded so crystal clear, and her wardrobe was beautiful. I have read elsewhere that she had no passion or emotion in her performance... HELLO!!!! are you deaf? Were you so far from the stage that you could not see the emotion and energy in her face as she belted out the tunes and hit the high notes she used to? What about when she twirled across the stage with the grace and speed of her youth? Well if you didn't catch that, I am sorry for you. But from where my friend and I stood close to the stage I saw it all! If she was subdued at all, it is because it is well known that she tones herself down to give the spot light to other members of the band... The Mac is not the Stevie Show.

The set list was well done, I never got to hear Sara or Storms live and I got some pretty awesome footage of those songs so I am happy! I too would have loved to hear some songs from the SYW album, but I suppose they chose the songs that they figured would please the most fans. That's the thing about Fleetwood Mac, they have always been concerned with the happiness of their fans.

You could really feel the love there that night, no more angst and fighting but a reconciliation was evident. One of my favorite moments was when Stevie and Lindsey hugged at the end of Sara, it was so sweet, everyone sighed.

Mick: Never stop being wild and crazy! John: you are silent but ever so present! Christine: you were missed but your spirit was there just the same. Lindsey: I am going to hold you true to your word that there may be a new album with new material coming in the near future! Stevie: Rock On Ancient Queen... You are the poet in my heart!

Welcome back! to THE MAC!

Shannon, NJ
Amazing show. I have been going to Fleetwood Mac concerts since I was 9 and I am 39 now. I took my 9 year old daughter and she loved it. She knows all of their music from me. They sounded incredible and Lindsey's "I'm So Afraid" was perfect. The only bad part was when we had to change our seats because of a rude drunk who kept banging on her tambourine. What an idiot. Storms sounded amazing and made me cry. I will continue to go to their shows until they stop, they are in my opinion, the greatest rock-n-roll band ever and they sound amazing live. Stevie is beautiful and ageless. I love all of you.

Beverly P.
what a totally spellbinding amazing performance by all the band. i have seen stevie solo through the years and lindsy solo last fall in a small venue by philadelphia but when they bring it back together ther is no question, the magic that still happens to delight thousands of their fans. my stevie, of course you can tell i am partial, was beuatiful as always, i have said it before and i will keep saying baby you are more beautiful with age , poised, din't miss a note, and i love to watch her do her little extra moves that she has perfected through the years. that is the really cool part, because if you have the opportunity to share this wonderful experience with someone who has never had the chance to see them or not for awile i can say watch this watch what she does next!!! lindsy the greatest guitar player ever . i have been to alot of concerts in my life and never saw anyone jam like he can never using a guitar pic!!! yes the mac was definitely back and to stevie, my idol since i was 12, the queen of rock and roll stay safe baby and keep twirling we love you forever and ever.............our enchantress.

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