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Fleetwood Mac 2009 - FAN REVIEWS

03/01/09 Mellon Arena Pittsburgh, PA

I was there! And it WAS magical! You could tell every person on stage was having a great time and they were happy to be there. Of course, Stevie was beautiful and her voice was captivating. Lindsay has more energy than all 3 of my kids hyped up on sugar. I can't describe how manic this guy is. Mick seemed to be having a great time and John, well, he's John, lol, stayed in the background but never missed a note. They are all at their best. Four very distinct personalities coming out to grace us with the songs that have provided the soundtracks to our lives. At least mine. We all know the songs, the stories, the emotion. I couldn't understand why they chose 'Unleashed' as the name of the tour, but now I get it. If you get the chance, GO! You will NOT be disappointed. The magic is still there. They ROCK. They sound awesome.

The only thing I was disappointed in was they didn't do "Sisters of the Moon", but hey, ya can't have it all. We got Gypsy, Rhiannon, Landslide, the beautiful Sara, among many others. How many songs can you hear as many times as you've heard "The Chain" that still make your heart thump to the beat of that song? It was a very special night and if I could say one thing to anyone in Fleetwood Mac ~ it would be 'Thank You. Thank you for the music, thank you for the memories & thank you for the magic'. Do not miss this show!

I had the pleasure of attending the Fleetwood Mac concert on opening night in my hometown of Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh loves Fleetwood Mac! We welcomed them back with a full, rocking house. The fans packed the parking lot 2 hours before the gates even opened. The Unleashed tour is set to be a great one. The set list was fantastic, Silver Springs is back and left you awestruck. Storms was an added surprise to the list and it was well received by the fans - everyone loved it. Stevie's performance for the entire show was surreal. Lindsey is still an absolute mad man who just doesn't quit. Mick's drums and John's bass made the floor feel like it was moving under your feet. This show is a must see for all Fleetwood Mac fans.

It was such a treat (as always) to attend the Mellon Center concert in Pittsburgh. However, IT WAS TOO LOUD! My friends and I actually had hearing issues for a couple of hours after the concert. I've been to many Fleetwood Mac concerts and never had this problem. Thanks for listening, Sherri

I attended the concert on March 1st in Pittsburgh and I was blown away!! I have seen Fleetwood Mac three times before this concert and this time it was just unbelievable. The set list was just great and I got chills when they sang “Storms”. I have always wanted to hear that song performed live. I hope that they don’t drop any single song from the set because Fleetwood Mac rocked!! The only thing that was a bit unusual to me was the lack of eye contact between Stevie and Lindsey. It almost seemed as though they might have been a bit upset with each other, but that’s just my opinion. Maybe others saw it differently than me. Anyone that hasn’t seen Fleetwood Mac really needs to see them on this tour!! I can’t wait until next month when they come to Columbus!!

I was at the Fleetwood Mac show in Pittsburgh on Sunday night. It was a pretty expensive ticket, but oh so worth it. Stevie and Lindsay together are magical. They both sounded excellent. Awesome show.

Pat& Carl from Ohio
We attended opening night & loved every minute of the show Was so pumped to hear Sara & Storms and they didn't disappoint one bit. Stevie looked gorgeous. Lindsey was on fire all night--don't know how he does it. Go see this concert if you possibly can!

Hi, my name is Jody and I was at the show on March 1st. I've seen the Mac and Stevie so many times over the years, but I still get excited when ever I see them and this was no exception. We were seven rows back, right in front of Lindsey and he put on an excellent show. I loved the set list and Storms was so beautiful I wanted to cry. Stevie looked and sounded beautiful. She wore the most gorgous boots and dresses. It was such a thrill and I enjoyed every moment of it. If you get a chance to see them, please do. It's a great show. It's pared back from the 2003 show but Sharon, Lori and Jana are singing back up and they have an extra guitarist along with Neal Haywood on piano.

Jason from Altoona, PA
This show was Round 4 of seeing Fleetwood Mac for me! (It was Round 5 for my Mom who has seen the same shows as me plus she saw them in 1975!) AMAZING PERFORMANCE! The band sounded AWESOME as always!, The Set List was GREAT as well!, and by the end of Lindsey's guitar solo on "I'm so Afraid" I don't think there was a person who wasn't on their feet in the entire Mellon Arena! Truly an evening that will never be forgotten! If you have the chance to see "The Mac" live, don't hesitate to do so!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jason Freehling Altoona PA

Terry from Youngstown, Ohio
Hi, I once again had the privilege of seeing my favorite band Fleetwood Mac Opening night in Pittsburgh. As usual, they Did not disappoint. My only problem is how hard it is to get a good ticket anymore. You really have no shot at the 1st couple rows, because the scalpers and radio stations get them before they even go on sale. So then I have to go To a broker and pay 3 or 4 times as much for a ticket. It’ use to be the a real fan would be able to get a seat in the 1st couple rows, but those days are over. My tickets that I bought from a broker were 12 row right. I’m so glad that We were on the right side because Lindsey is unbelievable. I use to go to concerts and not take my eyes off of Stevie, But those days have changed too. Lindsey is the person to watch. It’s a shame that he is not on the list of the best Guitarists, because he is the best. (hands down). The heart & soul he puts into every single song he plays makes You think that you’re the only one in the world and he’s playing it for you. He’s so playful and talks and smiles at The crowd the whole time. Stevie was beautiful and sounded great as usual. I did notice some tension between Her and Lindsey. They usually look at each other a lot more and sing to each other, even if it’s a mean song like “go your own way” or “silver springs”. There was none of that in Pittsburgh. I am looking forward to seeing them In Cleveland and Columbus in april. This was the 1st concert I have gone to that they didn’t open up with the “Chain” And it was pretty cool. Monday Morning was a great opening song. I haven’t heard them perform that for 20-25 years. They also played a lot of old stuff which was cool. I have seen FWM and Stevie more than 200 times and it never gets Old. They have such great harmony and chemistry. Even If they aren’t getting along. Thanks for the memories again, And hope that there are more to come.

This was Fleetwood Mac's first show of their 2009 "UNLEASHED" tour. Being a fan of Stephanie Lynn Nicks since 1976 when Fleetwood Mac backed up the Eagles I sent Stevie a "stunning bouquet" the day before the concert. The least I could do.I was (4) rows back from the stage straight on with Lindsay Buckingham. Lindsay, being the hard working ultimate professional he is, did not fail to deliver. Likewise, myself being the ultimate Stevie fan, I didn't fail to deliver. The core of Fleetwood Mac, Mick Fleetwood and John McVie, were "ON" like they have been way before Stevie and Lindsay joined the band. The keyboard player was not Christine McVie and if you don't know his name by now, LEARN IT! He was THAT good!!! Ms. Nicks was,is and will always be the HIGH PRIESTESS OF ROCK AND ROLL!!! If you've never seen Fleetwood Mac, GO! Pay the ticket for some of Rock and Roll's pioneers and ROCK AND ROLL HALL OF FAME MEMBERS! Simply put, they are worth it! FLEETWOOD MAC ALWAYS HAVE PLAYED LOUD IN CONCERT and always will. They played their hits this time around because of their fans. I like all of Stevie's songs such as "Silver Springs" and "Rhiannon" but the one of hers that stuck out in my mind this time was"Gold Dust Woman!" Compared to the last time I heard this song live in Hollywood in '97 she toned down the ending! WELLA! I had the pleasure of talking to Stevie at the Barnes and Noble in NYC recently and let me say the soundstage sessions stevie nicks & live in chicago with a gazillion songs by stevie nicks are worth every penny you'll pay to keep something that can't be taken down from the internet! "Red River Valley" & "It's Late" from the Chris Isaak Show were diamonds! My next Stevie Stop will be in Cleveland to see Fleetwood Mac! I've already ALL-ACCESSED the L.A. Staples Center show near the end of the tour. Thank You Stevie, & Ladies & Gentlemen of Fleetwood Mac. Special Thanks to John Kinney & staff from Texas who just happen to run the best dang web site for a musician that I'll ever see in my life!

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