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Fleetwood Mac 2009 - FAN REVIEWS

03/17/09 Air Canada Centre Toronto, ON

Hi there, wanted to share my review of the show last night;

I want to start by addressing some of the issues highlighted in previous reviews; a) In Toronto, there was no problem with the sound levels, It wasn't too loud - and believe me, I worried about that since we were in the 2nd row on the floor, right in front of Lindsey. (later moved up right against stage) b) Stevie and Lindsey were absolutely delightful and warm with each other and it was thrilling to see. The crowd loves seeing them play off each other and they did not disappoint. c) Stevie's vocals were strong, in tact and gorgeous!

I've been a fan since 1977, and a hardcore one at that. Last night was absolutely magical. Even my husband thoroughly enjoyed it. Lindsey is a god on the guitar - I can't believe he doesn't use a pick! He played the hell outta those guitars and gave everything he had for each and every song. They did a great job sharing the spotlight too. Words cannot express the emotions I felt last night, especially being so close and not having seen them for so long. Mick was hilarious and brilliant on the drums....John McVie was his usual 'background self', but didn't miss a beat. I do confess to missing Christine McVie, since she is such an integral part of the Mac. They did a great job with her songs, in her absence, but she was missed. The setlist read like a dream for an old fan, and while it sounds trite, this really was a once-in-a-lifetime setlist. Next time around, there will be new ones in the mix and we will lose some of the classic gems.

While I could never choose one over another, since they were all truly brilliant, I can honestly say that highlights for me were Monday Morning, Storms and Oh Well. But how awesome was it to hear I Know I'm Not Wrong!!! And Big Love done on acoustic guitar!! My husband's favs were Rhiannon, The Chain and Oh Well. Lastly, it's difficult to articulate what it means to a true Mac fan, to hear songs like Storms thrown into the mix. Songs that deeply affect us and take us back to memories, both personal and of the band. There was a time when I would have given anything to hear Silver Springs live, but having only heard it on the B-side of Go Your Own Way for years and years, I had given up hope of ever hearing it live. Of course, that changed when it was released, some years ago. Storms had become that 'elusive' song for me. It's renewed my hope that, maybe one day, I will get to hear Lindsey and Stevie do "Frozen Love", off their Buckingham/Nicks album........hint hint. ;-)

Dear Mac,

I am Steve, age 52, I had the time of my life attending with my 17 year old son Peter, and sitting in Row 3, left side, where Stevie sang most of her songs and where Lindsey came over to our side playing his amazing guitar !

We saw Lindsey in Hamilton back in October and we were just as close watching his magic. It was great to see him again playing with the Mac. I never get enough of his guitar and Stevie's singing.

This was my first Fleetwood Mac concert, I don't know how I missed them the past 30 years but I finally am enjoying them more than ever.

I hope to find tickets again for the 26th when they return to Toronto.

Thanks again Fleetwood Mac for coming back again. Stevie, you are so right...the world needs Fleetwood Mac right now. We know you don't need the money...you do like good work to do and we need an escape from what is all wrong in our society..

Thanks again for your leadership Stevie, Lindsey, Mick and John.

Ive just ordered your DANCE dvd..ya I am over 10 years behind and I will order Stevie's new Recorded in Chicago DVD. I saw the show on HDNET and recorded it on my tuner....Stevie and the songs are just amazing.

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