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Fleetwood Mac 2009 - FAN REVIEWS

03/16/09 Blue Cross Arena Rochester, NY

My friend Marisa and I saw them last night, and let's just say for a band whose members are in their 60's, they really rocked out. It seems lately though that when Stevie plays in Fleetwood Mac, as opposed to her solo concerts, she takes a back seat, as if she's mindful not to hog the spotlight. The same cannot be said for Lindsay! He totally stole the show, as many reviewers have noted. Having said that, Stevie looked and sounded amazing. Her performance of "Storms" was truly mesmerizing. Others have pointed out that Stevie and Lindsay didn't seem to connect in concert, but last night I thought they actually over did it a little. Every time they hugged or stood next to each other the crowd erupted in cheers. It was almost like "An evening with Stevie & Lindsay with Fleetwood Mac". But there was a very funny moment at the end of the concert, when Stevie and Lindsay walked back on stage. He grabbed her to do a little waltz like dance, and she looked and him, smiled and shook her head no! Overall the concert was very memorable, though I thought they played through rather quickly, not much talking between songs. But the crowd was really into it, and I'm very glad to have seen them once again

Kelly G
I went to the show in Rochester last night 3/16, and I was blown away. My friend and I were lucky enough to meet Mick Fleetwood before the show because were the Charity Winners for Hilltop Children's School In Los Angeles. Mick is so friendly,gentle, and amazing. My friend and I were with two other couples and he gave both my friend and I kisses on the cheek when meeting him and saying goodbye. When he was signing a t-shirt of mine I asked him what advice he would give a recent college grad, and he said "follow your passion." After the amazing meet and greet we got our tickets, 2nd row!. However obviously we were standing at the stage the entire time. The band sounded and looked amazing. Stevie's voice was absolutely perfect and Lindsay's gutiar playing was insane. When Lindsay was doing his guitar solo for Go Your Own Way he was literally on top of us and he put his guitar down so that my friend and I were able to strum his guitar!!!!Absolutely amazing. The Encore was so great and I could not have been to a better Fleetwood Mac concert in my entire life.

“The Mac is Back!” Those were Mick Fleetwood’s closing remarks after a phenomenal show at the Blue Cross Arena in Rochester, New York on March 16th. And he couldn’t have said it any better.

All four remaining Mac members were at the top of their game, proving that age is only a state of mind. These classic veterans of rock gave no indication of slowing down. True, Steve wasn’t as active on stage as she once was (although, she did delight the crowd with her signature spins during Stand Back…you go girl!), but her vocals were strong and seemingly well trained after all these years of singing. Lindsey did a super job of showing off his magic fingers and seemed to put a lot of energy into his performance. Never missing a note during his acoustic classic, “Big Love”, he once again proved his status as a highly underrated guitar player. Mick seemed to be having the most fun, purposefully making wild-man faces at the camera and working the crowd during his “World Turning” drum solo. John McVee, of course, humbly stayed in the background but never missed a beat as his signature bass lines thundered through the arena loud and clear.

No one member stole the show and although they all have very different styles individually, they once again molded their talents into a perfect blend of classic Mac madness. Although Christine McVee will always be missed, Stevie did a great job of taking over her lead vocals and keyboard player and long-time friend of the band, Brett Tuggle, quickly made us forget that Christine is no longer a part of the band.

Truly, Stevie Nicks never ceases to amaze her fans. Speaking freely to the audience in between songs, she seemed to be enjoying herself. This queen of rock is full of such grace and charisma that she once again left her fans spellbound by the end of the show. Making a couple of wardrobe changes and doning her signature black top hat during “Go Your Own Way”, Stevie delivered in typical mystical fashion. And yes, she was once again wearing her famous platform boots. “Gold Dust Woman” was especially theatrical and it was truly a treat to hear her sing “Sarah” and “Gypsy”, both Mac oldies but goodies. During the final encore, “Silver Springs”, Stevie seemed to transform into a Joplin reincarnate, upholding the theme of this tour ~ “Unleashed”. Since the song was given to her Mother as a gift, it obviously has personal meaning to Stevie and it showed. Of course, the crowd went wild. Truly, a mesmerizing way to end a great show.

As far as the show goes overall, I have no complaints. It sometimes seemed to be a little loud…then again, am I the one getting old? I would definitely go out and buy another set of tickets for this tour. After all, you can never quite get enough of The Mac. And although there were moments that seemed to have competitive undertones between Stevie and Lindsay, this show was a true treat…and well worth the money.

Sherry from Rochester, NY
I attended the Fleetwood Mac concert on March 16th with my family. I am 40 yrs old and have been a fan since I was in highschool and my uncle handed me the Rumors albumn and said,"Check this out." I fell in love with their imagery, especially Stevie before I even played the albumn. All these yrs later, I am still....mesmerized by them. I have seen Stevie and LIndsey in concert, but never Fleetwood Mac. My 19 yr old daughter and 11 yr old son went with my husband and I, and my uncle was sitting at the back of the arena. We were lucky to get section 100 seats row B near a wall that was oh to close to the floor seating!!

My daughter cried throughout the entire performance! I am glad I bought tickets to 3 more shows so that she can relax and enjoy the artistry of this band. Though it is so hard not to emote over the magic of who they are. I have to say that it was one of the greatest moments of my life to be there with my family, and The Mac. My children have been raised on their music, and love them as much as we do.

I jumped the wall once (in a dress in boots) to dance with some people sitting on the floor. Funniest 30 seconds of my life, until security sent me back. But before the encore, my uncle came walking down the floor from his upper level seat (dont know how he got past security) came up to the wall, and said, "Sher let's go...I'm taking you up front!" I jumped the wall again...and up we went. By the grace of God, security let us walk right up to the 1st row aisle, where there were empty seats from people rushing the stage, and my uncle went back and got my family, cause I just couldn't be up there without them, especially my daughter, who just adores The Mac. We shuffled in and in as far as we could go. By the last song, Silver Springs, my uncle had made his way further in and he yelled to me, "Get up on the chairs and come across" and like a lunatic I did. Ran across 5-6 folding chairs before I took a little tumble, but I got to him, and he pulled me over to his row, where I stood about 30 ft from Stevie, my lifelong muse. I cried tears of joy, if there is a way to laugh and cry at the same time I was doing it.

To see the four of them take that final bow together, was an eternity wrapped in a moment for me. The world stood still for just a little while. My uncle said it was his goal to get me up there, that he loved me beyond words, and we just embraced and cried and laughed. Magic! If I had to describe it, I would say that the show just had the this silky build up that frenzied into bursts of colors. They are all masters in their own right, and to me they are truly living art. Thank you Fleetwood Mac...and see you in Toronto next ... I can hardly wait!

I attended the Rochester show with my cousin on 3/16/09 and it was the best concert I’ve ever seen. I have never been to a Fleetwood Mac concert and I’ll tell you, if you haven’t either this is the tour you want to see. I haven’t seen anyone put on a better show than them. Lindsey was awesome, Stevie was beautiful and sang great, John was excellent and Mick I don’t know what to say—he can really put on a show, just excellent! They really rocked Blue Cross Arena. If you haven’t seen them, don’t miss out! This is a great show. I wanted to see them on their last tour but missed out, I’m glad I was able to see them this time around.

What can I say, to make any fan very clear,,,,,,,,The MAC is BACK!!! I attended the show in Rochester, NY,,,and was "in a word" blown away! From the first notes of Monday Morning, thru the last note of Silver Springs,,,The crowd was on their feet,,,The band rocks like they are in their 20's,,Lindsay is so underated, as a guitar professional,,,,and Stevie looked amazing,,Mick and John,,,Do the most amazing job, giving the rest of the band the support they need..I've seen the band twice before,,,,but have longed for and waited 30 yrs to finally hear,,"Sara" live,,,,and was not dissapointed,,,,I wish I was rich,,,I'd be going to every show they do this time!!!! Hope a new album is forthcoming and they are able to tour again in a couple of yrs...Incredible show.....

Sarah T.
I went to the March 16th show in Rochester, NY and it was awesome. I grew up listening to great rock music, thanks to my parents, who also went to the show with me & my boyfriend. I've always loved Fleetwood Mac. When I was in high school, The Dance was one of the first CDs I ever bought. All the songs were great, especially Sara (I always like songs with my name in it) and it was very sweet how Lindsay & Stevie cuddled up to each other at the end of that song. I hope they come back to Rochester again!

Gail F. from Penfield N.Y.
Another incredible, heartfelt Fleetwood Mac concert came & went. Hopefully many more to come. In Rochester N.Y. my sister & I had the privilege of seeing FM again in concert. We arrived at the Blue Cross Arena early so I could get pictures of the tour buses, etc. We parked near the "load in". We couldn't believe how many 18 wheelers there were lined up on the bridge over the Genesse River. What a photo opt! There must have been about 13. I also got photos of the tour buses. (around 7 of them) Parked next to the stage entrance was a silver colored limo. Had to get another photo.

We found our seats, 4th row from the stage on Stevie's side, on the left side of the arena. The arena holds 12,000, only 8,000 seats were sold. After many FM, Stevie Nicks concerts, these seats were the closest. At 8:10 the music got super loud, or should I say it sounded like crickets chirping, the lights went down & the crowd roared. Most of the band entered the stage by the steps on the side, but Stevie & Lindsey came out from the center next to Mick's drums. The lights came up & the Mac started to play "Monday Morning", then quickly went into "The Chain". A different sounding "I Know I'm Not Wrong" was played. After that Stevie sang "Gypsy" from the Mirage album. I very much enjoyed the "Gypsy" video being shown. Lindsey was then able to shine when he took the stage to sing "Go Insane".

Going to the Blue Cross Arena I must say that it's not the most acoustic friendly place to hold a concert. That being said, I thought FM should have cut down the volume. Too loud, the vocals weren't clear & as another reviewer mentioned, Lindsey's mike overpowered Stevie's. :(

There were only 2 complete costume changes for Stevie. She first came out in a black wiccan gown, donned her signature black boots & of course, her moon necklace. Halfway through the show she changed into a wine colored sequined Victorian gown with matching wine colored boots. One thing I missed was the video of family photos of Stevie through the years that was shown during her Crystal Visions tour. I don't think there was a dry eye in that Turningstone Resort concert in Syracuse N.Y..

Lindsey did an amazing rendition of "Never Going Back Again". His guitar work was impeccable. He plays so hard he shook his hands with pain. I didn't see much interaction between Stevie & Lindsey. Only 1 time at the end of "Sara" when Stevie put her head on his arm & Lindsey nuzzled her shoulder. Everyone could see by Lindsey's tearful emotion that his feelings will always be there. All through the show the Mac's lighting was amazing. They would bring in vivid reds & cool blues & greens. I'm glad FM allowed us to take photos. I took about 100 shots!

Mick brought out the best when the band played "World Turning". His drum solo, facial expressions, & his banter, "Can You Hear Me Now?" was priceless. Of course, Stevie couldn't go without her top hat on "Go Your Own Way". The crowd went crazy. The show was closing with 3 encore songs, "World Turning", "Don't Stop" & the beautiful song "Silver Springs".

My sister & I stayed to watch the roadies take down the stage equipment. Quite a feat, but they did it in record time. As we left the arena near the load in, a large door opened & a silver limo exited right in front of us. Soon we heard screams "Stevie". The window opened & Stevie extended her arm to shake hands with her fans. Quickly she closed the window & they were off to the airport with a police escort. I then heard screams "John", "John". Walking down the sidewalk came John McVie. White cap & all. He then entered a small black Hummer. Someone said Lindsey followed.

What a memorable evening with Fleetwood Mac, one that we'll never forget. Thank you Mick, John, Lindsey and Stevie! :)

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