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Fleetwood Mac 2009 - FAN REVIEWS

03/14/09 Mohegan Sun Arena Uncasville, CT

Jim N
Happens every time – 20 or 30 thousand come together, few cops, and no need for even them. No politics here. The only ‘stimulus’ we need is the band’s music, and we sure get plenty of that. About mid-show, Mick introduced the members of the band, and Stevie as the band’s ‘First Lady’. She is more like the ‘First Lady’ of the whole house – Stevie Nicks has always been a leader. Pantsuits don't make leaders. Sure was loud for a peaceable assembly, the crowd sometimes cheering over the PA system. Freedom still has its rewards…

Should you attend a rally for ‘The Sovereign Republic of Mac’, they won’t let you down. Many thanks to all who made it happen…

From Section 1, Row A, Seat 1 - (first seat in the house)

Thank you too, John

If Satan were at the concert,he would have had the d`evil cast out of him and sentenced to boogie all the rest of the days of his life. Dang what a concert!
Stevie Looked beautiful as always and sang so beautuful and strong you would never think a day had passed out of the seventies.
Chain,Gypsey,Landside,Storms,Gold Dust Woman,Dreams,she honored Christine McVies Say you love me!,Silver Springs,Sara was so beautiful,Rhiannon,Stand Back,AAHHH!
Lindsey Buckingham seemed in the best mood I have every seen him in,
Still the star of the guitar in my book.
John McVies quiet and calm demeanor makes him the loudest bass player in the world.
John McVie is a concert in himself.
When you see Lindsey Buckingham with the guitar standing next to the corners of the stage playing to the audience it makes you wonder if he were hired by God personally to
play the JOY/FUN into you.
He did sing Peter Greens (Oh Well) so I do think he just may have had a conversation with God.
So Afraid and Big Love two masterpieces of his were done with beautiful persision.
Go insane had a lot of meaning for the whole world.
Speaking of the whole world.
World Turning from the White album was such a rush I don`t think Mick Fleetwood will ever come/calm down from that rendition.
Stevie Nicks remarkably filled in where Christine McVie was missing.
Oh we miss her too of corse.
Who better to fill in but Stevie Nicks.
Mick Fleetwood cofounder with John Mcvie so many years ago was in fine form,some folk just after that many years take it for granted,not the case with the "MAC PACK".
The way they and I mean each of them put emphisis on everything they did took us all to a higher place,especially last night.
I have been an addict of the Fleetwood Mac Band scince 1977 and have never heard them like this.
It seemed to me the tempo was up a notch and with the tempo up and notch and emphisis on certian word,they got their points across. Stevie Nick had to remind Mick Fleetwood not to skate across the stage ,guess she didn`t want him to trip over the DRUMS! lol One blast and a half.
Go if you can and Go if you can`t,somehow Go see Fleetwood Mac.
Stevie Nicks will definiatly slay you in voice and song!

Fleetwood Mac's Unleashed Mohegan Sun Arena show swelled with constant audience sing-a-long and thunderous applause. The whirlwind show sped seamlessly through the classics listed on the set list... Highlights were the inclusion of Sara, Storms, and a unexpectedly dance-like vibed version of Stand Back that entirely accented throughout the song that underlying sound that Stevie says has no "TimeSpace". The sound usually is solo between the opening drum and the pad keyboards, but in this version seemed to overlay, instead of underlay the pad keyboards...an awesome, awesome mix that brought me back to my hearing this song the first time live in '86 for the Rock-a-Little tour. It is simply amazing to watch these mesmerizing performers continue to enthrall with so much vitality and seemingly endless energy. This show is absolutely a testament to why these individuals rightfully earned their place in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Steve H. from Beacon Falls, Connecticut
Fleetwood Mac was on Fire last night at the Mohegan Sun Arena Casino Show in Uncasville,Connecticut on Saturday March 14, 2009 This show was amazing same set list as the previous shows and Stevie and Lindsey, Mick and John were incredible powerhouse performances thru the whole show this show should have been filmed for a soundstage show or dvd i tell ya I loved Storms so much very haunting Stevie did an amazing performance on this song I sang right along to every song and sounds like everyone else around did too so very awesome show and incredible sold out crowd very warm welcome to Fleetwood Mac from a strong Connecticut audience loved every minute of it the show was so good i didn't want it to end it was sureal moment felt sad that it was over hope they will come around the area again later in the summer. looking forward to the new cd and the rumours box set I pre ordered stevie's soundstage live in chicago cd/dvd set from the warner brothers record site and looking forward to seeing and hearing that as well. Amazing Beautiful performance by Stevie and Lindsey was totally on fire amazing guitar playing definetly one of the best performances I have seen by them im still wired and high from this concert at the mohegan sun arena and awesome they are selling lithographs at the show with one for each show with the venue, city and date on them and i got one for the mohegan sun show they are numbered limited editions out of 100 prints awesome can't wait to frame the lithograph loving that also will be getting a lithograph from stevies new cd/dvd too looking forward to that. all the songs were amazing at mohegan sun a night to remember thanks for fleetwood mac for bringing some happiness to us again.


Linda B.
Oh, what a night ! Been with you from the start, always going back again.Diva Stevie,wonderful and powerful as always. Great songs,a leader in my eyes. Lindsey,seemed to enjoy himself more.Not so mad and tight looking as in the past, nice to see.Stevie and Lindsey,wonderful chemistryon the songs,no doubt.What a way to rock the night away

On the Evening of my Son's 3rd Birthday I had the privilage of spending the evening celebrating
with my favorite band Fleetwood Mac. My fist Mac concert was at the Boston Garden when I was about 11 years old, Tusk Tour!! That was the first of many many concerts for me!!! I always go when they come around, be it Stevie solo or with the Mac!!!

Mohegan Sun is such a great place to see a concert and I had a GREAT seat!! So the band comes
out all my favorite people together on stage, minus Chris...but I noticed during her (Chris's) songs Stevie,
when not singing, would go stand in Chris's "spot" shaking her tamborine as if honoring her missing
friend, at least that was how I saw it... and it warmed my heart!!

Monday Morning was the opener and I haven't heard this song live before, it was AWSOME!!! The entire evening felt like a dream! All my Favorite songs...there I sat clicking away on my new camera not wanting to forget the evening! They all sounded and looked amazing!! I was so happy that they did Gypsy and as usual I cried during Landslide,
Stevie has always been able to touch my heart that way, Singing about the things we all go thru..and YES I can
read between her lines and I KNOW what she is talking about!!

When Mick introduced the band he introduces Stevie as Miss Stephanie Lynn Nicks!!! I believe this must be
out of such respect for this wonderful woman and that her Dad, Jess always loved the name Stephanie and
never intended to call her Stevie I like to think it honors her Dad when Mick introduces her as Stephanie!!

Being in the same room with these legends of rock, my hero's was such an honor! A shout out to the people
I was sitting next to, had never met them before but they were such a nice couple, don't know their names
but we sang all the songs together and I told them all my Fleetwood Mac stories in between songs, they
asked me questions and I had all the answers, they were joking saying I was a Fleetwood Mac Encyclopedia!!!

John McVie, doesn't get a lot of attention and I suppose he likes it that way but I ALWAYS find a quiet moment
to shout out "JOHNNY" and I did it again!! I love that guy!! Mick was a wild man as always and ended the evening by reminding us that "THE MAC IS BACK"!!!

They ended the night with Silver Springs, done similar to the original that I played over and over on my 45
record player when I was a kid ... It was incredible, I hope they had as much fun as we all did, the crowd
was great and there was such energy I hope they all felt that... and the love that their fans have for them and
there songs!!

Thank You Mick, John Stevie and Lindsey for sharing yourselves with us and for all the great years of music!!

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