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Fleetwood Mac 2009 - FAN REVIEWS

03/13/09 Nassau Coliseum Uniondale, NY

Royal and Joan
We saw the show the other night at Nassau Col. and what can we say. Totally blown away - I don't know were to start. Lindsey was sssooo good and he seemed to at ease and seemed to enjoy himself and the people around him. Every song was great and selection was everything we would love to hear. Stevie - you are sssoo good and the stage is "yours". We have seen you the last couple of years at Jones Beach - yes we even sat through the cold. flooded night. But still as much as we fans have heard all about your troubled years together you just need to play together - its like magic!! I wish our seats were a little better - as we are in our early 60's (like you) being in the 40th row back on the floor we could really only watch the TV screens. It was hard to see you live "on stage" - too far back. One of these years we will get up front so we can see better. Mick - you and John just belong with each other. Its seems like all these years have only made all of you better and can't wait for the next tour!!! I hope we can catch you someplace else before this tour ends. Thanks for a really great night and now I will watch the video of your Boston Tour a few years ago to see if I can slowly have my Fleetwood Mac withdrawel pains ease up a little.

Denise Pianforte

Friday night's Fleetwood Mac show at the coliseum was absolutely fabulous. The band really rocked the house. Stevie looked simply beautiful and sounded like an angel. Lindsey was a guitar genius. I especially loved the song "Storms". While Stevie was singing, you could hear a pin drop it was so quite. That song took me right back in time. It was great hearing Lindsey's solo song "Go Insane" and of course Stevie's "Stand Back". Wish I could see the show all over again. If the show comes to your town, please don't miss it. Sure wish they make a dvd of the show. Thanks.

We attended the concert on March 13th- absolutely the best concert I have ever been to !Fleetwood Mac just keeps getting better and better- it was obvious everyone in the band was having a blast. Loved every minute of it, awesome, incredible! I will never forget it! Landslide, Silver Spring, Storm, all perfect. Truly a magical evening.

The March 13th show at Nassau Coliseum in Uniondale, NY was absolutely superb. It just may have been the best concert I have ever seen, and I have seen Stevie and Fleetwood Mac no less than 20 times since 1977. From Monday Morning to Silver Spring, it was truly magical. You leave wanting more, it's just not enough, although 23 songs were performed. Stevie was stunning and her usual mystifying self. Dreams, Sara, Rhiannon, Gold Dust Woman, Landslide, Stand Back, Silver Spring, and a real treat, Storms, were all mesmerizing. Say You Love Me, a Christine classic, was nicely done by Stevie. Stevie's voice was captivating. Lindsey was incredible, to say the very least. His energy and passion really shone through. His vocals were right on, the best I've heard from him. I'm So Afraid - awesome, Go Insane, Big Love, Oh Well, Tusk, Monday Morning, I Know I'm Not Wrong, Never Going Back Again, Second Hand News - all awesome. Stevie/Lindsey collaborations - The Chain, World Turning, Don't Stop, Go Your Own Way. Mick and John...what can be said? Two of the founding members, still rockin' after 42 years!! And better than ever! And the best part is, they are loving every minute of it, having a blast. Wish Christine was still there. Brett Tuggle did a super job at keyboard. Whew, what a show! The calendar says 2009, but it might as well have been 1977. Time stands still with the Mac. It's a 2 1/2 hour escape into the magical world that is Fleetwood Mac. Do not miss this show!! Looking forward to the next one after a new album. Can't wait..........

Magic.... as always....

It's like spending the evening with old friends that you've known and loved for 30 years, sharing one more enchanted night...

Then Play On....

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