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Fleetwood Mac 2009 - FAN REVIEWS

03/11/09 TD Banknorth Arena Boston, MA

I had the privilege of being in the front row for last night's Fleetwood Mac show in Boston. I have seen Stevie and Fleetwood Mac many times, but never this close. It was an experience that I will remember forever. Stevie was beautiful and she was the ultimate professional. She sounded incredible on Landslide and Silver Springs. Storms is one of my all-time favorites, so that was a great addition to the set list. The staff at the TD Banknorth Garden was so friendly and accommodating. They let us go right up to the stage. We were right under Lindsey for I'm So Afraid. We could have touched his boot! I am completely in awe of him after seeing him so close. Brett Tuggle was wonderful too. He was incredibly interactive with us - giving us smiles and blowing us kisses. Our only regret was that Stevie did not shake hands at the end of the show. Now we will have to get front row for the next Stevie tour! It was a wonderful night that I will always treasure.

I am so glad I ended up getting tickets at the last minute for this show-it was unbelievable and the best Fleetwood Mac/Stevie Nicks show that I've ever seen and I've been to everyone since the 80s. For some reason I was thinking about skipping this tour because of the high ticket prices, but at the last minute I grabbed the cheapest ones and went with my nephew's 30-year- old girlfriend who had never seen Fleetwood Mac or Stevie Nicks. She absoultely loved it too and we had a ball! We got up to dance at Stand Back and never sat down again-I wish people would get up and dance more, sometimes I feel guilty, but I also feel like screaming at people that we are at a concert not a theatre production! They sounded so good and played all their best songs and another gem, Storms. I love how they've been dusting off older songs that we don't usually get to hear live-I would love to hear Sentimental Lady or Sisters of the Moon. Anyway, I'm usually all about Stevie and she was her usual incredible self, but I was blown away by Lindsey and his guitar playing. The sound at the Garden (I love being able to say that again) was crystal clear and he played like a man possessed. I also felt that the vibe between Lindsey and Stevie was genuinely a good one. There was one very poignant moment where Lindsey collapsed on Stevie's shoulder at the end of Sara-it was really touching. Those two have an amazing history and despite their prickly relationship at times, they definitely were made to make music together! Everyone else was their usual great selves too and I appreciated that the drum thing didn't get carried on as long as it has in the past. Don't get me wrong I love Mick and think he is an amazing drummer, but sometimes the drum solos would go on so long that it was maddening-I admit I usually can't wait too long for another Stevie song. I missed Christine, but respect her decision. I'd have a hard time leaving a castle in England too although I can't imagine a better thing to do then play in this band! So, if any of you were thinking of skipping this tour-DON'T! I still can't believe I even thought about it-I will never, no matter what, miss a Fleetwood Mac/Stevie Nicks show and, in fact, I think now I will also make a point to go to solo Lindsey Buckingham shows.

This is probably the 20th time I have seen Stevie in concert. The whole group was in great form . The show lasted 2 hours but of course it seemed like minutes .At one point Lynsey finished his solo (awsome) and says My hands hurt I am getting older. They maybe getting older but they rock like no other group. It was fantastic is all I can say.

...and hi to all the fans I spoke to that night!!

The band sounded great !!!! Paid $160.00 for the two seats but coulden't see the band because of the huge lighting panels that seemed to float in mid air blocking out the view of the band . Missed out on at least half of the show because of the lighting panels . Hugely disappointed because of this . Someone should of seen this to be a problem. Sorry for the negative feedback .

Alan Tobin
Stevie and the Mac rocked Long Island. It was exactly as advertised with no new cd to promote. It was the quickest 2 and a half hours I have ever seen them do. Each song was played with so much energy. Stevie looked awesome as usual. When it was announced that she would do Storms and Silver Springs I knew they would be the highlights for me. I have seen her now 56 times and can't wait for number 57 in New Jersey when I will bring my son.

Well it was a great night to see a concert and I couldn't wait to go to the GADEN, never will it be know here as TD BankNorth although the beginning part of that fits!!! hehe the TD part. Well I called ticket master and to my surprise at 5 o'clock that evening of the concert I scored my self two 8th row tickets to see THE LEGENDS, otherwise known as FLEETWOOD MAC!!!
I have never been to a Fleetwood Mac concert, although I have followed and seen Stevie's every tour since she went solo, this was a very monumental event for me!!! How great it was to see them all and to see them with someone I love very much. Our seats were right in front of Stevie and I was so happy about that!! The person I went with didn't ever get to go to concerts when younger being in our early 40's this had to be the best thing ever to get those tickets at ticket price at the ticket master 8th row UNREAL!!! The band had come out and took there spots, I was so sad Sharon was hidden behind a amp but the GIRLS all sounded great !!! Beautiful job LADIES!!!! Lindsey and Stevie walked out after all there band mates HAND AND HAND to still give us all the illusion of fantasy that they might be together somehow. The stage and light shows were fantastic and i LOVED THAT THEY DID CHRISTINES SONGS IT WAS IF THEY WERE CHANNELING HER ENERGY THERE AND IT WORKED!!!! CHRISTINE SHOULD HAVE BEEN THERE SHE WOULD HAVE BEEN PROUD. As, I stood Memorized by these people, Stevie IS much different but in a good way with her band of yesterday by her side, I thought to myself," WOW I am so so so so so so so happy they are all still here and all still alive and well!!!" I thought " WOW these are legends the poets Stevie speaks of the priests of nothing.
The lighting was great and the background awesome the feel of the night was wonderful, first leg of the tour so they weren't completely wild and cRaZy yet. I LOVED THAT THEY DID GYPSY AND I WAS TAKEN WAY BACK !! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR DOING THAT SONG!!!!! I LOVED EVERYTHING THEY DID I FELT HONORED TO BE THERE TO SEE YOU ALL HEALTHY AND HAPPY AND HAVING FUN!!! THAT'S THE BEST PART. YOU ARE ALL OKAY
YOU ARE ALL STILL SO MAGNIFICENTLY WONDERFUL AT WHAT YOU DO ! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SINGING TO US ALL THESE YEARS AND FOR COMING BACK TOGETHER DURING THESE VERY TOUGH TIMES IN EVERYONES LIFE! MUSIC MAKES THE STRESS GO AWAYS !! They sounded so tight and together and I loved when Mic introduced everyone, too cute saying john was his partner in crime, he is so humble LOVE TO YOU JOHN THE COOLEST BASSIST EVER!! When he got to Stevie it was great He said something to the effect that and to the Lady who keeps us all on track, as Stevie pointed a finger to the audience and waved her finger as if she was the MOTHER IN CHARGE OF ALL THE BOUYS --little island spelling for ya....then he said and I agree with Jenn in Memory of Jess Nicks Stevie's dad he said and Ladies and Gentleman Ms. STEPHANIE LYNN NICKS!!!!! she looked beautiful a different attire this time no high high boots comfy boots and a beautiful burgundy dress kinda like the one WITH THE ROSES FROM THAT PHOTO SHOOT A FEW YEARS BACK IN FRONT OF ONE OF HER HOUSES THAT WAS DISPLAYED in several page spread. WOW, WOW, WOW IS ALL I CAN SAY MUCH DIFFERENT THAN STEVIE SOLO WE LOVE YOU !!! YOU ARE ALL SO GREAT TO SEE THANK YOU FOR SUCH A GOOD NIGHT OUT IN BAWSTON !!! ROCK ON FOREVER AND MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALL THROUGH THE REST OF YOUR JOURNEY!! YOURS IN LIGHT, LOVE AND PEACE

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