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Fleetwood Mac 2009 - FAN REVIEWS

03/10/09 Verizon Center Washington, DC

My husband and I were at their show in D.C. and they totally rocked! This is my 2nd time seeing them live and they were just as good this time around. My husband was totally amazed with Lindsay's guitar playing. I love them and I hope they stick together for a while longer!!! I hope I get to see them again! And I LOVED her top hat!!!! I love you Stevie!!!

My 19 yr old daughter and I attended the show at the Verizon Center in DC last night. I was not going to go with the ticket prices being as high as they are and not really being able to spend the amt it would take to get good enough seats… However, it pained me so much to have to miss any show with Stevie that I decided to spend a portion of my tax refund check anyway…. The last concert they had as a group disappointed me a little.. While it was still awesome to be in her presence, I felt like Stevie had lost a lot of her vocal ability, and it came across that her and Lindsay were not getting along so well, or that something was happening between them that made Stevie – not the Stevie we all love… ANYWAY… I am sooooo happy that I made the decision to go… Stevie is BACK and she is ON FIRE!!! She was hitting the high notes AND she even showed some leg!!! LOVE the new maroon dress! LOVE the hair!!! (straight, long, with bangs) she is just absolutely gorgeous! The entire band seemed to be having fun and enjoying each other… Lindsay made me appreciate him more this time, but he still goes overboard with a couple of his guitar solos to the point where you can’t hear the notes.. its all beating together as he pounds on the guitar…Stevie was smiling a lot and appears to be having a lot of fun. AWESOME show!! Can’t wait for the new album and for them to come around again! Rock on Gold Dust Woman – you are in our hearts forever! LOVE LOVE LOVE you!!!

Fleetwood Mac's Unleashed concert in DC tuesday night was a welcome collection of fantastic work. Having enjoyed this group's music for decades, I was delighted to here "Storms" live for the first time, as well as the standards like "The Chain", "Rhiannon", "Gold Dust Woman", and "I'm So Afraid". Some say that a good movie draws the audience into the story, into the action. Fleetwood Mac is better. Mick, John, Stevie, and Lindsey, with their devastating artistry, draw you into the soundtrack of the movie, which often turns out to be your own life. What an evening. Fleetwood Mac, never stop rockin'!

MAGICAL is the only way to describe last night’s show. They just have that magic that no other band has, at least not that I’ve seen. At first it looked like the Verizon Center had some gaps where the seats were, but a little after 8:00 p.m., all those gaps were filled in. The fact that they can still fill arena’s is no surprise to me. They sounded awesome as always. I was really happy with the song choices they picked. I have never heard them sing “Sara” live, so that was a real treat for me, since that is one of my favorite songs.

I love how each member has their own unique contribution. Each one of them blows me away with their talents. Lindsey is by far one of the best guitarists there is and I think he is so underrated and does not get the respect he deserves. I would like to see those guitar critics play without a pick. His performance of “So Afraid” left me speechless. Stevie has an such an aura that is so magnetic, you can’t understand it unless you’ve seen her at a Fleetwood Mac or solo concert. She makes you feel like you are the only one in the room with her. Her voice sounds better every time I see her. Mick’s drumming was awesome. That man has got some energy! I did miss seeing him do his solo with the drum pads he wears! John was great on the bass, but as always just stays to the side and let’s Stevie and Lindsey do their thing!

I did notice, as did one of the previous reviews, that Lindsey and Stevie did not seem to have their usual connection. Typically when they sing Landslide, they are pretty close together and they look at each other and she kind of leans on him but there was none of that….even on other songs they would look at each other and smile. One review suggested maybe they weren’t getting along but I can’t imagine that would still be the case into this show. I thought maybe Lindsey’s wife wasn’t too comfortable with it, but they do have a past, and probably will always love each other, so she needs to get over that! Maybe they just decided to do something different this tour, who knows.

I do think Landslide probably was one of the favorites of the night and Don’t Stop got everyone up on their feet. If you have never been to a Fleetwood Mac show or a Stevie Nicks show, please make that something on your To Do list in life. They will never disappoint, ever.

I almost skipped the show, but managed to get great tickets at the last minute. Just like 2003, it was Lindsay's show. Mixing it up by giving "I'm So Afraid" an 80's power ballad intro and returning "Go Insane" to it's original form. Mick, Stevie, and Lindsay still have and convey incredible energy from the stage while John is just John, simply the best bass player out there. Stevie's vocals were much better than last year's solo outing. I guess playing with Mick and Lindsay just brings it out of her. Looking at the set list prior to the show, I was wondering how she was going to pull off Gypsy, Rhiannon, Sara, Gold Dust Woman, Storms, and Silver Spring all in one night. She didn't back off of much, hitting most everything and turning in an incredible performance. Stevie dedicated Landslide to those serving in the military so I called my sister (who's serving in the navy) and had her listen on the phone. I crashed the stage for the encore and stood right in front of her for Silver Spring, a great way to cap off a great concert. Love you guys, and all I can say is keep going because I'm not buying tickets for anyone else.

1 of the original arena rock God guitarists of the 70's, Lindsey Buckingham, gets his just deserts. No band rehearsals. Insisting on performing songs that are fun to play, Fleetwood Mac moves forward, hinting at new music to come shortly. Stevie shined on "Storms" and a "Gold Dust Woman" version that was heartfelt and genuine. Mick's forgotten introduction of his partner for 50 years was funny fun. The magic is in the music. And folks, Lindsey's arena rock guitar riff's and solo's will have you leaving knowing he is not Stevie, wink! A huge kudos for the staff at The Verizon Center, D.C.. As professional as it gets. One set list change would be "Stand Back" for "Angel".

God Bless America.

I have seen both Fleetwood Mac and Stevie Nicks in concert several times now over the years and I count the DC show the other night as one of the highlights. Everyone was in great voice and full of energy. It appeared that they were all happy to be performing together again and they really worked up the crowd. Hearing Monday Morning, Sara & Storms live was such a treat as those songs are not often performed live. This concert was worth every penny of the high-priced tickets and I hope that a new album is forthcoming as Lindsay alluded to. If you get the chance to catch this tour in your hometown don’t miss it! I traveled four hours to see the Mac and they didn’t disappoint!

Janet O.
This show was fantastic, of course, but I must say that after dragging my husband all over the country for years to see Fleetwood Mac, this show really hit home with him. He is a totally disabled Vietnam War Veteran, and when Stevie dedicated Landside to the " Ones serving now and past", he was so taken by that little act of patriotism. He is now a truly converted Fleetwood Mac fan. Thanks for thinking of our guys in uniform and for the great concert!!!!!!!

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