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Fleetwood Mac 2009 - FAN REVIEWS

06/24/09 Rexall Place Edmonton, AB

Carolann C.
Caught the show last night with my 31 year old daughter last night and a good friend who had never seen them. It was like "coming home". The audience went wild from the onset, they received standing ovations after every song. 2 hours and 45 minutes of their best....was magical, moving and mighty for the heart...loved it to bits! It was worth the wait following the cancellation, they played and sang their hearts out and it was so very well received. Happy for them and Happy for us...play on forever please, you live on forever in my heart, soul and of course my IPOD!

Stevie Nicks, Wow. DONT STOP Gorgeous and impeccable. keep it up. great tour. Best Regards.

Fleetwoodmac the best concert ever. What a CLASS ACT.

We had a good time. Love from the English's

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