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Fleetwood Mac 2009 - FAN REVIEWS

06/20/09 New Orleans Arena New Orleans, LA

Marcie from Slidell
UNBELIEVABLE!! That is all that can be said for the New Orleans Show. Had to be the BEST Show of the Tour. As usual, the band was at their best. All sounded great, Lindsey on the guitar, Mick and John were awesome. But Miss Nicks was simply spectacular!! She sounded great, but it was her SPECIAL SONG to New Orleans about coming back from Katrina, it made the show and was worth the admission. She has earn a place in New Orleans Lore. Thanks again for coming, wish you were doing another show tomorrow. All the best.

Tracy T. from Slidell
I was at the Fleetwood Mac show at the New Orleans arena last night. I brought my friend and my 9 yr. old son, and we all had a wonderful time, despite the folks in the row standing in front of us, that made it impossible most of the night, to see the band. It was my son's first concert, and he was so excited to see Stevie. He loves her too, and likes to sing her songs. They all sounded fantastic. Stevie looked absolutely beautiful, and I love that burgundy dress. I think it was especially sweet that she shared a part of that new song she wrote... so thank you Stevie. That just made the show even that more special. It sounded like she may have had a bit of a cold, but nevertheless, she sounded great. Take care Stevie. I brought her a gift which I certainly hope she got. I've been saving it for a year for an opportune time to give it to her. It was my way of thanking her for being such an inspiration to me, and touching my life so deeply with her music for so many years. The girls', Lori, Sharon and Jana, did a great job with the backup vocals as well. They just all sounded so great. Lindsey is one awesome guitar player, that's for sure. The man with the magic fingers (as Mick put it), is right. Wish I had the energy he has too. Mick is one amazing drummer as well, and has been an inspiration to me.. as I too, play drums. He's number one, as far as drummers go, for me. I just want to thank them all for coming to New Orleans. Been praying for your safe travel throughout this tour. I know everyone had a great time last night. It was a packed house, and everyone was singing along. Fleetwood Mac... We Love You. Come on back soon! God bless y'all.

Much love.

Mary M.
The show was great, as always. Fleetwood Mac, Rocks! Lindsey stole the show with “Oh Well”. I know the crowd loved it. Well done, Lindsey, Mic and John! Stevie was beautiful as always and her voice unbelievable. I rocked the whole time. I am sad it is over but can’t wait for the new album. I also saw them on 5-30-09 at MGM, I was first row and have great pictures. Another awesome night. Thanks, Fleetwood Mac!!

Liliam O.

I had the great honor of being in the audience this past weekend in New Orleans to see my all time favorite band perform. Needless to say it was everything I expected and more. Ms. Nicks and her band mates were in rare form. It was an utter thrill to hear them perform live. It is an experience I will surely never forget. I’d waited 30 years to get the chance to see them in concert and finally a life-long dream became a reality. The concert was simply amazing. I loved every minute of it, after such a long absence from the stage, they did not miss a beat. Stevie’s vocals were in top form, the whole Fleetwood Mac is an experience not to be missed.

I attended the June 20th Unleashed show in New Orleans. I went to the show excited because I was able to purchase tickets on the floor B, row 11 A WEEK before the show! When I got to the New Orleans Arena I bought my Fleetwood grab ( they had some great shirts but most of them were women's, sadly.) When I got to my seat I noticed a pit growing around the stage. I made my way up to the front and planted myself in front of Stevie's mic stand (I was on the stage!) The band, led by Mick, entered at 8:20pm and quickly jumped into "Monday Morning." The band, esp. Lindsey, seemed to be having a blast.Stevie was very talkative and told the background to a few songs. She has really taken the classic songs to a new place-we all loved the "Hey baby!" she added into the chorus of "Gypsy" and "Rhiannon" was extra magical. The standard set rolled. Lindsey's performance of "Big Love" was one of the highlights of my night. Before "Landslide," Stevie came out-in her beautiful, new wine colored dress- and told a story of how she was glued to her television when Katrina hit NOLA and that she had written a song for the city. She then sang a few lines from the song a capella. It was very heart warming and touching. She then dedicated "Landslide" to the people of New Orleans and their endurance. It seemed like she was going to cry towards the end of the song. The concert continued with "Never Going Back Again" and an emotional performance of "Storms." "Stand Back" was a strong performance and Stevie spun from the far left of the stage all the way to the center-at quite a fast pase. This really inpressed me, since Stevie had opted not to wear her trademark boots for this show.
At the end of the show, after everyone said their thank you(s) and such Lindsey handed out about four guitar pics and I was lucky enough to get one! It was a truely great night. The only cons was that the merchandise had not been updated so New Orleans was not listed on the tour shirt. Stevie's voice started to go out towards the end of the show, which-I guess- was why "Silver Springs" was cut. However, the night was truely magical and one I will not forget.

Fredericka G.
This beautiful, ethereal concert was TOTALLY AWESOME!!! Best I've ever seen! The whole band was fantastic and I just kept thinking how magical it was to see them all up there. Lindsey totally rocked! He's so into his music, and he's just a musical genius. The awesome Stevie Nicks was just totally inspirational and she sang in a way that was timeless....I became part of her very special timespace. Her voice is better than it's ever been and she was so intense it was amazing!! As always, Mick was awesome....the best drummer ever. I just can't believe how totally fantastic this concert was in every way. Fleetwood Mac rocks!!!

Tanya R. from Baton Rouge, LA
I and another Fleetwood Mac concert veteran brought 3 newbies to see Fleetwood Mac at the New Orleans Arena on Saturday night. I was so impressed with how polished they sounded. Most bands tour with 10 other musicians on stage, but Fleetwood Mac had only another guitar player, keyboard player and backup singers on stage with them. The walked on stage and started off with Monday Morning. It was fantastic.

Stevie and Lindsey spoke often throughout the evening. Stevie even sang a bit of a new song about New Orleans that she wrote during Hurricane Katina. For those of you that don't know, the city has shrank (population wise) by more than half since the broken levees flooded most of the city. If you are interested in coming to New Orleans, the famous French Quarter and Bourbon street were spared in the flooding and tourism is back! Stevie informed the crowd that a whole song is attached to those lyrics that we will hear later. Lindsey then hinted that a new album was in the works.

Lindsey Buckingham wowed the crowed with his intense Big Love solo (as usual). Everytime the crowd cheered, Lindsey put his hand over his heart and bowed. That action caused even more cheers.

Stevie dedicated "Landslide" to the city of New Orleans and Lindsey dedicated a song to the great musicans in the city. He spoke at length about the great cultural influence New Orleans had on music.

"Gold Dust Woman" was probably the highlight of the evening. Stevie's vocals were pitch perfect. In the past, sometimes, she had a tendency in concert to sing in a lower tone, but not that night. She was perfect. It was the best I have heard her in years! I had goosebumps!

I really enjoyed hearing "Storms" and "Tusk", but I was surprised they did not play "Silver Springs". The only thing that would have made it better for me would have been to hear "Frozen Love" from Buckingham Nicks! The lights and stage design could have been a little better. The background screens that showed video clips would have worked better had they been at an angle to be seen, not just for effect. It wasn't until the very end of "Gypsy" that we realized the video clips were playing.

The show started shortly after 8pm and it ran until 11 pm. The Arena was packed to the rafters and was really worth the high ticket price! Fleetwood Mac really laissez les bon temps roulez (let the good times roll)! You know in New Orleans we love the celebrate the joie de vivre (joy of life) and it was a night to do so!

The show was absolutely awesome – I think we had the best seats in the house, just to Stevie’s right and on a level with the stage. Stevie sounded great but we were a bit concerned about her because (we thought) she looked a bit tired; understandable at the end of this leg of the tour!! Where we were sitting we could see when she went backstage; when the black curtain parted we could see all her shawls, hanging there ready for her!! What was really awesome was to be so close to them all, we were right there and they were right there!! We love all of you, Fleetwood Mac, and please come back to Louisiana soon!!

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