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Fleetwood Mac 2009 - FAN REVIEWS

06/19/09 Sommet Center Nashville, TN

Well what can I say. Had the pleasure and company of my baby sister at the Nashville concert last night. Stevie, Lindsey, Mick and John thanks a million. Two and one half hours in heaven!

Billy M.
Last night…..Nashville, Tennessee was truly MUSIC CITY USA!!!!!!!! Fleetwood Mac preformed for us last night and we were NOT disappointed. Stevie Nicks was AWESOME… as she always is!!! She has the most awesome hauntingly beautiful voice I’ve ever heard. Stand Back was just AWESOME!!!!! It’s one of my favorites. Just seems to get better and better. I am one of Stevie Nicks BIGGEST fans and have been to many of her concerts. Lindsay Buckingham was pure excellence on playing his guitar…. And singing as well. Lindsay is a committed performer…. He REALLY had the audience worked up!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mick Fleetwood and John McVie also performed excellently. I’ve been a BIG Fleetwood Mac/ Stevie Nicks / Lindsay Buckingham fan for MANY YEARS!!!! They are my favorite band.
I got so lucky at the concert. I already had pretty good seats but then before the concert started a guy came by and said we could go stand in front of the stage if we wanted to. I stood there at the front of the stage for the entire concert!!!! That was just AWESOME!!!!! It made my night. I was so close I could actually touch the stage!!!!!
I always enjoy Fleetwood Mac and Stevie Nicks….. They are simply the BEST!!!!!!!!
ROCK ON ALWAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hope all of you will return soon!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love you guys.

Short and sweet that will be my goal. I went with my sister and her boyfriend Randall to the concert. I knew it would be a great evening when we ate at the Hard Rock Cafe and sat under Chet Atkins and Eric Clapton's guitars. We arrived at 7:30 and sat patiently until the cricket music started flooding the building. Then the lights dimmed completely darkened and the room went crazy. From the beginning to the end, Fleetwood Mac rocked and rolled and really sounded super fresh and Unleashed. It was a beautiful glorious evening of spectacular music. I really can't totally describe just how good this concert was. It reminded me of being young and when I first heard Rumours on the turntable. Such talented musicians and backup singers, I really believe that God has blessed this band with so much creativity. I'm ready to see them again. Thanks Fleetwood Mac for an unbelievable performance!!!!!!!

Lora R.
Have you ever been to a parade in which there was a marching band? You know how the closer the band gets, the more you can feel the drums, until suddenly the reverberation is so strong that you can feel the beat in your bones and even all the way through your chest? I had a similar experience Friday night at the Fleetwood Mac concert.

The Nashville show was SO much better than the Columbus show. Partly it was because I was closer and able to see things that I couldn't see before. But it was also because Stevie seemed more into it (she even twirled earlier this time, during "Gypsy"). They did the same set list, quite possibly in the exact same order, but I didn't care. I got to watch Stevie exit the stage behind the band every single time. I could see the way that she drummed her fingers against Lindsey's shoulder while they embraced during "Sara". I saw the crew standing at the base of the stairs on the opposite end of the stage wearing cowboy hats and bandanas over their mouths like Western bandits, and I got to see Stevie throw back her head in laughter when she saw them. During Mick's drum solo, I was able to see that Lindsey, even though this was his only break during the entire show, didn't leave the stage; he merely sat down in the front stage left corner of the stage behind a speaker with his legs outstretched. I got to watch the backup singers prepping for their return to the stage after Mick's drum solo by dancing to the rhythm.

I still remember the rush of excitement I felt in Columbus when the lights came up and they started playing "Monday Morning". Nashville left me with a different feeling altogether. During "Dreams", the first song of the evening that featured Stevie singing lead, I could feel her voice reverberating like the drums during a parade. It went all the way up through my toes and into my veins until it made its way right to my heart. I have never felt so emotionally connected to someone before. Where in Columbus I cried during "Sara" and "Silver Springs" because I was so moved by the lyrics and Stevie's haunting voice, in Nashville I felt tears welling up during "Monday Morning" because I could not believe I was there, again, taking in Lindsey's genius and Stevie's ethereal beauty.

I cannot explain to you how vibrant and beautiful Stevie was Friday night. When she came out to do "Landslide" wearing this gorgeous deep red dress with thigh high stilettos, I was just totally blown away by her. Even now, I cannot put into words how she made me feel.

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