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Fleetwood Mac 2009 - FAN REVIEWS

06/16/09 Verizon Wireless Arena Manchester, NH

Rick M. from Londonderry, NH
The Fleetwood Mac show at the Verizon Tuesday night in Manchester NH was awesome. The show was pretty much the same show I saw at the TD Banknorth in Boston on Mar 11. Except they did not play Silver Springs for a last on chore, which my friends were bummed. I'm still kind of bummed that now that it is the two of them, no Buckingham/Nicks is performed. Us true fans would love it. But still it was a very enjoyable show. Stevie talked a little about opening for Janis Joplin, Jimmy Hendrix and early Santana back in the late 60"s and early 70's before going into the song Gypsy, which was quite interesting. She did forgot a few words from the song Storms, but did get it back, after making fun of herself for losing her memory, for a great finish. It was so great to have them in my hometown. Hopefully Stevie will come back on one of her solo tours. Christine McVie was missed but at least she was given some recognission from the group with Say You Love Me. Thank you Fleetwood Mac for a great time. Please come back to the area.

Caitlin C.
This was my second time seeing Fleetwood Mac on this tour. I saw them in Boston at the TD Banknorth Garden and now in Manchester. I had 2nd row seats and the security was very relaxed. They let people mark their spot in front of the stage before the show even started. So I parked myself right infront of Stevie. I stayed there the whole night and it was AMAZING! I have never been that close at a concert before. After the experience of being that close I dont think I could want to get a seat further back anymore. Overall the show was AWESOME! The band's energy was high up there, especially Lindsey!! He was all over the place rockin out right in front of the stage getting the fans pumped. Both of their vocal's sounded very good as well! I was VERY sad that Silver Springs was dropped again. I LOVE that song live. The ONLY complaint I have from the night was a CRAZY drunk lady who was crying, pushing people, yelling, bumping into people, and being EXTERMELY rude!! Oh and did I mention how she kept SCREAMING "BLEED TO LOVE HER" before EVERY song!! When Lindsey was introducing "Big Love" she must have screamed it 8 times. He finally played a little bit of it and was like "Can I finish what I started saying?". So she was the only downfall of my night. I give the show two thumbs up!!

I went to the Fleetwood Mac show at the verizon wireless arena Stevie was her Amazing self, beautiful and her voice sounded better than ever. Lindsey was Electrifying, The way he jammed on his guitar with out a pick, his voice was amazing also. John, he was awesome on bass as always. Mick was awesome, talking to us the whole time during the drum solo. They played all the hits from years past.
I have been a fan of Fleetwood Mac and Stevie Nicks for a long time. It was a dream come true for me to finally see them live. I was not disappointed with the show at all , except I wish I was closer to the stage. All in all it was an experience I will never forget! Mick , Lindsey, John and Stevie Thank you so much! You come back near Maine again and I will come see again!

Kathy G.
Me and my friend Kim drove 80 miles from Franklin, Massachusetts to see the Mac in New Hampshire. They were fabulous and the night went by so fast. We sang every lyric to every song. Stevie really rocked on end of Gold Dust Woman. She goofed a little on the beginning of Storms ~ but she laughed it off and carried on like a pro. It was actually kind of sweet. I thought she looked a little tired ~ but she carried on like a trooper. I hope everything is ok with her. She did her twirling on Stand Band and the crowd went wild. Lindsey Buckingham is a great guitar player Ė and his solos were awesome. They didnít perform Silver Springs and that was a big disappointment. Luckily I saw them sing it on the Say You Will Tour. I loved when she sang Sara Ė it was just beautiful & I didnít want it to end. They just keep getting better with time!!

Fleetwood Mac-FANTASTIC!

From The Chain & many of their hits...to the World Turning. Fleetwood Mac proves that age is just a number...awesome set! Stevie Rocks Lindsey strums...way more than strums! Mick Drums...boy! does he drum... John is the Ace of Bass... Hats off to all the musicians and back-up singer(girls) on stage w/Fleetwood Mac...you all rock! At the age of 61, Stevie is gorgeous, so beautiful...spins & twirls and even kicked it a couple of times. Her peircing voice echoed thru the night. TY Stevie for all your wonderful lyrics,music and awesome voice... You are magical...Rock on Gold Dust Woman! I love you...Stevie. The Lanslide dedication to Sharon Celani was beautiful. Lindsey...you are awesome w/ that guitar! Fleetwood Mac is not just back...They never left... TY...so much...for coming to Manchester, NH...and Pleez come back soon...look'in foward to your next CD and Tour...R-O-C-K...on.

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