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Fleetwood Mac 2009 - FAN REVIEWS

06/13/09 Boardwalk Hall Atlantic City, NJ

Terry from Youngstown, OH
I spent a wonderful night with Fleetwood Mac on June 12 in Atlantic city. As usual the Mac put on a great show. Stevie was smiling a lot and had a lot more energy than the last 3 shows I saw. Lindsey was just unbelievable as He always is. I was lucky enough to play Lindsey’s guitar during “go your own way”. The crowd was really into it. The only bad thing is that Stevie did not do “Silver Springs” to end the show like the last 3 shows. I was able to give Lindsey a Photo Book that I made for Lindsey & Stevie from previous shows I have been to. The night was perfect Except for the Box office that couldn’t find my tickets and made me run from here to hell to different casino’s for find Them. But they were right there to begin with. I made it to the front row right when the 1st note of Monday Morning started. I was dripping like a sponge, but at least we made it there on time. Thank you Fleetwood Mac & Stevie Nicks for the past 30 years. I hope there are many more to come.

As a present to myself for my 50th birthday, I flew to Atlantic City so see my all time favorite band in concert. I could not get enough. I saw the Unleashed tour in Los Angeles and Las Vegas and just could not resist when I saw they were playing on my birthday. The show was fantastic. The crowd so into the band! The only disappointment for me was Stevie did not do Silver Springs. My absolute favorite song and on my special day it was not done. I was so heartbroken but nonetheless, thrilled l that I was able to be at this fabulous show. I hope they do another round of Unleashed in the West again in 2010.

Ann P.
I attended the Atlantic City concert and as always enjoyed seeing Fleetwood Mac again. I had seen them back in March when they played at the IZOD arena. While it was great to see Fleetwood, I was a tad disappointed that they didn't play Silver Springs(One of my daughter's and mine favorite songs!)and it seemed like that every other song was a Lindsey Buckingham song. I did know his songs but I truly only enjoy him when he plays with the whole band. Some of his music is a bit wild and dark and I felt that it distracted away from the whole Fleetwood Mac concert. I am glad that I saw them at the previous concert because that was a better performance and more enjoyable! I would still attend any Fleetwood Mac concert though that does come around!

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