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Fleetwood Mac 2009 - FAN REVIEWS

06/11/09 Madison Square Garden New York, NY

Wow, what an amazing show. I saw them at the Izod Center and this was just as good, even better. There was so much energy at the show. I danced for the last 6 songs. The whole place was up and on their feet. Stevie looked and sounded great. Lindsey is a guitar God and was flawless. I'm So Afraid - hands down the best song live.

My husband and I had a wonderful time and I cannot wait until they come around again. I have not missed a show for the last 30 years. Fleetwood Mac is the best band ever and so very talented

Angelo from Brooklyn, NY
Well all you Fleetwood Mac Fans, the Mac delivered, and the Garden ROCKED like we New Yorkers have not seen since FWM's last show there on 3/19/09 (my review is here as well). THEY ROCKED!!! They were so into it, and STEVIE TALKED SO MUCH, it was GREAT! She told the audience that the children from NYC's PS22 school showed up at the MSG way before the show and sang Landslide to FWM. Stevie said she burst into tears. Look up PS22 & Landslide on YouTube, and you'll see them singing the song in their choir. Yet, it was another very cold, cloudy, and rainy day in NYC today, but that did not bring a damper to the mood in the Garden. My good buddy and I sat along side a beautiful family who brought their 6-year-old boy, and 12-year-old daughter to their first ever concert. Their mom has been a long-time FWM fan, and, this was her first concert ever...WOW! The sound was incredible tonight in the Garden, and let's just say, STEVIE MUST HAVE BEEN SINGING IN, AT LEAST, UPPER MIDDLE REGISTER, OR BETTER---AT 61 YEARS OLD!!! The band was scorching hot. Lindsey's family was there as well. The bass was pumping, and the tones were jumping, and we were crying, and loving, and rocking and rolling. There is nothing like a concert at Madison Square Garden. FWM kept telling all of us how much they love NYC, maybe, as much as we love them! You know something; I met Stevie face-to-face at her dvd-signing at Barnes and Noble in NYC, and when I shook her hand and held it tightly in mine, she looked at me, and I saw that twinkle in her eye; I told her that I have loved her since 1976; she looked in my eyes and thanked me with all her heart--she said. Can I say more?

Ally from New Jersey
I saw fleeetwood mac on thursday night at madsion sqaure garden ! me & my dad took my friend cassandra, for a very late christmas present. i think she had a really good time. this was my second time seeing them this tour ( once at the izod center ) and fifth | or sixth time in general. they just keep on getting better & better. stevie looked so pretty, as she always does. she was very chatty on stage & i loved it. i didnt get much of a chance to talk, when i met her @ her cd & dvd signing i was busy in shock crying (: it looks like she has so much fun spinning on stage,. i wanted to just go on stage & dance. but i saw a video of some guy doing that, and well, i didnt want to get thrown out of the place. lindsey is soooo energetic -- i think more than me, & im only fourteen? so i think he eats is vegtables. john & mick matched, i thought it was so cool. & micks shoes, were very bright red ! cool though. i love stevie's hair, its so long and pretty, my hairs the same length & i refuse to cut it now. [: her boots were really cool, i have the same exact ones, but it was raining, & i dont think i would wanna ruin them. fleetwood mac is my favorite band, & everytimes i go, i think i get so excited, but when they are up there, they get more excited then me. (: they all look great, & i cant wait until they decide to put out a new album. <3333 you guys are amazing !

John from London
Hi guys

Just had to send you all this note to say I came from London, UK to see Fleetwood Mac and Stevie at MSG in NYC – it’s been a life long dream. What an amazing show – although the venue wasn’t at capacity the audience was great, everyone was up and having a rolling time.I lost my voice the very next day due to the high volume I was whooping! Lindsey is indeed a guitar genius and Stevie just broke my heart on Storms and Silver Springs.
Thank you Fleetwood Mac and thank you New York.

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