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Fleetwood Mac 2009 - FAN REVIEWS

06/10/09 1st Mariner Arena Baltimore, MD

Hello all…. So I had gone to see their concert in DC with my 19 yr old daughter, and decided since my mom also loved Fleetwood Mac I would take her to the Baltimore show. We had floor seats (the first time I have been so close) and it was awesome –awesome- awesome. First, I am a HUGE Stevie Fan.. I see all of her solo shows (even travelled to Las Vegas) and have seen all of the Fleetwood Mac Concerts in the Balt. DC area since they have been back together, and of course I read all of the reviews, watch all the videos people post, and look at all the pictures that are posted. I would not be interested in Fleetwood Mac if it were not for Stevie. I like Lindsey and Yes Yes Yes he is a good guitar player and singer and they are perfect together, but for the first time last night, I envisioned myself charging the stage giving Stevie a quick hug (o: and grabbing her tambourine and smacking Linds upside the head. His speech NEVER changes, word for word, it gets old when you see more than one show and he says the exact same thing and has the exact facial expressions.. come on….change it up a bit…and he went on and on and on in one of his song intros… I didn’t think he would ever shut up and I found myself getting extremely frustrated wanting to scream at him. I have read that this tour is the “Lindsay show”.. HogWash.. it will always be the Stevie show as far as I am concerned. Yes she steps back and gives Linds the spotlight, that’s because she is cool like that. She doesn’t want to make him jealous as he was back in the day. She doesn’t want him to throw his guitar at her again (o: haha anyway.. the show was awesome anyway… I have read so many reviews that say Stevie was robotic and barely moved, and never smiled, and kept her eyes shut while singing… blah blah blah.. well duh.. she is 61 has Hip issues (has for years) ie not twirling as much – she has to deal with Linds every day, and going home alone, while all the men tag their woman and kids along, ie not smiling as much ..and she gets into her songs ie closing her eyes (ONLY during slower songs).. However, with all that said… last night there MUST have been an inside joke.. or she was up to no good-playing a joke on someone or something, OR there was someone in the audience that make her very very happy..as she had this sh*t eating grin on her face almost all night..It was too cute…. She moved around the stage MUCH more than she did in DC, AND she was having a blast.. I found myself standing there smiling ear to ear even though I am going through some tough times right now. She is AWESOME.. I LOVE her smile and for me being a straight woman who loves men I have a huge woman crush on Ms. Stevie LOL…. It was cute after Sarah when she hugged Linds and was scratching his back..
haha…. Hope he realizes what a lucky man he is…(o: Anyway… it was an awesome show… but we waited this time for the encores and NO Silver Springs!!!!! Dam Lindsay for running his mouth so much .. I am sure it was because they had to be on the plane to get to NYC - but had he cut his speech down they coulda done it… Stevie left the stage pretty quickly after the first encore.( after their bow). I hope to god they record the recording of their upcoming album for DVD if they decide to make one, as they did with Say You Will.. I love watching Stevie doing what she does behind the scenes, she is hilarious. They should really do a reality show with her.. or with Fleetwood Mac!!! When we left my mom said she had a blast and was surprised how good Stevie looked and she could have done without Lindsay.. haha…we love Lindsay – but he was taking it over the top with his convulsions and pounding his chest on stage whenever he had a loooong never ending guitar solo .. OK.. sorry so long I could go on and on but this show was totally terrific and Stevie will always be my all time favorite. Again.. Linds we love you too, but take it easy.. my mom thought you were going to have a heart attack.. go to the show if you can – wellll worth the cost of the ticket…

Thanks for reading

I have seen Fleetwood Mac and especially Stevie Nicks many times in concert. I can say without a doubt that the show June 10, 2009, in Baltimore was THE BEST. The band has never sounded better. Stevie in particular sounded better than ever. Plus we got Sara, Gypsy, Dreams, Gold Dust Woman and so many of their best songs. I had the time of my life. Thanks to the band for continuing to give their fans such awesome concerts.

Tam Tam
As Mick said, The mac is back..... show was great...Buckingham is amazing. Mick introduced the band like this... John McVie is the backbone, Lindsey is the maestro and mentor and Stevie is the first lady and poet....Mick told us to take care of ourselves and each other, which was a very nice touch. Stevie looked amazing and seemed like she was really enjoying herself. My sister and I attended and I am so glad we went together. The crowd was adoring. The Baltimore Sun review said that Stevie was greeted by the crowd like an old friend. And that's how it feels to see Stevie; it feels like seeing a friend.....caught the show in March in DC which was also very good. We sang and danced for 2 1/2 hours........ ROCK ON GOLD DUST WOMAN!!!!!!!

I took my 9 year old daughter to her first Fleetwood Mac/Steve Nicks concert on June 10th. My kids are subjected to Fleetwood Mac the majority of the time on my car radio and they're familiar with many of the songs. This was only her 2nd concert. She went to see the Jonas Brothers last year and talked about that before the show started. Once the stage went dark, she sat silently, taking in the first few songs before she said a word. She perked up when she heard Dreams, Gypsy, Tusk, and Stand Back. I didn't like out seats, so we made out way to the side of the stage about 50 feet away from Stevie for the remainder of the concert. Mick came back out to start the encore and walked to our side of the stage. I told my daughter to wave and Mick responded with a point, wave, and smile. Great show, well over 2 hours. It was great daddy daughter time. Love you guys.


The show in Baltimore was truly magical..For my 29th Birthday my mother took me and two of my best girlfriends to the show ..The arena is alittle smaller then some, which made it more intimate. I have been fortunate enough to have seen Fleetwood Mac and Stevie Nicks' (solo) about 7 or 8 times starting at 17 untill now at 29..I feel this show was one of the best I've seen..Their sound was tight and Stevie's voice sounded GREAT!! it seems her voice has gotten better from past shows..I could not help but to notice how lame the crowd was I've never been to a Mac concert yet where more people were sitting, and more intrested in filming the show. I was a little dissapointed in that..But it didn’t effect my good time . I to am a Huge Stevie fan. Stevie's Performance of Rhiannon and Gold Dust were just breath taking, IT was also the first I've seen "Storms" live and it was beautiful.. And do I even have to mention "Stand Back" , That always gets me jammin..Yes I would have liked to have seen more of Stevie but Lindsey Was just awesome. He is one of the most underated guitar players..Lindsey is truly an artist. He seems very down to earth and loves being apart of the fans..although most people want to see Stevie and you hear how this Tour is all about Lindsey. Well lets face it, we would not have the songs we love and hold dear if it wasn’t for Lindseys' musical influence behind our Stevie songs..Overall the show was amazing and I would see them again and again..Oh and uh I think all us girls have alittle girl crush on the Beautiful Stevie Nicks. (wink)...Thank you for a Awesome show........

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