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Fleetwood Mac 2009 - FAN REVIEWS

12/20/09 T.S. BOWL OF BROOKLAND New Plymouth, NZ

This night was a special night for me. I am a huge Fleetwood Mac fan and to see them live in concert was a dream come true! I got to see the final show of their 10 month world tour at the 'TSB Bowl Of Brooklands' in New Plymouth. It was truly special. I loved all the songs they played and knew all the lyrics to each song. 'Monday Morning' was a great song to start the show off and Lindsay's playing and singing was amazing! 'Go Insane' was a great song live. I loved this one. 'Never Going Back Again' was played slower. I was expecting it to be like the 'Live in Boston' DVD version but this was still a great song even if it was played slower. 'Stand Back' is always amazing live and Stevie delivered this song with so much energy, I loved it! 'World Turning' is one of my favorites. Mick is incrediable on the drums and he delivered an amazing drum solo. John is truly the backbone of Fleetwood Mac as Mick said that night. His Bass playing was mind-blowing. Stevie looked so beautiful on stage and on the big screens on either side of the stage. Her singing was amazing as always and the crowd loved her. Sharon, Jana and Lori sung so well on backup vocals. I can't wait to see Fleetwood Mac again and I hope they come back to New Zealand soon. Also it didn't seem like there were too many big Fleetwood Mac fans like myself at the bowl except for the people all the way down the front who paid a little more for their tickets. There were a lot of drunk people as well so they missed out on an amazing show and it kind of ruined the evening for some people who were surrounded by them.

Thank you Stevie, Lindsay, Mick and John for an unforgettable night you guys made it special.

Linda B
I'm still buzzing from the final concert of 82 concerts on tour. I waited all my life to see them live and they certainly didn't disappoint. I watched them at the Bowl of Brooklands in New Plymouth, NZ and it was worth the 5 hour drive to see them. My son 18years old like me is still talking about the whole concert. Would love to see them play at the Mission Concert here in Napier. I've become an even bigger fan now more than ever. Well done to the whole crew for an amazing evening spent with an amazing band.

Bridget S.
“Lightening strikes, maybe once, maybe twice … and it all comes down to you …” Stevie said a little intro. piece about Gypsy – about how it was a piece written to capture the memories of her and Lindsey when they first moved up to San Francisco to start it all – to a furniture-less house – to a room with some lace and paper flowers … Practicing 4 days, playing 2, Stevie studying Sundays …. The first night we were in the silver section – after much effort we managed to dance our way to the front by the duck pond, then with a little help from a couple of friends, those types you meet once at a concert then never meet again, they promoted me to go for the front to throw the flowers I’d bought. There was a man sitting in a seat with his back to the audience blocking the way about three rows up – at first he wouldn’t let me pass and eventually I threw the flowers – they landed just to the side of front stage … then I pulled out the card and told him I couldn’t throw it all that way – at some point his humanity got the better of him and pushed his chair to the side and we all went – right up to the front. There was a bit of a gap between the stage and the seated area so Stevie wouldn’t come down to collect anything – so I threw the card right as she was doing a bow – and well, yes, it hit her on the top of her head … Stevie took it all in with good grace. Later I notice her looking down at it – it was addressed to the four of them, complete with a red bow – perhaps she remembers the other cards? Who knows? Later on, during the encore she spotted me and winked – I’m dead certain of it … kind of cool … The shows were great – Lindsey was a standout again – jumping around with more energy and madness than he’s ever jumped before, absolutely mind blowing – and on the second night, the whole crowd was pumping. This time we were seated in the gold section – up and down dancing, and again, managed to get right up front. Waved out to the backup singers and Lori and Jana waved back – well, mine was more of a landing a plane type of wave but they got the message…. They seemed to be really enjoying themselves – had their cameras out sometimes snapping away – especially when Lindsey was jumping all over the amps.
Silver Springs – it was as if Lindsey asked her if she was ready for it when he whispered something in her ear as they walked back on stage for the final encore. “I’ll follow you down to the sound of my voice haunts you …” At this moment, I was dead front of Stevie with those eyes staring down that barrel of a pointed finger … Both Lindsey and Stevie mentioned a lot about the anger that was behind some of the songs and the darkness “Storms”, “Big Love”, “Go your own way” … but some much energy … so much desire … The whole concert was pumping – especially the second night. Probably the best concert I’ve been too – energy wise, passion wise – almost less about their histories and more about a group of people so determined to make it happen. A concert about how they made it happen …
“Lightening strikes, maybe once, maybe twice … and it all comes down to you …”

This concert was the best I have been to and by a long way as well. We paid to be sitting at the front for a once in a lifetime performance and were not disappointed. When you can see the sweat and the bands emotions, its priceless really.

I have always wanted to watch Lindsey sing and play lead guitar on "I'm So Afraid" and he was simply incredible to watch. Stevie sounded fantastic and sent shivers down my spine so many times as she has a way of getting right into a persons soul. Mick and John were outstanding and looked like they were having a great time.

I enjoyed every song and have had Fleetwood Mac/Stevie on my stereo ever since, it was just that good.

So thank you Fleetwood Mac for coming to our little country. We all appreciate it and hopefully we will see you all again one day.

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