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Fleetwood Mac 2009 - FAN REVIEWS

12/16/09 Brisbane Entertainment Centre Brisbane, AU

Della W.
Something magical happened to me last night, I was chosen as Lindseys favourite for the night!

I jumped out of my seat as soon as lights went down, determined to get prime position and see that beautiful turner model one close up.

within one song he had noticed me watching him play and in a non vocal part he mouthed to me "do you play?" I said a little. lots of times throughout the show he made eye contact with me and my excitement levels made me feel like a twelve year old schoolgirl with a crush!

lindsey did the standard thing of letting the crowd touch him and the guitar, unfortunately on either side of me as I was behind the speaker block and each time I tried to get across to touch the guitar, I was too short :( During a solo toward the end he bent down again and moved the guitar across towards me so I could reach it, I touched the neck in awe of that beautiful piece of equipment, thinking to myself in a week or so I will have one too!

Stevie looked fabulous dressed up the top hat towards the end and John and Mick held the rhythm as always. Hearing Gold Dust woman live always gives me goosebumps and this rendition was certainly no exception.

After the last song, Lindsey pulled the picks off the mic stand, he leaned over and put the first pick right into my hand and smiled at me.

the highlight of my night however was after this point when the stage lights went up, I was lining up the camera to get a photo of Lindsey, which he saw and came down close to the camera and posed for a shot for me.

The traffic Jam at the end of the night thanks to roadworks was a little frustrating, until we realised we were in a traffic jam next to one of the band limos :)

My man of the night once again was Lindsey Buckingham. He really knows how to make a girl feel special and over the years he just keeps getting better and better. I believe he is a very underrated player and is an incredibly inspirational man, after that night I just wanted to go home and pick up my guitar.

Thanks again to the whole band and all the long term backing guys and girls who made the long trek out to Australia, both nights were fabulous performances. Hope to see you all back here soon.

Had a fantastic time last night. As always, I felt that the seated venue we have here in Brisbane subdues the crowd too much and makes dancing impossible. I hope one day we can offer you a better venue and vibe, guys!

Nonetheless I was blown away by Lindsay's guitar playing. Till you've seen it live you have no idea how talented he really is. I wasn't sure I liked Go Insane pumped up like that, but So Afraid and Big Love were standouts for me.

I was hypnotised by Mick's solo drum performance. One of the most diverse drummers in the world. And John's booming bass easily reached inside me halfway up the hall. Wonderful!

As always, Stevie's work was fabulous. The standouts for me were Storms and Sara, both of which brought myself and my friend to tears. "Not all the prayers in the world could save us". We can all relate to that, I think. Very sad.

Perhaps the oddest moment of the night was watching John, Mick and Lindsay grooving along to Stevie's pop hit Stand Back. I'm a massive solo Stevie fan also, but that sight was tooooo funny.

Absolute highlight: Lindsay doing Peter Green's Oh Well. Holy guacamole!! It took me half the song just to pick my jaw up off the ground. Mick was grinning from ear to ear. What a surprise and what a joy! Thank you so much!

Rock and rolls keeps you young!

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