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Fleetwood Mac 2009 - FAN REVIEWS

12/15/09 Brisbane Entertainment Centre Brisbane, AU

I saw Fleetwood Mac last night in Brisbane, Australia, and I have just one thing to say - 'WOW', I'm speechless!

Have been to many a concert over the last thirty years or so, but this was up there with best. It was a brilliant show and was great to see everybody both on stage and in the audience have an absolute ball. If only Stevie had done Leather and Lace tho’ for me and my lady, oh well next time you come over Stevie…..Love you and your work…..call me one day…..lol

I just got home from the concert and decided to post my review. What can I say, the Mac is back yet again ! Before I got to the concert I bought a bunch a red roses. Last time I saw Stevie Nicks was when she performed her Gold Dust tour at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre. Back then I had front row seats, and I was fortunate enough to shake hands with Stevie at the end of the concert. This time I couldn't get front row seats, so I had to sit about 20 rows back from the stage. Before the concert I asked one of the security guards how I could get the bunch of roses to Stevie. He told me I had to take them to administration downstairs and they 'may' be sent to back of stage, but there was no guarantee anyone would get them. Making my way to our seats I asked another security guard the same question, and he told me the same thing. I wasn't going to be daunted! When the first song started up, I pulled out my camera and was quickly told by the same fat security guard that I had to surrender my camera to the cloak room. My night was off to a bad start, but before too long Stevie and the band was singing my favourite song "Gypsy" and I was captivated. Lindsay never ceased to amaze the audience with his incredible guitar work. At one point he made everyone laugh as he blew on his fingertips before launching into a spirited "Big Love" and later "Never Going Back Again". Stevie had gone through a few costume changes during the concert and each time one dress or shawl reflected that song. When she sang "Gold Dust Woman " she wore a shimmering gold shawl, and this highlighted her blond hair even more. Every time I have seen Stevie on stage, I get the feeling the stage lights are sometimes too bright for her eyes as she does tend to partially close them. I was sitting 20 rows back and sometimes the lights were too bright for me, so I can understand. When Stevie launched into "Stand Back" she came out in a black dress similar to the one she wore in the video for this song. During "Don't Stop" I asked the lady in front of me if she could pass my bunch of red roses through the audience so they could get to Stevie. She happily obliged and before too long they disappeared into the darkness that was the mass of heads before me. I kept looking to see how far they had travelled but after they song had finished I thought maybee they had been lost ? Pretty soon I spied something glimmering at the edge of the stage. I looked again and to my surprise I saw the stage lights reflecting off the celophane wrapping around the roses. The lady in front of me saw them too and turned around and we both smiled and held up our thumbs to each other. They had made it :) The person at the front of the stage had been waving the roses at the edge of the stage for what seemed likes ages, but Stevie still didn't see them. When "Don't Stop" had finished, the band went off stage and the audience went wild, cheering them to come back out. I still held hope that my roses would reach Stevie. When they finished singing "Silversprings" I could see the person waving my roses at the edge of the stage again. As Stevie walked up and down waving to the audience she still didn't acknowledge them. I had just about given up hope when she looked own and saw the person with the roses and took them graciously. She held them up and lowered her head to smell them. I had also put in two incence sticks of Nag Champa into the bunch (Stevie's favourite), so I don't know if she noticed them. Anyhow that really made my night and I laughed at the fat security guard who wanted me to send the roses to 'administration'. I feel karma got those roses to Stevie. If you really believe in something it will happen. If you ever read this Stevie, I would love to know if you liked my roses :) Thank you Fleetwood Mac for another great concert at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre. Hope to see you all again next time.

WOW!! What a Rocking performance!! Fleetwood Mac was truly awesome, I loved every second of their show, I still cant believe my luck as I made my way to the front row, 2 mt left of Stevie, words cant describe how amazing that was for me, her voice & stage presence was truly mesmerizing. Oh yeah Dean, just before their first encore, your bunch of flowers made their way to the guy next to me, we both looked & smiled at each other, then we made a deal that we'd both give Stevie the red rose's together, we took turns in waving the flowers trying to grab her attention, at the end of Silver Spring's she finally walked over bent down she said Thank you & smiled, Thank You soooo much Dean, a very special moment I will keep forever..

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