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Fleetwood Mac 2009 - FAN REVIEWS

12/12/09 M.E Bank Stadium Perth, AU

Just saw the show at ME Stadium in Perth and WOW. I've been a Fleetwood Mac fan for as long as I can remember and once again they did not disappoint. They energy they have is amazing. The song set awesome and the overall show was fantastic. Mick and Lindsay even gave Stevie a run for her money in the popularity stakes with the crowd. Thanks for a great night, I only hope it won't be the last you spend in Perth !!.

wow and i thought friday nights effort was awsome saturday night was even better soooo much more personal i almost cried at the end thanks mick

i was lucky enough to get awsome tickets for both nights well worth the some 800 dollars i spent well i kinda got caught with some extra tickets mates who let you down really pee me off but hey a once in a life time oppertunity that i will probably never get the chance to repeat

the only thing that could have made it better would have been seven wonders but im kind of bias to that at the moment after a recent break up

i did notice stevie seemed a little tired on her feet by the end but that cetainly didnt affect her awsome performance but hey who wouldnt be i just hope that being a little over worked was all it was and not a health issue if it was i wish you a speedy recovery stevie

lindsay mick and john what a truely awsome effort looking forward to the new album

it helped me decide on a name for a little girl if i have one stephanie nicole sounds really nice i think

Aaron G. from Perth, Australia
This was my second time seeing Fleetwood Mac in perth and I was once again extremely impressed by the band. I mainly went to see Miss Nicks; however the whole show was just great from start to finish. their talent is awesome. I loved hearing and seeing Stevie sing as well as seeing Lindsay on the guitar. The sound of the show was awesome for and open air concert and the best i have heard outdoors. Their interaction this the crowd was also great. I loved hearing gypsy, stand back, silver springs and Im so afraid. Thanks so much to the promoter, Andrew McManus for bringing the band back to Australia and to Fleetwood Mac for coming out - cant wait until next time!

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