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Fleetwood Mac 2009 - FAN REVIEWS

12/11/09 M.E Bank Stadium Perth, AU

Just saw the show at ME Stadium in Perth and WOW. I've been a Fleetwood Mac fan for as long as I can remember and once again they did not disappoint. They energy they have is amazing. The song set awesome and the overall show was fantastic. Mick and Lindsay even gave Stevie a run for her money in the popularity stakes with the crowd. Thanks for a great night, I only hope it won't be the last you spend in Perth !!.

Rosemary D.
I have just come home after having the best night! I took my son, Scott, 24 years old, to see my all time favourite band, Fleetwood Mac. He and his older brother have grown up listening to the Mac and Stevie Nicks, as they got older and would borrow my car they would ask, " Mum, do you ever listen to anything else apart from Stevie Nicks?! "

Scott actually really enjoyed their music and would often put it on anyway so it was with great delight that I heard they were coming to Australia again, I saw them last time they were here, in 2003 I think and then the following year Stevie came on her own and that was another dream come true for me. It was at a different venue to last time and I hadn't seen a concert there before but it was great.

As I have read on another review, they were so full of energy and I thought it was even better than last time, Stevie looked fantastic and the rapport between the band members was better than ever. I enjoyed the fact that they talked to the audience a lot more than usual. Sharon, Lori and Jana were as good as ever, although I wish they had been closer to the front so we could see them better.

It was fabulous hearing all the old classics, I particularly enjoyed Silver Springs and Sara, which I've never heard live before. I also loved Storms. My son just loved it and was amazed at Lindsey's guitar prowess. I in turn really got a buzz from sharing this experience with him.

The audience response was fantastic, also much better than last time. They came back for two encore's and finished off with Silver Springs. They seemed to be having a ball up there and enjoying being in our wonderful city of Perth, on a beautiful warm night. They play again tomorrow night and I really wish I had tickets to go again. I just hope that they will visit us again sometime soon. My thanks go to them for all of the wonderful years of beautiful music that has meant so much to me.

Went to the Perth show on December the 11th,,,,loved it ..it was a magic show and stevie was amazing as were the whole band. thanks

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