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Fleetwood Mac 2009 - FAN REVIEWS

12/08/09 Acer Arena Sydney, AU

Julie L.
Excellent show, thank you Stevie for that beautiful voice and those wonderful words, you are inspiring.

What an amazing show Fleetwood Mac put on for us Aussie fans! I was lucky enough to attend 3 Unleashed shows at the Hope Estate in the Hunter Valley and the 2 at Acer Arena in Sydney. So many great songs but the highlights for me were Storms, Go Insane, Stand Back, World Turning and Silver Springs! Stevie still looks and sounds amazing. Its always a thrill to see her onstage. Tuesday the 8th Dec marked my 8th time seeing Stevie in concert. Mick is still the energetic life of the party. John is just John, sticking towards the back and out of the spotlight but awesome as ever. Lindsey though, was the star. His vocals and guitar work are incredible! I certainly hope to see Fleetwood Mac grace our shores again. Was such a thrill to be in the prescence of rock royalty!

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