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Fleetwood Mac 2009 - FAN REVIEWS

12/02/09 Rod Laver Arena Melbourne, AU

Jake W.
This was my second time seeing Fleetwood Mac and boy did they not disappoint! I was only 12 when I first saw them on their Say You Will Tour and being one of the youngest in the audience once again brought a smile to my face. Mick first on stage was as he described 'a kid in a toy shop', hands in the air with excitment and joy to be on the road with hes beloved band once again.
Anyway, the set list was the same as the American and European tour, opening with the hard hitting song Monday Morning which blew everyone away! As the songs rolled on, the Australian audience grew more and more excited with each new song having a story portrayed by Stevie and Lindsey. Gold Dust Woman was certainly the highlight for Miss Stevie Nicks as her witchy and mythical appearance on stage was a sight to remember. The song of the night was no doubt Go Your Own Way though, the auidence screaming at those first intoxicating lines and the whole stadium roaring the chorus. I was so hoping to hear Seven Wonders tonight, but this set list was much more than satifactory for any Fleetwood Mac fan!!! :)

My only disappointment for the night was that Stevie did not play Silver Springs as she had in America and Europe at the very end :( however it was hot in the stadium and after a mind blowing two and a half hour show, the Mac has given it their best. Fleetwood Mac truly showed that age means nothing when putting on a show and that they still have it :). Good on ya guys for making the effort to come back to our shores, we understand it's costly but we will always be your number one fans :) the Mac is certainly back!!!!!!

George and Fiona K.
My husband & I travelled 800km to Melbourne (from Adelaide) to see Fleetwood Mac. I have several thoughts regarding the show. Please find below my review of the concert.

In the wake of Britney Spears' disastrous, avalanche tour of Australia, here comes Fleetwood Mac and what a Landslide victory that was! I would climb a mountain anytime to see them...and yes...I'm getting older too, as were many of the 10,000 strong audience in Melbourne, Rod Laver Arena on the 2nd December of 2009. This eclectic group of 60+ years of age musicians showed the younger generation of today how it should be done. No lip-synching was evident here, it was back to grass roots California pop x UK blues. I have been a huge fan for 35 years and it was so refreshing (as well as emotional) to see my beloved Fleetwood Mac perform the classic and truly beautiful Sara (1979), together with Storms, an apt choice of song for the Lady of the Band, complete with the cloudy backdrop. Stevie transported us back 30 years to the critically acclaimed Tusk era. I was standing right in front of Stevie for two and a half hours and I am, therefore, qualified to say how she just zoned right in when performing those songs and channelled her voice from all those years ago, so beautifully. Really. Their version of Tusk was the surprise of the night, such an interesting interpretation, so unexpected, but wonderful.

Perhaps Fleetwood Mac didn't put on the 'glitz' on Wednesday night, no spectacular light show, no additional percussion, no bar chimes, but it was, still, Unleashed, as promised.

The Melbourne audience choir during Landslide was nothing short of magical, we could hardly hear Stevie sing!! Well done Melbourne, you have done Australia proud!

The general consensus of the night, from the audience perspective, was, where were the Tango in the Night songs ie. Little Lies, Everywhere & Seven Wonders? After all, this album was a commercial success?? Having marked the (temporary but acrimonious) departure of Lindsey in the 80's, I think that maybe this this could represent a difficult and emotional time for the various members of the band.

As for the comments regarding John McVie not appearing interested in being there on stage, well, all I could see was a man who was intensely focused on holding together the tight rhythm section that IS Fleetwood Mac and who is the backbone of a somewhat unpredictable and fiery bunch.

Mick, was, well, Mick, as steadfast and emotional as always. His final comments were tinged with emotion (yes, there was a tear in his eye) and heartfelt gratitude when he thanked us all for being there and supporting the band for all of these years. Mick, it is our pleasure, thankyou for the unforgettable memories your band's music has given us.

As I stood there watching them perform, I couldn't help but be amazed how well they have survived, physically & emotionally, not only the 60's, but the 70's, 80's, 90's and now the 2000's. How many artists do you know that are 60+ who can do a 55+cities tour at two and a half hours each night? Not to mention, performing with their past loves, some 30 years on, singing songs about each other, that must be weird?? They may be slightly grey but they truly look fabulous. I am in awe of Stevie, as a woman. Her peaches and cream complexion at the age of 61 is absolutely admirable, despite years of turmoil, shall we say. One word...inspiring.

My dying wish IS to meet the band I have loved for all of these years, well, maybe next time..we'll see ya!!

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