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Fleetwood Mac 2009 - FAN REVIEWS

04/30/09 American Airlines Center Dallas, TX

Chris and Beverly
awesome and very impressive!! we loved it!!

Roxie L. from Grapevine, TX
The Fleetwood Mac concert in Dallas, TX was AWESOME!!!!! Fleetwood Mac and Stevie Nicks concerts are never a let down! Everyone looked fantastic and their performance was nothing but spectacular!!!!! Stevie was beautiful, and her voice is still amazing! Fans who go see this Unleashed concert will not be disappointed! They performed almost 2 1/2 hours straight and everyone there wanted more after they were done!! Fleetwood Mac is a timeless band...no matter if you started following them when they first started, or if your a brand new fan, you will love the old and new just as much!! They are a great band, and I am glad I got to see them again!!!! "THE MAC IS BACK!!!!

I went to the concert in Dallas, Tx. at the American Airlines Ctr. I drove 8 hours just to see my favorite band of all time. Fleetwood Mac totally rocked the house down!!! It was so awesome and the energy was just electric. Loved every song at every minute. Did not disappoint at all. This band still rocks on from generation to the next. They rocked in the 60's, they rocked in the 70's, they rocked in the 80's, they rocked in the 90's, and even today they still ROCK!! They totally unleased their greatest hits. I didn't want them to stop. When Stevie Nicks walked out the crowd just went crazy and the roar coming from everyone was incredible!! She's just as amazing today as she ever was when she first started out and her beautiful voice,charisma, and charm is untouchable. Loved Lindsey and his "flying fingers" on the guitar. I don't think he gets enough credit for his amazing talent, noone comes close to what he can do, especially without using a pick! I did miss Christine M. hope that she will come back soon.She is missed. John M. totally cool and knocking out the base cords that you can feel thumping in your chest. Mic Fleetwood,...I love his crazy style. He has a heavy heavy beat and I love that. I love to feel the rythym and the beat of the drums. Pure entertainment through and through, I will cherish that night forever. Rock on!!

Ed W.
We caught the Mac MSG show on a Thursday night. Having seen the band last at MSG in 1977 I tried to fill in the blanks by adding that story to our catching Stevie at Jones Beach last summer. No need, the band did that for us. From the opening chords of Monday Morning Mac took us through a rendition of songs that cascaded the scenes from our lives. They sound as fresh and new as if hearing them on the radio the first time. The audience was so into it! clapping and rocking along. Everyone was along for the ride, the band kept pulling all of us along on their magical journey and then leaving us fulfilled with the power of the music.
The thing with Mac is that the band has unbridled power. It is a tour de force with a tremendous life of it's own. While the songs were at once familiar they were also new, the ability of the band to play made it so. Mick and John's playing is par excellance. They don't miss a beat, creating a wall of sound along with the stellar background folks,including Stevies vocalists, good keyboards and background guitar playing. Don't get me wrong, I miss Christine. She added a thouroughly irreplaceable part of Mac. But I must confess, the remaining members more than carry it. They add their own dimension to the great writing and playing of Stevie and Lindsay. We sat by the side of the stage and missed a lot of special effects; all the better, we are going back in June. They may play many of their greatest hits but believe me, this is truly Fleetwood Mac Unleashed.

Marcos L.
The Mac is back! Fleetwood shouted, and from seeing the flocks of 20-somethings and teenagers who were dancing and singing in a frenzy in the aisles, mixed in with us who were rocking to the timeless Mac back in ’77 at the Rumours tour, this group is gonna stay Number One. And John McVie is about the smoothest, rockin-est bassist ever, rocked our plimsoles on just about every song with his velvet-smooth thumb, especially on The Chain. “Unleashed” they call it, maybe they should call it “Untamed!” ‘cause this was the roar of the crowd, I’m still hoarse, at the roar of this original uncut, raw, distinct sound from each player, blazing guitar, quiet Storm, Go Insane, better-than-ever singing, high class-look Fleetwood Mac we all love. Stevie Nicks’ vocals were the best ever, a delectable vocal texture with max clarity and power, and although at her dramatic, energetic best on the undulating, mysterious Gold Dust Woman I just fell into a trance at finally hearing the quiet Storms live. Mr. Gigster Fleetwood gives off beats so thumping, so complex and entrancing, so in synch with McVie, Brett, Neale and Lindsey, it caused the same wild uproar as at the Cow Palace in S.F. in ’77, especially on that four-way duel Oh Well. Had to call in to report a four-alarm fire named Lindsey B. and it looked like he was having just as much fun as we were and it’s hard to pick a favorite so I’d say it’s a tie between Never Going Back Again, that’s a lie ‘cause I’m goin’ back every time The Mac comes around, ‘cause I Know I’m Not Wrong! He was in great voice too. Also great to savor songs from the Tusk album, this group pulls off capturing live the famous Mac sound you hear on the albums, Brett did a great job on bringing back Christine’s keyboard magic, but we still ache to hear her again. We were a raucous, cheering, roaring, yelling, dancing Dallas audience with Big Love for them and you could feel the same from them. Great to hear the solid harmonies of Dana, Lori & Sharon, and there’s nothing more chicken skin feeling than hearing Sharon’s clarion call echo to Stevie on Stand Back. If you’re at all undecided about going to Unleashed, don’t stop, don’t think about it, just go!

Raider R.
Drove to Dallas on Thursday to see Fleetwood Mac. WOW, simply spectacular. We weren't for sure if they still had it. Oh my gawd did they ever. Stevie Nicks is absolutely gorgeous and she had me in a trance all night long. My buddy kept told me through the concert that I kept repeating, "I love her". LOL

We had gone down to Dallas to get out of town, go see a good old band and then come home on Sunday. Well after the performance we saw in Dallas, we decided to go to Houston. We were able to find 8th row tickets, floor level, on Nick's side.

The crowd in Dallas was much more electric than in Houston, though Houston did rock out. Dallas was so into everything Fleetwood Mac performed. No one sat down after Tusk! Great show. I admit I was only a fan of Fleetwood Macs, now I am a fanatic. Trying to plan to see them in Phoenix or Nashville, this time hopefully 1st or 2nd row, Nicks side!

My husband and I went to the unleashed concert of Fleetwood Mac last April 30, 2009 at American Airlines Center in Dallas, TX. I had never meet the band before and never get to see their concert so I was very excited. When we got there, we got our VIP passes and tickets. We found our seat and took a short tour to the backstage. We saw some of the crew of the band and talked to them. Finally we went back to our seats just in time to see the band on stage. It was all of the men and then a beautiful lady came out. It was dark but I still can tell and said to myself that “This is it! This is the gold dust woman; the gorgeous Ms. Stevie Nicks”. When the spotlights turned on, everyone was clapping their hands and screaming very loud. The concert started and Ms. Stevie Nicks has an amazing voice. Lindsey looked great playing the guitar and he played it better than I expected. I have heard the Fleetwood Mac music in radios, cd, tape, etc., but it was totally different when I saw them in person. The concert was fantastic. It ended with the people standing, clapping, screaming and dancing. After that, we went backstage and we talked to all of the backup singers and they were all friendly. We also talked to Brett. I met Ms. Stevie backstage for the first time. She talked to me and held my hands and that was a great honor to finally met her in person.

More power to Fleetwood Mac! Thank you for the great concert and for rocking our night.

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