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Fleetwood Mac 2009 - FAN REVIEWS

04/28/09 Philips Arena Atlanta, GA

Sara P.
I thought the show was absolutly amazing and as soon as Fleetwood Mac came on stage, I started crying because I was SO HAPPY that I was about to see this amazing band live. Monday Morning was awesome! The Chain was something I was so excited to hear and it was fantastic. Gypsy made me cry, really fantastic! Rhiannon was AMAZING! Sara was of course one of my favorites, I did shed a tear or two for that one lol. Storms was beautiful and I was so glad I waited until the concert to here it live! I'm So Afraid was just the most awesome thing to watch and Lindsey Buckingham was so great the entire night! Gold Dust Woman was soooooo good (one of Stevie's best)! Go Your Own Way was so fun to sing along to and dance too! Silver Springs , Stand Back, Go Insane, IKINW, Landslide, World Turning, Don't Stop! I mean every song was great and sung so well and preformed with so much passion.. It just makes me wanna cry thinking about how amazing they ALL were last night! Again, there wasn't one bad song and they all sounded great! I hope the come back to ATL and I hope Stevie calls hahahaha. My first Fleetwood Mac concert was probably the best night of my 18 years and it is something I will never forget!

What a wonderful night. The show was absolutely amazing! My husband and I drove from Birmingham to Atlanta to see my favorite band ever.We were a little early so we walked around to see Phillips arena. I bought a mug that has a leather band on it that says FleetwoodMac~ Unleashed. Since I don't wear tacky t-shirts, lol. We made it inside where the seats are and I looked down and I thought omg, am I going to see Stevie. We were sitting kinda on the side of the stage on Stevie side on the fifth row. We were just so close I thought I was down to far. But when we walked down to our seats I thought, this is good.Yeah! The concert started a little after eight pm. When they all came out I was so excited to see Stevie. She came to our side every time she walked by to come and go back stage. She always smiled and waved. My very first thought when she came out was that she was so tiny,not heavy at all. I think she looks a lot bigger on tv. In person she is just so small and of course beautiful as can be.She looks like she is like 16 on that stage. I have been a fan since 1972 when I first saw the cover of Buckingham~Nicks.I have been to every FM and Stevie concert that has ever came around Some of the people with the show were all on our side. They were all so funny. We could see every thing that they were doing. At one time about three of them put on these huge black wigs and were having a great time. I think Stevie had looked down there and saw them and then smiled at them. lol ! Before the show there were all these people coming from backstage. One girl had a cute little white dog. I think it was like a malltise~ spell : ) dog and I'm 99.9% sure it was Stevie's little dog cuz I know she has a dog like that. The girl was just walking around and then stayed by the stage on the side with the dog in her arms. I guess she doesn't mind the loud music.The cute little dog had the sweetness face ever. Stevie's asst. was standing on the side also. Every time it was time for Stevie to change she would go help her and then come back to the side. Stevie's voice was amazing. She sounded so good. She wore a few black dresses and then changed into a burgundy~ red dress some where around Landslide, She changed back into a black dress and gold shawl for Gold Dust Woman.The crowd loved it when she spread her shawl and moved very slowly. I loved Storms. Everyone loved it also, they were all just taken back. When she sang Standback she went into her swirl that I got video of on my small camera and other songs as well. She came out with the black top hat for Go your on way. Lindsey is just fabulous on his guitar and Mick is just crazy and John is John. After that song they left us for a few min. and Lindsey and Stevie came back out holding hands and acting a little silly. She was then wearing a black dress with a gold vest/ jacket on. They all said their good~bye's and Mick said that he was very grateful that we still wanted to hear their music and to take care of ourselves but most important was to please take care of each other. Stevie was waiting on him and then they walked out together holding hands .It was well worth amost $600.00 for two tickets to go see them in Atlanta and I hope it's not the last time. The most wonderful thing that I will remember is that Stevie looked at me and smiled and waved. I want to meet her so bad and that makes me so happy that she did see me and I saw her at the same time. Wearing my white shirt I had on I think let her see me better in the dark.lol. We did have eye contact the last time I saw her in Nashville,TN. I did touch her hand as she walked by me on the Enchanted Tour in 98.

Michael C.
I Must Say That When I Saw Stevie Last Year (Solo) In Atlanta, It Was A Different Person On Stage During This Concert With Fleetwood Mac. She Looks Amazing, Breath Taking As Ever. However I Am Only Twenty Six, But I Saw An Interview With Stevie & She Speaks & Teaches To Those Who Choose To Listen. This Concert Will Take Time For Me To "Read Between The Lines" The Rest of The Band Looked Awesome! I'm So Afraid Was GREAT! "May The World Find Peace With Music" Thank You For Coming Back To The Great South! We Love You All

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