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Fleetwood Mac 2009 - FAN REVIEWS

04/25/09 Time Warner Cable Arena Charlotte, NC

Kay W.
What a show! Fleetwood Mac put on a wonderful concert-with all our favorite songs. Stevie still has it and always will. She will always be my favorite female Rocker EVER!!!!! What a talented Lady.

I saw the concert in Charlotte, NC. And I loved every last minute! I have never cheered so much at a concert! Fleetwood Mac always leaves you wanting more & I can't wait until they go on tour again. I love love love Stevie. She truly is a gold dust woman!

Jennifer P.
The Charlotte concert was wonderful!!! Fleetwood Mac rocked the house. Everyone was so into the show and the music it was great. Stevie was totally having fun on stage along with Lindsay. Several kisses from him to her. A little hug, and holding hands. It was very sweet to see them together on stage it was moving. I believe that they sounded and played better during this tour than on the Say You Will tour. Stevie gave some twirls/spins and various poses she looked as beautiful as ever. These people are in their 60's and are outperforming bands half their age- that is a testament to their connection to their fans and their talent. I hope they Don't Stop performing and creating new music anytime soon. It is the concert event of the year. And I was glad to be there.

The concert at the Time Warner Arena in Charlotte, NC this past Saturday night was so awesome. I am only 34, but I have been a huge fan of Stevie Nicks & Fleetwood Mac since I was a small child. I have seen Stevie on her solo tour before, which let me just, say if you have not seen one of her concerts, you are really missing out. Even though I have never met her, she seems like such a sweet person and I think she is the best in the business, in my opinion. I had bought tickets for Sunday night in Greensboro, NC, because it was close to my moms and I was taking her to the concert. She is 61 and has been a fan also since she was a child, but never had the opportunity to go and see them in concert. Well, we were both getting really excited about going, when I received an email that the concert had been cancelled, so I called my mom and said hey lets go to Charlotte, which is only two hours away and she said see if you can get tickets. Well, I got 4th row seats, which were much better than what I had in Greensboro. We drove to Charlotte and grabbed dinner and then headed into the arena to buy a t-shirt and find our seats. I thought it was great that you could carry in a camera, but since I had been to concerts before where they donít allow it, I just had my phone, so my pictures where not that great but, hey you canít always have everything. As we were sitting there waiting for the show to start people were gathering up in front of the stage taking pictures. I went over and asked a security guard if when the concert started would those people be asked to sit down and he said not all of them, he asked me what row I was in and I said 4th and he said you can stay up front if you would like, this was great. I went back to my set and asked my mom if she wanted to come up front, but she said she did not know if she could stand the whole time, so she told me to go ahead and enjoy. I was right in front of Stevie. She is beautiful and she can really sing, her voice is like no other, I think. Even though I would love to get the opportunity to meet her someday, I probably never will, so this would probably be as close as I would ever get to meet her. The whole band is great, John keeps the whole rhythm going, Mick is crazy great on those drums, and Lindsey, I think in my opinion is the best guitar player around, it is amazing to watch him play. This was a very memorable time for me because not only did I get to see the greatest band around, but I got to share it with my mother, who is very special to me. Fleetwood Mac gets better and better as time goes on. They all had lots of energy and you could tell that they really enjoyed themselves as well as the crowd. They have a great set with all of the wonderful songs the fans remember and love to hear. If you have not seen their concert, please go because they are really wonderful, you know, and you want be disappointed. I hope they continue to tour, so we all can enjoy a lot more of really great music, because you know there is not much of that still left out there anymore. Good luck Fleetwood Mac on the rest of your tour and be safe.

omg! i went to the show in Charlotte on April the 25th. The tickets were my graduation present. I skipped my senior prom to go and i have to say it was the best night of my life i just love Stevie Nicks soooo much! I hope to meet her one day she is an amazing singer. the show was awesome Landslide rocked!

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