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Fleetwood Mac 2009 - FAN REVIEWS

04/23/09 Bank Atlantic Center Fort Lauderdale, FL

Melisa from Miami, FL
I have loved Stevie Nicks since I was 19 years old and am now 37. I feel like I have been waiting to see her perform for an eternity! Well last night, I finally got my chance.

I have to say that the concert exceeded my expectations. I love Stevie even more than ever. The entire band had so much energy and gave a spectacular performance. From the very first song all the way down to the last, they were enthusiastic and rocked their hearts out.

It was such a pleasure to look around at the jammed packed arena, and see people of all ages singing and dancing along to the lyrics and beat of this timeless group. Stevie's voice still sounds just as lovely as ever, and Lindsey's guitar playing was out of this world. Their history made the show that much more real and special, especially during certain songs like Silver Springs.

Mick dazzled us with a drum solo at one point, and had that entranced, wild-eyed look that he's so famous for. John was quiet verbally, but spoke in perfect harmony through his music. It was a night that I will never forget. I highly recommend this concert to each and every fan out there!

James C.
WOW!!! What a SHOW!!! Great selection of songs and over 2 hours long! I was first skeptical going into this show because I had read other reviews before attending...but I was so happy and relieved to see the energy that Stevie gave out on stage...you could see when Stevie kept trying to slow down to keep in pace with the rest of Fleetwood Mac...what a TROOPER!!! It must have been so frustrating and annoying to not be able to exert all the energy that you can during the night (and at times it showed on Stevies face)...Stevie did her best to make everyone shine, she repeatedly went to the back of the stage with arms out-reached to bring attention to John McVie and Mic Fleetwood...Lindsey was struggling on vocals and Stevie of course attempted to help...Stevie shined by hitting a high note that had Lindsey smiling...It was touching when Lindsey put his head on Stevies shoulder...Stevie showed the crowd that she has all the STAMINA in the world...she showed POISE and GRACE on the stage! Ah MR. TIME has been good to Stevie BUT not so good to the rest of Fleetwood Mac!...Stevie looked fabulous with her costume changes and her SVELTE FIGURE...she has stopped aging and looks younger then ever!!!...Lindsey, John and Mic you gave your all and it is much appreciated...rest assured that we can not blame you, as we are but mere Mortals ourselves!!! KUDOS to you Stevie!!!

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