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Fleetwood Mac 2009 - FAN REVIEWS

04/22/09 St. Pete Times Forum Tampa, FL

This show was Exceptional in many ways. The Group shows it's in the Here & Now by adding some up-beat Tempo's to much loved songs.
Mick was wild eyed and right on cue, the wild one! John was as always the backbone and the quiet strength that binds them. Stevie & Lindsey ended several songs with their voices in perfect harmony, that can only come with years of singing together. It was heartfelt and magical. they should tour, just the two of them sometime. I felt like this was a particularly positive and supportive show of Lindsey coming into his own quite nicely.
"I go Insane" is still being played in my mind, because of it's total presentation.
Damn that boy can play!!! The tempo, the delivery, the lights and colors...Lindsey's complete mastery of this song was perfection. Although Stevie is my Soul of Song Mate, Lindsey is making me realize how much I have loved his voice and guitar skills with anewed appreciation. I've spent many years going to see Stevie along with her mates and find that I only love it more with each show.
Let's hope that these skilled musicians continue to enjoy the Shows as much as we their fans do.

Went to the concert last night. It was my first time to NOT be in the nosebleed section at one of FM's concerts. I was in the second row dead center! And while it was totally awesome, much to my dismay did I discover that they allow the first ten rows to come stand right in front of the stage. No, I'm not a big fan of standing for two plus hours (ten years ago, yes, now, not so much), but had no choice since a very expensive second row seat forced me to be just one of very many packed sardines. You live and learn. Next time, I'll buy much cheaper seats in row ten and then just go to the stage. Lindsey blew the doors off of the St. Pete Times Forum last night. Where does that man get his energy?! What an awesome, non-stop ball of fire he was! I hate to say this, but after so looking forward to being able to see one of the greatest poets in the world, Stevie seemed robotic. It looked like she was having trouble with her ears or something. Not the ear monitors, but her ears. Lindsey even motioned something to her to that affect. I don't know if she's not feeling well or what, but, and again, I hate to say it, if it were not for Lindsey's performance, I probably would have considered the night......not worth it. That hurts to say because I love Stevie and Stevie was the sole reason I went to the show, but, dang, she barely even cracked a smile. Anyway, I will put aside the seating issue, people walking all over the chairs to get around issue, the Stevie issue, the floor being a half an inch full of beer issue, and the two chicks beside me basically "doing it" (Lindsey loved it, but me, not so much). Yes, I will put all that aside and enjoy the fact that I was close enough to look two of my favorite entertainers in the eyes and enjoy the fact that, as a performer at that age, Lindsey just jumped to the top of the list. Fleetwood Mac still rocks the house!

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