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Fleetwood Mac 2009 - FAN REVIEWS

04/18/09 Nationwide Arena Columbus, OH

Jeremy E.
I just returned home from the Columbus show. While I enjoyed the show, Stevie appeared to not be as into it as she usually is. She seemed somewhat less energetic than normal. Mick and Lindsey both seemed to be totally into it tho. Stevie did sound really good on Rhiannon, Storms, and Silver Springs (which she really got a quick burst of energy at the end of the song because she briefly got into it then). Gypsy, Landslide, Sara (with Stevie singing into Lindsey's microphone at the end), Gold Dust Woman, Stand Back, and Dreams were all really good too. Lindsey did a fantastic job on I'm So Afraid, Go Insane, Monday Morning, Second Hand News, Oh Well (Mick really kicked ass on this one), and Go Your Own Way. Lindsey always sounds really good live but I never liked the way he does Never Going Back Again live...it just doesn't stand well against the other songs in a live set. Mick's brief drum solo in World Turning was really good, and it was really awesome to see Stevie and Lindsey split Christine's vocal parts on Say You Love Me. I did notice tho during the show that the sound quality wasn't as good as in previous shows...probably more of a problem with the arena than the band. And I enjoyed dancing with the rest of the crowd during Stand Back, however it was annoying that my feet kept sticking to the floor thanks to some asshole who spilt beer there previously...so please everyone be considerate and don't spill beer or other sticky substances because it ends up damaging someone else's experience. All in all, I am happy I got to attend the show. Unfortunately, the merchandise is getting more and more expensive (and why were there no tour books this year?). This is my 7th time seeing Stevie and my 3rd time seeing Fleetwood Mac...and I must say that this is such an incredible live band.

I attended the show at Nationwide Arena in Columbus last night. It was amazing, as usual. I've been an avid fan since I was 12. I'm now 23 and this is the first tour that I have been able to attend. This was my third show and I drove 7 hours to see them last night. I was able to be in the second row this time and can't describe how amazing their energy was. I am still speechless. Lindsey is a guitar God and Stevie sounds and looks like an angel. During "Silver Springs", I really felt like everyone around me had disappeared and it was just them and me in the whole arena. Their music has such a powerful presence. If you haven't seen a show yet, I would make it something to add to the "to-do" list.

The show at Nationwide Arena was spectacular, despite a few minor attitude problems from the other concert-goers. I simply turned to my friend next to me to comment on how happy I was to hear Stevie sing Storms and some lady turned to shush me. If I wanted to go to a movie theater and sit in silence, I would have just sat in my room and watched the Live in Boston DVD with a bag of popcorn. It's a concert and I was there to sing, dance and enjoy the best Rock band in the world. Other than that, I was front row right in front of Lindsey. He ROCKS on that guitar! I'm So Afraid was great and Never Going Back Again (my favorite) was also incredible. Stevie...wow...Stevie looked and sounded amazing. Her energy didn't seem to be as high as it was when I saw them at Nassau Coliseum, but she still did some twirling during Stand Back, which is always GREAT to see and I never fail to break into tears when I hear her sing Landslide. I saw Stevie at Barnes and Noble a few weeks ago and she is just such an amazing woman. She seemed really happy to have her fans around her, which is why it was sad to see her look so tired in Columbus. Get some sleep girl! Mick's solo during World Turning gets me going every time and John, even though I couldn't really see him, I knew her was there with that powerful bass during The Chain. AMAZING show. Go and see it!

Jamie M.

I attended the Nationwide Arena concert in Columbus on Saturday, April 18th. It was fantastic! My Dad had surprised my Mom and I with tickets-- we always celebreate our birthdays ever year together in April, and being that we're both longtime Fleetwood fans, this was THE PERFECT GIFT! There are so many Fleetwood songs that my mother remembers from high school days, and so many songs that speak to my own life journey too!

I live in Colorado and only get to see my mother a few times a year (since she lives back in Ohio). Attending a Fleetwood concert with my Mom for our birthdays was a total dream come true! This concert helped mark another unforgettable memory for the two of us.

Stevie and the band are truly a legacy! It's so great to see them still performing after so many years.

What an Awesome concert at Nationwide Arena in Columbus OH, April 18. This was our first Fleetwood Mac concert, and i have to say, they were totally AWESOME!!!!!! Stevie and her beautiful voice, and Lindsey, wow, u and Mick rocked!!!! We were so lucky to sit so close to the stage, but didn't get to take very many pictures, so if anyone was there from Springfield, and would like to share, we would be glad to pay for a copy!!! Sure wish the t-shirts had not been so expensive, and i would have bought a program, but they didn't have any to sell, so i have my 2 pics that turned out good and a memory of one of the greatest concerts i have ever attended!!! Thanks Stevie, Lindsey, Mick, and John for a great concert, and please don't stop touring, and come back to Columbus OH again soon!!

Allison G.
I went to the show at Nationwide Arena with a friend. Wow what an awesome show. We both had a blast. Mick, John, Lindsay, and Stevie did most of my favorite songs. I want to let Stevie know she looks GREAT!!! Fleetwood Mac is my favorite band and Stevie is my favorite singer. I enjoy seeing them each time I see them. This was my second time seeing Fleetwood Mac and my third time seeing Stevie. Everyone sounded great, especially Stevie. Way to go Stevie. I want to wish Mick, John, Lindsay and Stevie my best and hope to see them here in Columbus sometime again in the future.

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